OOC: Arien's legacy on DF lingers even though the character hasn't been played for nearly a decade. We've archived her info, because she was/is the grand Dame of Dragonsfire and many other Pern based Mu's. She was the quintessential goldrider both OOC and IC (though she'd probably hate being referred to as such).

ARIEN (in her own words)

You want labels?
Daughter and sister; foster-sister; lover; just maybe mother; healer; Weyrhealer; kelly-green Sierrai's; candidate; weyrwoman, Katrineth's weyrwoman; dragonhealer; Senior Weyrwoman, far too soon; mother; lover; Retired Weyrwoman—

Now throw them all away.

Born to a cluster of crafters, the actual birthing took place — most characteristically — neither at home nor Hall, but instead en route between the western side of the continent and the Telgar region where the rather largish family was to settle. Since then, she's lived at various times and in various roles at South Telgar (fostered shortly after birth to her aunt Tairene), Ruatha (fostered with the entrancingly pesky 'cousin' Tethys, among others), the Healer Hall (as so-studious apprentice) and Ista Weyr (weyrhealer, under dragonhealer Telilah), before settling down at Fort with the first dragon of that clutch to break shell, Katrineth.
Sinewy, sable-haired and hazel-eyed, Arien's developed a touch of silver at her left temple in recent months. She recognizes five children by various sires; her queen prefers variety in her flights. Noted for her 'green bits', the dragonhealer is exceedingly active with herbalism and frequently can be found puttering in the Hall's herbal garden and, moreover, making off with various sprigs of greenery from across Pern to grow in her private collection. A singular, Turns-ago-gifted Plant still marks with its firelizard-chewed ribbons the felicitious accommodation she and J'dano once found; her herb pots are alternated between warmer weyr and sunnier ledge as the seasons progress.

Some Turns back, Arien chose to retire from senior to facilitate her own pursuits, the most public of which were learning gitar from Master Mueton (lessons originally promised when he had been but an apprentice) and embroidery from Lady Yasmine. Pleasant, serenely self-possessed, she's rather apt to pry into thoughts of a philosophical bent. When not pretending to be a drudge, at any rate…

…and with J'dano and Zhanth's recent death, she's left to live on: to keep an eye on her offspring, although only Ardano is now with her at the Weyr; to tend the garden, to tend the Weyr itself; to do the things that need doing and try to think, and not think, when she can. And always, always to fly.

[Needs updating, but for now, there you have it.]

Vital Stats
General Appearance: Medium height, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, female, mid-forties.
Onstage Family: Aunt Tairene (NPC); cousin Taveri; cousin Taicha; eldest son K'rion (formerly Ketrion), father unknown, rider of bronze Taranth; eldest daughter Riani (once 'Riana'), fathered by R'and rider of blue Elanth, once fostered to R'and and his sister Jenni and now living at Ista Hold with a husband and daughter of her own; twins Andorien and Riendor, fathered by B'ndor rider of bronze Ashvath (Dori's fostered to Galatea, green Zaireth's rider, and has made noises about joining the healers; Slaine recently gave Rien back to Ari when the weaver became mastercrafter, and now he's off with Galhov at Igen); Ardano, fathered by J'dano; hordes and hordes of NPCs including parents, siblings, cousins, &c. Also foster-brother and honorary cousin, Lord Tethys of Boll (aka 'Tethys Khan').
Firelizards: Kelly-green Sierrai, pale blue Nevarran and sea-blue Tnerat, dappled bronze Inquip, shaded gold Liri, smoky brown Marc. And no more. She swears.
Present Position: Weyrwoman to Katrineth at Fort, happily retired after over a decade at Senior; Dragonhealer.

Origin of 'Arien'
Back in elementary school I'd written elaborate and ill-fated stories, and created names for my characters by combining several other names from a 'baby book' according to their sounds and meanings — one such was 'Arien'. She was featured in a notable quasi-Pern/Darkover crossover fanfic featuring twins with (a) red hair and green eyes and (b) blue-black hair and green eyes. (Or were the eyes violet? I've forgotten, even as I've forgotten which was Arien, much less remembered the name of the other twin.) Upon sailing to the Southern Continent, they promptly developed firehead and, of course, became able to hear all dragons. Of course. Later on, as a freshman in college, I was asked to pick a name for my very first UNIX account; 'tetris' was taken, so I went with 'arien'. And a couple years later, I logged onto my very first roleplaying M* — which was at that point Dragonsfire MUSE — and had to come up with a name for a character…
…so 'Arien' it was, is now, and hopefully shall be for a good long time, silvering sable hair and hazel eyes and all!


The family tree was snipped and turned into a jpg from an archive copy of Arien's webpage on the Wayback machine (dated 1998)

Abbreviated (just the facts, ma'am!) and very much in progress; generally taken from first the DF Dragons timeline.

  • September 1992: I create Arien, the day after Analinia and Nicki et al impress at Ista Weyr, and proceed to be a general newbie; Arien tours Fort Hold, gets her first dragonride from F'lkor and his brown Azrath of Ista, and eventually winds up at the Healer Hall. After some time of apprenticeship there, she leaves her beloved gardens and is posted to Ista Weyr as dragonhealer under Telilah. There, in her free time, she roams the sands with then-steward Ataru (now A'tar) and with his aid impresses kelly-green Sierrai. Later, W'dgen's bronze Dravanth Searches Arien for Fort Weyr, and while a candidate tending the Weyr herbs, she's painted in redwort and given her journeyman's knot.
  • November 20, 1992: Arien Impresses Katrineth at Fort Weyr and heads into the trials of weyrlinghood; her PC confederates are Dancer and blue Havaneth, J'nek and green Forsith, Kayanni and green Dobeth, H'tar and brown Larineth, and T'rron and blue Tregreth.
  • March 4, 1993 Orroth and Neloranth's clutch hatches at Fort Weyr. Released from the sands, Orroth and her weyrwoman Morgana travel about the continent, later resulting in Morgana's miscarriage; the ensuing events lead to Morgana's stepping down as Senior Weyrwoman.
  • March 13, 1993: Katrineth rises in her maiden flight. With Katrineth proddy, vinter Harry's nephew hears Arien being rude to the redheaded drudge — upon whom he has a crush — and slips aconite, of all things, into her drink. With Arien's resulting dizziness, Katrineth gorges her first beast if not the rest; the flight is low, abbreviated, and surrounded by males, she dives to the one thought least likely to catch her: long-winged blue Elanth. Who does. And, in a hardly auspicious beginning, R'and and Arien become the new Fort Weyrleaders.
  • Note: at this point, AM hadn't nixed blues flying golds, and we were desperately short of sane, active males of other colors; though we're generally not hip on angst like that, we OOCly contrived this roleplay so that then-Weyrsecond R'and could become WL. And I've always been glad we did.
  • April 19, 1993: Katrineth and Elanth's NPC clutch hatches, surpassingly small but healthy. Eggs and hatchlings were themed after the landscapes of the Fort region.
  • In the meantime: So as not to allow a paternal claim on her child, Arien seeks out various fathers of good Blood to sire her son, Ketrion — which distresses R'and. (Later on she will have a daughter by him, Riana.) Katrineth doesn't rise for a long time, OOCly so that Fort can keep R'and as Weyrleader.
  • Sometime later on, Arien impresses stolid, pale blue Nevarran over on Ista Isle, courtesy of Nicki, and about two sevendays later the feisty, sea-blue Tnerat courtesy of Kreelai. About four months later yet, Healer Master Maigrey gives her the egg that will produce Inquip.
  • Game downtime: ~July 27 the site admin shuts down Dragonsfire, but thanks to Sarah and J'lee, DF goes up on its current site in mid-September. FW suffers more than usual from the downtime, having been in the middle of Search.
  • March 3, 1994: It is an autumn sunset, with strong winds driving the clouds before them. Katrineth rises in her second flight in a daring escapade over Fort Weyr, and is caught by Tyra's brown Urath. Again, Katrineth will not rise again for some time, OOCly in order to keep Tyra as WL.
  • April 5, 1994: Katrineth and Urath's clutch hatches. The PCs are Akira and her blue Yolinth, Ch'rra and her green Rakshath as well as her elder brother Ch'rron and his bronze Varianth, Rh'su and his bronze Tyrdinth, and Shiloah and her blue Korynth.
  • July 20, 1994: Shaded, opalescent-gold Liri hatches 'colorless' from an indigo egg on the Fort Weyr beach; her dam was Syrani's Auria. Inquip, the next-oldest firelizard of Arien's, was 5-1/2 Turns old.
  • November 6, 1994. In Katrineth's third rising, she wakens from what will become a characteristic resting place: high by the Star Stones, wrapped about the Eye Rock. It is a summer afternoon, the air cloudless and unrelentingly hot as they swoop high above the mountain range, and this time she twines with Ch'rron's Varianth.
  • December 8, 1994: Katrineth and Varianth's clutch hatches. The PCs are Elsinora and her blue Merianth, Kh'rys and her green Ysaleth, K'lora and her green Dorianth, N'ran and his bronze Rilaeth, Tarinda and her brown Iliath, and Troy and her blue Aikanth. Noted NPC M'ppy, taken from Ista Hold along with Troy, Impresses to brown Brownth.
  • January 11, 1995: "Storms": B'ndor and Arien talk on Ashvath's ledge. (20k)
  • April 19, 1995: A winter noon houses Katrineth's fourth flight, the skies boundless, cloudless, and utterly cold while Rukbat presses molten from above. Challenge is sounded, and taken; the deposed Istan, B'ndor, comes a-seeking, and through hubris, through misunderstandings and desperation — on both sides — it is his Ashvath who claims Katrineth.
  • April 22, 1995: "The Last Dance" — their pleasure flight caught in an untimely thunderstorm over Southern Boll, the new weyrleader, B'ndor, perishes with Ashvath and his beloved Aali who carries their unborn child. More than most, this scene cannot be approximated by this summation.
  • Note: their players were leaving the game for RL reasons in any case, and chose this culmination of roleplay in which to do it — and thereby doing Fort a greatly appreciated favor; we had no active, interested bronzeriders, and this left brownrider Weyrsecond M'ryn as Acting Weyrleader.
  • May 22, 1995: Katrineth and Ashvath's NPC clutch hatches at Fort Weyr, themed on Julian May's saga of Pliocene Exile. Many, many long-term NPCs ensue.
  • May 25, 1995: Arien gives birth to twins, sired by B'ndor on the night Katrineth rose: first a daughter, Andorien (named in reference to that which Aali would have chosen) who later turned out to be blue-eyed and dark-haired, and then a son, Riendor, who turned out to have father's pale hair and his mother's hazel eyes.
  • June 18, 1995: Late one night, Arien and Katrineth take Kevar up into the skies. (16k)
  • August 24, 1995: Arien delivers Riendor (who'd been aging on weyrling time) to Slaine at Ista Weyr, for fosterage. His sister stays with Ari's aunt, Tairene, over at South Telgar Hold until she's fostered with Galatea.
  • August 30, 1995: It is a spring twilight, nightfall of a long drought, when Katrineth rises for the fifth time and invokes the catalytic storm — within which she and Zhanth unite, bone and blood and desperate faith.
  • September 24, 1995: Slaine stops by Fort Weyr's Sands, firelizard egg in tow, and impresses Arien to Enigmatic Smoke-Brown Marc (OOCly inspired by the X-Files' Cancer Man; named ICly upon Slaine's behest after M'arc of the Katrineth/Ashvath clutching, who himself was OOCly inspired by Marc of Julian May fame) from the 'One Breath' egg.
  • October 8, 1995: Katrineth and Zhanth's clutch hatches, themed on moons, water and tides. The PCs are Kessaly and her blue Imbrith, Lysalla and her brown Khalith, Ranye and her blue Tisanth, R'jak and his brown Shianth, T'lon and his green Gaelth, and Toria and her gold Rosalth. Note also NPC A'dri and his bronze Israith, who roleplayed with us for a time before fading off-stage.
  • October 18, 1995: In the council room, Arien tells Ariana that — having served her time and trained successors — she's chosen to retire. In the main caverns she cuts her long, dark hair to the nape and, informally and preferring to concentrate on K'lora / Ch'rron / Ch'rron's mug, makes the more public announcement.
  • October 26, 1995: Ashtoreth rises and is caught by Varianth, leaving Ch'rron and Ariana as Weyrleaders at Fort. J'dano and Arien burn their knots — freed .
  • December 17, 1995: Late spring, midnight and moonless: for the sixth time Katrineth rises, amidst alchemy and incestual relations — for aside from Urath himself, all the other participating males descended from the Katrineth-Urath mating, and the last two suitors are Israith and his sire Zhanth. Zhanth, who then wins Katrineth for the second time.
  • January 21, 1996: Katrineth and Zhanth's NPC clutch hatches off-camera at Fort Weyr.
  • June 13, 1996: An autumn afternoon picnic, lucid with Indian summer, leads to Katrineth's rising over Fort Weyr with Zhanth bound at distant Nerat Hold. Of those who chase she chooses not chains but freedom, twining with young runed-bronze Byzanth — product of her Rosalth's first clutch — and thereby initiating him and his rider B'nal into the matters of queen and clutch. Candidates. Eggs.
  • July 1, 1996: Katrineth and Byzanth's NPC clutch hatches off-camera at Fort Weyr; B'nal's sister, Arcane, impresses green. Be warned.
  • August 28, 1996: Hapless B'nal visits the Rampaging Arien.
  • December 1, 1996: J'dano and Zhanth swoop down to Katrineth's weyr with an early, unusual Turnday present for Arien.
  • December 13, 1996: [Zhanth catches Katrineth over Fort Weyr. ]
  • February 16, 1997: [Katrineth and Zhanth's PC clutch hatches at Fort Weyr, themed on Nifty Rocks; the PCs are Elenya, now L'nya, and her river pebble blue Quienth; Ketrion — now K'rion — and his agate-bronze Taranth; Kiris and her ligure (aka jacinth) brown Jacinth; Madri and her geode-green Elsveth; Niera and her obsidian-brown Onath; Odile and her bornite-blue Fiorath. Log is 158k; there may be problems with browsers who don't wrap long lines, but at least it's up.]
  • That evening, it's J'dano's Wingsecond's knot that burns atop the Star Stones, and he and Arien seal an agreement.
  • March 21, 1997: Spawn Swan Song: Slaine, newly Masterweaver, returns her fosterling Riendor to his mother Arien.
  • August 6, 1997: ['Closure'—Zhanth goes ::between:: in an accident, and Arien must take J'dano to join him.]
  • August 10, 1997: [Katrineth rises on a rainy summer's day and is caught by Byzanth.]
  • August 19, 1997: [Katrineth clutches twenty-two.]
  • September 25, 1997: [Katrineth & Byzanth's clutch hatches along with her offspring Rosalth & Varianth's; PCs out of Katrineth are Zephre and her green Miyoth, M'gellan and his bronze Ranjith, and Fiona and her green Gyrfath.]
  • September 29, 1997: [Ardano is born to Arien and, posthumously, J'dano.]
  • November 17, 1997: [Katrineth rises and is caught by Ryka's brown Riallath.]

DESCS The Pen from the purple prose.

Sable hair, thick and fine, curls unbound from a distinct widow's peak to well past shoulderblades' base; silvered at her left temple, it sets off the severity of profile's spare planes as well as the clarity of mutable, wide-set hazel eyes. Easy precision marks her sinewy, mid-height frame's movements, akin to alto's hallmark resonance and the redwort that stains dextrous hands.
Gifted gold's slid about her throat, wine-dark rubies the torc's finials.
Deepest purple is her airy gown, suspended by scant shoulder-cords in its fall from slim collarbones to just the joint of ankles; the thinly beaten cotton owns only the ornamentation of its weaving, tiny, barely perceptible ovals that cluster dark green within the drapes and folds of thyme's twilight shade.
Arien is 46 Turns, 4 months, and 8 days old.
Faint worry sharpens her features, hazel eyes a darker amber.
Sierrai, out of gold Belle by bronze Spritlee
Persnickety whimsy fashions this tiny firelizard, always: lights her oddly knowing gaze, limns her delicate frame with imperious, impervious grace. Kelly-green hide shines with the chatoyant luster of good health, a froth of diluted hue lacing throat and belly and the underreaches of wingsails. Senior of her fair, this one is ever aware if all is in its placeas it should bewith her at the bickering top.
A band jewels one foreleg with gold and Healer purple, set off with brown and black.
Sierrai is 25 Turns, 1 month, and 7 days old.

Katrineth, out of Philemon's gold Magdaleth by T'den's bronze Runarth
Indefinable gaiety lights this dragon queen: subtle about the mellow, deeply golden burnish of honed muscles and long, slim bones; vividly damascened along the serrated curve of spine and demanding wings' leading edges; frankly coruscant in every supple, definitive movement.
Katrineth is 24 Turns, 10 months, and 13 days old.
Intent, intenseand new-oiled, to boot!she fairly gleams; a kaleidoscope of blues spins scintillant within her gaze.

Nevarran, out of Nicki's green
Speculation fills the steady gaze of this large, bulky firelizard; pale blue juts the blunt reaches of wingsails, matte and unremarkable as is the shallow slope from muzzle to tail's wedge: no deviation, no spark of fire nor drift of cloud to entice the unrelenting azure. Tough-minded tranquility lends not drama but a certain stolid support to even the hook of claws, the omnipresent readiness for flight; it balances the questing senses, social only amongst dragonkin.
Color comes only with his sole outside link: gold and Healer purple bands his left hind haunch, surrounded by Fort Weyr brown and black.
Nevarran is 22 Turns, 7 months, and 6 days old.

Tnerat, out of K'lai's green Tyleea by G'day's bronze Meytii
Hedonism unites with a certain innocent barbarism in the person of this small, unlikely firelizard: sea-blue and sinuous, just the shade of the fishing havens off Nerat's coast, his wingbases in their aqua approach the green of their shallows. Those huge, scintillant eyes simply shout inquisitiveness, and his chirp trills horrendously bright: the sort of thrill that's particularly obnoxious to hear before having had one's morning klah. The least veneer of duty adds a cheerily self-glamourized strut to cock of head or flick of ultramarine-sparked tail: well-trained, perhaps — when he's not distracted, first.
Fort Weyr brown and black claims one foreleg's banding, striped with brighter gold and Healer purple with just a daub of cerise for good measure.
Tnerat is 22 Turns, 5 months, and 19 days old.

Inquip, out of gold Soleil by G'day's bronze Meytii
Sybarite he is, handspan after resplendent handspan of Art Nouveau bronze firelizard, all of him hued dark and breathlessly rich but for wingspans dappled with unmistakeably flagrant gold. The sinuous crest of neck, the tasting flex of talons, the infinitely supple curve of tail: pose and motion alike transform his long, slim-boned frame into vibrant, idiosyncratic Exploration.
Loops of gold and Healer purple twine brilliant adornment about one limber foreleg, surrounded by sadly prosaic Fort Weyr brown and black.
Inquip is 22 Turns, 1 month, and 27 days old.

Liri, out of gold Auria by bronze Damask
Fire through vitredur: strong lines of colour strobe this firelizard's whipcord length from spinal ridges' deep, dark gold to the palest of hues that dare the reach of belly. Wide wings spread a panoply of opalescent glass, veined with ichor's intricate webwork, casting mottled shadows about all within her mantling's reach. Faceted prisms likewise focus the wildfire of her stare, freely exhibited in every mood and motion.
Her right foreleg carries the only variation from stark-lit gold and splintered gaze: Fort Weyr brown and black sheathing brilliant Healer purple and a 'stripe' of pure, unadulterated Liri-hide.
Liri is 16 Turns, 7 months, and 24 days old.

Marc, out of Slaine's green Dana by her brown Fox
For all the hooded glitter of his gaze, this young firelizard by nature and nurture is shadow-dweller, shadow-shaper. Convoluted, smoke-skeined grey conspires, tendril by invasive tendril, about the lustrous walnut that would smooth those wiry muscles; his lanky frame coils with cryptic skepticism, attuned by breeding to the hunting of oddities, no matter how peculiar the crevice. Last-born of his fair, warning comes ever too late for aught but recognition of, throughout all the schemes and plots and machinations, his unmistakeable, subtle, sardonic stamp.
Even he is branded, brown and black stranded with gold and healers' purple.
Marc is 11 Turns, 6 months, and 10 days old.

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