August 1994

FW@DF Inspirations: August, 1994

Ariana / Ashtoreth | F'ndar / Tirath | Galatea / Zaireth | Illadara / Ceilith | L'raile / Kairoth | R'ban / Rhaith
Egg theme = cards from Magic: the Gathering

Ariana & Autumn Gold Ashtoreth from the Glittering Egg
Glittering Egg
Ripples of dark tan swirl across the shell of this huge egg, enclosing it in soft folds and rolling creases of tawny shadow. A pale, roughly oval patch lightens the smaller end of the egg, nestled in a fan of darker patternings and marked to either side of its center with two feathery sprays of black. Embedded throughout the shell, shimmering like the sundust sprinkle that glimmers deep within the hidden interior of dark obsidian, is a luminescent shattering of gold. As light strikes its surface, the formerly quiescent haze of gold seems to leap from those shadowy depths, lending the egg a lambent metallic sheen—and, in the sight-wavering heat of these hatching grounds, casting a glowing golden nimbus all around it in a soft mist of colour.

Glittering Egg crashes to bits, and the hatchling suddenly freezes amongst the flurry of flying shardlets as if perhaps a touch unnerved by her own vehemence. Only when they've all fallen does she slowly, consideringly make her way out.

Autumn Gold Hatchling
Even new-hatched, this one's fine muzzle is held high with intense curiosity, the better to find out absolutely everything that's going on all about her: if only the rest of her weren't quite so, well, gawky. Broad-arched wings drag furrows in the sand, still-soft talons threaten to trip her up, and her long, limber tail just gets in the way. Her hide glimmers a rich gold under the egg goo, subtly feathered with leaf-tints like the hills of Fort after the first cold snap: nigh-fiery copper, highlights of crimson, undertones of deep green. Jewelfaceted eyes seek out her surroundings with sheer delight at all the new sensations, despite the note of urgency that underlies all her awkward movements.

Webster's says that Ashtoreth is the Hebrew version of Astarte, but I seem to recall there's more to her than that. :) In any case, Ashtoreth is a goddess of fertility and quite a few other really neat things; look her up, sometime. I pronounce Ashtoreth with an 'Ahsh-tor-eth', sort of like Ah-nold, but in a pleasant way; this gets rid of the harsh sound of 'ash' as in 'ashpit'. However, feel free to choose what you want. :)

Gawky as she is, it'll take quite a lot of time to live up to her name and promise. She's growing very very swiftly, and until she reaches full growth, she'll be a klutz. Still, she's not discomfited by this; she's good-tempered, as well as long and limber and not at all easy to break. Color-wise, she bears featherings over her rich gold hide of intense almost-fiery leaf-shades of copper and highlights of crimson and undertones of deep green, like the hills of Fort after the first cold snap. Before autumn is the lushness of summer, after it the stark winter; she's neither and yet has elements of both: when winter comes, she'll be ready. Her fires need some tempering in order to last the cold season, though; right now they burn hot and strong, like still-living brushfires sweeping through the woods, transforming the leaves' color rather than burning them up. It's fine in a hatchling, or in a weyrling, but tempering will be necessary if she is to lead a Weyr. She is self-conscious enough that, if she realizes she's goofed, she tries hard to bring that around, without hiding her problems. She's quite innocent, in that she assumes everyone will like her and be nice to her, because she certainly means well. There's a certain sensation of sheer, unjaded delight and enjoyment of life, which she seems to radiate. She is very cleanly sensuous, relishing all sorts of sensations, and when young sometimes becomes too engrossed in them (let's eat a lot!) She's curious, also, and likes to not only communicate her own feelings, but also investigate others'; even when it's a bit embarrassing for her rider… She has potential for the calmness of her dam, the composure of her sire, the grace of one grand-dam and the serenity of the other, but as yet no need to rein it in. Subtlety will come with time.

Oh, yes, and she'll be very fertile when she grows up.. and when she tends to itch, she itches all over. :)


F'ndar & Errant Bronze Tirath from the Wintry Egg
Wintry Egg
At first glance, this egg — just a bit larger than medium-sized — appears composed purely of chill, wintry colours. Predominant is a coursing waterfall of glossy white-on-white tones, frozen in the midst of endlessly encircling the width of the ovoid; whorls form here and there where its path is dislodged by ridges of dark grey, the colour of tree bark. Both ends of the egg seem to recede in contrast to the brightness, matte and nigh-featureless as is a night in the Fort mountains after a storm, all black but for a few drifting snowflakes. Closer inspection reveals occasional patternings of dull crimson and celadon beads, strung like necklaces on invisible cords. One especially distinctive marking can be espied in the white expanse, though only when the egg is appropriately turned: an ambiguous scrawl of sapphire blue, some journeyman's vibrant glyph.

Wintry Egg slowly falls away as the webwork of cracks gives way all at once, leaving its hatchling stranded in a pile of icicle-shaped shards on his back, already tangled in the wet skin of his wings and his feet waving comically in the air. He twitches and rocks, finally managing to roll backwards, tail-over-nose, to flop in an ungainly sprawl on the sand.

Errant Bronze Hatchling
His dark talons absently clawing the sands as if impatient to be off, this gangly hatchling surveys the sands with impetuous interest and a minimum of dignity: even the tip of his lanky tail twitches, betraying his fascination. He has a broad chest, but elsewhere is built narrow and long with wings that are longer yet; the hide that's stretched over that rangy frame is a deep, deep bronze, and his wings and neckridges are an even darker shade as if the bright-forged bronze were still dulled with a coat of char. As he moves towards his lifemate and his hide catches the light, here and there swirls a melange of rainbowed overtones that bear the shimmer of freshly oiled metal.

Teleri thought up his splendid name, and S'rani wrote the desc.

Physically, he's a deep bronze with darker wings and talons and rainbowed overtones, and has a broad chest but is otherwise built narrow and long with wings that are longer yet. He's gangly, rangy, you name it, and his tail often moves in a way that gives away his mood, not unlike his eyes. He's not terribly dignified, and watches everything with fascinated interest. For his personality — well, he's an Errant hatchling. On the one hand, he's an Erring bronze, and does goof a lot, and is klutzy (he's a big guy, and grows quickly, and isn't too coordinated), but on the other, he's Knight Errant, or hopefully will be when he grows up; Sacrificing for his Rider and the Weyr (tm), that sort of thing. Gallant, that sort of thing. Ride off into the sunset. :)


Galatea & Kiwi Green Zaireth from the Glassy Egg
Glassy Egg
Only here and there does this bumpity egg have the effect of Southern Boll glass the way it 'should' be (well, as much as an apprentice can manage), all pale and bubbled; the rest of it looks as if its crafter had a fling with it, and never mind what the journeymen will say. At the narrower end is a sharp red presence that starts out resembling nothing so much as a blob, then seeps down as the egg grows wider, finally disappearing altogether as it's engulfed by a sea-green wave. A swirl of a particularly virulent shade closer to teal surges and falls within the green sea, trying to come to the forefront but never quite making it. The wave washes out over the egg, overpowering most of the almost colorlessness of the undertone, until it comes flat up against a rude band of dull silver that encircles the egg like a belt. Hindered time and again by the band, tentacles of green finally threaten to make their way past to the larger end—and then seem, the way the egg's positioned, to seep away into the sand of the hatching grounds.

Glassy Egg finally gives way altogether, and out pops its bright-eyed hatchling. She doesn't stop to preen away the egg fluid or the glassy-green shardlets that speckle her hide, instead moving towards the candidates with not even a look for her discarded shell.

Kiwi Green Hatchling
Pert, this hatchling: the inquiring tilt to her head, the swift whirl to her large eyes, the testing flutter of egg-wet wings that're the medium green of a certain Bollian fruit. As she sums up her territory in search for the perfect mate, her carriage isas much as a hatchling's can bejaunty rather than elegant, and her coloration is likewise quirky: thumbprints of a dark, nigh-black green dapple either side of her spine, from just back of her delicate headknobs to the very tip of her tail. Her movements are darting-quick, and stumble as she might, somehow this one always manages to end up on her feet in the next breath. Or two.

Zaireth's name is from Zaire, and was chosen because, well, it sounds good and zesty. :)

Physically, Zaireth is medium-large in size, and of the proportions of … well, were she a horse, she'd be an Arab-Quarter Horse mix, emphasis on the Quarter Horse (and with its good sense—she's always one to land on her feet). Her eyes are large and perceptive. She's a medium-green in color as well, the kiwi overlaid with creamy highlights; her talons are a green so dark it approaches black. Thumbprint-sized dapplings, the same color as her talons, run along her spine to either side of her neckridges from just behind her delicate headknobs to the tip of her tail. She tends to get itchy between her claws, and under her sinuous neck.

As for personality, she's pert, audacious, daring — very talkative and gregarious (and infinitely willing to try embarrass her rider by being an attention slut (Hah!) and other such maneuvers, even though it's just for show). She likes to 'mother' her rider ('have some raw meat, dear, some oilings!') and share her emotions and thoughts with her rider and other dragons alike. She's not blissfully bubbly; she has an edge to her effervescence. Doesn't believe so much that she can personally do everything, so much as that she can contrive to do anything if she machinates properly.

In short, Zaireth definitely teases her rider, but there's absolutely no doubt that she loves her.


Illadara & Sisal Green Ceilith from the Embellished Egg
Embellished Egg
This large, majestic egg looks as if it's been enrobed by a Master weaver. Clean, clear shades of red, green, and blue appear to have been cleverly pieced together, their borders overstitched by creamy bands that interlace like filigree. A few wider, satiny bands continue the motif on a larger scale, twining in more swooping curves to englobe the entire egg. Overlying the piecework near the egg's pointier end is a good-sized angular mark of cream inlaid with gold, as if of some /almost/-recognizable Craft symbol.

Embellished Egg splits completely along a wide satiny band with a dramatic crack. The shards fall to either side and provide a showcase for the entrance of its occupant into the world.

Sisal Green Hatchling
The deep green lustre of this dragonet's damp hide shimmers like the finest sisal: a deep forest green, swirled with royal blue and antique bronze. The blue and bronze are just highlights on her gossamer wings, but show more prominently on her back and tail as if forming a train behind her. She seems to pose artfully as she surveys the candidates directly before her, not wanting to move from her shards until she's espied just the right person. The overall effect is startlingly like a young Lord Holder's daughter at her first ball: she wants to be noticed, and is blithely sure she will be, but wants to ensure her entrance dazzles everyone in the room… before she mischievously goes on to dance with the partner of /her/ choosing.

Oh, she's a lush one, your Ceilith, and utterly lovely. The name is pronounced 'Kay-leeth', after the Celtic dance (A friend of Arien's does Scottish/Irish dancing, and the dance itself is called 'Ceili' or 'Ceilih' or some such — anyway, it's pronounced 'kay-lee' too.

She's a large hatchling with a deep green hide, swirled with royal blue and antique bronze (desc courtesy of Tarinda). The colors are just highlights on her gossamer wings, but show more prominently on her back and tail as if forming a train behind her. She's blithe and good-natured, and likes to get attention from as many people as possible. Oh, yes, and don't let her decorous appearance fool you — she can be very playful indeed. Her wingsails need special care when she's being oiled, and between her neckridges. Her bugle, also, is definitely resonant.


L'raile & Gingery Brown Kairoth from the Flamboyant Egg
Flamboyant Egg
Though Meleketh tends it as devotedly as the others, this smallish egg is usually found off near the edge of the clutch and thus is in far better view than most of its clutchmates. Many shades of bluish-violet swirl around and around and around in no particular pattern, changing in tone from a medium lavender to a flamboyant plummy tint to a prune so dark it's just about black. For variation's sake, the egg also sports an occasional angular flash of bronze; additionally, the careful observer might notice a few tiny paired beads of purple-dotted white, as if eyes were peering whimsically out at the world.

Flamboyant Egg falls to bright purply bits as a hatchling gingerly uncrumples himself, now that he's no longer wedged in that too-small egg.

Gingery Brown Hatchling
Gingery-brown wings and talons send the nearby sand all aflurry as this medium-sized hatchling staggers forth. He's smooth-muscled like new gingerroot, and colored that same golden brown, with a decided true-gold sheen to the underside of his broad wingsails and along his supple sides. Most importantly, though, is the spicy demeanor that backs all that up, evident in the quirk of his tail, the proud arch of his neck, and the intrepid swirl of his seeking, demanding gaze. In fact, he just might be too mettlesome for his own good…

Kairoth's name comes from 'Cairo' — strong, but interesting. It has a nice feel in the mouth, I think, when you say it. :)

He's medium-sized as a hatchling, but might well grow very large indeed (though the larger he's going to get, the more klutzy he'll be until he gains his full size). He's a sort of knobbly golden brown, with a golden sheen to the underside of his wings and along the sides: wide-winged and high-spirited and entirely too mettlesome for his own good. Intrepid, in fact. He also gets itchy behind where his limbs meet his body. He's quirky, proud, and likes to investigate things (and occasionally falls in over his head… ulp). In short, he can take you wherever you want to go.


R'ban & Adroit Blue Rhaith from the Tempered Egg
Tempered Egg
Smoky shades of orange and sienna and blackened brown intermix unevenly with each other on the surface of this large egg. Its shadowy colours give the impression of an egg of clay left to harden not in the kiln but in the forge, burnt by heat hot enough to melt metal and yet somehow enduring. Even the occasional whitish patch is grayed as if with soot, but the clean arc of its shell is smooth and unblistered. No cool blue or green is present here, and yet no sweltering red; the orangish shades that prevail are, oddly, tempered rather than sultry.

Tempered Egg tumbles to pieces as its hatchling tosses his way free with a triumphant air, snorting with obvious pleasure.

Adroit Blue Hatchling
No blue was present on the shell of this lad's egg, no doubt because all the color was needed for this brilliant sapphire shade of this large dragonet, reminiscent of the stone in a Craftmaster's official badge. Clean and cool as if it'd been insulated from the hot fires of the sands, the bright color accentuates the graceful lines of his sinewy body, and no markings detract from the pure expanse of shimmery blue. He stumbles like the rest of his new-hatched siblings but, undaunted, gets back up again with nimble ease and a light in his eye that says he'll know what to do the next time!

Rhaith's name is kinda-like wraith, but with the 'h', it has a stronger feel to it than that. Ch'rron named him, and Tarinda thought up the desc. :) Nice and strong. He was put into the tempered egg because, well, you liked it; and because the tempered has to do with your worries over the past few days. :) Physically, he's a large blue, a brilliant sapphire color like the stone in a Craftmaster's badge. He's adroit: sinewy and solid, and (after the first while of getting used to things) is quick on his feet — and wings! Though he'll be slower to get completely dexterous than some of the greens, he'll be doing wonderfully while the larger dragons are still klutzes, and will suavely demonstrate that fact. As he ages, he might develop cloudy dapplings along his neck and hindquarters, and you'll find that he gets itchy easily there, too. The color change won't be from any skin-problem, but you can feel free to worry that that's the case. >:)

He's very close to you, and doesn't like to let you get far away — anyone who's talking to you, had better talk to him too. You'll find that he's stable, resourceful and shrewd, with an ever-present sense of humor that will let him see the light side in any mistake — after the first shock of it, of course — even as he tries to repair it. He also likes rough-housing with you and his clutchmates (and even might try to take on a full-sized dragon if they're being friendly!) although he's exceedingly gentle with the more delicate hatchlings. He's very devoted to you, and to the Weyr.

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