Z'mra's Reckless Margarita-Green Araganth
Crocheted Blankets Egg
Ratty, unravelling swathes of fuchsia and ochre drape from the egg's apex, impersonating a garish coverlet. Clashing colours continue, relentless, as chartreuse hugs the rumpled curves and mingles with putrescent pink. Streaks of greying cream provide a fleeting respite from the bedlam while gnawed gaps reveal flat black beneath the outlandish, unnatural hues knotted together to create a frenzied eyesore.

Crocheted Blankets Egg's threads begin to snap and fray, the frazzled ends slowly unwinding as chartreuse showers the ground, followed by broad flakes of fuchsia and ochre cast off by the frenzied unraveling. A ball of nervous energy is revealed, up and at 'em, as the dragonet within abandons her home. Exploration calls!

Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet
Salty margarita green gleams taut and smooth over every lean muscle and sinew of this slip of slender dragonet. Turquoise shadows eye ridges and head knobs, skimming the edges of sharpened spinal ridges to spill in a pale lime froth to the flattened arrow of her tail. Marbled along shoulder and legs, her hide fades to quartz's white along each spar of her thickly veined wings, crystal echoed in talon's points. A slash of dark hazelnut across that narrow muzzle lends her otherwise refined presence a compelling, feral beauty.

Public Impression Message: Reckless Margarita-Green Dragonet's tail lashes out, circling to entrap Zamara's ankles, not to trip, but to treasure. Her mind is made up: Zamara is just the one to share in her adventures.

Private Impression Message Stirring crescendos slowly arise, at first a lone bassoon, then more instruments join in the tune, an orchestration of passionate longing and tender discovery. The tang of wisteria flashes with deepening purple as this song is birthed: your song, the new score for the adventure of your life. «We will fly high and far together. I am Araganth!»

Name and Theme
Araganth (Air-rah-ganth) This year our eggs were based upon objects you might find in a Junkyard, and your Araganth's egg was based upon a discarded crocheted woolly blanket. Our dragons are based upon music styles and we chose Movie Themes for your partner. Which means she can go from the stirring emotion of a classical score and the heart-pounding rhythms of action-adventure, to the ballads of romance and the rock stylings of fun and freedom.
Araganth's name comes from the Irish word meargánta meaning reckless. The name also is a reflection on Margarita her hatchling name ­ representing her bubbly and infectious nature with a slight tang to her. Araganth echoes other explorers: the Argonauts, who at the time were thought to be pretty reckless. There was little chance they would return, yet many heroes signed up with Jason on his boat the Argo in search of glamorous yet possibly perilous adventure. See:

That will be your Araganth, off in search of adventure and fun, disregarding potential danger, at least to herself. Quite happy to go in search of some golden fleece with you at the drop of a hat (or a hide, or a lesson, or a chore), she will not be the moderating voice in your relationship. Hers will be the voice of chaos and adventure; when clutchmates make suggestions of impossible tasks, Araganth is there to make them possible and probable. Even the daily tasks of your life will take on the sheen of Grand Ventures, when Araganth is in this mode. Off to the lake for a bath? «What are we waiting for?» Flying to the other side of the bowl? «Let's take a shortcut through Southern Boll!»

Personality —
Araganth will be the veritable explorer and little content to sit still. She will want to go just that bit farther, wanting to see just around that corner. This will be mirrored in her desire to be fit and honed, ready for the next adventure or any bit of action, naughty or serious. She will be willing to drop everything to go out exploring with you, her lifepartner.

Irusenth and Sakurath are party girls with your Araganth. They'll be quite the motley gang, each urging the others to new heights. Even Jadziath will abandon strategy for wild abandon on occasion. Hey, a little friendly competition never did anyone any harm, right? And while Araganth is quick to join the fun when a clutch sibling suggests a plan, she isn't really made to be a constant follower. Count on Araganth to be a ringleader on a few of her own stunts, too. No matter who was the instigator, Araganth will usually be quick to 'blend in' with her cohorts, since then the blame for whatever mis-adventures ensues can't be pinned on her alone.

She will be a dragon always in training, honing herself. Everything from aerobatics to speed will be an excuse to ask more of herself. A bit farther, a bit faster. You will have to be her conscience in this, as she might put herself beyond her limits. You will need to learn to recognize when she's used up the last of her reserves, and it's time to stop. -She- will never admit she's spent, especially if she's in second place. Think of her as one of those racehorses who will kill themselves trying to win, because they don't have the heart to lose.

She will constantly compare herself with her wingmates, especially her fellow greens, looking to improve herself and get to the top of her class. For her, Spring Games and other flying events will be the Golden Fleece she seeks. Bring on the glory! However, with dragons outside of her wing, she will staunchly support her wing's honor. They are the best, hands down.

Life will be interesting in weyrlinghood. She'll always be willing to try new things, indulge in extra training (though the training might perhaps not be the type supported by the weyrlingmaster), sort of a combination of "Be Prepared" and "Ready to Party". Z'mra might want to keep a bag handy in case it's the sort of training regime where Araganth wants to go off and test their new moves on the arctic winds or above a southern cove.

Rules are not loose guidelines nor are they hard and fast laws. Araganth believes in rules, but just like the food she picks and chooses, she picks and chooses which rules to listen to. She is just sure that some rules don't apply to her. For example, she might want to go flying other places when proddy, not because she wants to escape… but why should she be limited because she's female? The boys get to go elsewhere, why shouldn't she?

Eating - She is always one to pick the choicest bits. One minute she'll be complaining that this bit has too much fat in it, or she wants the leaner cut. Then, when that desire is sated, she'll want the leg. Or the haunch. Or the breast. -Or- she wants what Jadziath is eating. Once out of weyrlinghood and catching her own meals she will pick over the beast, eating the choicest bits first. She might then try a bit of some less desirable part, and then abandon the rest. She wasn't really that hungry, anyway.

Mating Flights - She will fly high, not because she wants to escape but she wants to see where it can take her, who she can bring along for the ride. She is quick and slim and thin and will slide between dragons, grazing a wing tip here and there but most will be too slow to catch. Only those who can keep up with her will interest her, both in body and in mind. She will flirt, her mindvoice will be a soft sweet romantic theme song, she is choosing who is best suited for the romantic lifestyle. After flights she will be content to have this theme song play, being romantic, snuggling up and enjoying life but soon she will want to be on the go-go-go again and she will find a new partner, a new song, a new adventure and it will start all over againHer head can be turned and mind clouded by a pretty bronze and maybe her judgment gets a bit clouded and gets her in trouble. She's fine for trysts, and occasionally she'll have a long fling with a beau… But in the end she'll be a love-'em-and-leave-'em type. It would take a truly remarkable one to keep up with her. She's always on the lookout for the next adventure in life; new beaus, short trysts, those get in the way of her freedom.

Physicality — As she grows into an adult, she will be lithe and well formed, everything in its place, with no extra padding to give her the kind of curves Llydyth has. Araganth's hide molds over high-definition muscles, long and lean and full of crackling, barely tamed energy. When she's sitting still (which is hard to get her to do), she has a serpentine grace that belies the inherent strength of her small body. Used to puncutate points, her tail will crack through the air like a whip, and curl around objects or people she wants closer. Unlike Llydyth, her objects of treasure are not to keep, but to share. When she finds something wonderful, she naturally wants to let everyone know, and pass the joy around. Acquisitive, she is not. Araganth will be tiny, but big things come in small packages. She will be the smallest of her clutch siblings, and possibly of the whole Weyr. Where Llydyth and Iskandeth have the size and stamina to beat her in the long haul, Araganth is small enough to turn on a wingtip, and able to fit places most dragons could not (which is lucky because she is going to explore those places whether she fits or not).

Mindvoice —
Lots of strings play in the parchment-scented darkness of Araganth's mindvoice, with an occasional bassoon solo for emphasis. All that she does, every move she makes, she makes in unconscious, barely realized, spice-scented music. The underlying strings of rest and relaxation give way to the soaring, ginger-flavored horns of fun flying, the golden drums and trumpets beating nutmeg-infused melodies for wing drills, the thrilling, peppery strains of the chase during mating flights, the blazing white crescendoed orchestrations of her exquisite anger, and of course the plush purple wisteria that overlays the chimes of her special moments with you, Z'mra, her center and her passion.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Lyaseth
Egg: I'rao
Inspiration: Brandi, J'fen, T'ai, Zephre

Note: This Inspiration is only a suggestion, not a gospel. Dragons change and grow, and only you know how to play your lifemate. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch. And welcome, Z'mra and Araganth!

Posted 2004-Mar-6 by Zephre

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