Evaine's Seaweed Harpstring Green Alueth

Whiter Shade of Pale Egg
Iridescence sets off the pallor of this egg, creating a spinning
cartwheel of chalk and alabaster, snow and milk; the barely discernable
shades swirl in sometimes dizzying eddies, occasionally wildly untraceable
bursts—yet all pigment falls away in the wake of a fandango glow that
lightens the thick-textured base: ghostly echoes of vestals fair and
tales told well on a road long and cold.

Whiter Shade of Pale Egg cracks in one long line down the center,
quietly and with finality. Two sides split and fall away, leaving very few
shards, because all the weight of attention must, simply must, be focused
on the creature that rises now, emerging for the first time from its
bright prison.

Seaweed Harpstring-Green Dragonet
The sinuous curves of an innocent siren tighten and coil beneath this
dragon's lagoon-green hide. Each breath is an undulation: strings of
darker kelp strew about her shoulders and twist through crested
neckridges. Her belly gleams opalescent and pale, similar seafoam
leisurely lapping against headknobs, muzzle, and talons' nacreous glimmer.
Shimmering, brassy glissandos wire a submerged strength into those fluid
wingsails, hinting at the shifting paradoxes of this wise and willful

sea, the waves, the water, the wind. Closer and closer comes the sound,
'til an all-cncompassing roar possesses you, heart pounding. Sand? What
sand? And then, and then— the liquid music of the harp, the smell of
salt, and there she is, she is, recognizing in your sapphire eyes all she
wil be. This and more takes you under, submerges you. The siren calls —
are you captured by the lure of her? Life, mind, all that she is, now
yours to gather up as if in a net. Oh, that sweet voice is syrup and swing
and arpeggios all at once. Quiet, so quietly, » Evaine? Mine? « Yes. It
is to be.

» My name is Alueth! «

Alueth. Al-oo-eth. A nice, short name that's still got lots of
syllables for wailing when she's being innocently bratty again:
Aaaaaaaalllllluuuuuueeeeeeeth! We chose it because it's such a pretty
name. She's a pretty dragon. :) They fit, neh?

Physical Characteristics:
Alueth will never be solidly built; she's all curves and no angles, and
she won't grow to be particularly big for a green. She'll be firmly in the
middle, size-wise. She has the gift of grace: she doesn't trip or stumble,
simply doesn't. Despite all those soft attributes, this dragon is
/strong/, and when she wants something, she will get it.

As at home as she is with movement on land, she's more comfortable in the
water by far. She'll swim before she flies of course, but unlike many of
her clutchsibs, she'd rather swim than fly sometimes. Boats fascinate her:
she wants to play with them like toys in the tub (possibly not the best
habit for a young dragon to get into!). And it's not just water itself,
it's the way things /look/ in the water. She loves the blurry outlines,
loves the movement of things underwater. As a young dragon, she'll wonder
what /everything/ looks like underwater ("Look, Alueth, here's my new gown
in that creamy, sparkly sisal you like. «Ooh, pretty. Can I take it
outside and put it in the lake to see what it looks like underwater?»),
and when you look through her eyes, you'll get that same water-displaced

Flying will come easily to Alueth, because she'll think of the air as
another, less comfy, kind of water. She'll be graceful in the air as she
is everywhere else, but she won't like 'tweening much: it's cold, it's
dark, and what use is that? She'd rather fly long distances than
:between:, although in time you might convince her that the beach is more
important than getting there the way she likes to go best.

On the ground, in the air, in the water— one thing never changes: her
tail is /always/ moving. Slow and steady like a watchful cat, it undulates
from side to side seamlessly, the rhythm of her days — unless she's
itchy, then it'll be spastic. She'll itch along the lighter areas of
belly and between her headknobs, but particularly between her talon-toes.
There's a problem, though: she's equally as ticklish as she is itchy, and
you'll be compounding one problem even as the other is resolved. (The
ultimate solution? Oil!)

Like the fluid music of the harp, Alueth's voice is soft and sweet, even
when she's demanding more than her share of attention or when she doesn't
have anything nice to say at all. She'll get your attention— or the
attention of dragonkind— by always speaking sweetly and in that muted,
soft, almost /polite/ tone of voice. Like the strains of the harp, her
voice echoes and lingers after she's done speaking— sometimes for
seconds, sometimes for sweet eternity, all blue-green reflections (like
when you're underwater and the light changes with the water's movement).
And like the harp, her voice ranges in tone from bass-guitar low to
piccolo-high, and here's where you'll learn to tell her moods. Excited?
She'll sound like high arpeggios. Demanding? Circular chord progressions
in the middle range. Angry? Low, low, and even, basso continuo.

Alueth's willful, and she has her own opinions, but she can be bargained
with. Especially if she gets something pretty out of the deal. She's
fascinated by flowing fabrics, trees with long leaves, anything that bends
and moves in the wind or underwater, things that glimmer and sparkle. She
loves things that are long, wavy, rustly. Pile that couch high with
rushes, spill them onto the floor, who cares? They're just great, just
like that, no, no, don't pick that one up— it looked so nice while it was
falling. On straps and on people (yes, you!) she likes fringe and
feathers. Her idea of you dressed up and ready to go out is a little dress
with fringe everywhere, a feather boa, and beads in your hair. And forget
fabrics like linen and broadcloth: she wants to see sensual, flowing
garments. Sheers are good, layered over one another in a million warm,
vibrant colors.

Privacy? What's that? Her weyr is your weyr and come right in! without
telling you…….. « What mess? Evaine? Not dressed? What? Oh. Sorry. »
(too late!) This doesn't mean that she won't value her time spent alone,
indeed she'll relish it, but she'll usually want to go elsewhere for that.
An empty beach. A meadow, just at the treeline. An isolated cave.
Somewhere she can tuck up agtainst /some/thing, and just relax. She likes
to lie against things — walls, trees, stone, you name it, if it doesn't
move, she'll likely lean up against it and want to tuck you in close, too.
She has the ability to just sit and think of nothing or everything at
once, staring at the horizon for hours. She is capable of lying back and
just /feeling/ the day pass by when she needs to, better still with your

Cluttered she is too, and she's unworried about it. Why pick something up
when you can easily step over it? When she's tripped one too many times
(or when you have!) she'll sweep everything over to the side with her
tail. There. Clean. See? There's the floor, all swept. (And never mind
that every table surface is piling.)

Does a cluttered weyr begat a cluttered mind? In Alueth's case
sometimes. She's somewhat scatterbrained. « I put that where? Well, it's
around here somewhere, I know it. » Then she'll proceed to just /picture/
where it is, maybe underneath that pile of shiny stones she made you
collect (last summer) because they'd make a great collage. Mmhmm, they it
who are you calling disorganized? She knew right where it was, right

Truth is, she's /not/ disorganized; she's just a little cluttered. Beneath
that outer loopiness is a mind like a steel trap, not like a sieve. She'll
mull over tough questions for days and finally come up with the perfect
solution with no visible effort expended. « I just let ideas sort of
stew, in the back of my mind, you see— and then when they're done, I take
them out. »

And speaking of stew…
Wherries are so funny-looking. She loves to watch them flapping
around ridiculously, but because of that she doesn't really want to kill
them— she'd rather laugh at them. That doesn't mean she won't /chase/
them— indeed, that's plenty fun, but when it comes time for the strike,
she'll veer off to that herdbeast who /thought/ her attention was
elsewhere and he was safe.

If Alueth is the sea, life is just ripples. All things will pass, and if
she's got what she wants (sometimes that's a big 'if'!), she's happy.

And as for other dragons, well, who cares? What they think, that is. She
has as good an ear for gossip as the next dragon, but it's because she's
curious, not because she passes judgment. It's all the same to her if this
one likes that one or the other one is uppity— but it is good to know.

She's intensely proud of being green. Green. But she doesn't focus on
the qualities normally associated with it, proddiness, flights, the like.
Those things just happen from time to time, and while it does affect her,
it's not what /defines/ her, what makes her who she is. When she does get
proddy (and her first proddy might be a little early but not too
precocious), her whole focus is on the goal of /attracting/ the male. Of
course, once she's got him— so what? Oh, sure, they do that tail twining
thing, but it only lasts for a little while, and then they just follow you
around like addled wherries, begging for attention. As for Alueth, once
she's got their attention, they're not useful to her anymore. After all,
they are paying attention, which is what she wanted in the first place.
Forget that messy physical stuff, and forget even more firmly the idea of
settling down. She loves the chase, not the capture. In flights, she likes
the clouds, and goes chasing off after those dissipating tendrils of
vapor, tail undulating as she delights in all the sensations.

On the surface, Alueth might look like a ditz. She might even act like
one. But she's a dragon of many layers, many veils to be pulled away.
Beneath the cluttered mind and whimsical outer layer, she's as complex and
complete as her rider, full of possibilities both fully realized and
waiting to happen.


Egg Desc: Zephre
Dragon Desc: Fiona & Kh'rys
Dragon Name: Arien & Kh'rys
Inspiration: Fiona & Kh'rys

We realize that you are the one who knows your character best, who
knows what might mesh and what you'd particularly like to play. We've
constructed this dragon with what we thought you'd especially like, and
what we were 'inspired' by through our interactions with you. Please,
though, don't feel limited by what we've given you, or that you have to
follow it — you'll no doubt find your own niche, and as you play Alueth,
she will surely surprise you … and us! :D

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