Akeli's Gentle Porphyrion-Blue Amoneth
Chicken Little Egg
A humdrum, everyday off-white paints the better part of this egg with a plain old overcast. Along the underside, though, the brightness gives way to smears of darker and darker blue, bruised here and there with purple and grey and the blurry suggestion of a pair of eyes peering fretfully upward: the sky is falling, the sky is falling… .

Chicken Little Egg falls apart altogether, ushering a shaky little blue dragonet into the world.

Gentle Porphyrion-Blue Dragonet
Porphyrion blue blazes over the length of this lean dragonet like a soldering flame, while his talons, ridges, limbs, and tail stretch into a cooled periwinkle. Wherever light will shine, his suncatcher wingsails glow indigo and violet between the grey leadings of bracing spars and among the intricate web of vein and artery, while in darkness they remain inscrutably inky. And although he is slim nearly to the point of being waiflike, he still has a paunch of a belly, giving him incongruous roundness and unmistakeable charm.

Impression Message: The gentle porphyrion-blue dragonet trips, tumbles, and falls, light as a cloud, into your life. With the warmth of fresh linens drying in the sun, and the coolness of clean garden soil, he brings you into the link. And it's not that he tells you his name so much as you simply come to understand it:

My name is Amoneth! «

Welcome to riderhood and to Amoneth!
Amoneth's name comes from Arabic and Urdu origins. We chose a variation of 'Amin,' a boy's name that means 'Faithful.' We like it for how it fits his being, his relationship with you, and we like it for its light, soft sound, as befits this gentle (if skinny) giant.

His coloring, porphyrion blue, has two different origins. The word porphyrion is descendant from the Greek 'porphyra', meaning purple. Porphyrion was also the name of one of the giants that the Greek goddess Gaia called into battle with the Titans. These giants were huge and had serpent tails … and if you suspend a certain amount of disbelief, that serpent shape could be perceived as a dragon's tail.

Call it an overactive imagination, call it hallucination, or call it a gift: Amoneth sees things in things that others tend to miss. He'll find faces in clouds, voices in the rush of breeze-blown leaves; a fire will become more than burning heat and water more than wet. Your favorite chair will have something to say about the way you sit in it; and other folks' homes, as opposed to their actual inhabitants, will send invitations /or/ warnings to stay away. Maybe you believe in his visions, maybe you don't; he'll always need you to listen, though, and protect him when his attention is on the conversation he's having with that charming patch of weeds when it ought to be on those between coordinates the wingleader wants you to travel to.

His imagination, as charming as it can be, can also get him into trouble. When he brings imaginary playmates into discussions with other dragons, or when he's all covered in mud and leaves, just before inspection, because there was a really interesting rock he had to talk to, and then this wherry, on the other side of the bush that… » Oh! Why did it fly away? I only wanted to see. « And he's afraid of the dark. He has a /need/ to have the couch filled with glows, and that will interrupt the already erratic sleeping patterns of a weyrling. He tends to see things in the shadows. And of course he forgets that he's a large dragon, and could easily squash those imaginary demons.

He will love to fly, once he actually gets started, but he will be reticent to begin. He'll be so much more interested in the trundlebug on the ground, the one that maybe looks like his best friend, or the firestone sack that makes his nose all sooty and gives him such an interesting sneeze. When he does get in the air, though, he'll love it for the clouds: » I can fly /through/ them! «, and for the different perspective it gives him » We are big now. Bigger than our weyr. Bigger than the Star Stones. «

And while he is not lazy, he would prefer to lay about, watching the clouds and spinning tales, than doing the drills and the endless assigned chores and other duties that are expected of a weyrling pair.

Amoneth is starting out as a skinny dragon, and he'll probably stay that way. His animistic nature will frequently prevent him from eating, lest he remove his dinner's personality by gobbling it up. At worst, he'll wallow in guilt or refuse a meal altogether. At best, he'll pause, ask his prey for something like permission or forgiveness, and go in for the kill. Once he learns to hunt on his own, he'll take pains to be quick and merciful, and find solace in his own innate ability to forget, as almost all dragons do.

He'll try to economize his meals, never participating in discussions on how good something tastes (except perhaps to remark on how gauche such comments seem to him). When he's of an age when his instincts draw him to blood, expect an almost debilitating amount of internal conflict. Maybe he'll try to win a mate without blooding at all—and might that give him an advantage, with less to weigh him down? Or might he be preoccupied with its lack, or concerned that everybody's doing it but him? Would the green he's chasing prefer him dry? At least you'll never have to worry about him gorging!

Otherwise, Amoneth will enjoy mating, but seldom flirt. He'll be telling /you/ who he wants to catch, and he'll be telling /you/ who he wishes would rise next, and maybe some of his guy friends, and maybe the glowlight you've got burning on your nightstand, but somewhere or another he'll get the idea that it's just rude to express such sentiments to a potential mate. He'll make his appreciation known in a little extra attentiveness, a little extra interest in whatever she's got on her mindand the less intellectual and communicative she is, the less attractive. He'll /say/ it doesn't matter how she looksbut that doesn't mean he won't want an eyeful anyway. Or tell the sun how much he likes what he sees.

He loves the sun. He could lay out all day long, keeping his wings stretched out from his sides till they nearly ache, only for the pleasure of the warmth and the light shining through them. He'll push for daytime sweeps, not for the convenience of having you on a schedule most other humans live by, but for the joy of the light. This isn't to say he wouldn't find a million things to appreciate in the dark; it's just his preference.

As a flyer, Amoneth likes to go high. Being a blue, he'll be better able to practice those twists and turns for the spring games than his bigger counterparts, but he's more into altitude and speed than fancy maneuvers. Watch out for his attempts to take you out a little longer and a little farther than you might be entirely comfortable going — though he'd never deliberately scare you.

He always wants you to be at peace. His mind-voice tends to be calm, soft, definitely tenor — very human-sounding, as opposed to the chimes or twangs or buzzes that sometimes accompany his fellow dragons' broadcasts. The sounds that issue from his throat tend to be a little more hummy than rumbly, and almost always understated. You'll rarely catch him growling or bugling outright, unless there's a definite danger to warn others about.

His mind's scent is that of rich, clean garden soil, deep and refreshing and fertile, like his imagination, intermingled with the sweet scent of a small boy's hair, when it's still just a little wet from bathtime.

Credits, alphabetically:
Egg: Gr'ym
Inspiration: Gr'ym, Keryn, K'rill, Laria

Please note: This Inspiration is by no means set in stone. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch, as you will. Pirogeth is *your* dragon and only you know how to play him best!

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