K'rin's Animated Armoured Brown Astath

From: Sunken Realm Egg
Sunlit aquamarine tops this watery ovoid, colour seeping basewards in ever darkening ripples to tease the green frond-like tendrils that snake over the shells base. Peeping out from between the fronds, barely visible at scant glance, are the soaring minarets and towering spires of a once great city, now lying hidden from view in its undersea refuge.

Hatching Message: Sunken Realm Egg shudders, the lifeform driven earthquake shaking the tendrils at its base and sending a tidal wave of eggshell spilling out over the sands, an Animated Armoured Brown Dragonet left dripping in its wake.

Hatchling Name: Animated Armoured Brown Dragonet

Hatchling Description: A band of deep chestnut binds great eyes to their beige home, proudly held head sloping backwards following the line of his poised neck. Tanned shoulders meld into a long straight back and tail, and down into powerful legs, the already pale colour lightening further into frost touched claws. Great wings are held proud and high as if rigidly affixed to his back by their rose touched wingspars, their delicate sails interlaced with spinnerwebs of silver across their almost transparent creamy length.

Impression Message:
Cold metal tendrils begin to worm their way into your mind, seeking, searching, until connection is made. A burst of snowflaked static flashes, momentarily blanking out the sights and sounds of the sands as a deep bass boom announces another s presence. »Will you entrust me with that burning heart of yours?«

Why Astath? Asta means Boom in Italian. Yes, your Astath is a Boomer, although only in name and voice. The rest of him is a mish-mash of the Knight Sabers, but then again there s always been that little bit of doubt about Sylia.

If you were to describe Astath in a word, headstrong would quite probably be that word. He has ideas and nothing will stop him from pursuing them be it a will to fly early or a plan to prove himself the best in the weyrling drills. He has a good brain and is highly intelligent, although still cursed with the usual forgetfulness that plagues all dragons, though not as badly cursed as some at the weyr. That intelligence could possible get him into trouble however as he tries to push forward his idea to roll the oil barrels a little closer to the door and the others will not help, or whatever his latest scheme for the greater good is.

If people don t listen to him he has a slight tendency to feel under appreciated and may even sulk for a while. As for grudges, he holds them, for a long time. After a while his forgetfulness will kick in and he ll forget, but till that happens he ll complain bitterly about whoever has most recently upset him and his plans to get them back. He has quite a hot temper in him so grudges can and will come thick and fast, but will burn out again just as quickly, thankfully.

Like his clutchbrother Maialeth, Astath has moments of extreme lechery, although unlike his brother he does not actively seek out women to ogle. If one happens past that he happens to notice has nice haunches, tail, or is just female really then he ll break off from whatever he is doing momentarily to have a good stare, but if she notices him he ll go instantly back to what he was doing before and deny it ever happened.

When it comes to women Astath may well have a good gawk at as many as possible but he s picky when it comes to having any sort of relationship with them. Although he ll take great joy in flying in as many flights as he can, he may not always be the winner simply because he s not sure about the female in question. If he does latch onto one in particular he ll give her everything he can and quite happily snuggle till something goes wrong or not to his liking and he ends up nursing a broken heart for a while.

Flight is where your lifemate excels, he s practically a dancer in the air and will quite happily try some of the acrobatic manoeuvres of his smaller clutch-siblings accompanied by his own rock soundtrack of thoughts. When it comes to drills and the Spring Games, his intelligence comes to the fore. He s a tactical genius when it comes to flying thread in the practice falls. He ll quite happily organise things in his wing so that every last bit of thread is scorched at exactly the right moment with the least number of casualties, real or otherwise. Don t be surprised if this talent is noted by the wingleaders and used as much as possible (specially at the games).

Should you ever find yourself in a position of power, such as wingleader another side of your Astath will come out that no one would really think lurks in there. He has a touch of the mother hen about him that he has taken from his Dam, Edysanth. He ll fuss over the rest of the wing and generally mother them to distraction, but its all done with a good heart. The same goes for any children he may sire, he ll always be there in the background ready to add in his own little though and prod them in the direction he thinks they should be going in, even when they re getting quite old.

Astath loves his headband (the stripe around his eyes), he ll always insist on it looking perfect for everything, the slightest dirty spot resulting in yet another cleaning and oiling for that particular bit of him. Not the rest of him at the same time, generally the rest of him in his opinion is fine, but his headband must be perfect.

He tends to hold his wings rigid, as if they were made out of something solid. Unfortunately, although this makes him look good, it does tend to give him a little bit of wing-ache at the end of the day. Couple that with an incredible itch at the base of one of those huge wings and you re likely to have a very grumpy dragon on your hands. And those itches are likely to come often as he tries to keep everything perfectly in line.

His mindvoice has a tendency to boom like a cannon in times of great happiness like when he first found you on the sands, its colours of speckled whites, silvers and greys being rather unbalancing at first like staring at a thick snowstorm or static. In times of sorrow or upset, his colours darken tending more towards blacks, dark blues and royal purples, but the bass notes of his voice do not get louder, quite the opposite, they fade away to a dull murmur which can occasionally be hard to pick up on. His mindscent pulls on an Eastern theme. Delicate strains of coconut and bamboo mixed with ginger and green tea accompany his normal waking thoughts, a hint of sake making its presence known when sleep begins to take over. In moments of anger his scent turns more towards vinegar, sharp and acidic against the back of your mind and very hard not to notice.


Egg - S'naid
Messages: S'naid
Name: S'naid
Description: S'naid
Inspiration: S'naid & Dessa
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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