Dragonsfire Moo has a number of different PC areas:

Ista Hold

From News Ista Hold:
Lord Holder: Sterling Headwoman: Petrian (NPC)
Assistant Headwoman: Elthia (NPC) Steward: Joseph (NPC)
OOC Staff: Sterling, Lisyana, Apollyon, Rh'iad, Kezia

Ista Hold is on the southeast corner of Ista Island in Big Bay. Blessed with a subtropical climate, they grow orange, yellow, and green citrus fruit, sweet-cane, and peppers among other crops. They also mine various gems and the docking cavern is always busy with fishing and trading ships coming in and out of port.

To get to Ista Hold you can take a boat from Southern Boll on the mainland, or Ista Weyr on the island, or you could @move to #1711.

If you are interested in residency, please @send mail to the *istaholdstaff mailer. Please include whether or not your character has lived at Ista Hold their entire life.

Search policy: Go for it! No notice or approval necessary, unless you've an IC position. In that case, please just let us know you're thinking about Search before you ask for the position, if possible.

For questions, suggestions, and requests for residency, please @send *IHS rather than mailing specific staff members - makes it easier to get back to you! :)

Ista Weyr

From News Ista Weyr:
Weyrleader: S'tao Sr. Weyrwoman: Wyn
Weyrsecond: Tia Jr. Weyrwoman: Soteria
Wingleaders: Mara, B'roughs Rt. Weyrwomen: Katarra, Corana
Weyrlingmaster: R'co Headwoman: Mika
Steward: OPEN Asst. Headwoman: Vyune

Ista Weyr, though one of the smallest Weyrs, is also the best situated: based on a subtropical island wafted by sea-born breezes. The living cavern is always full of people going about their business and you're more than welcome to join in!

@move to #2070 or snag a boat from the mainland to explore. Feel free to @send *isf or page any of the staff with questions. If you'd like to become a resident write *isf with your request. There are a few requirements to keep in mind, namely that you have a programmer's bit, that you have a reasonable description, and we'll need a /short/ written history blurb from you (send it to *isf). Think about what sort of job you'd like to do as well - everyone at the Weyr works in some capacity or another.

Staff: Q'luin, S'tao, Rh'iad, Wyn, Mika

CURRENT NEWS: The island is in dire straights these days. Erratic threadfall, sunken tithe ships, and excessive rain is making life quite interesting.

Official Weyr Wiki:

Fort Hold

From News Fort Hold:
Stiff upper lips and stodgy tradition still prevail, but Fort Hold isn't exactly what she used to be. It's been over two Turns since Lord Naslon was killed during what has been called a "hunting accident," and since that time, raiders have taken advantage of the ensuing political instability.
Day-to-day governing of the Hold in the name of the very young Lord Lucius is handled by Silag, the Warder appointed by the powerful political machine that is the Fort Hold Council.

Fort Hold shares the cliff face with Healer and Harper Hall, making up one big warren of people and inclinations; the Weyr's a mere day's ride away by runner or wagon (or just @move to the main road of the complex, #1513; see 'map' in any Fort Hold room for details once you're there), and there's plenty of scenery within and nearby.

Requirements for residency: Fort Hold residency is OPEN to all. Just @send *FHStaff a brief blurb on your character's history and what brings the character to Fort Hold; someone will get back to you with housing/@title instructions within a few days. Applying for Search is open to all (we feel you shouldn't have to ask our permission).

Fort Weyr

From News Fort Weyr:
Weyrleader: TBA Sr. Weyrwoman: Eleni
Weyrsecond: L'ryl Rt. Weyrwoman: Liette, Nomi
Weyrlingmaster: Madri Jr. Weyrwomen: Iona, Imogen
Steward: Davram (NPC) Headwoman: Penyn (NPC)
Wingleaders: Jill, E'th and L'ton
Please see:
'fort' residents feature for lots of goodies.
'news FW search' for information about Fort search!
'news FW residency' for specific information about Fort's residency policy.
Fort is easily accessible via wagon, foot, or air and welcomes visitors. (Particularly if they have good tales to tell…) Weyrfolk can usually be found in the lower caverns (#551). If you'd like to stay on a more permanent basis, that can be worked out too — @send to *FWStaff with requests, queries!

FW STAFF: Iona, Madri, Eleni, L'ton

Southern Boll

From News Southern Boll Hold:
(Home of the Infamous Fruit Bowl!)

— Interested in a craft? Of course not!
— Want to ride on a dragon? Sure, but do you really want to OWN one? That's a lot to clean up after!
— So what's left? Holds! Yes, Holds! The heart and soul of your everyday, average, hard-working Pernese. There's one in every neighborhood.

But wait, we're not talking about just ANY hold here. This is SOUTHERN BOLL HOLD! *cue theme music* We have a rather dashing chicken roaming free in the ever-so-lovely, centrally located, Garden Hall. We have an amazing fruit bowl that may just be the most complicated object on Pern. Not enough you say? What else is there? Say no more!

We have beaches! Not just one, but two. And more importantly, late-night beach antics! We're home to the WeaverHall, featuring some crazy characters of it's own (but what else would you expect from people who sniff dye all day?) We also have our very own den of hedonism, the Passionfruit Pit.

So what're you waiting for? Come on down! To reach Southern Boll, take the wagons, or just move to #2833. Once there, type 'sbnews motd' for regional info, or contact one of the characters listed below for assistance. If you are interested in residency, go to the upper hall, enter the dormitory and set your home there. Then write to the staff mailer (*sbs) with a bit of info about yourself background, intentions, job ideas, etc..)(sorry, 'beach bum' is not an acceptable job, although it is a favored past-time).

Characters to watch for:
Lady Auryn
Lord-Elect Marryn (Auryn's son)
Headwoman Shel (Auryn's daughter)
Amarik (Auryn's youngest son)
Stablemaster Toncho


From News Harper Hall:
Craftmaster: OPEN Craftsecond: OPEN
Apprentice Master: OPEN Headwoman: OPEN

The Harpers entertain, preside over trials and weddings, educate the young, make instruments, tell stories, record events, restore old histories, and a myriad of other things.

*harperstaff eagerly accepts applications for residents, paying students, new apprentices, and insta-journeymen. You can read more in:
"news harper applications"
"news harper apprentice rules"

We also have a web site:

The Harper Courtyard is #5555; type 'map' in any public room to see where you are (there are two maps, one for upstairs, one for downstairs). Even if you don't play a Harper, we want to play with you! Come!


From News Healer Hall:
Healer Hall OOC Staff: Tony, Kate, and Griffin

Craftmaster: Duriad
Craftsecond: OPEN
Journeyman Mentor: OPEN
App. Mentor: OPEN
Dragonhealers: Thera, B'rrr (Fort NPC) & Q'luin, S'ttaro (Ista NPC) & S'real (Master at large)
Headwoman: OPEN

News Healer Joining // How to join the Healercraft
News Healer Promotions // Healer Hall Promotion Policy

*** Insta-crafters welcome! Please inquire to the *wiz mailer. To get to the Hall @move yourself to #3333.


From News Smith Hall:
Istan Smith Hall

IH Crafthead: Vezdia (OOC/IC)
IH CraftSecond: Abigail (OOC/IC)
Craftmaster: Tyrell (NPC at Master Smith Hall, in Telgar)
Craftsecond: Eldon (NPC at Master Smith Hall, in Telgar)

The Istan Smiths are a small offshoot of the main crafthall in Telgar. As such, we are small and RP intensive. Ista is too small a centre for any apprentices or journeymen to get a full education there, and so any Istan Smith is likely to find themselves spending a good deal of time travelling to other areas of Pern to study under other Smiths for classes, seminars, or help on more long-term practical projects. This allows even Apprentices to move around pretty freely — afterall, Smiths are responsible for a myriad of things, including design and construction (and destruction), as well as tool making, jewelry, glass, astronomy, and a good number of other things.

We're attached directly to Ista Hold and enjoy our sandy beaches, pleasant weather, and working over a hot bellows at just about any time day or night. Just @move to #616 to check us out! All are welcome to come play, from those requesting a piece of jewelry for a friend's turnday, to riders hoping to learn a hobby for the interval.

PROMOTION: Our main focus is RP, RP and even more RP. You may ask for promotion at any time your character is of age.

TO APPLY: Brand new apprentices, insta-Apprentices, insta-Sr. Apprentices, insta-Journeymen, insta-Sr. Journeymen and insta-Masters may apply by @sending *SmithStaff with the following information:

1. What rank are you applying for? (Appy/SrAppy/J-man/SrJ-man/Master)
2. Are you planning to apply for search? (Yes/No/When?)
3. A brief summary of your character's history/background.
4. Any particular area of Smithing you're interested in? If not, that's okay, too!

Want to know who's who? Check out 'news smith roster'!

Questions? Comments? Ideas? @send *SmithStaff.


From News WeaverCraft:
The Weavercraft is responsible for meeting Pern's needs for clothing (grand and everyday), tapestries, rugs, blankets, curtains, and so on. Because the Tannercraft is NPC on this game, weavers also handle commissions for leather goods. Craft members can be approached on an individual basis to describe non-crafted items as well (rooms, objects, gifts), but this work is not required of a weaver or player.

With a journeyman or master as mentor, each apprentice studies sewing, weaving, and tailoring in the best locale on Pern: tropical Southern Boll, known for mangoes, beaches, and the Hold itself, of course. Classes are held mostly off-camera, but roleplayed teaching sessions (no canned lectures!) are encouraged, educational, and entertaining. Subjects range from basics - spinning, dyeing, knitting, measuring, and making patterns - to more advanced topics like design, embroidery, and decoration.

The craft welcomes both newcomers just getting to know Dragonsfire and longtime players seeking an alt's fresh start. Character-based roleplay is the primary, ultimate focus; no coding is necessary to enjoy Turns and Turns of family-like fun in the Hall. However, apprentices whose players desire promotion for their characters will need to complete commissions for several outfits or crafted items.

We're looking for Hall staff members as well as apprentices - all positions offering great opportunities for advancement. Visit the hall ("@move me to #2837"), and @mail *wiz as well as page any of our masters or journeymen if you're interested in this close-knit, exciting craft!


From News Enlander Clan:
Wagonmaster - Gepard Records Keeper - OPEM
Taskmaster - Ghetain Quartermaster - OPEN
Commissioner - Creer Wagonsecond - Tamyka

Winter EH-Front Yard (#11304) Move Date: Sat Feb 24, 2007
Spring FR-Fort Road (#1513) Move Date: Mon Mar 19, 2007
Summer IH-Courtyard (#2897) Move Date: Wed Apr 11, 2007
Fall SB-Courtyard (#2837) Move Date: Fri May 4, 2007


  • A completed description of yourself.
  • Background/history put on your +finger.
  • All descriptions and your history must be free from typos and spelling errors.

To add history to your +finger, you will need a programmer's bit. That comes automatically after you have been around for a bit and get your character basics set up. Once you have it, you can type the following commands:
@prop me.plan ""
@notedit me.plan (use the noteditor) (read 'help editors' for info on how to use the noteditor)

Our policy on search has changed recently. After joining, we're asking all new Clan members to wait a period of 3 RL months or at least 1 search cycle. After that period our policy is to go for it! We do ask that you FIRST ask permission of current staff (@send *es), before you turn in your application.


The Barlord Trading Family is a very active set of roleplayers who are excited to welcome connections to or within the family. Click on the name for history, pedigree and individual PC pages.

Interested in having a connection to the Barlords or running a Barlord - talk to any Barlord, or +mail Th'deus.

NPC Areas

DF is working on a consistent plan for the treatement and reference of NPC Areas - Stay tuned!

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