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** April 6-7, 1995 — Dragonsfire MOO — POV: Jedano **

[IC time unknown, fall, Fort Weyr. Hatching of gold Ashtoreth and brown
Khyranth's clutch. Log begins in the Candidate barracks, where the hopefuls
have gathered before trooping out onto the sands.]

Amery smiles nervously.

Rajak chuckles nervious, "At least I'm not having to sew. I'd likely sew
something to myself and not feel it.."

Amery smiles at Quintan, "Dinnae be gittin' sleepy yit, Quin."

Rykara giggles, then claps a hand over her mouth, to keep from going

Jedano stands against the wall out of everyone's way, mock-grimacing at Ki's

Kamaran returns to just sitting and fidgetting.
Kamaran says, "You do that anyways, Rajak. ;)"

Tomas comes home.

Amery smiles, "H'llo, Tomas."

Quintan smiles faintly at Amery. "No prob."

Tomas nods as he limps in, "Almost missed it, falling asleep at the sewing."
He pulls on one of the robes he'd been stitching

Kamaran waves to Tomas, "Hurry up, mate. The eggs are hatching." ;0

Rajak chuckles, less nerviously, "That's kinda true."

Talisen waves to Tomas, half nervous, half excited.

Quintan walks over to Kamaran and puts a hand on his shoulder.

You overhear Quintan murmur, " … Kam. … … as … … you - at …" to

Amery stands, her hands lying idle at her sides. She takes several deep
breaths and appears to calm down considerably. Looks can be very decieving,
as Amery learned the hard way when on her own.

Ranye has connected.

Rykara sits on a cot, with her hands folded tightly in her lap.

Kamaran grins at Quintan, "I'm not nervous…Nope really I'm not. what makes
you think I'm nervous?" Well aside from the fact that he's talking at 5 or
6 hundred kilometers an hour. ;)

Jedano murmurs to Amery beside him, mouth relaxing into a faint smile.

You whisper, "We'll be fine. Shards, just a Hatching, right? *hollow
chuckle*" to Amery.

Quintan LOL. Right, Kam.

K'lora convinces Kerropi to get off, and she hisses in annoyance at being so
rudely dismissed.
K'lora gently detangles Ceridwen from her neck and sets her down.

Talisen follows Amery's example. Breath in, breath out. In, out. Wow, that

Amery smiles, nodding at Jedano's comment. She adjusts the belt at her waist
and moves her feet a little further apart.

Rajak paces just abit, trying very hard to get his hair to stay at least
somewhat straight..

Tomas sits quietly. Somehow.

K'lora strides over to Kam, leaning close and whispering something in his ear.
Unwinding the chain from her neck, she presses it into his hand, and with a
nod for luck to everyone, rushes off to find her way to the sands.

Shailin sighs deeply and tries hard to keep breathing… ;)

Quintan shakes his head slowly…as if he can't believe that he's actually
doing this.

K'lora walks out.

Talisen sees KKi give Kam the good luck charm, and awws. How sweet.

Teleri smiles, "Do you have any last minute questions?"

Kamaran grins at Ki as she leans over and gives him the chain, "Thanks, Ki."
Tears start to well in his eyes…

Tomas sits on hte edge of his cot…staring at nothing…He looks up at
Teleri, "Err, no ma'am."

Rykara rocks back and forth on the cot nervously.

Quintan gives Teleri a faint look.

Talisen goes over to Tomas for a sec.

Amery takes another deep breath. She smiles a little thinly. "Nae, Teleri."

You overhear Talisen murmur, " … you be … on … … … your leg starts
to … … … can lean on me." to Tomas

Rajak shakes his head, "No ma'am. None at all."

Kamaran wipes his eyes and shakes his head at Teleri. He looks for somewhere
to put the chain. Can't wear it, not fair. *sigh*

Tomas looks at Talisen< "Good luck Talisen."
Tomas nods, "I'll be fine…the leg will hold."

Jedano swallows, starts to say something, but ends up shaking his head. He
unfolds his arms to his sides.

Quintan nods at Tomas. "Be sure to tell if you need support."

Talisen nods at Tomas, "Just checking. GOood luck."

Tomas nods to Quintan, "Aye. I will. Thank you both. Good luck to both of

Teleri smiles and nods.

Tomas gives Talisen a quick hug if she permits, and trades an arm grip with

Amery folds her hands before her. She rocks back on her heels and then
forward on her toes.

Quintan cleares his voice. "'luck to all of you….", he mutters.

To Amery: Jedano squeezes your arm, murmuring 'luck,'

Rykara stares at her toes for a moment, breathing, yes breathing, must
remember to do that.


Talisen hugs Tomas back, then moves nervously over to join everyone else.

Jedano moves over for Talsi, offering her a smile and 'good luck!'

Tomas squeezes Amery's shoulder. "Relax." He looks like he needs to tkae his
own advice

Kamaran grins at Quintan, "Luck to you too, Quin." He turns to the others,
"You all too. Best of luck, Hope you all get a lifemate." ;)

Talisen smiles nervously at everyone, "Good luck.."

Shailin smiles. "I wish you all the best of luck as well and even if thing
should not go your way. I hope we all stay friends?"

Amery smiles at Tomas, "Aye." She squeezes his arm in reply. "An' ye a' well.
Guid luck t' ye all."

Rykara nods absently to Shailin.

Ranye wishes everyone luck :)

Quintan eyes the lot of candidates gathering. "I doubt all will, Kam", he says
under his breath.

Rajak smiles, "Good luck everyone. It's been fun working with you all." He
nods at Shailin, "I hope to. Don't want to loose you as a friend."

You say, "Aye, and you, Kam. And everyone." He breaks off and listens
another moment to the hummmmmm. "I wish we could just /go/…."

Tomas sits back down and triest to gather his senses

Amery smiles at Shailin, "Aye. I dinnae see why no'?"

Rykara nods and whispers, "Good luck to us all."

Amery moves over a bit closer to one side of the room, making way for the
other candidates crowding into the barracks.
Amery bits her lip and sits on a cot. She skrunches into a corner against a

Tomas nods at Rykara's statement

Kamaran runs around the room snugging people, Talsi, Jed, Amery, Rykara, Shai,
Rajak, Quin, Ranye, Tomas, and yes, even Teleri.

Quintan's look gets distracted as the humming from mature dragons can be heard
even stronger.

Shailin chuckles at Kamaran's hyperactivity, actually looking calm and relaxed
except for the hands that are clenched tightly around the hem of her robe.

Ranye bounsces her knees nertvously.

Tomas looks around at the sound and starts to stand, but sits back down.

Jedano watches Shailin quietly, finally darting a whisper at her.

Amery rests her head on her knees which are drawn up against her chest. She
watches the others, breathing slowly…

Teleri smiles, "Alright candidates, please order yourself alphabetically."

Rykara gets in line.

Kamaran plops down next to Shailin, "NotnervouswhynotIamcanyoutell"

Quintan twines his thumbs again and again….

You whisper, "That's right….I forgot you've done this before. We'll all
follow your lead! *grin*" to Shailin.

Jedano slips in front of Kamaran, looking around for the rest of the order.

Shailin turns to Jedano, hmm?

Ranye says, "How big are they? Oh, wait, I asked that already. Um…I guess I
don;t realy have a question then. Isn't it time yet?"

Quintan takes place in the row, some places before Rajak, actually ;)

Shailin gets up and places herself in the line.

Amery blinks. She blushes and looks helplessly about, "An' wha' do tha'

Talisen clenches her hands, standing still, breathing. That's about it.

As he takes his place, Quintan eyes Kamaran some places ahead.

Ranye figits.
Ranye looks for Rajak and pushes in front of him. Oops, wrong side. She runs
around behind him instead.

Shailin turns to Talisen behind her and gives her a hug.

Rykara shuffles and lets Rayne in front of her/

Kamaran grins and guides Amery to the front of the line, "You are first,
love. You get to lead us in." He moves back to behind Jedano and in front
of Quintan.

Rajak tries to keep calm, running his hand through his hair several times.

Talisen stands in front of Tomas and behind Shai.

Amery stands, moving toward the other candidates, her expression one of
supreme confusion and nervousness. After a moment, she takes a deeeeeep
breath, and her expression calms…
Amery moves to the front of the line, having been pushed by an overzelous

Jedano finally gets himself between Amery and Kamaran and then looks to
Teleri, eyes wide and dark.

Amery smiles at Kamaran, "M'thanks, then." She idnores the candidate who
pushed her.

Teleri says, "Okay, In alphabetical order, go through the exit 'good luck"
Teleri says, "Wait until the candidate before you leaves.."

Tomas stands and gets in line

Amery walks out into the bowl and from there onto the sands.

Quintan walks out into the bowl and from there onto the sands.

Jedano follows Amery quickly, not looking back.

Tomas follows

You take the twisty path through the lower caverns, out into the bowl, and
from there onto the heated sands. Good luck…

Hatching Sands (#819oJ)
You see Crackled Porcelain Egg, Melted Marshmallow Egg, Streaked Marble Egg,
Silvered Moonlight Egg, First-blooming Crocus Egg, Incised Bone Egg,
Interrupted Skiff Egg, Windblown Wishes Egg, Snowy Wastes Egg, Khyranth,
M'ryn, and Ashtoreth here.
Ariana, Kh'rys, Arien, K'lora, Amery, and Quintan are here.
Obvious exits:

First-blooming Crocus Egg
Petal-like arcs of sunshine yellow and vivid purple marble the surface of this
medium-sized egg. In the whole the soft, spring-white of the first-fledged
crocus, it curves upwards in clean, sleek lines; startlingly translucent at
the top, denser and more substantial at the bottom, it balances with careful
precision. Barely perceptible, faint streaks of springtime green arc along
the larger end, tracing upwards towards the smaller; likewise, a faint
citrine shadow seems to reach upwards behind the velvety white, stamens
grasping for the sun. The egg is very hard, and may hatch any time now.

Windblown Wishes Egg
Overall the palest blue of a chill autumn morning, starbursts of white erupt
from the smaller end of this midsized egg. Like an explosion of dandelion
fluff set free by the wind or a breath full of wishes, each is gilded
glitteringly at its base, steadying it on its floating route. The pale tufts
drift in chancy swirls across the rough shell, dispersing gradually from
their tight cluster into a disparate, less-defined tracery, as if ready to
soar freely across the bowl.

Silvered Moonlight Egg
The soft, shifting shades of moonlight coat this egg with a pale sheen.
Shadows play across the silver, hinting at shapes: the slender reeds and
supple willow branches of the Fort riverbank, the reflections of clouds
shimmering upon water. When stared at longer, more layers become visible in
their interplay; as they overlap, they meld into layers and layers of dark
beiged-white shadows, embossed upon the endless gleam of moonbeams.

Incised Bone Egg
A sweeping vault of skull, perhaps, in fancy: this large egg's granular,
faintly yellowed ivory does nothing to disillusion. Shadowy smudges rather
than dark pockmarks, however, smear what could be nose or eyes or jaw; not
even faux openings provide space through which to sense or be sensed. At the
opposite ends from these daubs, where the back of the skull would be, are at
last some more defined mottlings: an odd, not-quite triangle sits next to a
broad slash, both clearly shaded in a pale but singularly intense blue.

Streaked Marble Egg
Small and still, this egg's shell absorbs ambient energy and channels it into
the colored striations that lace its slick white surface. Faint blue, tender
green, shy pink and tawny gold — gentle hues spin wandering, webbing
threads to counter the intensely milky egg, which sits seemingly as cold and
hard as sculpted stone. Light glances harmlessly off the slippery curve,
rebounding to the eye with redoubled harshness, a shine born of rainbow-
rippled blankness and inner, waiting weight.

Melted Marshmallow Egg
Much more rounded than its more ovoid counterparts, this small egg gleams
brightly white against the sands. With a candied-sweet softness, it is
slightly irregular in shape, as if the heat of the sands were melting it
down to spread out in a gleam of starkness. It shines with a nigh-wet sheen,
small bubble-like flaws that catch and refract the light marking its shell;
these flaws glimmer with an almost opalescence from every angle. At one end,
the egg turns rough and granular, more matte in appearance, as if sweetener
had been melted and allowed to recondense upon its surface.

Amery moves to stand near the eggs.

Kamaran makes his way in from the bowl, looking about.

Paix slumps towards Ashtoreth and Ariana, nose red and swollen. He sniffles,
struggles to suppress a sneeze, and bows. All at the same time. Hod. Iiz hod.

Ariana smiles quiet encouragement to the entering candidates; Ashtoreth,
meanwhile, looks them all over, till thrumming deep in her throat.

Holly nervously enters onto the hot sands, dipping a bow to Ashtoreth and
Ariana, the hem of her robe touching the sand as she does so.

Amery bows to the riders also. Her eyes turn to look at the quivering eggs,
her expression both rapt and nervous.

Jedano bows to Ashtoreth, to Khyranth, and to the riders; then he minces over
to stand between Amery and a nervously twitching young herder.

K'lora will stay here. :) Shhh… quiet.

Kamaran bows deeply to Ashtoreth as he enters the Sands, joining Jedano and
Amery in the semi-circle.

Arien glances briefly to her lifemate in the galleries, hazel-gold eyes alight
as they spot the burnished queen; a nod, and her attention refocuses on
those approaching, and on the crackling clutch.

Quintan joins in besides Kamaran in the formation.

A large egg, faintly tinted with aqua and violet, fairly shakes with the force
of its hatchling's efforts.

Kamaran starts the Candidate shuffle he grins at Jedano, "Shards, found out
what I forgot…." he points to his feet and grins sheepishly.

Rajak makes his way in from the bowl, looking about.

Jedano muffles a chuckle, eyes on the wobbling eggs. "Now, of all times, Kam?
I'm sorry—"

Amery spares a glance for Kamaran's feet, but turns her gaze back to the
shifting, shimmering eggs.

Two eggs, wish watercoloured shades, bump into each other gently, each going
into its own unique spin.

Paix falls into place with the rest of the Candidates, his intense aura of
gloomy pessimism creating a wide space so he'll have plenty of room to be
depressed in. With/out/ the others. He sniffles again, rubbing at his nose
with a hankie. "Duzd."

Tomas makes his way in from the bowl, looking about.

Quintan keeps his gaze fixed at the eggs.

Ranye makes her way in from the bowl, looking about.

Holly looks out at the eggs from her position smack in the middle of all the
other candidates. This will never do. She can't see! She begins her journey
to get where she /can/, and eventually winds up almost walking into an egg.
Uh, oh. Hasty backpedal. Finally, she discovers a place where she can see
all that is happening - and still not trip over eggs.

Tomas's eyes lock on the eggs, but he stumbles through a bow to Ashtoreth

A beastcraft apprentice tugs nervously at his robe, forehead already beading
with sweat thanks to the heat and nervous energy combined.

Rykara makes her way in from the bowl, looking about.

Ariana silently counts candidates, trying to distinguish the white robes of
varying shapes and sizes.

Talisen makes her way in from the bowl, looking about.

Rajak bows respectfully to the gold, her mate and their riders, then takes his
place amongst the other candidates.

Kamaran winces at the heat, standing on one foot and then on the other, never
long enough to let the one cool before putting it back down, "Well call me

Shailin makes her way in from the bowl, looking about.

Jedano heaves a breath, rubs his palms down the side of his robe—and only now
realizing that it's hanging askew on his frame. Flushing, he tugs it
straight while keeping his eyes forward. Definitely forward.

A long fleck of sunshine-yellow flakes from the First-blooming Crocus egg,
then a purplish shardlet pops free.

Streaked Marble Egg lives up to its name and just sits there, colors
shimmering on its seemingly cold surface, prompted by the parade of whiteclad

Rykara bows deeply to Ashtoreth and moves nervously into the semicircle of

Teleri makes her way in from the bowl, looking about.

Amery's feet begin to shift a little as the heat of the sands penetrate the
souls of her sandles and the heat rising from the sands ruffle the hem of
her robe. She licks her lips and glances at Kamaran, "Ach, Kamaran. Tis
nae guid t' be sae f'rgetful…" Her eyes turn quickly back to the eggs as
they begin to rock in earnest.

Ranye is trying.

Talisen steps softly onto the scorching heat of the sands, her entrance barely
noticable. She pauses in the shadows for a brief moment before walking
directly towards the clutch of eggs and their golden dam, bowing deeply and
respectfully to the latter. She then straightens, brushing a curl off of her
face, and moves carefully to take her place with the other candidates in the
loose circle around the rocking eggs.

Tomas follows the other candidates somewhat blindly.

Holly catches sight of a moving egg, and she halts her hippity-hopping for a
moment to smile appreciatively.

Two tall harper lads waltz carefully across the sands in tandem, their robes
swinging softly as the make their way around the eggs.

Paix stares down at his feet. His sandaled feet. Gloom. They're burning
anyway. He shifts. Thinks. Shifts back. Gives up. They're going to get scalded
anyway, probably straight through. He'll have to hobble back out. On hands
and knees. He sighs. Shards, but this is depressing.

Rajak grins nerviously, keeping his eyes on the eggs though, watching their

Jedano, gaze divided between watching friends move in and eggs shudder and
crack, mutters to Kam and Amery, "Well, perhaps he'll find a way to get off
the sands, soon, eh?"

Kamaran looks down at his bare feet and returns to shuffling, "Especially on
the Sands, neh?" He tries his darndest to stop focusing onthe heat and focus
on the eggs as much as he can, but finds that it doesn't quite have the
desired affect.

Tomas jumps as the egg twitches.

Quintan shifts his feet slowly, watching the moving eggs with twinkling eyes.

Talisen makes her way to stand by Shailin, mincing on the scalding sands.

Amery moves almost unconsiously away from the harper pair, her expression
momentarily clouded with anger.

Rykara hops from foot to foot, absently, while gazing raptly at the eggs.

Shailin gingerly walks on to the sands, her face strangely serene and calm.
She makes a deep curtsey to Ashtoreth in supplication and then gracefully
makes her way over to the other Candidates forming a semi-circle about the

Ranye looks over the shoulder of the person in front of her, and bobs her
heard nervously to the queen before joining the semicircle.

Jedano turns his head at catching Amery's motion; he frowns at her, whispering.

Tomas stumbles on an uneven patch of sand, as he's looking at the eggs, not
where he's going.

Rykara shifts her feet. Hot. Yes hot. Oh look, eggs, wow, big gold. Is that a

You whisper, "You all right? Keep good thoughts, remember." to Amery.

All of a sudden, several eggs begin to rock furiously, cracks striating their

Ranye scrunches her toes up, and takes an almost involuntary step backj and
behind someone as an egg close to her rocks. Big, big eggs…

Talisen turns a little to smile nervously at the other Candidates, then turns
to the wildly rocking eggs, pushing another curl back out of her face.

Amery's expression smooths, catching Jedano's whisper. She nods, smiling at
him and moves back to her previous position.

Quintan's gaze wanders back and forth between the eggs and the eggs only. Now
and then he casts a repsectful glance up at the huge queen.

Tomas blinks and watches…even having been in here and touched the eggs, he
still looks very nervous at what's going on.

Holly's gaze roves among the eggs nestled in the sands - the /burning/ sands,
in case anyone else hasn't noticed. She's noticed. However, nothing will
completely distract her from this event. Not even burnt feet. Might distract
her later, though…

Rajak points out an egg a young lady next to him. She nods nerviously back at

Kamaran grins nervously as the eggs start to shake and crack. Yup that did
it, the shifting slows to a bare minimum as he loses most contact with his
body, mind stuck on the eggs…

Shailin smiles at Talisen, reaching out and squeezing her hand for luck. Then
she looks back in the direction of the eggs with a look of anticipation
mixed with a touch of fear.

Rykara sighs softly, feet burning and bumps another candidate. Red faced, she
apologizes briefly and goes back to watching the eggs.

Jedano rolls his eyes with a grin for Amery before the eggs capture his
attention. Which egg gets the most of that scrutiny seems to be the aurora-
shimmered egg, by his wide, wide eyes' focus.

Talisen glances up at Ashtoreth, then her gaze returns to the hugs eggs, which
she stares at with blatant awe as she shifts her bare fetet on the hot sands.

Interrupted Skiff Egg pitter-patters apart, the odd tracks crunching first.
Out comes a bright-hued nose, which then retreats; talons rip at the created
opening, and suddenly a iris-hued blue tumbles out of his flying shards.

Showy Iris-Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
This feisty blue carries his head high, wings fluttering to feel the wind even
now; his first awkward movements are more posed than careful, with the
inevitable results. Pale violet silkens his flanks and sides, deepening to
amethyst along his underbelly and in the shadows of his joints, the colours of
a blooming iris. His gauzy wingsails glint through shades of first yellow,
now blue—running through green, teal and aquamarine before approaching the
shade of an iris' foliage at their tips. Watching all with interest, he
carries himself as if on a quest, as if every move has some deeper meaning.

First-blooming Crocus Egg speeds its rocking, nestled as it is within the
sands. It cracks wider, but still the hatchling cannot get free.

Tomas is sweating heavily…the combination of nervousness and hot sands have
him soaked.

Talisen gasps as the first dragonet hatches, her eyes as wide as saucers. She
freezes, and her feet stop their shifting.

Tomas gasps at the hatchling and halts as the first dragonet appears.
Amazing. Dragons. He stands stock still, unsure what to do.

Jedano ahhhhhs softly at the first. A blue, and his gaze flicks up to the
ledges and back in a heartbeat. He stands quietly, watching the hatchling.

Holly blanches slightly as the very egg she had been contemplating suddenly
changes color. No longer white. Nope. And very much definitely a different
shape. Must be a dragonet. She peers at the blue.

Ranye eeps quietly as a nearby candidate propels her forwards, grinning and
trying to be helpful. Barely keeping her balance, Ranye looks back at the
eggs in front of her, not having andone to hide behind, and swallows hard,
looking like a mtrapped wherry.

Rajak gets nudged by the candidate next to him, point to the blue. Rajak grins
and nods, "He is a wonder, isn't he?"

Paix pauses his depressed examination of vulnerable feetsies to stare at the
hatchling. Blue. Blue is a good color. People who have stopped breathing
turn blue. Well, then they turn purple, but blue comes first. He frowns,
contemplating this, and starts to sway back and forth like the others.
Involuntary reflex, like the sneeze that follows.

Rykara stiffens, going stock-still, she heaves a deep breath as sweat trickles
down her back. She whispers to herself, "My, how lovely a blue…."

Tomas nods, not even realzing he's a few down from Rajak. "Beautiful."

Quintan follows the rocking and cracking of the eggs with full attention. As
the first moment of the experience on the sands pass, his attention is also
drawn to some of the closest fellow candidates. Some of them. A little….

Talisen looks at the lovely first hatchling, staring at him. So beautiful. So

First-blooming Crocus Egg gives way entirely in clean, definitive cracks, with
only a trifle of raggedness where the new hatchling's talons scrabbled to
free herself. A citrine-tinted fragment tips off the hatchling's head as she
shakes it nervously, her lovely green hide shining with egg fluid and the
occasional splinter of shell.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
As exquisite as an exotic hothouse bloom from a Southern Boll rainforest, this
fledgling, but no smouldering jungle shade; instead, a pale pastel hue
shimmers throughout her so-soft hide, interrupted only by the erratic, high-
strung glimmer of whirling eyes. Her inbred, fine-boned conformation is
near to perfect in its delicacy; that fragile-seeming frame is carried with
mincing, deliberate steps. Likewise, dainty wings unfurl as do petals from
a bud to seek balance, and her sinuous tail swishes nervously in a reflection
of her thoughts.

Holly tugs on her robe, which is cinched a little tightly to her skinny frame
simply to keep it from engulfing her. When her hands finally let go, they
fall, aimlessly, to her sides as her head tilts to one side, still regarding
the dragonet.

Kamaran grins at a SmithCrafter who happened to already occupy the position
that he shuffled into. With a shrug of apology he steps back to his
original spot.

Tomas looks around, eyes coming away from the blue, as he realizes that all
those eggs are soon goign to hatch. He notices the other candidates too,
sort of, and goes back to his rapt contemplation of the eggs.

Amery steps slowly from foot to foot, her motion a graceful weaving… sort of
dancelike. She sighs at the lovely blue.

Rykara remembers to breathe, yes, must breathe, can't get a lifemate if ya
don't breathe, so gotta breathe.

Quintan follows the hatchlings as they make their way towards the candidates,
cautious not to be overrun by any of them.

Rajak lets out a soft whistle at the sight of the green. He shifts his weight
nervious from side to sand, and because the sands are hot, even through

Tomas jumps again as another egg cracks…and stubles on the sand. He nods to
a Woodcraft candidate he bumped, with a muttered aplogy, still not able to
draw his attention from the eggs.

Quintan seems to be spellbound as he takes in all the fuzz around him.

Kamaran ooos at the blue hatchling as it escapes its shell. Whose could it
be. Mine??? He looks at the others for a moment and then back at the
dragonet, watching it carefully…

[Interruption by a crash. Hatching resumed in progress.]

Talisen gazes at the incredible hatchlings, her eyes as huge as can be, her
hands clenching nervously, her feet no longer shifting. She seems oblivious
to the heat now.

Shailin blinks as the egg she was watching breaks open cleanly. A soft sigh
is heard from her as the Green dragon emerges and shakes off the goo from
her shell. Her Weaver trained eyes light up with admiration at the coloring
that reminds her of the deep green jungles of the land of her birth. With
iron will, she refrains from taking a step towards the green and instead
watches her, breath held unconsciously.

Ranye's eyes widen as a dragonet hatches right in fromnt of her, not in
amazement, but Oh-Shards-She's-Right-In-Front-Of-Me. With a soft Eep! she
scoots behind the closest candidate.

Holly's gaze swoops among the eggs and drgaonets. Definitely dragonets. Like
two bright stains against a pure canvass. Most noticeable. Her eyes search..

Paix rubs his nose, holding his breath as a cloud of dust wafts across the
sands in his direction. Oh shells. No sneeze. Feet burn. Nose itches. Eyes
water. Death sounds good. Intense death. Quick death. Painless death. Blue
dragon. Green dragon. Blue-green dragon. Gangrene. Definitely gangrene.

Amery gasps at the Orchid-Green. Such a lovely young thing… Amery shifts
on the sands, the heat of the sands getting through to her feet.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Dragonet's lids flutter once, then again, as she opens
red-jeweled eyes to greet her surroundings—to /look/, for the first time.
Dainty wings wiggle at the tips, then spread, feeling the hot air.

Quintan watch the hatching dragonets with caution and admiration.

Showy Iris-Blue Dragonet stands, shaking his wings out. Somewhere, there is
the One. He looks about for a momentbeore starting forward with an
extravagant ruffling of wings.

Rykara tries to watch everything at once, a green, a blue….candidates,
dragon hatchlings…..ooooooh, beautiful.

The tall harper lads stop at the sight of the blue dragonet and spin away from
each other, dropping in unison down to the closer to the burning sands as
they gaze at the hatchling.

Rajak watches the two dragon in awe, "They are very beautiful." He murmers to
the candidates next to him.

Jedano licks his lips, flips his head to clear sweaty hair from his eyes, and
stands quietly with fists clenched at his sides. Blue. Green. Green. Blue.
He looks up at the ledges then down, determination settling onto his face.

Kamaran laughs and then slaps his hand over his mouth. He practically beams
at Jedano, "Thanks, mate. I really needed to hear that." He chuckles and
returns to hopping from one foot to the next.

Talisen gazes at the hatchlings, trying to watch both at once, wondering at
their beauty and difference from each other.

Holly purposefully stands in her precise spot. The spot where she can see
everything. And everything is important when looking for /some/thing.

Showy Iris-Blue Dragonet lifts his fine head, eyes whirling, as he seeks. A
quick step forward, a pause. His tail drags behind him as he starts towards
the whiterobes. Finally.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Dragonet's tiny paws flex, then, shaking off fragments
of crocus-shell. She glances about her uncertainly, exploring these newfound
senses; her muzzle lifts high to scent the air. Somewhere, out there, is
/her/ lifemate.

Kamaran smiles and nudges Jedano, "She is a beauty, neh?" He smiles at the
green and then transfers his gaze to the blue. Which? WHich?? They both…

Quintan's face reflects his strong emotions at this moment. The air in the
hatching grounds stiff with excitement.

Paix tries standing on one foot, in the hopes that'll make things better. With
hair tousled and substantial nose, he resembles a tipsy flamingo. A seriously
depressed, tipsy flamingo. With another aggrieved sniffle, he watches the
blue approach their circle. Probably end up goring them all, that's what'll
happen, and he'll end up with burnt feet AND mortal injuries. He can take
it. He's a Man.

Rykara blinks rapidly, the fine blue heading towards someone, who? She shifts
her feet back and forth, her whole body rocking with the motions of her feet.

Amery's gaze moves from the green to the blue. She turns a smile free of any
trace of her wariness to her fellow candidates. "Ach, they be a treat, an'
nae mistake."

Jedano nods at Kamaran's comment, scuffling a sandaled foot behind the other.
He doesn't audibly reply, though, through a mouth taut with…excitement.
That's it.

Talisen stands close to Shailin, nervous but unafraid, as she watches the
progress of the tiny beauties across the burning sands. She winces briefly
as she realizes how hot the sands must seem to them.

Other eggs rock, amongst them the silvered moonlight egg: slow, steady.

Tomas watches, amazed at the dragonets stumbling around. "Lovely beasts…
come to me. Please. One of you."

Shailin looks between the two hatchlings nearest her, with an eye on the other
eggs as well. Somewhere she hopes is a dragon wishing to spend the rest of
his or her life with her. Though the blue dragonet intrigues her, the focus
of her attention is definitely upon the beautiful Exquisite Orchid-Green
Dragonet. For a moment she turns and smiles to Talisen once more.

Quintan watches the silvered egg rock, this he has seen before…

Holly gets bumped by a short, rather pudgy young candidate. Her gaze looks
down upon him with a touch of anger for the distraction, but only for a
moment as she disregards him in her pursuit of examining everythign carefully.
The lad continues to stumble as he watches the eggs. Well, dragonets. How
abou;t both?

Tomas sees the Moonlit egg rock and holds his breath to watch yet another
dragon come out into the world

Amery's gaze turns to the moonbright egg, and her feet shift with the heat.

The Marbled egg seems to setttle deeper into the sands, undisturbed by the
flurry of activity as hatchling after hatchling stumbles from shell-shards.

Showy Iris-Blue Dragonet moves decisively towards a cluster of female
candidates. Someone is there… yes. He sense it! His steps stumble as he moves
forward quickly.

Quintan leaps to the side as a blue hatchling nearly hat overrunned him.
Regaining balance, he wander between the eggs, hatchlings and candidates with
his eyes.

Jedano scrubs his hands down his robe again, tightening the cloth nearly to
the breaking point with the effort. A flash of blue, and he swivels his
head to watch the stumbling dragonet move past to his right.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Dragonet suddenly gets up the nerve and /bolts/ from
her shards, tail lashing unsteadily behind her. A stumble here, and a
stumble there, but she's following her elder brother to the white-robes who

Talisen's expression becomes a little concerned as she watches the hatchlings
stumble. She crosses her fingers, hoping they find their lifemates before
they harm themselves.

Holly brushes another minor annoyance aside, this time a strand of her tangled
hair, though how it could get in her way when it /is/ so tangled is something
she doesn't want to consider right now. Those bright colored winged forms on
the sands are what she is considering.

Shailin starts a bit as the Showy Iris-Blue Dragonet stumbles towards the
cluster of girls about her, hoping, wishing, wondering about the outcome.
Who will be disappointed and who will spent the rest of their life upon the
glisteny blue wings?

Rykara gasps as the blue dragonet stumbles then regains his footing, her eyes
glimmering silver as she regards him.

Paix replaces his raised foot in the hollow it made before, and lifts the
other. For a long moment he teeters there, a comical figure in flapping
white robe. This doesn't change the intense aura of gloom that frightens
away any Candidate that might wander too close. Blue's going away. Oh well.
Green's there. Green's a good color, like a well-formed bruise. Green in the
middle, purple on the edges…

Kamaran shifts his gaze from dragonete to dragonette and then to the eggs,
always making sure to keep and eye on the dragonetes to make sure not to get
clawed or gored by one its quest to get to its lifemate. He smiles as the
blue heads for the female cluster, seems one will be chosen soon.

One longlimbed lad drops his hands to his sides, oblivious to the heat, and
stares slack-jawed at the emerging dragonets.

Tomas whispers to the dragonets, words of encouragement to come out.

Amery reaches out as though to steady the stumbling blue. Slowly, her hand
falls to her side and she watches the dragon's progress.

Tomas looks at the other candidates to see how they're doing.

Jedano swallows, watching eggs, dragonets, Candidates with narrowed eyes.
WhereWhichHe shakes his head as if to clear it and bites his lip,
standing firm.

Showy Iris-Blue Dragonet skids to a wing-splayed halt in front of a certain
skinny girl with red hair. He warbles demandingly at her.

Amery smiles encouragment to Tomas, then turns back to watch the dragons, hope
shining in her eyes.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Dragonet cocks her head again at a sudden motion,
suddenly definitive. A full-front stumble causes her to stumble and she minces
now towards one particular girl, this one with dark hair. Almost there,

Kamaran shift, cringe, . o O ( Dragonettes stumbling..Ewwwww.) He lifts a
foot and gazes at the blue as it seems to make a decision.

Tomas smiles to Amery.

Silvered Moonlight Egg rolls over on itself, giving way altogether under its
hatchling's impetus as the pale egg becomes unretrievably shards. The young
green next moves to free herself, whirling eyes taking a moment to adjust to
the newfound light.

Vibrant Fern-Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
Her movements feathery-gentle like ferns that grow deep in the old-growth
forest, this young green's glance is by contrast demanding with unabashed
interest. She's built more rounded than sleek, hued a lovely clear green that
gradually darkens from the vibrant tone of sundrenched foliage at her muzzle,
to the deeper notes of the underbrush along her tapered tail; the delicate
edges of her wings shade with lacy swirls of colors following the lines of
ichor that pulse in the translucency of wing membrane. Her bright gaze holds
an straightforward openness uncommon in one so young, as well as an
underlying drive that flavors all she does.

Rajak watches the dragonates, watching each of the move along the semi-circle
of candidates, trying to choise their lifemates.

Amery's gaze goes to the incredibly lovely green. She takes a half step
forward, to ease her feet no doubt…

Tomas warily watches where the dragonet's are lurching, and tries not to fall
down himself.

Holly stares at the dragon in front of her. The stain moved. And right in
front of her. Her pale face beams as her whole skinny frame seems to bend at
an alarming angle. She hugs the blue fiercely, then announces to anyone who
is bothering to listen, "Grailth!!"

Shailin sighs softly, eyes filling with tears as the blue chooses. She
quickly wipes away tears and then peers behind the blue to see where the green
could be?

Rykara winces at the stumbling dragonets, hoping they find their lifemates
soon. Oh please…..

Paix drops both feet on the ground. Useless. It's absolutely useless. He's
going to have to have both his legs amputated anyway after this, so why bother
pretending? Heavy brown eyes sweep the rest of the Candidates, and note
their various whispers and motions of encouragement. Oh. Hatchlings. His
gaze returns to the dragonets. Maybe he should say something to encourage
one to come to him? He clears his throat and addresses a nearby brown.
"You're lovely." That was good. Ahem. "Like, um, mud." Ouch.

Tomas jumps again at the dragon's rumbles he looks over at the beast.

Talisen oohs as the next green hatches, gasping at the beauty of her fern-
green hide.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Hatchling creels again, a sharper note, a demand.
Rainbowed, whirling eyes seek out green eyes flushed with tears. /Not/ him,
oh no.

Kamaran smiles in wonder at Holly and her new lifemate. Will he be next is
the only thought…. He looks at the newest green hatchling and smiles as
yet once again a beautiful green graces the Sands with her presence.

Quintan feels a bit lost, and wonders if he really shouldn't do something like
posing with meat, or other FL tricks. Watching these newly hatched, yet huge
beasts, he realizes that he's part of something big.

Rajak cheers Holly and green Grailth, congartulation them. He keeps his eyes
on the other dragonets moving about and the rocking eggs.

Jedano's gaze brightens. The first match! Some tension leaches from the
tight span of his shoulders, and his fingers smooth more gently down the
robe. He turns to the next eggs, past the greens and poor Paix.

Incised Bone Egg shudders, violently, eyes and mouth seeming to laugh.

Ranye looks over at the Impression, and furrows her brow. The dragonet seems
much calmer now…and Holly seems happy enough…she looks back at the eggs
and hatchlings. Nope, still scary! She ducks behoind Rajak.

Talisen jumps at the orchid-green's creel, hoping that she finds who she is
searching for. She clenches her fingers again and waits.

Amery smiles at Holly, a bit of her tensness returning. She then turns her
gaze back to the dragonette's still wandering the sands.

Tomas smiles at Holly, and waves a bit then is drawn back to watch the next
egg hatch, looking to it hopefully.

Rykara smiles brightly, watching the first impression, she whispers a congrats
and goes back to watching the hatching eggs and hatchlings. She searches
avidly for the one who might…maybee…..could be…

Quintan watches a green hatchling whirling to and fro in search of the chosen
candidate. He wants to help, but how? No, better stand still - follow

Shailin peers at the Exquisite Orchid-Green Dragonet as she turns to
congratulate Holly and Grailth. She continues to admire the sleek verdant
from of the dragonet and winces as she stumbles. Unconsciously, Shai lists
back and forth, picking up her sandaled feet from the heat of the sand.

Those shadow-blue eyes stop on the grinning egg, and Jedano quivers in
sympathy. Too much at once, from the daze creeping softly over his face's

Holly starts to do a slide-step, towards thataway. Away from these others. Too
crowded. Grailth follows along obediently, eyes whirlingwith triumph.

Vibrant Fern-Green Dragonet moves forward immediately from the growing pile of
shards, taking little time to adjust, and leaving her abandoned egg there

Another egg — this one sundappled — hatches, revealing a brown who stubles
from his shards and quickly Impresses to a Seacrafter boy.

Paix flounders miserably with foot, knee, thigh in mouth. "Really, um, THICK
mud," he assures the bewildered dragonet. "Healthy-like. Lots of nutrients.
Fertilized." Fine. Forget it. He'll just stand here and be a Man of Few
Words. Holly's Impressed. This is good — already one Impression and nobody's
been seriously mutilated by a hatchling as yet. Course, there are 32 eggs to
go … his eyes fix on the newborn green as he struggles to think of
something else to say. "Green." That was clever. "Rhymes with … Dean." Huh?

Rajak chuckles at Ranye, and points out the Incised bone egg to her. "It's not
that bad Ranye." He give he hand a reasuring squeeze.

Snowy Wastes Egg rocks once, then again, a wide crevasse breaking its surface.

Windblown Wishes Egg shivers lightly as well, dandelion fluff blurring against
the blue.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Shailin.

Jedano mutters out of the corner of his mouth to Ranye, eyes on the Seacrafter
boy, "Look, Osprey Impressed!"

Kamaran starts to not only lift his feet off of the ground but also starts to
sidestep back and forth, hoping that, maybe, just maybe he can find a cool
spot…Nope. Not there. How about here… Nope.. Shards, it's all the same
temp everywhere… He sighs and returns to watching the dragonettes
scattering amongst the Candidates in search of the One.

Talisen doesn't seem to know where to look, what to do.. then.. she glances at
Shailin, and a smile spreads over her face as the green nears her friend.

Incised Bone Egg crackles suddenly.

Quintan gets aware of the impressing fellow candies.

Teleri motions to Holly and Graith for them to join her off to the side, by
the tunnel.

Tomas shakes his head at Paix. And goes back to trying to figure out what
dragon will come out next

Incised Bone Egg caves in along the side away from the galleries, blue-runed
fragments exploding outward with wild abandon. First a pointed wingspar
becomes visible, then a series of talons to further chip away the ivory-stark
pale of the shell. A head emerges after, and then the rest of him; at last
he is free, awkardly gaining his feet amongst the skeletal remains of egg.

Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Dragonet emerges from his shell.
Untempered, he; this young dragon carries his rawboned, even gaunt, frame with
a certain sense of dramatics, buoyed by a wildly curious nature. Water rather
than fire for all the awkward gawkiness of those long limbs, he's hued a rich,
deep browny-bronze shade: dark in the crevices, highlighted with a tinge of
gold along his spine and the leading edges of his broad wings. His whirling
eyes demand attention, flaring with unsought heat as he seeks the subtleties
that at first appear to escape his own outlandish confidence.

Amery smiles as the green looks to Shailin.

Exquisite Orchid-Green Hatchling butts Shailin fully in the thighs, crooning
fit to burst, shrill and joyous.

The Marbe Egg still sits. Not the slightest of movement to betray the writhing
life within. Sand is kicked up against its shell as an awkward brown
stumbles by in search of a lifemate, but still no movement.

Tomas gapes at the bronze, wow.

Shailin's jaw drops as she stumbles to the green and throws her arms about her
lifemate. The tears begin to fall again as she looks up to the stands and
cries out the name, "Belisanth!!!" Then she looks back to happily gaze into
the eyes of her dragon.

Talisen moves a few steps away from Shailin to give her new lifemate room to
get to her, whispering joyful congratulations.

Rykara wavers side to side, the heat searing her all the way through, then
stops as the bronze hatchling emerges, she whispers softly, "Come on…" She
admires the strong lines of the bronze, noticing his lovely color…

Amery gasps at the bronze, "Nae tha's a guid lad…"

Kamaran grins at Shailin and smiles, "Congrats, Shai." He smiles once more
but then… The bronze hits the Sands, "Oh my…" He peers at the Bronze
and is awed by him…

Aware that a bronze has hatched, Quintan just takes the sight in.

Tomas smiles at Shailin.

Holly does indeed end up over by the tunnel. Did she somehow know she was
moving there? Maybe. But anyway, she's there, Grailth's there, everything

Jedano sucks in his breath as the bone egg shatters under his gaze. At the
sight of bronze, his fingers curl up into fists again….Shailin? Torn, he
sends warm eyes to the new weyrling.

Amery smiles at Shailin and Belisanth, "Guid f'r ye, Shailin!"

Vibrant Fern-Green Dragonet unfurls her wings more fully, not at all perturbed
that her larger brother is taking the limelight. She scans the sands with
all her senses, seeking that one true lifemate.

Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Dragonet lifts his head, eyes demanding..something.
He kicks some of the remaining shards from his path, before starting forward.
Gold-tinged wigns lift, carefully, before he takes a step.

Tomas says, "Shialin…well done. I'm happy for you."

Quintan smiles as his neighbour candidate impresses.

Paix slouches as the bronze hatches, overcome by wonder. Or something — his
face, if anything, gets more Constipated Basset Hound-ish. Big bronze. He'll
probably come straight at me and gore me. Right through the gazongas. Well,
fine, he'll just stand here and wait for it. Shailin's Impressed. That's
two. Three. Four. "Bronze." Yes indeed. "Had a pot that was bronze, once." He
glooms. "Dropped it. Cracked in half. Crash." Thanks for sharing, Paix.

Ariana flashes A quick smile towards Shailin as she sees her Impress. Her eys
drift back to the rest of the exploding eggs.

The Snowy Wastes Egg splinters further as if taken by an avalanche, but still
the hatchling is not yet evident.

Quintan tries to be aware all movements around him, but his eyes are drawn
towards the bronze, again and again.

Rykara meets the eyes of the bronze, trying to match his fierce gaze. My, how
large….how lovely…who will it be?

Talisen watches Shai and Belisanth a little longer, then turns to watch the
rest of the hatchlings, wondering if one of them could possibly be for her.

Shailin wipes happy tears away as she and Belisanth make their way across the
sands to take their place beside Teleri.

Rajak peers at the bronze, in awe of the sight, taking a few second to quickly
congratulate Shailin and Belisanth. He squeezes Rayne hand more, trying to
reasure himself some now.

Arien watches the hatching calmly, hands folded against her green-black dress.
All well, for now.

Tomas watches. He sees the other egg bursts and keeps looing back and fothe
betweeen it and the bronze.

Ranye looks around as a torrent of eggs hatch. She feels surrounded, and her
eyes dart around her. Must stay calm. Stand dtraight…fix your hair, people
are watching. Yikes! That brionxze is HUGWE!

Tomas can hardly breathe, he's so excited, as he looks back and forth between

Teleri motionU:catches Shailin's eyes, and motions for her to move over next
to Holly.

Quintan straightens his back in Southern dignity and moves his chin forward.
He watches the hatching, and tries to give a bold impression - as if it
would help….

Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Dragonet flashes those wings again, takign his
first steps from the shards. He stubles, slightly, and quickly brings himself
upright. Careful now. He strides forward, seeking.

Jedano's lips purse, brows dipping. The bronze…a brown, too? He stays
standing still and steady on the burning sands, yet his legs tremble from
the heat. The strain. And he watches the bronze with sword-backed calm.

As always, the two harper boys move in unison, each draw across the sands to
impress almost at the same instant, one to a small blue, the other to a
sturdy green.

Kamaran hmms and seems to be indecided at the moment. Does he look at the
bronze? The green? How about the nonHatched eggs? Which? Which? Aha!
Got it. He shifts his head back and forth from the /all/. Pausing long
enough to look at them for a moment and then off ot the next.

Tomas realizes he's not breathing and takes a deep breath. Wow. What an
original thought. Wow. Dragons.

Talisen glances at the bronze, admiring, then turns her gaze again to the
fern-green, wondering who that tiny beauty will be choosing..

Vibrant Fern-Green Dragonet's muzzle shifts, searching; she carries her own
flourishing brilliance, crossing the bronze's path as she approaches the

Snowy Wastes Egg shudders as deep cracks widen through its length and breadth.
A bony, shadowy-dark wingtip is spotted at first, then withdraws in favor of
a claw that levers the shell apart. Quietly, suddenly, large pieces of shard
flake away to reveal a new-hatched dragon.

Sungilded Pinecone-Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
This compact hatchling regards the scene with what passes for playful poise in
a dragon so young, his angular head cocked to one side as if gathering his
thoughts about him. A soft shade of warmest brown flows over his muscular
form, branching and rebranching with variegated woodgrain streaks; it gains
highlights of golden yellow along his bony wingstruts and the length of
spine, and just dusting the tops of his eyeridges, as if sun were dappling a
pinecone nestled on a quiet forest floor. His movements are immediate,
responding to the instinct that guides him, and oddly practical in their
trimming of extraneous factors.

Amery's hands unconsciously wipe the sides of her robe. Unfortunately, she
mended this robe herself, and did not tie off all the stitching. One tear
slowly begins to come unstitched as her fingers pass over it. Her eyes shift
from dratgonette to dragonette as her feet shift over the sands.

Quintan's arms lay across his chest as he watches a bronze hatchling moving

Rykara smiles enviously at Shai, then goes back to hatchling watching. SHe
gasps as the bronze emerges and smiles softly, maybe me?

Tomas releases an exploseive breath when the egg finally hatches. He sucks in
another one and just can't figure out where to look

Quintan gets almost distracted by a brown hatchling bursts himself out in the

Rajak admires the dragons, and watches the eggs rock. He keeps his wits about,
and tries to get Ranye to come from behind him.

Streaked Marble Egg seems to writhe with color, the seething life seeking to
escape from inside, and finally it rocks. Just once.

Paix watches the bronze with half-hearted interest. It's going to trip. "Gonna
break something." This cheers him up tremendously. It's visible, even.
"Probably a leg. Better watch it." The brown hatchling attracts his attention,
and once more his thoughts fly to fertilizer. Though, actually, real /quality/
fertilizer looks more like — his eyes fly back to the bronze. Maybe he
should talk some more? The others are talking. What could he say?

Talisen twists the loose end of her rope belt around one wrist, not even
realizing she is doing it, and her nervous shifting begins again, just a
little, as she watches eggs hatch everywhere now.

Kamaran grins broadly, "Oooooo, goody. A brown. I like brown." He smiles
once more shifting a little so that he can get a better look at him. Seems
he has made his decision of which one to look at now.

Vibrant Fern-Green Dragonet stumbles here, staggers there, but with growing
grace as her hide begins to dry; she looks over a young candidate that's
playing with the white garment she has on, and her head tilts consideringly.
Is this the one?

Tomas still can't figure where to look, and he's still visibly having to re-
mind himself to breathe.

A smallish, almost pure white, except for that little smudge on one side, egg
crackles slowly, yet determinedly, until a small, listing green emerges. She
shakes her head, trying to orient herself. Her large whirling eyes lid and
unlid themselves rapidly, until they spot something. A flapping robe. THAT
robe. And THAT person. She croons happily, careening her way over there. The
lad in question looks amazedly at her, before screeching out a name.

Quintan looks at the streaked egg……amazing…..just amazing.

Jedano glances sidelong when he overhears Kamaran, and a smile crooks one side
of his mouth. "Aye, Kam. Brown." But the blaze of greeny-gold….of fern-

Rykara fiddles with her robe, twisting it in her fingers, eyes glued to the
hatchlings, especially that brown…hmmmm……lovely.

Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Dragonet tosses his head, again. His eyes whirl
wildly and he starts to move. Those males over there. Someone. No pauses,
now, just a headlong rush.

Amery looks at the lovely fern dragonet, her hands nervously clasping now in
front of her.

Sungilded Pinecone Dragonet shifts, his highlights catching the dim glow of
the cavern. He claws his way forward across the sands, pausing only to kick
his shards out of the way.

Tomas watches the dragonets moving around and stops breathing again. .

Talisen takes a few deep breaths, stops shifting, but continues to play with
the cord belt, winding it and unwinding it around her brown wrist, trying to
watch everything at once. Fern-green, woody brown, golden bronze..

Vibrant Fern-Green Dragonet, pleased that this so-interesting person is
looking at herat her! where she should be!sticks a soft velvety-green
muzzle (still rather sticky with egg goo, and laden with shardlets) in the
dark-haired girl's hand.

Quintan is intently aware all the activities around him - almost like paddling
down the streams on timberlogs…concentrantion on many events similarly…
whew! what an experience…

Jedano blinks, foot nudging a half-step back in reaction to the bronze's
sudden lunge. His eyes flick around the near Candidates, to see where that
wild one's going…?

Kamaran watches the Perilous Brounze charge nervously, just knowing that he is
going to fall over or bowl someone over. Almost out of habit he flashes a
look at Paix, chuckles and then returns his gaze to the others.

Rajak watches the bronze do his headlong rush, hoping he doesn't axcidently
fall or anything, "Slow down fellow..you might hurt yourself."

Tomas wants to step forward toward a dragon, but just can't seem to make his
feet move.

Quintan eyes the streaked egg again……my, what colors! what appearance!

Belisanth warbles softly to her lifemate as they stand next to Teleri. Her
eyes swirl with the blues and greens of happiness, tinged with hunger though.

Sungilded Pinecone Dragonet stumbles against the bronze's path, bouncing off;
undaunted, he continues along the semi-circle. Not /quite/ there…

Paix notes that the bronze is headed straight for some helpless person on the
other side of the circle and loses interest, though perhaps watching some-
body be gored might not be the worst way to spend the rest of this Hatching.
This miserable Hatching, from which he'll go away minus at least two legs.
His sorrowful brown eyes return to the brown, and he sighs. "Guess you don't
want to hear about mulching?" His voice isn't particularly hopeful. "How
about molding bread?"

Talisen decides to concentrate on the hatchlings around her, near her, playing
with the cord and breathing deeply to try to keep her nervousness away.

Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Dragonet charges straight up to a few tall fellows,
his eyes whirling in heated urgency. Where are you. I know you are there.
That tail lashes his quickness, those wings quiver in anticipation.

Ranye looks remarkably nervous about being across the circle from Paix.

Amery watches the ferngreen hopfully.

Streaked Marble Egg stirs again, now rocking this way, now rocking that way.
Teetering somewhat, like a statue poised on the edge of tumbling to its de-

Sungilded Pinecone Dragonet finds a tall fellow of his /own/. So there. A
nice, tall fellow with a long muzzle just like him. Thin, yes. And his
mind—ah, yes, that's the one.

Kamaran winces at the collision between the brown and the bronze. A sigh of
relief escapes him as they both seem to be unharmed and off to the races
once more.

Tomas almost falls at the presence of the dragon so near him. He totters but
catches himself.

Rykara quickly dodges a hatchling trying to get at someone behind her. Don't
want to get in the way of that, nope…could be painful.

Quintan watches as a bronze approaches his group of candidates….he looks
around….uncertain and makes the other candies aware of him.

Jedano hasn't moved beyond that instinctive recoil. Black hair drifts over
wide eyes. Standing still like this is /hard/….with dragons so near!

Vibrant Fern-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Amery.

Arien's eyes widen. Now /that's/ an intriguing pair…

Amery looks down into the eyes of her new lifemate. "Ach, Lyrioth!

Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Dragonet stares demandingly up at a fellow with
eyes as cool as his own are hot. He warbles, firmly, demanding a look from
those blue eyes.

Talisen sees the fern-green Impress, smiling as Amery Impresses Lyrioth.

Rykara grins broadly at Amery, "Congrats!"

Amery ignores the tears streaming from her eyes as she bends to put her arms
about her new lifemate's neck

Arien's glance flicks to the brown, and then the bronze, assessing.

Paix stares mournfully down at the brown at his feet, which is staring back at
him staring down at it. Which is staring up at him. "You've got the wrong
one, Stickth," he says sadly. "You should go find somebody who's probably
not allergic to dragons …." he blinks. Incredulously. For a brief moment,
something other than gloom registers on his long features. "Stickth?"

Rajak moves a few steps, moving Ranye with him, as that bronze gets closer. He
keeps his eyes on it, and the other dragons, for the brown is close by too.
He cheers Amery and Lyrioth, congratulating them.

Jedano jumps, hearing Amery's nearby exclamation. She—"Oh, Amery…." The
bronze…what bronze….oh.

Ariana watches, intently, eyes agleam.

Amery smiles with no hint of her usual wariness at her fellow candidates
before leading Lyrioth from the sands.

Tomas hears Amer'ys voice and swivels to wave at her.

Rykara smiles as tears gather in her eyes. Lovely, so glad Amery impressed.

Sungilded Pinecone Dragonet shoves delightedly P'ix in the belly. Of course
it's me. You got it.

Quintan can't seem to forget the streaked egg with its many colors…

Kamaran gaze turns ot Amery, where it lingers for a moment, "Congrats Amery."
He returns his glance to the dragonettes still out there, hoping that his
will happen soon.

K'lora smiles, eyes dancing as the greens impress.

Windblown Wishes Egg erupts suddenly in a flurry of white-and-blue shards, as
if the dandelions were suddenly caught in a windstorm: bits and pieces stick
to the egg-wet hatchling, creating an odd mosaic on his elegant hide. He
teeters awkwardly on his newfound feet, true, but finding a lifemate is far
more important than pride.

Shimmering Tulip-Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
This elegant blue contemplates everything about him with quizzical curiousity,
his classically sculpted head first tilting one direction, then another, for
a better sense of his surroundings; colored the clear, soft shade of a
tulip, he moves with that same suppleness. The clean lines of his well-
proportioned frame are enhanced by two long swashes of watercolor, running
to either side of his body from sleek curve of neck through lissome tail:
the variegated sheen ranges from the palest, almost translucent shale to a
soft, matte cornflower. Across his strong, translucent wingsails, the merest
shifting of light causes startling effects; one moment a dusky periwinkle
will shimmer, the next a darkly glittering indigo.

Tomas grins to Paix, P'ix now, and goes back to looking around at all the

Ranye gets dragged along with Rajak, her green eyes widening to impossible
dimensions as she gets closer to the huge hatchling.

P'ix crouches down to the dragon, dazed and bewildered. "Stickth? Stickth?
I've Impressed? To you?" Miracle of miracles. A fleeting thought — he can
still feel his legs. And his gazongas are still intact. Unless something
happens on the way out… "Stickth? What kind of name is Stickth?"

Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Jedano.

The veriest tendril of a mind-touch seeks yours, gaining in presence as it
explores you intimately, persuasively through all the recesses of heart, mind
and soul. Oddly, it doesn't seem foreign, but strangely, somehow right …
then his mental voice heightens in timbre, pitched a velvety-dark saxophone
as the bronze claims you for his lifemate: » You are mine! At last! « And
then you two are one.

My name is Zhanth! «

Jedano trains his eyes on the bronze again. After a look up at the ledges….

Talisen gasps as the Dandilion egg hatches, sighing at the beauty of the blue,
and fixing her eyes on him.

Arien glances up to the ledges herself, grinning, at Katrineth's exultant

Quintan casts a sideglance at the former wanderer, Amery….his eyes and mouth
forming a grin of approving and participation, then he sees Jed's impressing
a bronze and the grin gets wider. He relaxes suddenly, taking in all of the

Rykara stops breathing for a moment, watching the blue hatch, then breathes
again…must remember to breathe.

Kamaran catches the last of P'ix's comment and chuckles, "Always the
pessimist…" But that thought is only fleeting as he spots the next
dragonette to come out of it's egg. Blue… Blue is a nice color too.

K'lora's face breaks into a grin and she laughs, watching lifemates bejoined
as her eyes scan the robes for a certain candidate.

Melted Marshmallow Egg quivers, opalescent colors striking off of it's slick

Tomas watches the candidates, now weyrlings lead their lifemates off and
smiles. He turns back to the eggs, still hoping.

Rajak cheers on Jedano and the bronze.

Shailin smiles even wider as she welcomes Amery and Jedano into their ranks.

Shimmering Tulip-Blue Dragonet senses eyes on him and shifts accordingly,
putting just one foot out beyond his shards as if testing the waters.

Kamaran steps away from Jedano to give the bronze more room to operate, don't
want to get trampled by him, nopenope.

That short, pudgy lad that bumped into Holly earlier somehow finds himself
staring into the whirling eyes of an intent blue. Wow. He is finally
motionless. No moevement, whatsoever, unti lTeleri's voice finally penetrates
his consciousness. Oh, yeah, get over there.

Amery smiles from Shailin to J'dano.

Rykara grins at Jedano and the bronze, nodding to herself, hoping hard.

J'dano reaches out a trembling hand to the bronze, and then raises his
brimming eyes to the riders and Candidates, tenor breaking. "His name is

Streaked Marble Egg is definitely showing life now and hairline thin-cracks
work their way from one end to the other, seeming to follow the gentle
striations in the shell.

Talisen continues wrapping the cord around her wrist, barely noticing as she
starts to cut off the circulation. Her eyes are glued to the blue, moving
from him only to congratulate Jedano and Zhanth.

Melted Marshmallow Egg starts to striate with cracks, as it tumbles end-over-
end on the carefully built mound

Rajak watches the blue, and other hatchlings, cheering quite loudly as his
friends impress.

Tomas smiles to Jedano and keeps looking around at the eggs, and dragons.

Shimmering Tulip-Blue Dragonet traces his way slowly, surely across the sand,
drawn by those eyes, those silvery-blue eyes.

I sense that Branwenth croooons congratulations. «

P'ix and Stickth stand, drifting towards Teleri. The newly-made brownrider
scolds the contented and oblivious dragonet as they go. "Stickth, indeed.
Couldn't you come up with a more dramatic name? Like, I dunno, Death. Or
Chaoth. Or Painth. Something ear-catching." The small brown rumbles
cheerfully, unimpressed by his lifemate's piffle. Lovely, splendid P'ix. The
epitome of noble manhood personified. Glorious, beautiful, romantic P'ix.

Kamaran hmms and starts to think for a moment, not a good idea if you are
Kamaran, He looks over at J'dano and Zhanth, smiling his congrats and then
the looks are back to the eggs and the unmatched dragonettes.

Quintan smiles happily at this wonderful event, as a candie next to him can't
seem to believe he actually has impressed a brown, Quintan gives him a push.
"Look at him, you're mates!"

Ranye looks over Rajak's shoulder to J'dano. Hmm. He Impressed? Funny…the
bronze doesn't look nearly so frightening now…a pattern?

Rykara sighs happily at the new pairs, her glimmering gaze sweeping over the
not-yet-mated hatchlings…

Lyrioth's eyes whirl quietly contented as she gases up at her lifemate. The
only problem seems to be this amasingly insistant pain in her middle?

Streaked Marble Egg veins with chalky cracks throughout its surface,
fragmenting the threads of blue, pink and gold that marble the egg. The
waiting is over. Capillaries widen to arteries, and then suddenly give way
altogether; a hatchling slowly extricates herself, the living green of her
hide a warm contrast to her milky shards.

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
In the infertile soil of the high desert land, swept by the strong winds,
sagebrush is one of the few to flourish. That heathery, deep silver-green
shade softens the strong, willful lines of this fledgling from high-held
muzzle down to brown-taloned paws; as she moves, each foot is firmly planted
in an attempt to compensate for hatchling awkwardness. She's compactly
built, more solid than slender, but with sleek lines; long tendrils of
darker green feather lightly up her flanks in highlight, extending to the
reach of powerfully-built wings.

Talisen keeps gazing at the shimmery blue, her eyes locked, as she absently
unwinds the cord from her near white wrist and rubs her hand to bring the
blood back into it.

A small commotion ensues where a brown and a blue tumble against each other as
they decide their lifemates are. ..THERE. Which is in the opposite direction,
and thus means crosses paths. With wings flapping, they manage to extricate
themselves and land triumphantly at the feet of their adoring lifemates.

Tomas grins at Quintan.

Kamaran shakes his head in amusement at the lad Quintan pushed, "Let the lad
think for a moment, Quin…" Ooops, bad comment, in run the thoughts of his
own, maybe…What if…. He looks over at the Shimmering Tulip dragonette
and grins sheepishly, Maybe???

Rykara breathes deeply and concentrates on staying calm…calm…must stay

J'dano quickly unfreezes and helps Zhanth, creeling now that his quest has
ended, towards the other weyrlings.

Melted Marshmallow Egg shudders again. Chip. Chip. Chip. Claws can be heard
scrabbling from within, and through a bit of membrane, movement can be seen.

Quintan returns Tomas' grin. For a moment he thinks that a brown is fixing in
on him, but gets out of the way last minute before he gets tramped down.

Tomas watches the blue as well, eyes going from it to the green as well.

Rajak peers at the blue and the green dragonets, smiling happily. "Aren't they
wonderful Ranye? Such fine dragonets."

Rykara hears the chipping of the shell by the others and fixes her gaze on it,
maybe this one?

K'lora moves among the new pairs, weaving her way towards Teleri as she
comforts and soothes the weyrlings.

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet pauses, lifting soft muzzle upwards and then
lashes her tail back and forth, surprised at this new freedom and enjoying
it immensely.

Tomas looks about, holding his breath again at the sight of the dragonets.

Talisen watches the blue, waiting to see what he will do next, to see who he

Melted Marshmallow Egg quivers one last time against the dark sands that
contain it, its opalescence remaining comparatively intact while the matte end
gives way in a fall of powdery white shardlets. No hatchling is visible yet,
however—until suddenly the little egg rips thoroughly in two, and the
horridly cramped hatchling str-r-retches his wings for the first time. Ahh.
/Much/ better.

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
Nothing, not even his hatchling clumsiness, seems to stop the enthusiastic
progress of this long-limbed brown for long. His powerful barrel-chest
shimmers with smooth-changing colors like his dam's, but this time in marigold
hues: varying from rich coppery-brown to a more golden, brighter tone, they
darken and condense to a more uniform shade along the rest of his muscular
frame. Broad, yellow-dappled wingsails quiver with his excitement, mirrored
in the restless swishing of his tail; his gaze is intent as he searches his
surroundings. His relentlessness is lightened, however, with an overarching
joy that infuses every rippling of muscle or turn of the head.

Shimmering Tulip-Blue Dragon draws closer, closer, not looking away though his
gaze turns faintly quizzical in wonderment. Surely she must have a good
reason for hurting her hand like that. His wingtips drag furrows in the
sands, but his tail is held in an elegant curve, and the ruby of his eyes
grows evermore tinted with sapphire.

J'dano stands next to Sh'lin, reaction beginning to set in. The hand on
Zhanth's upturned head skitters; the bronze nudges, insistent. Food.

Rykara flicks her silvery gaze back and forth, watching this hatchling then
that one, breathe deeply, a blue, the green, and oh my….a new brown!

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet thumps from her now useless shell, her tail
knocking shards of it flying as she talons digging deep into the sand.
Pausing again, she lifts up her head and shakes out those wingthings that seem
so attached.

Tomas watches the shimmering Blue, and then sees the brown appear. He ahhs,
and now can't figure where to watch again.

Quintan smiles as yet another dragonet escapes from its shells.

A sudden scream is heard, high-pitched in the extreme, as a blue stumbles,
talons extending to catch himself and unfortunately catching the young girl
who was in the way. A atll lad behind her starts to scold the dragonet and
pauses midword, transfixed by those whirling eyes.

Talisen rubs her wrist a little, gazing at the blue, wincing as his wingtips
drag. She takes a step forward as if to help him, then changes her mind and
moves back..

Kamaran forces the nastynasty thoughts down, out of the forground, but out of
mind? Nae, just not one of the big things on his mind right now. He returns
his attention to the Sands. A brown! A brown! He jumps internally and
then settles that down too.

Shimmering Tulip-Blue Dragonet moves forward again, counterpoint, as his
choice steps back, although the lines of his body bespeak confusion. Why
does she go away?

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet extends his wings out beside him, sails
quivering. He stands amid the shards, collecting himself.

Rykara cringes as the young girl gets gored and almost takes a step back. No,
that won't do, lifemates can't find you if you aren't where they can see
you..can they?

Amery winces at the scream. She turns, but is transfixed anew by Ly's calm

Talisen stops rubbing her wrist and stares at the blue.. could it be..

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet squeals angrily as she stumbles, but catches
herself just as her nose tips the ground, and she heads directly for two
white-robed things, one hiding behind the other.

It is.
Shimmering Tulip-Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Talisen.

Tomas registers the scream, sort of…he's a bit impervious…if it isn't a
dragon, at this point, he doesn't see it.

Sh'lin winces at the poor girl.

Quintan watches the impressions with shining eyes…

Kamaran winces in sickness at the goring, he turns his head to the side, not
a good to look at when you are doubting… Nopenope. Back to the brown what
is he up to. A smile, ahh, moving that is good.

Talisen is suddenly on her knees on the burning sands, cradling the tiny
tulip-blue head close to her body while staring into the whirling jeweled
eyes. Tears stream down her beaming face, making long streaks in the sandy
dust that covers it. "Alsath…?" she says, her almost reverent whisper
audible only because it echoes in the huge cavern. She doesn't manage to
get out any other words; just that single, perfect name…

The healer bustles quickly over to help the girl under Arien's watchful eye,
getting the new weyrling to help get his blue out of there so the healer can
do his job right.

Rykara smiles at the brown, watching his wingtips drag, very long wings, those

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet starts from his shards with a single-
minded determination. His eyes whirl as he readjust his course — slightly
— to seek The One.

Rajak peers to see if the girl is ok, and heaves with a sigh, glad the girl is
alright. He watches the brown finally break his shell, while encouraging the
green the best he can.

Crying and huddled on the sand, the girl watches the rest of the hatchlings
with fearful eyes. She starts to scoot away as fast as she can to get away
as a green comes to investigate and decides she likes her. The girl stops in
the middle of the furrow she has caused, and a lightning smile lights her

Kamaran grins at Talisen, "Congrats, Talsi." ;) Another friend Impressed.
He smiles at the thought of his friends getting 'mates.

Sh'lin smiles. "Yes! Talisen!"

Amery smiles, "Guid f'r ye, Talisen!"

Tomas grins big at Talisen, "Knew you would."

Quintan smiles at Talisen, nods at Kamaran, and lets his brown eyes search the
grounds as the fuzz starts to calm down….

Rykara encourages the brown with fervent whispering, "Come on now, lad…find

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet flutters her wings abit, just enough to make
sure they are still attached and as gorgeous as she thought they were, and
then stomps away from the noisy white one. She carefully works herway behind
some forgotten eggs, emerging again near a solitary candidate.

P'ix points across the sands at the gored girl, triumphant. See? Somebody got
gored. Wasn't him, though, which was strange. He could have sworn it would
be him — but just look. Wasn't he right? Isn't he always right? By his side,
Stickth moons lovingly at him, uncaring. Honestly. Dragons.

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet moves with an inner drive. Wings quiver,
his tail-tip liften from the Sands. His hide shifts copper-brown-copper as
he moves forwardsm miscles quivering exquisitely as he walks.

Kamaran looks down at his bare feet and thinks for a moment. Feet don't hurt
that much…Could be bad. He lifts one of them and looks at the foot. Nope
still there. That decided he looks around once more, but this time over to
the green, she seems to be in search of someone.. Matter of fact seems to be
next to someone…. He grins.

Tomas stops breathing again as he sees the brown moving around.

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet turns her head, suddenly attracted by two of
those intriguing white ones, and tumbles her way towards a pair in white.

Rykara shivers as the brown steps firmly across the sands, she shifts her feet

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet pauses to look at a couple of the
whiterobe. A soft creel, and no, that isn't /it/. Not that one. Nor that. He
eyes a candidate consideringly, then dismisses it.

Kamaran returns his gaze to the exquizite brown, such muscles, such
motivation. A handsome little guy if I ever did see one….

K'lora moves quickly and quietly among the weyrlings, smiling with
congradulations for the newly impressed, and trying to ensure no-one else
comes to harm. She pauses by Sh'lin, eyes bright, and then moves on.

Talisen carefully stands, moving shakily with her new lifemate to join her new
fellow weyrlings near Teleri, taking a place near Sh'lin and Belisanth, then
kneeling again to stroke Alsath's soft hide and gaze at him.

A young bronze bellows his delight, the sound muffled by his newfound
lifemate's tunic as the young lad bends over him, crying unashamed with joy.

J'dano grins, moving over for Talsi. Zhanth grumbles. Food. Now.

Tomas watches the marigold brown, breathing again now. What an incredible

Quintan lets his eyes wander, in case a dragonet is looking for /him/, to meet
/his/ eyes,.

Holly takes a moment to look away (probably for the first time) from Grailth
and grins a happy welcome to Talisen.

Rykara smiles at the choosy brown, "find the right one, lad.." She waits as
patiently as can be expected…not very…and fixes her glittering gaze.

Sh'lin kneels down by her dragon, arm still around her neck and murmuring
softly back and forth to her as she watches the rest of the eggs hatch.

Teleri smiles down at Talsi, beaming approvingly, "You two look perfect

Talisen tears her eyes from Alsath to beam back at Teleri, her joyful tears
beginning to dry now.

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet stops for a moment. Watching her larger
brother occupied with a similar quest, and she creels unhappily. Knowing
her lifemate is here /somewhere/, she gets her hide going again with a lash
of her tail, and ends up near one of the white ones that just can't seem to
keep it's talon-things on the sand.

Rajak watches, congratulating the boy, a few feet away from him, as he
impresses. He keeps watch on the dragonets and the eggs. He shifts his feet,
boy are these sands hot.

Amery smiles at Teleri joins the group near Teleri, "Welcome, lass."

Kamaran frowns a little at the brown's creel, "You'll find 'em…Just keep
looking…" He looks around himself quickly checking for any dragonets in
the area, and then back to the brown, then to the green. Maybe?? Maybe one
of them will choose him. tHat would be nice…

Quintan throws a glance at the newly become riders. His smile broadens and his
eyes keeps searching.

J'dano catches Quintan's glance and smiles back, nodding encouragingly.

Rykara furrows her brow, waiting, what takes them so long…..they have to be
here somewhere.

Tomas watches the brown, still managing to breathe, but only just.

Three lads from Fort Hold, clenching hands, stare at the dragonets — but that
blue they're watching moves unerringly for the redhead in the middle.

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet pauses, eyes fixed on one in particular.
Driven. He starts to advance, his eyes gleaming.

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet circles the candidates with her brother,
pausing occassionally to peer hopefully into one face or another before let-
ting out with a loud squealy bellow.

Tomas hopes hard that he'll be chosen. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

Quintan's eyes wanders…..and wanders….

Kamaran up goes a foot again, that hurt… Hmm, must be losing some of that
adrenaline… I like that… He tries to think exciting thoughts and !poof!
the rush starts again…

Rykara follows the hatchling with wide eyes, who, who is it.

A blue stumbles here and there and everywhere as he searches for that perfect
mate. Creeling piteously, in the very last place he looks (of course!) is a
healer lad, regarding him with wide-wide eyes.

Amery watches the hatchlings move toward her friends hopefully.

Quintan tries to find out if any hatchling might be looking for him…

Arien shifts from foot to foot, booted feet crunching the sand. A tendril
escapes her plaits, curling, and she blows it away fro her nose with one puff
of breath. Watching.

Lyrioth butts her lifemate, and Amery's attention is immediately turned to her
new lifemate.

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet catches the movement of raised sandal and
turns. She stumbles over to the white one, wings oustretched for balance
and looks upwards hopefully.

Arien's glance flicks momentarily to the porcelain-looking egg, which hasn't
moved once.

Quintan shifts his feet, hot sand burning under his feet.

Kamaran watches the two dragonettes circle, his fists clinch as yet again the
doubts return… He looks over at the group of weyrlings and sees one person
in particular, yup that worked. His lips broaden and the doubts are gone.
He turns his attentions back to the dragonettes, first to the green and then
the brown…. Oh to have a life mate…

Tomas is too entranced by the dragons to notice hot feet,…..he'll pay later

Rykara keeps her eys on the brown, eyes narrow.

Ariana slants a forwning, worried glance at the still egg.

Rykara hops side to side, whispering to herself, the brown nearer, but who is
he looking for?

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet watches as the white one shifts his gaze away
from HER again and she creels mournfully. With one awkward movement, she
shoves her muzzle at it, butting him in the hip.

Quintan seems to be a bit lost, searching for an eventual mate, the hot sands
seems to have become quite a plague to him thorough the hatching.

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet stops solid in front of a particular
candidate, tilting his head to look. Why that funny look? He croons, softly.

Tomas looks over atthe creeling green.

A shaking egg suddenly explodes outwards, the shards heading in a deadly
fashion towards anyone close. Hmm. No one's close, not really. The wide-eyed
candidates are unmarred as the brown shoves his way forth. A young man, a
beanpole for the less polite, blinks at the assured brown, who stares back at

Arien meanders thoughtfully in the direction of the white, striated, but
unmoving egg.

Quintan looks around abruptly. Did anything touch him?

Kamaran pulls at the rope of his robe….Hmmm? he looks over just in time to
see the green and *splat* down he goes…."Umm… Hi…" He looks around
and then back at her…

Rykara stifles the urge to wipe away a drip of persperation and shifts again,
eyes locked tightly to the brown, oh please, let it be me….

J'dano expels a breath and lets his attention drift from !Zhanth! after

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet ignores her brother, happy with the one she
has found. Especially now that he is more her size.

An aloe-green dragonet seeks a rather shrimpy-looking fellow whose face is
flushed bright crimson. She bugles her delight, making sure /everyone/
realizes her choice.

Kamaran peers at the green and starts to back away a little from the green,
still not getting to his feet, but not wishing to be gored….

Willful Sagebrush-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Kamaran.

Tomas looks at the brown, wondering, who's he looking for?

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet nudges the fine-boned hand of his
chosen, softly. He looks up again, with a warble. He's not nervoud. /He/

Rykara breathes faster, it's coming in spurts now, breathing, not breathing.
…is this her lifemate…a wisp of a curl drapes over an eye, ignoring it
she wills herself still, but can't help shifting as the feet burn…

J'dano sighs. Kamaran! He nudges the nearest weyrling to point out his
friend out there.

K'lora's attention is caught as her friends tug at her robe and she looks over
in time to see Kamaran fall to the sands beside the green. She blinks,
emotions warring within, and then a smile breaks out. She looks over at Teleri
and shrugs. "Tis good."

Quintan smiles as he sees kamaran impress. He looks at a brown hatchling, but
is this his mate?

Sh'lin cheers. "Kamaran!!!"

Kamaran blinks as he looks into the greens eyes, his own lost in the tears,
"Sorileth…" He moves back to her and cuddles her green head…

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet lifts his head high, whuffling the curl.

Teleri nods, "The dragons always know, and now we've another green added to
our ranks."

Rykara blinks not daring to move…the brown…is it..maybe?

High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Rykara.

K'lora works her way over to stand beside Teleri. "Aye." and she gazes out
across the sands.

Kamaran smiles and snuggles and snuggles, "A green…Just like…" He grins
and goes back to hugging Sorileth's head.

Quintan nods as he sees most of the 33 eggs have hatched and hatchlings found
their mates.

J'dano's eyes jump from Kamaran to Rykara. He grins at Sh'lin beside him.
"It just gets better, doesn't it?" he murmurs to her.

Sh'lin cheers. "Rykara! Kara?"

Dorianth trumpets a loud welcome to all the new little ones, filling their

minds and hearts with affection. «

Arien palms the small, unmoving egg, as Katrineth watches from on high; the
shell is soft, yes, but .. "There's a soft spot," she tells Ariana.

Quintan sees an egg that has not cracked, he looks around to seek Ariana…

Ariana smiles faintly as she sees the brown Impress, but her eyes darken as
she looks over to the still white egg

Branwenth trumpets right back with Dorianth. «

Katrineth bugles an exultant welcome! «

Aluranth sends a warm waves of affection and welcome to allthe newly

hatched minds. «

Rykara falls to her knees, tears streaming from her eyes, she shouts, "His
name is Riallath!" She buries her face in his leathery neck, unbelievable
joy running through her.

Belisanth warbles happily. «

Firannoth rumbles, adding his greetings and mental assurances to the

Hatchlings. «

Kamaran slowly stands and joins the rest of the new weyrlings, grinning,
crying, everything all at the same time…

Tomas smiles to Rykara and looks down.

Moiraith roars her greetings, sending a flood of excited sapphire and gold

in rippling waves down their joined minds. «

Ariana sighs, sadly, and nods to Arien. "I suppose we should have expected it
to happen to one…."

Rajak cheers his friends, as they impress, watching as there slowly becomes
fewer and fewer eggs. He runs a hand through his hair, t

Nimineth peers around. Hmph. no more time for swimming. Too cold anyway,

*grumble* «

Arien taps at the egg again. No response. "Yes. .. But only one, the rest
look healthy."

Tomas looks around, wondering…

Quintan directs a questioning glance at Arien and Ariana, he throws his arms
up and points at the unhatched crackled egg..

As the last hatchlings find their mates, sadly, only the Crackled Porcelain
Egg remains, motionless. A closer look reveals a soft spot where the
hatchling obviously did not fully develop or the egg harden.

The last few hatchlings impress, each to each, representatives present from
all the Holds and Halls that Fort is sworn to protect.

Talisen pulls her gaze from Alsath again and turns a little to look sadly at
the small porcelain egg.

K'lora watches the lifeless egg and sighs before turning to help shephard out
the new lifemates.

Rajak sighs, at the unimpressed egg, then smiles. This is a happy time, a time
to rejoyce of the bondings that did happen.

Ariana casts an apologetic look at the remaining candidates. "You are all
welcome to stay on at Fort, if you wish; if not, we can return you to your
home. Just rest assured that there was no lacking on your part in not

Arien shakes her head in reluctant negation. Hands lift to the back of her
neck, spine stretching to accomodate, and she nods to Kh'rys; time to talk
with the remaining candidates and their families.

Quintan moves over to the Porcelain egg and looks sorrowful at it. He picks on
it with his finger once….

Kh'rys catches the nod, and moves towards the entrance, beckoning the
candidates remaining.

Rajak pats some of the unimpressed candidates on the back, cheering them some,
telling them of time to come.

Arien moves over to put her arm about Quintan for a moment, "It's …
Katrineth says it's dead, she can't feel its mind. I'm sorry."

Teleri looks over at K'lora, smiling as they're starting again with a new
mbucnh. "Okay, you motley lot, lets go get Those dragons of yours fed.."

Tomas nods.

Ariana sighs softly, walking towards the egg followed closely by Ashtoreth.

Talisen smiles at Teleri and stands, helping Alsath up too, even though she
doesn't need to. He's steadier than her.

Quintan nods at Ariana as he passes her on his way out after Kh'rys..

J'dano sighs, muttering back to Zhanthwhose demands for FOOD have yet to
while the two stagger after Teleri and K'lora. Anywhere. Let's go.

[Weyrlings go off to feed dragons, etc. Log ends.]

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