Miafah's Lighter Side Green Aliath

Just Another Day Egg
Just another egg, mottled and small: from crown to base, dawn's
pastels melt into the muted whitish-grey of an overcast sky, in turn
dying to the bright fires of sunset. In between may be found the
dulled greens of fading grass; a brown spot that might have been
wherry-and-tuber stew again; an occasional drum-roll of blue, a
dice-roll of black-specked ivory: all in all, just another egg.

Just Another Day Egg cracks quite as might be expected, at least at
first: brown stew-stain and black specks of dice share the same
shard, from whose cavity just the tips of rakish headknobs peek —
and retreat, soon followed by the scratching noises of a dragon
ripping its egg sac free. And /then/ the rest explodes.

Lighter Side Green Dragonet
Featherlight, this little tuft of long-tailed green, her spare sides
gilded glows-pale as if swiped sinister and dexter by some twinned
brush: even the dragonet's paws are small, much less the pert muzzle
from which gleam contrastingly deep-hooded eyes — but only lack of
size could lend her delicacy, given the promise of tensile strength
implicit in her lean and limber frame, much less the flagrant
assurance in turquoise pinions' as yet unwieldly, rustling plumes.

Feather-soft, feather-light, feather-whimsical, a growing awareness
doesn't so much crowd out the sands' raucousness as distract from it:
don't pay attention to /that/. No, pay attention to /her/ — who?
That pert-muzzled green staring so deeply, so challengingly into
your eyes: who announces, in a streak of blue that shivers you down
to your toes,
» I am Aliath! «

What do we want to take with us into the new millennium?

One thing is a strong sense of humor, the ability to lighten
up and play — sometimes the world takes itself way too seriously!

We picked 'Just Another Day Egg' for Aliath not only because
you liked it, but because it fits in with how Miafah was Searched:
it was just another day of doing her job and checking off lists, when
— /wham/!

As for the name, 'Aliath' (al-EYE-ath) fits so nicely with
Miafah — there's just something about them. Aliath. Miafah.
Miafah. Aliath.

Physically, Aliath will start out small, but she'll grow
more quickly than some of her clutchmates to eventually become more
mid-sized. She's a vibrant turquoise of a green — who talks a blue
streak — but her sides (from cheeks through neck, ribs and flanks,
down her ever so long tail) will be gilded just a little paler, a
little lighter. Her hide bears small-scale variations like her dam,
subtle featherings, that deepen and grow bluer in hue even as they
expand into the unwieldly, rustling plumes of her pinions. Hers may
not be as first-glance dramatic as Jurayath's, say, but Aliath'll use
them to best advantage. And then some.
As she exercises, her muscles will begin to show, smooth but
prominent; still, she'll stay spare of build, neither rounded nor
particularly long but lean and limber — and agile. She's fussy
about her wingtips: she doesn't like them caught anywhere or on
anything, and will barely grace your touch for the necessary oiling.
But along her jaw … mmm, she could lean into an oiling /there/ for
an eternity, seems like, even when she's no longer the minute dragon
and starts toppling you over: the first time by accident, the rest,
oh, on purpose.

Aliath also has a dead-on, deadpan sense of humor, akin to
Jurayath's: it's like the way kids are when they ask a question in
all innocence, and, in addition to making you want to laugh yourself
hoarse, shed some truthful light on the situation. » Whenever the
Weyrlingmaster says something will be 'fun', you get a backache. Is
'fun' another word for 'backache', Miafah? «
As humorous and light as Aliath may look to the casual
observer, she has strong opinions, and (lucky you!) you get to hear
all about them! When she believes something strongly — or when whe
wants you to /do/ something, there might be a battle if you dare to
disagree with her. Those insightful little comments » Miafah, I
think it is a waste of time to make up your cot and make the couch so
neat and tidy the way the Weyrlingmaster says to do it. It will
only get dirty again. Why don't we do something fun? «
And just what does Aliath think of as fun? Well, there's
teasing the other dragonets, of course, and later teasing whoever she
feels like teasing. And there's speculation, a good game of chance.
When Vyath asks, for her ongoing anthropological examinations, what
color underwear brownriders wear more, red or purple, Aliath is the
dragon who will pipe up and bet on one color or the other— just to
make things interesting.

What does Aliath value? Oh, she'll really get off on
drills, where she can strut her stuff (to the point of asking for
more, especially when she messes up so she can make it right); when
sleepy, she likes snoozing in a warm pile with her clutchmates; a
good herdbeast is always a plus, and need one say oilings? — and
yet, underneath it all, it's you, and her bond with you. Despite her
sharp sense of humor and predisposition toward wisecracking and the
occasional (yeah, right) gamble, it's you she comes to when she's
uncertain. » Miafah, Dvath says we should all go out to the feeding
pens and wait 'til the herdbeasts are all asleep, then knock them
over with our snouts. Is that a good idea? « There may not seem to
be any rhyme or reason to the things she'll finally ask you about —
sometimes she'll be adamant about doing something equally as
ill-advised as tipping herdbeasts, and sometimes she'll come to you
for the smallest thing. » Should I have wherry or herdbeast for
dinner? « She needs the reassurance of your approval, but not all
the time.

Aliath's attractive to — and attracted to — both dragon
and humankind. Her electric personality and sense of fun, along with
her intelligent bearing, makes her a powerful combination. In
adolescence, sometime toward the end of weyrlinghood, Aliath might
even start to put on airs and be a little 'full of herself'. The
strains of ongoing life and the ability to laugh at herself will
likely change all that, though, and she'll end up not humble but wry,
not proud but confident, not aggressive but assertive. That sense
of fun, though, will never be replaced by anything else.

Once she becomes old enough to discover males as males, some
Turn-plus down the road, she won't mind a little flirting — but can
they keep up with her? There's the rub! In flights, she'll be at
first nervous, but after her maiden flight, she will likely be
confident and self-assured once she gets into blooding. (Then again,
dragon memories…) Physically, she's a fancy flyer, and no doubt
will gain a vast admiration for Miyoth. She loves hotshot moves,
deep dives, impossible curves, all helped along by her light,
feathery frame, her sheer agility. Underneath it all, there's sinewy
strength. While she has the strength and agility to pull off
maneuvers that would make an F-16 Falcon pilot jealous, she burns out
quickly, like the plane and the falcon it's named for.

Her mental voice is a silvery, tinkly bell, underlaid with
the subliminal roar of a wind tunnel. Think of jingle bells. Even
when she's upset or serious, her voice keeps this light, fey quality.
When distressed, she has a tendency to become strident (imagine the
bells ringing faster and faster) and harsh, and that roar becomes a
gut-sucker, but most of the time, she's a lilting tune, a shiver of
bells in just a hint of wind. If she's textured, she's not
silver-hard, though — she's soft, feather-soft, soft as down and
just as pervasive when it escapes. Her thoughts vary from that
bright turquoise color (yes, she does talk a blue streak) to a
dimmer, grayer blue-green when she's tired or stressed, and around
her thoughts, there's always the impression of a clean, clear, sharp

Wholesome, wry, strong, and electric, that's your Aliath.

Parentage: Arien's Katrineth + M'gael's bronze Theronth
Egg: Telilah
Dragonet: Madieva, Fiona, Arien

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