Jill's Adventurous Weathered-Brown Arcath

From: Born-again Phoenix Egg
Purest polished ebony fades into a swirl of muted grey ash, an easy classical beauty found in the simplistic arch of the smudged colours. A lump within the ash shows hints of royal purple and glistening gold, the life born from fire's heat just begun. A single feather of purple edged in gold floats gently from the pointed top, disturbing the otherwise quiet dust of the now-cold cinders.

Hatching Message: Born-again Phoenix Egg flashes in the light, ashen shell flickering into life as is engulfed in the heated struggle for freedom, finally burning itself out, allowing the Adventurous Weathered-Brown Dragonet to rise from the ashes of his former home.

Hatchling Name: Adventurous Weathered-Brown Dragonet

Hatchling Description: The wind of adventures unknown races across his stocky frame, kicking up the sands that collect along his dirtied paws. The eddies and wisps skip along toned muscles, abrading this dragonet's tawny hide to sweep about rounded haunches and trail down the length of his whip-cord tail. Sails' sheer canopy blanches with a wrinkled khaki as spars darken to a tomb's weathered stone. Youthful countenance is bespeckled with a stubbled shadow along his strong jaw while a jagged line scars his leftmost eyeknob with the same ageless sorrel that charms the shambles of his tapering ridges.

Impression Message:
The sudden whiplike touch of another snaps into your mind, a deep throated chuckle announcing that this presence is here to stay as an all-encompassing feeling of warmth flows into every inch of your being. »I don't know, I'm making this up as I go along«

There was not a specific theme set out for this clutch, at least not with the dragonets. We were left to our own imaginations and the clues that we got from you on how to create your dragon. Right off, we noticed your mentioning of Lara Croft and TombRaider. And like any adventurous woman, she needs her own adventurous man. He just might not be quite as flashy as Lara, a little more tried and true and so very rugged. And just what is TombRaider compared to? Indiana Jones, naturally. So, Arcath is your Indieeeeeeee!
Arca is the Portuguese for Ark, and that's what Arcath is. He s your Holy Grail, your Ark of the Covenants, the ultimate treasure at the end of a big adventure, and the start of the next.

This dragon is an adventurer, always looking for new and interesting things to experience, damsels to rescue, places to explore, mysteries to solve. He tends to get himself over his head from time to time, but always seems to get himself out somehow, usually picking up some bumps and bruises along the way.

And he hates tunnel snakes, hates them almost as much as his brother Lumoth hates spinners. While Lumoth will clear entire room in one leap to avoid a spinner, Arcath will shudder and freeze at the slightest rustling sound. Thankfully when the time comes and you get your own weyr things will be a little better and you can keep a regular eye out for any little visitors, but until then be prepared for Arcath to freeze at any slithering or rustling in the barracks and the subsequent hunt for and eviction of the offending beast.

Other than that, he is extraordinarily average, or at least he would have everyone believe him to be that way. So, try not to base any judgments on his appearance or day-to-day actions. He'll shoot the breeze with any other dragon, lounge about in his favorite and familiar sunny-spot, and fly hither and yon in all his mundane glory. And he will enjoy every moment of it. In fact, he will probably even prefer it.

He prefers the easy way, as opposed to the flashy way. Why fly a blind canyon when one can get there faster by flying a straight line right over it. And that is just the same with how resourceful Arcath can be. Why do you need a specially designed set of straps with a buckle for this and a strap for that when just a pair of plain, generic straps will do? And if we do need a special buckle for this, then we can just get that piece of twine over there and just sort of tie it about this thing here And there you go! Instant-buckle.

Arcath comes from the egg looking shiny and new, and a little bit on the smaller size of the browns. He has the glow of youth and vitality. They seem to just radiate off of him. It could be just you, or maybe he looks that way to all.

As weyrlinghood progresses, Arcath will grow in spurts. He'll lengthen and then bulk to fit. And just when he is comfortable with his size, he'll get another spurt of growth and have to start all over again. It never fails. Just when he is getting comfortable, it all has to change on him. As time goes on, Arcath will accumulate nicks, bumps, and scars. » It's not the years, it's the mileage. « He will get a great use out of his body, and use/abuse it he will. You need to make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble; otherwise you could just end up ground for stretches of time because of a broken leg or torn wingsail. From adventure to adventure, that used, but still ruggedly handsome look, shall prosper.

He is not large, more on the smaller size of browns. But he certainly isn't petite either more wiry, lean, and with a great deal of compact muscle that fits nicely onto his frame. He won't have that body-builder look, more of maybe a soccer player? Quick in form and thinking, Arcath is also well-proportioned. No area is particularly bulging with muscle. His head is rather compact, with a strong neck and broad chest that leads to a torso that is trim. His legs are somewhat long, but not coltish. They fit in rather nicely with the rest of him. His tail is extremely agile: long, somewhat thin, and often the key to his emotions. Prehensile, it'll curl about this and that or lash about in agitation. His wings are neither too long nor too short. Like the rest, they all just seem to fit in perfectly.

His coloring is upon the lighter browns. The over-all skin tone is a tawny brown, which is more on the gold than the reddish side of browns. His feet are a sandy color, lighter than the rest of him. That same blurring shade hue also paints along the rest of him, streaking faintly here and there to mingle with the tawny browns in a sort of smoky effect. His wings are khaki, having that wrinkled appearance because of the webbing lines of his veins throughout the sails while his spars are the same sandy beige color of his feet and those wisps that trail down to his tail. Sorrel colors his ridges, the darkest area of his body with its more reddish and rich brown. That same color is slashed across the eyeknob on his left side, almost looking like some kind of scar despite its natural coloring. If you look at his face, you could swear that Arcath is trying to grow in a beard, or maybe it is just some really dark 5 o'clock shadow. The stubble colors along his jaw to darken it slightly.

Arcath s voice generally comes as a low, laid back drawl, shades of brown varying from a dusty almost white to a deep muddy brown colouring his thoughts and often accompanied by a scent of used leather and a touch of manly sweat, not stale but always there at the back of things mingling with the musty smell of time.


Egg: S'ria
Messages: Dessa
Name: Dessa, S'naid.
Description: K'rill
Inspiration: K'rill & Dessa
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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