Age: Not polite to ask. ;)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Coloring: Fair skinned, vibrant red hair, green eyes

DESCRIPTION: Summer description by Arien, leathers by N'tol(Tulon).

The fort summer has gently gilded Akira: strands of sun bleached gold twine through her waist-length red hair, and a faint tan lends warmth to her pale skin. Laugh-crinkles soften the outer corners of her eyes, vivid green as are the Istan rainforests of her origins, and an undercurrent of confidence infuses her low, flowing soprano whether in amusement or solemnity. Of medium height, active muscles under those gentle curves give her an athletic, easygoing gait; only when she's tired does a long-ago injury cause a faint hesitation in her stride.
She is wearing a rider's knot in Fort's brown and black, and the luminous blue of her lifemate.
In contrast to her fiery hair, ice crystallizes across her leathers, their pristine white cracked and caressed by a faint, frozen web of grey. Belying the dyes' harsh, cold looks, the leather itself eases fur-lined and supple over a darker, and thinner, leather tunic. Running knotwork covers the seams of the trous and jacket, frost-blue icicles twining in a never-ending pattern down the length of the leathers. The silver-buckled belt captures a dragon leaping skywards, head held back and proud, mighty wings spread wide to catch the air, frozen in an eternal instant. Heavy, fur-lined boots and gloves, frosted blue-white, complete the wintery leathers, and upon each lies a single, endless knot, upon the ankles of the boots and wrists of the gloves.


Akira and her twin, Amirin were born to a small cotholder near Ista Hold. They also had an older brother who died along with their parents when a fever spread through the smaller cotholds. Akira and her sister went to live at the main hold, fostered by the Headwoman there. Amirin tended more to wandering, while her sister learned from their foster mother. Eventually Akira became Headwoman at the Hold in place of her foster mother, and Amirin became a wandering historian at Southern Boll Hold. Life went on for both sisters, and then things changed for Akira when she went to a Clutching at Fort Weyr. It was Katrineth's and Urath's clutch, and after it was over, Akira was going to get a ride back to the Hold with the Weyrsecond, F'ndal, and his brown lifemate, Armenth. Only instead she ended up getting searched by the pair, and she accepted. She stood nervously on the sands with the rest of the candidates, when a Mercurial Blue Hatchling bounced…literally….over her way, and licked her hand. Apparently he thought she tasted ok because he chose her, and so the wonderful Yolinth became her lifemate. She enjoyed her time with the others from that clutch…..Ch'rron, Rh'su, P'rry (NPC), Shiloah, Idyia (NPC), R'lin (NPC), H'ran (NPC) and Ch'rra. Since that time she's enjoyed being a rider very much, and has filled positions of Wingsecond, Wingleader and even Weyrsecond. To keep her busy outside her duties, she has her daughter, Atira, Basil and Kyrie's son, Barik, a fosterling named Natallie, and her niece, Kiris, who has impressed to the lovely brown Jacinth.

YOLINTH: Description by Arien.

His brightly faceted eyes carry an endlessly inquisitive air, tempered by the pride and determination of maturity. Yolinth's lean, long-limbed framewings a touch too large and neck too long, perhaps, for classical proportionsmoves with easy grace under a fastidiously kept hide that's the luminous blue of tropical skies. Silvery overtones shift as do clouds over his smooth muscles; they grow predominant about his thin wing membranes, lending them a dramatic look against the deeper, more intense hue of the rest of his body. Those wings and the sinuous curve of his tail are nigh-constantly in motion, reflecting his irrepressible, indeed contagious enthusiasm for life.

Yolinth's inspiration: Written by Arien.

I'm thinking Mercutio here (Romeo and Juliet—he's quickwitted, and died for honor), plus from the I Ching (The Book of Changes), 'Wind over lake: the image of inner truth.' His name is from Yolindra, a Matriarch in _Seeker's Mask_ by P.C.Hodgell. The book's really good, as is the first one in that world, _God Stalk_, which I recommend you read. I don't remember anything about Yolindra personally, but the name's gorgeous IMHO. :) A nice ring to it.
He's exceedingly 'talkative', conversing lots and lots with other dragons, and firelizards as well, and is never in a 'down' mood for long; his irrepressible enthusiasm is contagious. He's inquisitive, with a sharp sense of humor, and everchanging as the clouds except for his deep, deep love for his weyrmate, as full as the vault of the sky. Oh, and he's a touch stubborn and protective at times, more than a touch even, and will stand up to his larger clutchsibs if need be. He's determined, but if someone balks him, rather than a direct confrontation he'll try and find a way around it. >:) Still, though, he'll hold his ground if given no other alternative and if he's doing what he thinks is right.
Physically, he's an odd color; a luminous, tropical sky-blue reflecting your origins, but with cloudy silver-blue overtones. The wing membranes, being so thin, are exclusively that silvery-blue shade, and look dramatic against the rest of his body. He has a lean build, and although each individual part of him is proportional to itself, his wings are a touch too large and his neck a trifle too long and sinuous to suit classical proportions. Once he learns to control those overlarge wings, though, he'll find them immensely helpful in flying. After he's gotten over his first hatchling hunger, you might have problems with him not eating enough, however; he's fastidious and doesn't like to make messes. Although young dragonets will itch everywhere, particularly notorious spots are at the base of his neckridges, all down along his spine.
Yolinth has pride in himself in his weyrmate, and shows affection to you in every expression of his eyes, and the way he seems to orient on you as you move about, not liking you to be more than his wing's span away.
And as to his mental 'voice': Silver bells, silver bells… and azure blue.


I have gotten quite a few pages over the years, asking if I got Akira's name from the Japanese animated movie by that name. The answer is 'no'. I actually got the name back when I worked in a photo shop where I went to college. There was one customer who came in often, and his name was Akira, so when I found Dragonsfire and created my character, that is the name I thought of, just because it sounded and looked so neat. I didn't even find out about the movie until well after Akira was created, when I first started getting pages about it. And yes, since then I have watched the movie, and it is a rather interesting one at that.

FIRELIZARDS: In the order they were impressed.

He is a rather large brown firelizard, though by no means oversized enough to be considered bronzish. His soft hide is a pale brown, almost golden, and is shaded with a darker, reddish brown across his shoulders. Each of his neckridges is tipped with that same reddish brown, all the way down to his lazily swishing tailfork. His wings are a bit short and wide, giving them an almost stocky appearance, and that soft golden brown shade of hide seems even more golden in the thinness of the wing membranes. His obsidian talons no longer hold the sharp points of youth, and he is banded on the right foreleg in black, brown and luminous blue.

This adorable deep brown firelizard is banded on the right forleg in the black and brown of Fort Weyr, and you notice that the colors are outlined with a luminous blue. Pale golden brown highlights run along his neck and belly, making the rest of his hide look even darker than it really is.

He is like the blue of the sky after a summer rain, and he is a bit large for a blue. He tends to be a bit awkward because of his size. He is banded on the right foreleg in the black and brown colors of Fort Weyr, and you notice the colors are outlined in a luminous blue.

This golden brown firelizard is banded on the right foreleg in the black and brown of Fort Weyr, and you notice the colors are outlined with a luminous blue. He is rather large, almost the size of most bronzes, with an agile, athletic appearance. His golden highlights are dazzling in the light, almost matching his boisterous attitude for drawing attention to himself.

This sandy brown firelizard is a bit pudgy, but very cute. His hide looks almost a bit fuzzy around the edges, and the black flecks don't help much when he is sitting in sand, he tends to blend right in. He is banded on the right foreleg in the black and brown colors of Fort Weyr, and you notice that there is also a thin band of luminous blue.

He is a fairly average firelizard in size, and though his tail seems, perhaps, a bit short, his proportions seem to be average as well. However, his markings are rather different, though still rather handsome. His base color seems to be a light sandy brown, but over that he is mottled with medium and dark brown shades. His tail, headknobs, and all four taloned feet are a very rich dark brown, nearly black, and the markings are not unlike a tortioseshell feline. The brown and black banding on his right foreleg is somewhat difficult to see, as it crosses similar shadings, but the lumious blue stands out quite nicely against the darker backdrop.

Fine liquor pools in the hide of this large fire-lizard: a suave, dry bronze alight with ruddy-gold glints along the glassy curves of his spine and wingspars. The color swirls into muddy dregs over his low-rimmed belly and the stocking of each splayed paw, whose white-tipped black talons hook with as much implicit bite as his deceptively soporific movements.

Green flows over this firelizard like water over a cliff, but not turbulent, not at all. The different hues of green mix with a little blue, and makes her look like she is underwater and suited to it. Scattered across her body are specks of colors like fish, and when she moves they seem to swim. Sweet and mellow, this green barely moves unless certain things require it, but whenever she must it's with a certain flowing ease, always moving, never stopping once she has begun.

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