Shimmering Tulip-Blue Alsath in Windblown Wishes Egg
This elegant blue contemplates everything about him with quizzical curiousity, his classically sculpted head first tilting one direction, then another, for a better sense of his surroundings; colored the clear, soft shade of a tulip, he moves with that same suppleness. The clean lines of his well-proportioned frame are enhanced by two long swashes of watercolor, running to either side of his body from sleek curve of neck through lissome tail: the variegated sheen ranges from the palest, almost translucent shale to a soft, matte cornflower. Across his strong, translucent wingsails, the merest shifting of light causes startling effects; one moment a dusky periwinkle will shimmer, the next a darkly glittering indigo.

Name: Alsath. Ariana liked it originally; K'lora pointed out that it was reminiscent of C.S. Lewis' Aslan, hinting at power that's tempered with wisdom, affection, and humor. Regal, noble. Like Ashtoreth, you pronounce it softly, as if there were an 'h' there; Ahl-sahth.

Physical Description: Alsath's overall a pale but vivid tulip shade, elegant and resilient, with clean, classic lines. (Though probably somewhat gangly as a hatchling!) He bears watercolor shades like racing stripes but thicker along each side, neck->body->tail, that are variegated from pale, barely-visible shale to a soft, matte cornflower. His wingsails are likewise colored, but only their highlights, shifting from dusky periwinkle to darkly glittering indigo. He's of medium size, also. Ticklish under his chin, he'll itch most at the base of his wings, though he also loves to have his velvety-soft muzzle scritched. His mental 'voice' is a warm tenor, though his physical one is higher-pitched at first.

Personality: Alsath is self-willed without being arrogant; awkward as any hatchling at first, his determination and good nature will see him past his many trips and spills, especially with you there to help him. Resilient to life's setbacks, once he realizes what's going on, he gets things done with little hassle or thought of self-importance; no worry about dramatics or wishy-washying around, just get the job done in a clean, efficient fashion. However, he is far from dull. Quizzical, infinitely curious, and with a quirky knack for making you laugh, he has an innate sense of The Right Way to Go, generally right towards his lifemate.
Talsi, this elegant blue fellow is smitten with you heart, mind, and soul, and will do his utmost to make you proud of him.

Credits: Kh'rys did the hatchling, and K'lora & Kevar the egg. K'lora also worked on the inspiration.

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