Dragon's Fire MOO General Wiki

Welcome to the wiki for Dragon's Fire MOO. Dragon's Fire is based on the Dragonriders of Pern® series by Anne McCaffrey. She owns all of it; we just borrow the world.

You can connect via Telnet at df.dragonsfiremoo.com Port 5440, or use the java client found at http://www.dragonsfiremoo.com/java/login.html .

Included in this wiki is a place for folks to post about what's going on with their characters (Character Profiles) and areas (Areas), a place to list where you store your logs (Logs), and a forum for discussing areas, ideas, and just generally chatting among players (Forums).

Please be polite and adult about the use of this site. Only edit things that have to do with you or with express permission, and when referencing another player or their character, please be considerate. Thank you.

Dragonsfire Pern, affectionately called 'DF', began umpty-ump years ago at MIT as Pernth, a section of MicroMUSE; the first on-camera hatching in our records was in April of 1990. Later, it moved to its own site, and still later, switched systems and became the very first PernMOO. Dragonsfire began before All the Weyrs of Pern was published, so its timeline diverged from the mainstream at that point (AIVAS was not discovered). We are currently at the end of Interval, the second after the one in which Lessa was Searched, but the Pass is just beginning and thread falls irregular across much of Pern.

An established game, we pride ourselves on intensive roleplay, friendliness to new folks (think golden retrievers), and general off-camera kookiness.

As for out-of-character (OOC) organization, we have a small staff that quietly keeps the game running and stays out of people's hair as much as possible: rather than a 'God' system, we have a small Directorate (currently a few people) and a staple of guides who volunteer to help out folks with questions.

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