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Galleries (#881J)
Level upon tiered level of hard stone seats, best cushioned for comfort if
one is to stay long, arc in spacious, showy display — all the better for
viewing other spectators, as well as the heated sands so far below. Though
centuries-old pillars suspend these galleries high in the air, the mammoth
cavern's peak extends dragonlengths higher yet, the grey rock lending an
illusion of clouded, nighttime skies that's only enhanced by the
constellations of living, growing glows and the intense, perspective-warping
Broad staircases spiral downward to the floor of the cavern, the middle of
each step indented by generations of treading feet; a narrow walkway circles
northeast towards the dragons' ledges.
You see vtol, SharMarali, Nevarran, Smaug, and Phoebe here.
Ostyn, Ehricha, Bryanne, N'tol, and Kylandra are here.
Obvious exits:
STairs LEdges
* Welcome to Fort Weyr's galleries! You may 'look on sands' or 'look on
ledge', or even 'look <object> on sands' or 'look <object> on ledge. *

Sh'lin walks in.

Bryanne drags N'tol along to a seat at the railing. "I've got to be able to
see Renna." she offers in explanation.

Sh'lin coaxes to SharMarali, who flies over and gracefully lands… on her head.

Ostyn has disconnected.

Kauri walks in.

Mersala walks in.

Kyrie walks in.

N'tol grins at Bryanne as he follows her. "I understand Bryanne," he replies
as he takes a seat beside her.

Mersala smiles and waves at Kylandra

T'lon walks in.

Tayla walks in.

Kylandra grins over at Mersala and takes a seat next to her.

Mersala sits down next to Kylandra and looks around.

Ehricha says, "Hello, everyone."

Kitari appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Z'mm walks in.

Tayla scrambles over from the ledges where she really did leave Goth and
glances around for a seat.

Kauri takes a seat a bit away from everyone to watch the show.

Bryanne throws a smile at the new weaver, "Hello."

Morcego walks in.

Ehricha smiles and takes a seat.

Ina walks in.

Mersala smiles and makes herself comfortable.

Kitari nods shyly to all the people, and finds a seat a bit away from the
crowd, not really used to them much.

N'tol smiles and leans closer to Bryanne. "What is it about this weyr and weavers?"

Z'mm takes a seat, giving a quick nod to his mount atop the ledges. Then
his attention is caught by the eggs - those whic arall are assemebled to see.

Peya walks in.

Jatherran appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Ehricha says, "Jath, over here!"

Tayla tosses her fello Phoenix a wave and a grin as she finds a seat. Peya
gets antoher wave even though she's a Grif. After all, Istan's Istan.

Ehricha reveals a seat she'd been saving for Jatherran.

Millae appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Milo chitters excitedly.

Jatherran spies Kyla, tossing her a wave and a grin, and then moves over by
Ehricha. "Hey there." He takes a seat, leaning forward to get a good view
of the sands.

Ina swishes past the various arrivals, giving Peya a playful nudge with her
hip as she passes by only to drape herself over a nearby seat.

Ehricha says, "This is exciting."

On the sands, B'nal walks in from the entrance.
On the sands, B'nal drops Mirand.

Millae has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Kylandra looks around eyes wide, she says to Mersala, "There are tons of
people here!"

Nicki walks in.

On the sands, B'nal gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Bryanne takes her eyes off the sands long enough to tickle her mate. "I'm
not sure, but no one's complained yet but Jaldek and Slaine..they hate
loosing weavers over here."

Peya grins at Tayla, waving back, then moves to take a casual seat next to T'lon.

Mersala nods "I know…I've never been to a hatching before…"

Kyrie heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.

Jatherran grins at Ehricha. "Yes.. I've never attended one of these things

Kyrie approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Tr'vyn walks in.

N'tol grins and playfully bats at Bryanne's hand. "We may have to move the
Crafthall here at this rate," he winks.

Lysalla walks in.

Ehricha says, "Me, neither. It's excting."

Bryanne looks mortified. "And loose my favorite beach? Not likely!"

Lysalla climbs up the stairs right behind Tr'vyn, glancing over the crowd,
face alight with excitement.

Sleepy_Guest walks in.

Peya waves at Lysalla, grinning widely.

Kylandra waves to Lysalla, "Hi! Over here!"

Tr'vyn takes the stairs two at a time, skipping to a stop before eyeing the
available seats..

Morcego has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Mersala smiles at Lysalla and waves as well.

Ehricha turns to Jatherran. "Ostyn has talked about you, too."

Kyrie heads straight for the Ista cadre, face set in the smoother cuts of
pleasure. "/Peya./ How goes it? Hey, all."

Tayla glances over the eggs before turning to study the crowd, waving to
Kyrie, displaced Istan that she is.

Morcego appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Lysalla waves to Kylandra, smiling widely. "Hello there!" She waves to both
Kylandra and Mersala, but heads toward Peya.

Morcego has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Jatherran grins, raising an eyebrow. "Oh? I hope it was flattering." He
winks at her.

Ehricha waves at everyone.

N'tol grins faintly and nods. "Maybe we should move the beach here as
well," he jests.

Ehricha says, "Oh, everything about Ostyn is flattering."

Lysalla plops herself right beside Peya, grabbing the other rider's arm.
"Doesn't it bring back /memories/?"

Ehricha grins.

Cylina walks in.

OOC: Ehricha says "Do female riders abbreviate their names?"
OOC: Sh'lin says "Here, yes."

Kyrie squirms her way into the space (is there any? There is now) between
Istan bodies, announcing belatedly: "I'm sitting here. Mind? No? Oh, that's
nice. How goes it with you at Ista?"

OOC: T'lon says "..sometimes…"
OOC: Ehricha nods. Oh, okay.

Mersala nudges Kylandra "I've never seen soo many people in one place before.

Cylina bounces in from the ledge, waving to everyone she knows. "Tayla!
Peya!" Pause. "Kyrie!"

Tr'vyn tags along behind Lys.. though his attention isn't exactly on where
his feet are heading.. He staggers to a stop just before plowing into some
really large Holder-type, mutters a 'scuse me', then plops down on the other
side of Lys, "Hiya Peya.."

OOC: Jatherran says "but not all of them :)"

Peya grins back at Kyrie, distracted by people all around. "HI!" chuckling
at Lysalla, she nods, agreeing. "Oh, it does. Other sands of course,

Ehricha turns to Jatherran again. "Where are you living now?"

Z'mm eyes the gathering grcroud curiously, searching for those faces he does
in fact recognize. Nodding a greeting to his friends, he turns back toward
the hatching grounds, calmly waiting.

Tayla waves to ehr sister, "Hey there, Your first hatching as a rider!"

Kylandra grins at Mersala, "And more keep coming in!"

Ehricha says, "It's time."

Lysalla grins over at Trev, patting his knee. "And to think, last time it
was you and Jeroth." A broad grin hits the bronzerider.

Jatherran leans towards Ehricha, struggling to hear and be heard over the
rising babble of the crowd. "Living? Oh, at Ista Hold. Lady Kamala
installed me as her Assistant Steward, so I've been spending a lot of time
learning all about Hold management.." A mock-sigh accompanies this, to show
how wearying his duties must be.

Akira appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Mersala nods as she strains to hear Kylandra over the other conversations.

Cylina shoves her way over to Tay. "Oh, excuse me. Pardon me. Move it!"
She nudges a few people off the bench and grabs a seat next to her sister,
grining as she looks at the eggs. "What a great feeling."

"/Second/," Kyrie quips slyly. "Once she wasn't when she started, you know.
— I /hate/ hatchings. Shut up, Moirai'."

On the sands, Ashtoreth shifts her weight, wings flaring as she settles back
a bit. Tremors rock their clutch.

Sonya walks in.

Tr'vyn meets Lys' grin with one of his own, "Yeah.. What a day 'that' was..
Those sands give new meaning to the word 'hot!'."

Jatherran glances sharply towards the sands as the eggs make tiny movements.
He points at one, then another, murming a commentary to Ehricha.

Peya grins at Tr'vyn. "H'llo. Different from up here, isn't it?"

Tayla chuckles and nods, at her sister with as much of a hug as the crush
allows. Winking emeralds glance at Kyrie but in usual rider fashion knowing
that the comments were not meant for her.

Tr'vyn doesn't mention 'drafty', though he winces at the Phoebe flashback.

Kyrie spontaneously generates affection. "/Cylina!/" she cries with delight.
Did she notice the other greenrider before? Yes. Did it register? Yes. Does
this make the greeting any less sincere? No. "How're you /doing/?"

Ehricha leans over to Jatherran, so she's practically shouting in his ear to
be heard. "I was apprenticed at weavercraft hall just yesterday. I haven't
even gotten my own room yet." She chuckled dryly.

Jatherran nods approvingly. "That's great! So do you know Renna? She's a
weaver as well."

Ehricha wonders out loud, "Is someone going to announce the hatching and
make us all shut up?"

Ostyn has connected.

Mersala grins

Cylina laughs and waves to Kyrie, eyes twinkling, "Oh just wonderful!
Especially now that you have been so kind as to greet me. I feel so

Kessaly walks in.

Lysalla chuckles at Trev. "I mostly remember Jeroth having to grab at those
green undershorts of yours to get your attention."

Ehricha watches the eggs that Jatherran has pointed out and trying
desperatly to hear him over the noise.

Sonya considers spontaneously combusting but decides to sit instead.
Anywhere, somewhere, right /where/. Muttered; "Just knew this was a bad day
to visit the weyr.". But excitement makes her motions quick and eyes keep
creeping towards the sands… and the eggs.

Ostyn shoulders his way over to Jatherran and Ehricha, grinning from ear to ear.

Merf walks in.

Jatherran waves to Ostyn. "Hey! We have a seat for you."

Ostyn plonks himself down next to Ehricha. "Hi, guys. Lots of people
here…" He frowns a bit.

Ehricha says, "Hi, Ostyn."

Lysalla has disconnected.

T'lon turns. There's .Peya. "Peya!" He brightens. And near T'lon, too. "Hi!"

Tayla chuckles and glances back at the sands, craning her neck to see if the
candidates have appeared yet. Kyrie gets another grin, "So how's life
around here?"

Kylandra glances at Ashtoreth, smiling she nudges Mersala, "I wonder if we
are making her nervous."

Adelaide walks in.

Llyssa walks in.

Kessaly walks in, a picnic basket on her arm, a wineskin in the other hand,
and a bit of a scowl on her face.

Nicki smiles at Akira, as she scans the area for a nearby seat.

Mellana walks in.

Analinia walks in.

Mersala waves at Adelaide, and motions for her to take a seat :)

Lysalla has connected.

Ostyn turns to his friend and cousin. "I think I'm going to forego this one.
It's too crowded here.

Kylandra blushes as she sees a certain green rider, hunching down in her seat.

Akira glances around to see who is here already, and then settles into an
empty spot.

Mersala grins at Kylandra…hmm..I have no idea :)

Ostyn has disconnected.

Peya chuckles. "Hi, stranger. Haven't seen you in a while. Exciting, isn't it?"

Lysalla waves to her sister, Kessaly. "Hey Kessie."

Mersala waves at Mell, hi!! :)

Akira tosses a wave Nicki's way.

Mersala looks at Kylandra…green rider…huh??…

Jatherran darts a knowing glance at Kyla and smirks quietly, then turns back
to Ostyn and Ehrica.

Allegria walks in.

Charlton walks in.

Mersala wonders which green rider Kylandra meant…

Ehricha waves to Mellana. "Over here! You can have Ostyn's seat."

"/Wonderful/," Kyrie thrills. "It's so stress-free, and quiet, and…T'san
hates it, you know. I think he's actually sulking in the cavern. Staying away
from Fortians. He claims that they're all slightly mad."

Kylandra smiles somewhat sickly at Mersala.
Kylandra waves at the MasterHarper and Allegria.

Kitari waves to her fellow harpers.

Z'mm pats the area next to him, noticing Nicki's search.

Tr'vyn nods to the point of whiplash to Peya's comment.. "No doubt. Cooler too."

Lysalla waves at Charlton. "Hello, Charlton! Tis good to see you."

Charlton strides in, all eagerness and enthusiasm. "It happens now!" He
finds a seat, waving to riders, harpers, healers, and all. "Hello, hello,
hello." <Effusive smile>

Mellana waves to Mersalla

Tr'vyn actually blushes at Lys' comment, though he fans himself as a cover..
"Ummm yeah, warm in here, no? Must be all the people." Yeah, that'll work.

Mersala raises her eyebrows at Kylandra…hmmm…

Nicki smile at Z'mm as she walks over towards him and sits next to him,
"Hello, there!"

Tayla grins and wiggels her eyebrows a bit as she looks aroudn at the
Fortians, "He may be right you know…"

"Yeah," T'lon replies quietly, well aware that .one. of those candidates
that're going to walk in has the butt patch to T'lon's candidate robe.

Lynda walks in.

Kauri has disconnected.

Mersala waves at Lynda!

Allegria looks up, sighting her Master. "Greetings, Master Charlton. I
made it back in one piece."

Z'mm grins toward Nicki, welcoming her. "How goes?"

Kessaly whaps a brownrider grumpily as he makes a grab for her wineskin, and
tromps over to her sister, using her butt as an effective people mover. "We
were supposed to go on a /picnic/."

Tayla waves at Charlton with an evil grin but minds her manners for once,
being infront of most of Pern and all.

Llyssa grins up at Lynda, "Hita!"

Ehricha waves to Lynda. "Hi!"

Merf scrambles up the stairs, grouchy and curious, and finds herself a seat.
No Vil. No Zelo.

Nicki chuckles softly, "Well, although I seem to have stumbled upon a piile
of eggs in an…unusual place. And you?"

OOC: Llyssa says "Er, Hiya!"

Oh great, oh joy. Charlton's here as well. Badday, badbad — OOo, look,
motion! Sonya divides her attention between Harper and Sands and ends up
looking rather odd, which is fine, because everyone else does as well.

Ehricha calls out to Llyssa, "Ostyn wanted me to tell you 'hi'."

Kylandra waves up at Merf.."Hiya!"

Peya nods, also quieting a bit. "Not sure I've had quite as much interest
in a Hatching since Enlith's."

Mellana sits next to Kylandtra. Hi

Kylandra smiles at Mellana, "Hi, glad you made it!"

Above the sands, Phelth flies in from the Bowl.

Ehricha says to Jatherran, "I'm not having as much fun here as I thought I
would…" But she's smiling.

Z'mm qutestions, "You mean besides the ones on the sands?" He smirks.

Sh'lin walks out.

Mellana waves at the Masterharper.

Charlton squeezes in beside riders-who-are-formerly-harpers, this once,
indulging himself, and becomes all intent.

Llyssa smiles to herself, "Well, tell him 'hi' back, ir f you see him before me."

On the sands, Ariana steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Nicki nods to Z"mm and leans over to him whispering, "Seems like all of my
ladies decided to do something odd. And clutch all in my living area."

Kyrie is already distracted by the activity around her, not to mention the
constant chatter that inevitably accompanies her every mood. "No comment,

Kylandra smiles as she sees Ariana, waving.

Above the sands, Phelth wings down to the ledge.

Lysalla watches the bronzerider besider her blush, chuckling lightly. "Trev,
that color suits you well."

Bryanne tugs on N'tol's arm. "I just can't stand it.. I can't see Renna and
Zelo yet. I'm almost as excited as when you impressed, love."

Ehricha says to Llyssa, "He was here a little while ago, but he said he
would forego this one, too many people."

OOC: Charlton is mostly idle, and apologizes for not waving back to all of you.

Akira glances over towards the MasterHarper and says, "I hope you enjoyed
the gift."

Barent walks in.

Jatherran leans forward, pointing out the Weyrwoman to Ehricha.

Lynda says, "Hi"

N'tol smiles and rests a hand on Bryanne's. "They will be out shortly, Bryanne…"

Llyssa nods, "I don't blame him…but miss a hatching? I could never do it."

Lynda says, "I can't wait, "

Jatherran waits impatiently for a view of the Candidates. "Ista Hold's got
a candidate here as well," he says proudly.

Lynda says, "This should be fun."

Charlton nods to Akira, happily. "It was very soothing, Akira—thanks
awfully. Can't tell you what it meant."

Cylina studies the eggs closely, her eyes travelling to the entrance,
waiting for the candidates to appear, remembering the nerves that must be
going on in the barracks.

On the sands, Arien walks in from the entrance.

Kessaly moodily pulls out a roasted wherry haunch and takes a big chomp.
She points at her basket. "Want any, Lyssie? There's plenty."

Kylandra smiles at Lynda, "It should be soon.."

Tr'vyn leans a bit forward as Ariana crosses the sands.. but he still hears
Lys' remark and he fans his face a bit faster, "Umm.. Sunning with Jeroth on
the ledge, see. Its umm.. a wind-burn, yeah..*cough* So like, how've you been

Lynda smiles and is excited about this grand event.

Mersala nods

Akira smiles and then relaxes in her chair to quietly watch the impending chaos.

Serafina blinks in from ::between::!

Tayla nods at that appearance of the weyrwomen and setles in for the show,
as much as anyone can settle in his crush.

Allegria strains to get a better view of the sands, searching for her friends.

Lynda smiles at Llssa soon
Lynda sits besides Llyssa

Llyssa whistles softly to Serafina, who warbles to her pet and settles
herself on her shoulder, wrapping her tail around her neck.
Llyssa looks over to Lynda, "If wishes were runners…"

Kethren walks in.

Daeham walks in.

Lysalla settles back in her seat, grabbing a bite to eat from the basket at
her other side. Feeling nearly giddy, she decides to keep teasing Tr'vyn for
a while longer. "Ah, sunning I see. Becareful not to get a sun burn, Trev.
Wouldn't want to harm such a handsome visage."

Lynda smiles at the beautiful green

Milo chitters to all the humans.

Kylandra waves at the pregnant lady on the stairs.."Hiya Kethren!"

Bryanne gives another tug on N'tol's arm. "Ariana and Arien are
here…shouldn't be long." as she struggles hard to contain her excitement.

Lynda smiles "There would be too many of them"

Mersala smiles and waves at Kethren.

Adelaide has disconnected.

Lynda smiles at Milo

Mellana waves at milo.

Peya nods back at T'lon, then leans forward to get her first good look at
the sands.

Milo spots Lynda and lets out a shriek of absolute delight.

Cylina turns her attention from the eggs at the sound of Keth's name.
"Kethren! Hi!"

T'lon walks out.

Lynda giggles

On the sands, Arien emerges as burnished gold lands with umbered bronze upon
the ledges, taking up her place near the edge of the sand to give sire and
dam more than plenty of room; she sketches a smile for Ariana that doesn't
require reply, the other weyrwoman having her own preoccupations, and glances
briefly to the galleries.

from the excitement.

Tayla glances up at the stairs and waves at Kethren, a little surprised to
see her out and about, "Hi Keth!"

Above the sands, Gaelth flies in from the Bowl.

Lynda smiles at Serafina

Ehricha says, "Hey Lynda and Mellana, do you want Milo for a while? He
keeps trying to squirm out of my arms to you."

Lysalla lifts a hand to wave at Kethren, smiling.

N'tol smiles and gives Bryanne's hand a squeeze. "No should be at all," he
murmrus, peerign out across teh sands.

Kethren waddels in, being the pregnant lady in question, and very pregnant
at that. She smiles to the apprentice and waves, as she waddes towards a
seat. "Heyla." (***OOC warning. Am lagginh, and sharinga keyboard with Mr.
Daeham over there.*)

Mellana says, "shure"

Kylandra grins widely, soaking everything in.

Lynda smiles "sure, why not?"

Above the sands, Gaelth wings down to the ledge.

Tr'vyn just 'gahs' and nearly strains himself clearing his throat. After a
hard swallow he turns towards Lys and sputters, "Well umm.. I uhhh.. errr.."

Kessaly waves a very tasty looking sandwich Trev's way. "Why are so red,
Trev? Have a sammich."

Ehricha says to Jatherran, "Save my seat." She places Milo on her shoulder
and elbows her way over to Mellana and Lynda. Nearing them, the little
critter jumps from her shoulder into Lynda's lap, chittering happily.

Phoebe suddenly disappears ::between::!

Allegria searches about, and wiggles her way to a spot by Kylandra. "Hi there…"

Lynda strokes Milo

Lysalla watches Trev, amazed and delighted at the sign of a Trev's continued
blushing. Hmmm, usually it's she's that blushing. This is fun! With that,
she winks at Trev.

Jatherran grins and turns to the side, stretching his legs out across the
seat to reserve it.

Mellana says, "Hi Alle!"

Ehricha says to Lynda, "Don't let him lose his marble, he carries it with
him everywhere.

Daeham walks down trying to get a good look at the sands, Thank Faranth he's
as tall as he is or he wouldn't have a chance.

Rafier walks in.

Kylandra smiles at the Harper, "Hiya..glad you made it back from Ista for this!"

Tr'vyn sighs with relief and accepts the sandwich, muttering something about
'wind-burn' but stuffs the thing in his mouth before he can dig himself a
deeper hole..

Jatherran waves to Allegria, but doesn't bother trying to shout a hello,
since she wouldn't be able to hear him anyway.

Lynda smiles to Llyssa, "I know."

Allegria grins, and waves at the new apprentice. "Hello there, Mell. Yeah,
I just barely made it in time." She waves hello to Jatherran

Lynda smiles to milo "Don't even think of loosing your marbles."

Peya peers at Tr'vyn over Lysalla's shoulder. "You always that pink,
Tr'vyn?" shse asks, all innocence.

Ehricha waves to Lynda and Mellana and begins the arduous trek back to her
seat. She trips over legs and steps on feet a few times, but makes it back
only a little worse for wear.

Kylandra scoots over, "Have a seat, I'll make room." she says to Allegria.

Mellana says, "Hi…"

Kessaly pokes her sister in the ribs and waves the wineskin. "Benden white,
and I have to take Harry to visit his cousins, so drink up." A meatroll
goes into her mouth. "Ish preddy good, I hash some."

Lysalla chews on her own sandwich, chuckling around the bite. "Looks good on
him, doesn't it Peya," she comments upon swallowing down the food.

Lynda says, "Hello"

Daeham spots Charlton over a vast array of heads and grins and waves.

Mellana says, "I'm glasd you noticed my knot…."

Milo settles himself in Lynda's lap and sighs as only a critter can.

Kylandra grins looking over the sands, "I'm so excited! I hope all goes well
for Nefra and Zelo!"

Athos walks in.

Tr'vyn chokes on the sandwich. Through his gagging he blinks innocently at
Peya.. "Mama tolf me neffur ta talk wiff my mouff full."

Lysalla ooos! delightedly and takes the offered wineskin. "Mmmm, Benden."

Kylandra is letting her craft colors show!

Mellana says, "I'm glad you noticed the knot…."

Lynda contiues to stroke the adorable little critter

Ehricha says to Jatherran, "I wonder when we'll begin."

Kyrie has disconnected.

Peya nods at Lys. "A very good color for him." She winks at Tr'vyn.
"Suits him well."

Ehricha adjusts her knot so it doesn't poker her in the side anymore.

Jatherran shrugs uncertainly. "I haven't the slightest." He grins.

Mersala focuses on the eggs on the sand, almost oblivious to the
conversations going on around her.

Kessaly frowns slightly, and runs her hands along the soft film of her
dress. "So much for Ryka." She shoves her curls back, and takes a large
swallow of wine.

Mellana waves to Athos.

Milo looks at Lynda with adoration in her eyes.

Llyssa reaches up to absently scritch Serafina, her eyes on the sands below.

Lynda smiles "Mellana come over and sit by me"

On the sands, Auroraed Lake Egg quivers, bright colors merging and blurring

Above the sands, Rosalth flies in from the Bowl.

Ehricha says to Jatherran, "Did you see that? One of the eggs moved."

Kylandra gasps, "Look…" she points at the moving egg.

Rafier has disconnected.

Llyssa gasps.

Allegria blinks, and focuses on the egg, nudging Kylandra. "Watch it…"

Jatherran nudges Ehrica. "Look there.. it's moving." He looks entranced by
the tiny wriggling motion.

Adelaide has connected.

Milo senses the sudden tension in the air and sits up.

Mersala nods at Kylandra moved….

Cylina starts as the egg moves, leaning forward, nudging her sister. "Look,
Tay. It's starting." No candidates yet.. "Or soon anyway."

Lynda scritches Milo

Mellana gasps…

Kyrie has connected.

Athos has disconnected.

Mellana runs and sits by lynda. Oooooohhhh.

Tayla peers at the sands andthe moving egg, consulting with some inner voice
before nodding in satisfaction.

Tr'vyn finally swallows back the sandwich, pondering the intelligence of
sitting among females. He shrugs a shoulder and fixes /the/ hair with all the
macho male attitude he can muster.. "Oh look, an egg moved." There. That
oughta hold 'em for a minute.

Ehricha nods. "I saw. This is even more exciting than a firelizard
hatching. Sort of."

Milo decides it's nothing and settles back onto Lynda's lap, playing with
his silver marble.

Lynda smiles "It's's moving" as she nudges Llyssa

Kylandra bounces restlessly on her seat. "I hope it starts soon!"

Tayla grinsa t her sister, "Does it all seem a bit different from up here?"

Mellana scratches Milo…hey little one.

Movement on the sands captures Daeham's attention, was the movement of an
egg? Much larger than he had bee led to believe.

Lynda stares omnto the sands

Mersala smiles, "so do I"

Ehricha says, "Well, it's been a half-hour. If they don't start in another
few minutes, I'm outta here."

On the sands, Ryka walks in from the entrance.

Jatherran says, "Sort of?" He peers out at the eggs resting on the sands,
their size dwarfing any concept of an fl egg."

On the sands, M'ryn walks in.

Lynda giggles

Milo croons at lifts his chin for Mellana to scratch. Aah. Humans. I've
got 'em wrapped arund my finger.

Llyssa whispers something to Serafina, who chirps back and wings off her shoulder.

Cylina grins at Tayla briefly, before turning back to the eggs. "Much less
nerve racking."

Ehricha says, "Okay, i take it back."

Bryanne leans forward over the railing, trying always for the better view of
the eggs. "N'tol..they're'll be soon." nattering away.. like he
can't see this for himself.

Lady blinks in from ::between::!

Ehricha laughs.

Lynda beams with excitement "Gosh they're beautiful!"

Charlton glances at the various harpers and harper riders in the sands,
wondering what this night will bring for the Harpers on the sands. Soon the
rocking eggs will tell.

On the sands, Khyranth adds his voice, the deep bass hum throbbing through
the chorus that rises in the cavern and echoing off the walls.
On the sands, Ryka makes a short bow towards Ashtorethand her lifemate,
smiling slightly before rising and waving to Kessaly as she moves to the

Loki chitters at all the noise. Come on eggies, hatch…he croons.

N'tol grins broadly as he watches the eggs move. "We sall see how these
youngsetrs fare then…"

Lynda giggles at Lo9li's impatience

Link walks in.

Lysalla smoothes a wrinkle from the silkly sisal of her own dress, leaning
far forward as the Weyrlingmaster and Weyrleader step onto the sands. "Ahh..
sooon." She nudges Trev lightly, still grinning.

Mellana sits uop at teh croons…..

Serafina hums softly, encouraging the little eggies…wasn't too long ago
she hatched…she remember…

Peya nods down at the sands. "There's Ryka. They should be moving the
candidates out soon." She watches for a moment to see if Zelo…or any of
the others…appears.

Kethren settles deeper into her bench with a rather large grimace.
"Movement." Good. Maybe they'll get done sson, so she can find a more
comfortable place to settled her swelled belly. Benches arn't that
comfortable. "Where are the Candidates?" Testy tesy, isn't see? But, hey,
if you were this pregnant, you'd be teasty too.

Mersala smiles and waves at Link.

Kessaly roots through her basket. "Bubbly, anyone?" She wrinkles her nose.
"I also have some more wherry…" She waves a bubbly back at her weyrmate
distractedly, "…Yes, yes, hi Ryka…" she pulls out the prize. "Ooooh.
Mango." And down the hatch it goes.

Tr'vyn grins, Another weapon.. "Oh look Kess, there's Ryka." When no one is
looking, he touches his face to test for its heat index.

Loki raises himself to his back legs, balancing on Kyla's shoulder, he joins
in with the chorus.

Mave blinks in from ::between::, he chirples happily when he sees you.

Above the sands, Rosalth wings down to the ledge.

Mystic appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Ehricha blushes when she sees Link.

Mave flies down and lands on Lynba's shoulder.

Ehricha beckons to Mave.

Kyrie has disconnected.

Ehricha says, "Hey, Mystic! Over here!""

Lynda scritches Maevs eye ridges

Freya chirrups softly as she blinks in from ::between:: bringing a small
burst of cold air with her.

Llyssa glances at Lynda, "You sure are lucky with lizards tonight!:)"

Jatherran notes Ehricha's blush and glances towards Link. He waves
casually, but seems curious as to the origin of the blush.

On the sands, Tarin steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

OOC: Lysalla asks politely if FL activity can be cut to a minimum? Cuts
down on system lag. Thanks.

Mellana looks at the little lizard…hey.

On the sands, Renna steps onto the Sands and finds a place.
On the sands, Joran steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Tr'vyn fidgets his bottom on the bench, easing a wee bit closer to the
railing.. "Here they come!"

Mystic says, "who did i miss?"

Ehricha glances at Jatherran out of the corner of her eye.

On the sands, Thaddea steps onto the Sands and finds a place.
On the sands, Aldor steps onto the Sands and finds a place.
On the sands, Nefra steps onto the Sands and finds a place.
On the sands, Vilrayn steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Lysalla cheers as the candidates finally appear, peering over the crowd.

On the sands, Zelo steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Mellana looks intently at the eggs and candidates…..soon.

On the sands, Poppy steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Daeham lifts up on his toes trying to get a better look at the white clad
candidates carefully stepping thier way accross the sands.

Bryanne almost jumps out of her seat as the candidates file in. Another tug
on N'tol's arm for good measure punctuates her oohs and ahhs at the robes.

Lynda whispers "Go Harpers"

On the sands, Kethlai steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Kessaly points a finger at Tarin. "Imbri Searched her. She'll impress."
This is said with utter confidence. She glances over at her sister. "Oh,
Lyssie, how gorgeous? When did you get that?"

T'nar walks in.

On the sands, B'nal steps onto the Sands and finds a place.
On the sands, Sh'lin steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Mersala grins at Lynda "go Healers and Harpers :)"

Cylina jabs Tayla hard, grinning. "Look!! They're here!" She bounces up.
"Go Aldor! Go Zelo!"

On the sands, A cross-hatched blue egg wobbles fitfully, like a person slow
to wake.

Mave croons in Lynda's ear.

N'tol watches the procession out onto the sands with a soft smile, squeezing
at Bryanne's hand.

Peya catches sight of Kethren in the crowd, and wonders idly how she managed
to miss hearing about that pregnancy.

Kethren rocks out of her seat… and yes, it is a rock, and a heave. She
peers over then heads, ignoring her view blocking bulk. She stares out over
the sands, grinning broadly, with pride. "Two healers on the sands tonight!"

Rylian walks in.

Sonya remembers those, harpers. She squidges closer to the ManlyMiner(tm)
type beside her and considers crawling up on his lap to see better but opts
for kneeling and leaning on his shoulder to peer out at the candidates.
"Kinda scrawny arent'they?"

Lynda smiles "I've been corrected"

On the sands, Ashtoreth watches, wings flaring protectively over the clutch
as it rocks; Ariana, meanwhile, laughs and pokes her. 'C'mon, silly. You know
what's happening." Ashtoreth relents. Barely.

Mellana grins"Go everybody…and good luck!"

On the sands, Tarin blinks at the glare and looks back along the way she came.

Ehricha watches the candidates and points to a few, muttering to Jatherran
all the while.

On the sands, Joran marches in, finely tuned to the steps of his fellow
candidate-crafter. First contact of the heated sands calls upon a dipping
bow; queen, Weyrwoman, sire, Weyrleader. "and here we are," he notes
absently, flipping a sidelong glance to
a victim—Tarin.

You overhear Ehricha murmur, " … … She's … fourteen turns old." to Jatherran

On the sands, K'lora steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Jatherran straightens up from his relaxed pose as the candidates enter,
fixing an intent gaze on teh ones he recognizes.

On the sands, Thaddea would drag her feet if the sands weren't so hot;
instead she stares straight ahead, stepping lightly behind Zelo.
On the sands, Aldor steps out, his eyes locked not on the eggs but on the
huge gold. He bows towards her shakily. "My duty to you. And to the
On the sands, Talisen steps onto the Sands and finds a place.
On the sands, Tarin smiles as her eyes adjust to the light. Adventure!

Link walks over and sits next to Ehricha.

Z'mm heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.

Bryanne waves to the weaver on the sands. "Good luck, Renna!!"

Peya bitses her bottom lip a she spots Zelo walking in.

Lynda crosses her fingers in hope that somehow or another it helps Renna

On the sands, Mirand steps out onto the sands and finds a place.

Jatherran nods to Ehricha. "Young.."

Lysalla blinks at Kess, completely unable to follow the sudden shift in her
siblings thought. She looks down at herself then back and Kess, ohhing after
a few seconds. "Tulon made this for me right before he impressed and became
N'tol. I've just never had the occasion to wear it."

Mystic says, "go poppy go zelo!"

On the sands, Nefra wanders out, bare feet already scotched by the Sands'
heat. She blinks, absenly for a moment, before she remembers…bowing to
Astoreth and Khyranth, before mincing quickly over to Renna and zelo. What
was she thinking? No shores??!

Mystic says, "i wish i hope i get searched at ista"

On the sands, Zelo walks onto the stands, between Nefra and Thaddea,
blinking at the light as the sands scald his feet, and offers a smile at

Ehricha meets Link's eyes and blushes again.

On the sands, Renna takes a ragged breath and swallows hard as she enters
beneath the gaping maw of the Hatching Cavern. Feeling some still like a
herdbeast staring nose to nose with a thousand famished dragons, Renna digs
her toes into the scorching sands and darts a quick curtsey to Ashtoreth and
the weyrwoman.

Ehricha nods to Jatherran. "Mm-hmm."

Link gigles and looks down at the Canidates.

Tr'vyn casually, (yeah right) rises to his feet for a better look. Hands go
to pockets, and he peers down at the sands.. a silly smirk on his lips.. "No
Phoebe casualties I see."

Tayla grrinsa nd nods at her sister, "Ouch! I see already!"

Mellana quietly says.."Go Renna."

On the sands, Thaddea makes her own bow just ahead of Joran, nodding at the
Weyrleaders as well, and moves quickly out of the way.
On the sands, M'ryn stands, somewhat relaxed and near Ariana. He looks over
the candidates with a measuring glance. Good eggs. A good class. It will be a
good hatching.
On the sands, Tarin bobs belatedly to Ashtoreth, Khyranth, and the weyrleaders.
On the sands, K'lora ducks out of the sea of white, beaming, and heads over
towards the other riders, dipping quickly in respect to dam and sire.
Comfortable in thick-boots and loose clothes, she tromps through the hot
sands and finds an empty patch near Arien to claim as her own. "Lovely bunch
they are, yes." Eggs and candidates.
On the sands, Mirand glides onto the sands with his graceful stride, eyes
going first to the great golden queen. He bows, long and lithe, and then
takes his place with the other candidates, glancing at last up into the

Kylandra whistles to Freya, who answers quickly with a melodic chirrup and
glides to Kyla, backwinging to land softly on her right shoulder.
Kylandra cheers as she sees the first candidate.
Kylandra looks over the sand quickly, "Look, there Nefra…and Zelo.."

Daeham spots Zelo on the sands a grins and waves like a fool, "Go get 'em Zelo! "

On the sands, Contained Recovery Egg flashes lightning bright, lavendar arcs
shifting and returning in blurring speed.
On the sands, Kethlai wobbles out onto the sands, managing a nervous,
off-balance bow to the Weyrleaders and their dragons as she finds her way
back into the half-circle line next to Poppy and the others.

Mystic says, "please let it be a good one"

On the sands, Talisen trails the candidates onto the sands, even echoing
their shaky queen-directed bows with a more confident one of her own, but
veers after to join Ryka at the edge.

Adelaide peers at the sands. Well, there's a few people she recognizes,
sort of. However, not enough to make her jump and scream and stuff. She
just sits back, and smiles, running a hand through blonde curls, and wonders
how many people have put this same thing to music…

On the sands, Vilrayn bows a bit unsteadily to Ashtoreth, then straightens
and darts after Aldor, eyeing the queen dragon nervously. She /did/ eat a
candidate. Even if it was a four-legged one.

Rylian enters quietly, nodding to those he knows, and takes a seat.

Tayla waves to T'nar from the Istan section before turning back to the sands
with an expectant smile.

Kitari watches the sands intently, her fingers crossed for her friend
standing below, hoping silently for him.

You overhear Link murmur, " … the klah ?" to Adelaide

Mystic says, "please dont let the hatchlings kill them"

N'tol glances across to Bryanne and smile.s "'m sure Renna will do well."

On the sands, Sh'lin scoots behind K'lora and the others, not explaining her
presence there, but keeping to the back and out of the way. "Lovely eggs
and wonderful Candidates."
On the sands, Aldor shuffles into position towards the edge of the group, a
bit away from the eggs. And from Ashtoreth.
On the sands, Ryka winks and quirks a grin at Talisen, stuffing her hands
into her pockets and rocking back on her heels.

Kessaly picks at a bubbly, fingers a bit sticky. "Well shards, and the
twins aren't even sleeping through the night yet, and she'll never be home."
Said to no one in particular. As she stares at her toes, peeking out from

her silver sandals.

On the sands, B'nal adds his bow to the dragons, then sidesteps over to
sands' edge and riders .

Kylandra leans forward expectantly.

On the sands, Poppy bows as she comes out, just about falling over.

Ehricha chuckles quietly to herself.

On the sands, After a good long judgement of the rolling ovoids, Joran slips
into place amongst the candidates; close enough to watch. "Where is that one
egg?" the inquiry sounds faintly, vaguely muffled by a face-rubbing hand.
On the sands, K'lora has disconnected.

Sonya has disconnected.

On the sands, Nefra winces, berating herself for not bringing her sandals.
She smiles to Renna an Zelo, peeking past the male candidate of offer a smile
to Thaddea as well, neck snapping as she goes to gaze at the rggs.
On the sands, Quietly, Zelo stands, awaiting, offering a reassuring smile to
Nefra and Thaddea as he most likely needs one of his own, sand burning at
his feet as he glances at the eggs.
On the sands, Tarin looks at the eggs. She looks at the sands. She looks at
the assembled masses. "It's really happening," she says.

Charlton grins and nods as Thaddea and Joran and the other harpers emerge,
circling the eggs in that long familiar pattern.

Jatherran Frowns as the word 'kill' penetrates through the din. Hatchlings killing?

On the sands, Renna will no t bolt for the shame of it, but a small *bleat*
of nervousness struggles up from vocal chords. Calf eyes get focused
somewhere ahead of her on a gleaming orb - That's right she says to herself,
look at the eggs… No wait! It's a little small? - Oh its the back of
Basil's head? Gaze refocuses from galleries to sand quickly.

Charlton, searching, spots Joran and Thaddea, calling encouragements that
are no doubt lost in the general uproar.

On the sands, Talisen returns the Weyrlingmaster's grin and settles to watch
and wait, sand seeping to cover the toes of her thick-soled shoes.
On the sands, Thaddea meets Nefra's eyes, trying for a smile, failing, and
settling for a nod at both healers.

Tr'vyn stares at the Sands appraisingly, darting a look between rocking eggs
and boggles Candies. He leans over to the Ladies he's with and asks, "I
didn't look that nervous, did I?" No, no, save the ego!

Lynda smiles

On the sands, Poppy twitches nervously.

Daeham edges down closer to the front squeezing dwon the aisle leaning
forward to see better, "Excuse me . " he murmers absently.

On the sands, Aldor starts to bounce again as the heat finally penetrates
his thin sandles. He smiles quickly at Vilrayn before finally looking at the
eggs he's studied so much.

Charlton overhears the self-conscious bronzerider. "I seem to remember a
little greenness." But—not about the gills, nor the face. Lower. ;)

Kessaly beams at Trev. "You looked smashing, dear." She pats him with
sticky fingers.

On the sands, Nefra sees Thaddea's nod, gulping audibly. Not that it can be
heard over Renna's bleating. Feet shift, hot sand burning usually well
covered feet.
On the sands, Vilrayn sticks by Aldor and a few others, shifting from foot
to foot uncomfortably despite sandals. Gulp.

Allegria looks up, sensing that someone in particular has just walked in,
and sights Rylian. "Excuse me, Kyla…" She gets up and edges her way over
until she is next to him.

Lynda trys to look onto the sands…so many tall people

Mystic says, "fashion show?"

Kylandra smiles after the harper.

On the sands, Poppy looks longing at the entrance, searching the bleachers
nervously. Master is going to be upset with her.
On the sands, K'lora has connected.
On the sands, Brushing a wisp of hair from her face with a soft blown
breath, Renna steps lightly but firmly towards the eggs to adjust herself
near Nefra. She gives a tremulous smile at the candidate as she swallows
"Which one did you like again?" she murmurs audibly.
On the sands, Zelo doesn't bleat. A meep might have come from his lips, but
that's too quiet to have been heard. He watches the other candidates, then
the eggs, not moving much at all.
On the sands, Tarin feels the heat from the sands start to penetrate the
soles of her sandals. Not uncomfortable yet. She shifts her weight anway.
On the sands, In one corner of the Sands, a small brown egg rocks to one
side and then lies still.

Tr'vyn flinches as he hears the MasterHarper's quip, then raises a brow at
the bubbly smudge.. It dawns on him that shutting up might just be a wise
idea afterall.. Nice eggs, pretty eggs.. rock on babies.

Milo drops his marble, shreiks once, and scampers off Lynda's lap to retrieve it.

Rylian smiles, and settles back, throwing supportive smiles to those he
knows on the sands, through the sea of spectators. He knows the chance of the
smiles being seen are slim, but every little bit may count.

Peya has disconnected.

On the sands, Zelo has disconnected.
On the sands, Vilrayn is silent. Her lip is caught between her teeth again,
saving her from the indignity of squeaking, were she to try to make a sound.
Blue eyes sweep the galleries briefly, then settle on some rocking egg as she
On the sands, Thaddea shifts slowly into place in the loose semicircle
around the eggs, flinching a little as they rock. She focuses her gaze
ahead, letting the colors blur at the corners of her eyes.

Link has disconnected.

On the sands, Zelo has connected.
On the sands, Joran has disconnected.

Peya has connected.

Kessaly examines her toes. "Do you think my toes look funny, Lyssie?" She
wiggles them. She glances up. Ah. Moving egg.

On the sands, Joran has connected.

Lysalla has disconnected.

On the sands, Tarin doesn't look scared at all. What's that line about fools
going bravely?
On the sands, Tiny flecks of shards shave remorselessly free from a greenish
egg burrowed near to Khyranth's paws.
On the sands, Kethlai winces and shakes a foot unsteadily, but finds herself
just the least bit too nervous to stay upright that way. So much for beating
the heat. She sneaks a nervous smile at Alsen next to her, and seems at
least a little reassured when his return smile is just as shaky. "G'luck,"
she mutters, then tries to smile at the others before a shaking egg draws her
eye back to the clutch.
On the sands, Poppy finds herself turned backwards to the eggs, and jumps
'round hastily.

Mystic has disconnected.

Lysalla has connected.

Ehricha has disconnected.

Zhiangpu walks in.

On the sands, Ryka has disconnected.

Tr'vyn eyes Kessie's toes, and grasps for male politeness.. "Umm, yeah, nice
toes there Kess." Lame lame lame.. "Uhhh, eggs movin', yep.. and toasted

On the sands, Talisen has disconnected.

Ina has disconnected.

On the sands, Ryka has connected.

Ina has connected.

On the sands, Zelo has disconnected.

Sleepy_Guest has disconnected.

Kessaly peers over at Trev's boots. "Do you have nice toes?" She thinks
for a moment. "Ryka has this really weird one that she broke once, it curves
funny." A forage, and then a plum is popped into her mouth.

Link has connected.

On the sands, Talisen has connected.

Llyssa sighs, "I hope they hurry."

On the sands, Eyes flicker upward, toward the rows and rows of eyes fastened
upon the Sands spectacle. Kethlai scans the galleries, looking for faces
she knows, anyone at all. She smiles at some half-recognized person, a
tremulous quicker of a grin, and turns back to the eggs. Waiting
On the sands, Tarin's feet seem to be feeling the heat a bit more than they
were before. She starts hopping slightly in what looks suspiciously like a
hopscotch pattern. One, one, one, two, one, two….

Rylian watches Allegria weave throught the crowd, the harper equivalent of a
heat-seeking missile. He sends a smile her way, before turning his attention
again to the sands.

Merf has disconnected.

On the sands, Zelo has connected.
On the sands, Apprentice Harper Egg quivers, all sullen hues and brilliant
touch. A hint of color — shifting to chase — and back it goes. To quiver.
On the sands, Ryka has disconnected.

Peya has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Llyssa looks intently on the sands.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, glancing over to Renna, licking lips cracked
from the heat, wincing as she shifts her feet, trying to
concentrate….."That one." Head tilts towards the Leavened Autumn Egg.
"Reminds me of home. You?"
On the sands, Nefra calms herself, the heat rising into her soles a painful
reminder that this is real and now. She grapes her comardaes, friends', hands
within her own, letting the sweat make a mess of her hair, dripping near her
On the sands, Mirand's dark eyes flash in eagerness as first one, then
another of the eggs wobbles tentatively. He grins, flashing white teeth.
"They weeegle."

Lynda smiles "You can do it Renna, be yourself!!!" her words get lost in the

Lysalla just sits, lagged and smiles, wishing she could speak.

Sleepy_Guest has connected.

On the sands, Zelo z :cries. My net would die now. :/

Lynda trys to catch the little crirtteer

Tr'vyn glances down at his boots and 'huhs'? "Oh, no, just your basic
generic toes here."

Lynda smiles
Lynda looks intensly at the eggs

Peya appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, Joran, for the most part, appears calm; save the choice
droplets of sweat that tumble down from his forehead and drip from the tip of
his nose. Most of his attention seems to be directed at the mass of eggs,
though he does check nervousness of the candidates about him.
On the sands, Ryka has connected.

OOC: Peya didn't do that.

On the sands, Circus Splendor Egg shimmies in raucous time, jocular tones
mixing and melding and finding a way — shaking, dancing, spinning. And wild.
On the sands, Zelo has disconnected.
On the sands, Renna shifts to balance on one foot, the other snaking up to
scratch the back of her ankle. A thousand and one images get mirrored across
her face in their turbulent struggle to find the appropriate brain synapse
for release - thoughts tumble through her head - sort of like that analogy?
making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer without the benefit
of cling free. Bewildered her subconcious shoots one out of nowhere to
prevent overload - its a core dump "Who /was/ the third Lord of Igen?" she
asks in a bit of a panic, no wait it probably doesn't matter.
On the sands, Vilrayn hops up and down, so nervous she's impatient.
On the sands, Renna shifts restless, when will this start? better yet when
will it end? She reaches out and gives Nefra's hand a small squeeze and then
lets go. She's on her own now. Umber eyes etch a meandering path around
rocking and cracking eggs even as feet start doing the Fort Sand Shuffle - a
step to the left, a step to the right, dip and bow - a dosie do and away we
On the sands, Poppy clses her eyes, she can't watch. No.

Kylandra grins down at Nefra and Zelo, hoping for them.

On the sands, Arien glances—grins to K'lora, drawing in her skirts as if to
make room although the vastness of the sands need none, and murmurs welcome.
White-robes, off the starboard bow.

Charlton throws a grin at the Istan Harper Master. "Ryl."

On the sands, Janus' Annals Egg doesn't so much rock as gentle a movement,
an wave-like aberration in the clean arc of seawashed shell.
On the sands, Nefrablinks, peering over at renbna, wondering if she should
get her something…..Oh well, she seems to have stop that mad ranting. Eyes
jump as she looks over to the egggs, follwing Renna's motions, more out of
that her feet are being scortched!
On the sands, Zelo has connected.
On the sands, Kethlai shuffles in the sand, hardly daring look up save for
quick glances, darting glimpses of the wobbling eggs.

Mersala figits and shifts on the bench, realizing that she has been sitting
in the same position for an hour now…"hope the eggs hatch soon" she

On the sands, Aldor shifts as the eggs do, watching them intently,
wondering, hoping… waiting.
On the sands, Tarin looks at the eggs ripple and pop with interest. Louder
than the average egg, they are. But then, they're also larger.

Rylian grins to the MasterHarper, with a definite look of enjoyment on his
face. His turns as Weyrharper taught him to appreciate hatchings (and the
festivities that follow!)

Mave cuddles Lynda.

On the sands, Daytime's Passage Egg stirs and shifts, in morning's light;
gold green hues tickling each other as they blend with ever increasing
brilliance over shell's leathery rough surface. Insistent, its motions.
Methodical. Determination in the twin, twisting helix of color as it shifts
and stirs.
On the sands, Poppy has disconnected.
On the sands, Some poor candidate seems to have developed an embarrassing
side-effect to his nervousness as some noxious odor seems to arise from a
tightly knotted group of candidates, though those gathered there quickly
On the sands, Thaddea notices the movement—smooth against the wild rocking
of the other eggs. She watches that one in fascination; one side smooth, one
troubled, one wave.

Charlton notes that cuddle. "Ella, remind me to tell Lynda not to cuddle in
public." But Ella isn't here, and he'll probably forget.

On the sands, Poppy has connected.

Lynda /what/ That wasn't me

On the sands, Vilrayn snatches herself an Aldor-hand again. She's nervous,
shardit! She bounces not unlike the eggs, slightly scattering sand.

Mave chirples at Charleton. I cuddled her, not she me.

On the sands, K'lora welcomes the gesture though, stirring closer to settle
into a easy slouch near the older rider, nodding back before attention is
turned outwards again, over the sands to those that stand and wait.

Mystic has connected.

Zhiangpu has disconnected.

On the sands, Nefra blinks, looking over to Thaddea, about to smile
when…"Whew!" she exlaims, glaf she near candidates made of a bit sterner

Allegria overhears that note, and files it away…Ella may not be here, but she is.

Halar walks in.

Lysalla leans over Trevward, watching from near his shoulder.

Charlton blinks. His hearing was already bad. "Ella, remind me to have my
eyes checked." He'll forget that too.

On the sands, Tarin feels a few flecks of sand hit her ankle and looks away
from the eggs to see who's kicking sand. "Hey!" she says protestingly.

Peya leans forward, watching and nibbling at the bit of hair at the end of
her braid.

Mellana waves to Halar

Mersala waves at Halar, just in time.

Charlton goes back to just concentrating on the sands. :)

On the sands, Aldor takes Vilrayn's hand, squeezing it encouragingly as he
watches the eggs, a grin of anticipation on his face.
On the sands, Joran lifts a foot in heated discomfort—then lifts the other.
Patiently, though quite feverishly, he carefully watches the eggs rock; the
dragonets hatch; and whatnot.

Mystic says, "tehy pick yet?"

On the sands, Zelo stands there, and offers a smile to Nefra and Thaddea as
the egg rokcs upon the sands, shifting his feet from place to place as white
sands sift through his feet.

Mave croons in Lynda's ear.

On the sands, Mountain Sunset Egg twitches in the sand, the tiny tremors
sending miniscule grains tumbling from it's foundation.

Kessaly begins to doze, even in the midst of the large and noisy crowd. Her
head bobs once…twice…three times, before she jerks awake with a "Stinky
diaper is yours, Ryka!" She blinks. Ahem. And finds the eggs very
interesting suddenly.

Elora walks in.

On the sands, The odoriferous stench arises once more, dark rose rises in
the cheeks of a young candidate. He looks innocently at the others still a
little close to him.
On the sands, Apprentice Harper Egg begins to striate with cracks, orange
smear blurring with even greater tremors; the hatchling inside pounds at the
shell, rocking it sideways.

Mystic says, "did anyone get a dragon yet?"

Mellana gasps…yes. Finally!

On the sands, Zelo blinks at Mountain Sunset, shifting slightly — that's
his favortite. A glance at Nefra, hers too, and he offers a reassuring
smile, eyes quiet and calm, if distracted.
On the sands, Nefra blinks, eyes locked with the shivering ovoids, her mind
wondering idly if…..*blink* M'ryn is here! But of course he is…he /is/
the Weyrleader. Only those rocking object before her keeps her from running
and jumping the man.

Halar sits by Mellana

Allegria leans forward, silently rooting for Joran…go, Joran! You can do it!!!

On the sands, Vilrayn still her feet, blue eyes riveting on a rocking egg. Gulp.
On the sands, Ryka blinks up suddenly at the mention of diapers from the
galleries, Oh Faranth, save me, oh please.

Mystic says, "go talon!"

On the sands, Poppy tries not to gag… oh… if only she could go home.
Back to Granges.

Mystic says, "go ariana"

On the sands, Slight cracksseen? unseen? watched, certainlywrack
deeper initials into the granular, granite face of Janus' Annals egg, carved
from the inside out.

Mystic says, "go poppy"

Llyssa clenchs her fists. She only briefly met the candidates, but she's
rootiing for themm…

Daeham has disconnected.

Kethren has disconnected.

Mellana says, "Go harpers and healers…"

Lynda smiles "Be yourself Renna!!!!!"

Rylian leans back in his stony seat, watching the candidates and eggs alike.
He smiles, in agreement with Allegria. Go Joran, indeed!

On the sands, Daytime's Passage Egg swells, throbbing with the rising sun of
morning to swirl again; green begets gold begets green again, in endless
wriggling color. No shy shell this, to quiver and quake. Nor does it shift
to hide itself in the sand. It is /here/, it is hard, it is ready.

Kethren has connected.

Kylandra almost forgets to breathe as she watches the scene unfolding on the sands.

On the sands, Renna leans in next to Nefra and whispers "that one". Helpful
isn't she, she forgets to point. "In the name of all trundlebugs and their
associated kin" she exclaims as a faint scent reaches her nose. Renna has
decided she'll trade dragonbreath for this any ole time.
On the sands, Joran stabs a gesturing finger at the bouncing egg; Apprentice
Harper Egg. "There it is!" And that, undoubtedly, turns previous
straight-lined lips into a broad grin. "/Neat/," he compiles smartly, finding
himself more at a loss for words to describe the activity.

Link says, "Go Herder's, none out there though…"

Mellana says to Halar. "This is so exciting!"

On the sands, Apprentice Harper Egg quivers again, more wildly. As shards
begin to fall away from it, it falls to its side, a talon beginning to work
at the shards.

Daeham has connected.

Halar is confused so much happening…

Elora has disconnected.

Lynda beams at the sight of her friends

On the sands, Kethlai scuffles away from a group, wiping at a sweat-running
face witha bit of her rapidly staining robe. Eyes widen and fingers lose
their grip on the bit of white-gray fabric as she spots the first talon

Mellana grins at halar…it's ok…the eggs are starting to hatch.

On the sands, Thaddea gazes, transfixed, as the egg cracks—not rocking, but
opening from within, those messages about to be exposed. To one side she
notices contrast; the wildly twisting helix of Daytime's Passage.
On the sands, Nefra would agree, but scrutched face says it much more
vivdly. She blinks, nodding to the girl, before glancing to Zelo, and /that/
egg, the one that looks so close to her home near Fort….

Nicki has disconnected.

On the sands, Mirand rocks on his feet, the sands shuffle with an addeded
shimmy. "Oh, look!" He points to shell activity, with a wriggle of
On the sands, Vilrayn takes a step back at the sight of the first crumbling shell.

OOC: Daeham growls at call waiting.

On the sands, Aldor edges aways from a blushing boy as that unmistakable
odor reaches him. One hand clutches his robe, the other Vilrayn hi eyes
focus on the eggs.
On the sands, Apprentice Harper Egg is cleft by a cheerful blue winghook,
sullen ochre and red parting in joyful escape. The egg confines, stretches
and warps: and then, at last, is freed, to buoyant blue amid its shattered
On the sands, Frosted Blueberry Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Blueberry stains his richly hued hide to vivid, daring,
/cheery/ blue, sides straining through multiple striations as it curves
across belly's wide and rounded reach. Pulled taut across his generous wealth
of body, variegated hues from aqua to indigo accent the rough cut of muzzle,
the barreled length of neck; lazy, wide wings are frosted by creamy ivory,
sugary sweetness held high with occasional inclination. Roly-poly, cheerfully
jolly: his lurching waddle just adds to his awkward charm.
On the sands, *vrrrrrrripppppp* Nasty scent clouds and makes tears appear in
all those nearby. Muffled curses accompany a scuffling of bare feet on the
On the sands, Zelo catches a wift of … something and shakes his head, eyes
darting from rocking egg to rocking egg as he smiles at Nefra, then the egg.

Kylandra cheers the little dragonet on!

Mellana says, "Go little dragon!"

Cylina jumps as the first egg cracks, a wide grin spreading her face. "Oh,
it's only a blue."

Mellana bounces in hr seat.

Jatherran fairly wiggles in his seat as an egg hatches!

On the sands, Mountain Sunset Egg rocks with seismic ecstasy, spinning
around with aftershocks and splitting sides.
On the sands, K'lora considers the skirts but opts for her boot tips,
attention drifting over to the suddenly arriving blue.. and Zelo. This
weyrfolk she knows, if sees but rarely, and the idea of him on blue brings a
smile of satisfaction to pert features, a green dragon above thrumming more
happily — /blue/.

Akira grins. Blue! The best of course. She arches an eyebrow in Cylina's direction.

Mellana says, "Yes!"

Kylandra gasps, "There goes another one!"

Mystic says, "go draggon!"

Peya grins widely. "A blue!" Blues are best in her completely prejudiced

Lynda wiggles and squirms "eggies…go eggies"

On the sands, Joran's face turns into a wince at the rending talon, then
another grin; "It hatched." And it's most likely all moistend up with
egg-fluid; all Joran sees is a blue glint. "Ha."

Kessaly beams happily. "Blue." She grins as her own lifemate tells her all
about how superior blues are. How attractive. How all around The Best.

On the sands, Vilrayn wrinkles her nose, edging, with Aldor, away from the
flatulent candidate, and further edging from the dragonet, pale.

Tayla chuckles at her sister, "Green is better?"

On the sands, B'nal grins, from his in the background place. "A little blue
one, is it?"

Mystic says, "bronze are best to me"

On the sands, Nefrahand, squeezes Renna's and Zelo's tightly, blinking at
the blue as he emerges, wincing at bare feet, though the thoughts of sandals
have long be forgotten.
On the sands, Frosted Blueberry Blue Dragonet fans those wings, roly-poly
body falling slightly off-center. A pause to catch his balance — or so he
tries. He staggers down across the mound, away from the shards, towards the
white-robed huddled in half-circle.
On the sands, Aldor leaps a foot or two at the shattering egg. His eyes
glue to the hatchling as he shifts from foot to foot.
On the sands, Talisen's soft-set lips stretch to an enraptured beam as the
/first/ hatches: blue. Sisal-clad elbow nudges Ryka, and she whispers, "Just
a darling. Can't you see him in the air?"
On the sands, Thaddea's spell is broken by… *sniff* what's that? In the
moment, she sees other eggs splitting, dragons hatching; she glances at Nefra
and Joran, knowing them for favorites.

Daeham is startled by the all too human eruption and then watches eyes
pinioned by the emergence of the small but all to clearly a dragon.

On the sands, Zelo watches the little tremors from the Mountain Sunset,
blinking with a slight grin at the rolly-olly blue, returning Nefra's
On the sands, Kethlai giggles at the hatchling, for a moment forgetting just
where exactly she is. "He's so cute…" she murmurs softly, and tilts her
head to follow his waddling progress through the sand.
On the sands, Speaking of thrumming from on high — Arien spares a glance to
the ledges and those who await, mouthing a wry comment better passed on
dragon-thought. Flying, after — but for now, sands and candidates and
hatchlings, oh /my/.

Mystic says, "get the fucking ragon kids"

Llyssa watches on, too amazed to speak.

Cylina grins at Tayla and Akira, "Of course green is better." She, like
Peya is totally biased of course.

Mellana goes home.

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On the sands, Renna leans a little and ducks her head between two
slack-jawed candidates - eyes are appreciative of the blue hatchling "this
grows from that" she wonders aloud, glance darting quickly to the Queen.

Akira wrinkles her nose at Cylina and then grins.

OOC: Jatherran frowns at Mystic.

Halar is lost in his own way

Peya cranes her head back to look at Cylina. "En and I are very fond of greens."

Lynda goes home.

OOC: Tr'vyn says "Mystic. Please control the language."

Mystic has disconnected.

Mersala has disconnected.

On the sands, B'nal has disconnected.

Lysalla blinks at Mystic. "Could you tone down the language please?"

A'var walks in.

OOC: Kethren says "Mystic, please don't use that sort of language, please."

On the sands, Kethlai watches the hatchling in wide-eyed wonder, edging
around the much taller Alsen to get a good look at the stumbling baby. "So
*small*!" Such a surprise. Almost the size of a firelizard! Well, not

Mystic has connected.

On the sands, Nefra mmms, blinking at Renna, gaze torn from the blue for a
moment. She offeres a smile to Zelo and Thaddea, before shuffling, keeping
her feet moving, dispite the need to watch the blue's every movement.

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Tayla chuckles and shakes her head, "And Brown is the best of all!" Who
said riders aren't prejudiced?

On the sands, At the moment, some of the thrumming is coming from the sands,
though, um, it's rather smelly. The poor lad responsible for the flatulant
outbursts seems to sink into himself as a vehement whisper is aimed at him,
"I /told/ you not to eat the stew!"
On the sands, Vilrayn seems oddly reassured by Aldor's equal nervousness.
Did it take her this long to notice? Sandaled feet shuffle in an unknown
rhythm as she watches the blue, mumbling to herself, "Remember to dodge..
remember to /breathe/.. remember to dodge.."

Vae walks in.

On the sands, A deep, mahogany brown — surprisingly like Khyranth —
staggers from his shards, rushing towards a young minecrafter at the very
edge of the circle. The boy calls out in surprise — and one.

Akira waves a hand in A'var's direction.

Lysalla has disconnected.

On the sands, B'nal has connected.

Halar has disconnected.

On the sands, Poppy bounces on her toes, still casting nervous glances to
the Galleries. Oh, why is she here, why is she here. Still, one fingers
catches in her red hair, and she pulls, nervously.
On the sands, Mountain Sunset Egg shakes with quakes, the myriad colors
across it's illusionary slopes crinkling with the disturbed surface of
disintegrating shell.

Lysalla has connected.

Tr'vyn rises up and waves A'var over with a 'help me' expression on his face.

Sleepy_Guest has disconnected.

On the sands, Aldor chuckles softly as he watches the blue. Not a lizard.
More like a runner. Lots of runners on his own farm. His grin widens as he
overhears Vilrayn. Dodge, right.

OOC: Mystic says "sorry i didnt mean to this is my first watching of hatching"

Ina has disconnected.

On the sands, Pick, pit, pock: a split widens at the equator of Janus'
Annals, if hairline still. Any message is still obscured, though patently no
tabula rasa.
On the sands, Fond, Joran's smile flicked lazily towards the dragonet; then
the eggs; then the dragonet once more. "Hmmm," he mumbles thoughtfully and
discovers: hot, his feet. So, to correct the problem, he dances.

Kessaly grins and takes another sip of her wineskin. "A toast to a blue,
then." She winks, and passes the skin to her sister. "And to the brown."

On the sands, Yes, Renna. That grows from that. Well, more or less. He
grins as other Candidates, nodding at Renna as he tries to make heads and
tailes of all this, eyes dropping to the Mountain's Sunset once more as it
creaks and strains against its bonds.

Link calls to Mave, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Lysalla smiles up at A'var from right beside Trev. "Hello there, A'var.
Come and join us all?"

A'var glances Trev-ward and Akira-ward with a blank gaze. Focus sharpens.
Help? Brow furrows at Tr'vyn

On the sands, Daytime's Passage Egg refuses to be denied. As inexorable as
the on-rush of day, it brightens from pale to vibrant in lashing bands of
color. Me!! It says, splintering slightly along its upper edge. I want to get
out, I want to get 'pressed. I want to get /fed/.
On the sands, Mountain Sunset Egg loses a few bits of sun-shadowed berylline
as a sharp winghook escapes its confines. A struggle ensues, and in the end
the dragonet is victorious, standing sunshine green in an avalanche of
On the sands, Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Slender ridges of lucent yellow-green radiate back from
headknob's outward tilt to tail's decided end. Large eyes swirl above a
rounded nose, set to accentuate pert muzzle's curving tip; the exquisite
length of long, lithe neck offsets the rotund convexity of weighty haunches
and condensed tail. Gooseberry's crisp, verdant green gives way to the pastel
of cloying sweetness along the wide reach of her belly, rising up to
encompass the narrow-hooked ends of slender set wings.

Jatherran grins at the Daytime Egg. "Impatient little thing!"

Sleepy_Guest has connected.

On the sands, Dodge right, dodge left, dodge whichever direction is clear.
Vilrayn hops. Left foot, right foot. Her eyes dart everwhere to follow the
passage of dragonets, preparing for just that dodging if necessary.
On the sands, Frosted Blueberry Blue Dragonet gets the hang of his feet —
at last — but he still waddles. And so he begins to make the rounds, his
rounded eyes perusing Those Available with terrible interest. Here, or there
— someone. Near.

Llyssa reaches up to scrithch her own little green, not a dragon by any
means, but /her/ grenn…

Cylina laughs happily at the green. "There we go! A green! Perfect!" She
laughs at an unheard voice, "OK, almost perfect."

Mave croons at his sister Selafina.

Peya catches her breath as the egg Zelo's been watching hatches…green.

On the sands, Nefra's eyes widen, noticably, as she takes a step back,
watching as a green emerges from her favorate egg…and such an interesting
shade. Not to mention thatsweeo little blue. Gaze is torn from one to the
other, head doing a near 180 trying to see.
On the sands, Ryka stiffens up and peers into the galleries, eyes narrowed
on a suspicously tilted wineskin. She points at Kessaly, unable to express
her dismay, though her eyes shout, my klah!

Daeham watches the little green intently all the while trying to keep an eye
on the blue, who will they go to?

On the sands, er, wine.
On the sands, Tarin has disconnected.
On the sands, Joran pauses in brief acknowledgement of the newly-hatched;
mechanical dance of step-step-hop-step-step halted. "Heh, a green and," must
let known, "a blue."
On the sands, K'lora ooos, shoulders twitching up in a shrug as she pushes
sweat-damp curls off her forehead. "Blue, and green. Definitely a good
clutch." Folding her arms and taking up an expectant stance, Ki soon decides
that was a stupid move and drops her arms, taling up a wide-limped cooler
pose — scarecrow.

Vae squiggles in amongst the Healer contingent, smile friendly, eyes bright.
Once settled, if not exactly /comfortably/, her attention shifts from those
Journeymen whose ribs she elbows; down, down to the hot crowded Sands. Rapt,
she watches quietly, heedless of encouraging calls and last-minute bets.

On the sands, Thaddea tears her eyes from that ever-widening crack, looking
for Nefra. The eggs are hatching so quickly!
On the sands, Mirand brightens at the sudden blur of activity, blue here,
green there, another egg wig-wig-wiggling over yonder. The excitement
exhilerates him, he can't stop moving. He grins around at the other

OOC: Mystic says "when do dragons start picking?"

On the sands, Kethlai manages to shut her mouth, having, it seems, finally
nosticed the jaw hanging open. She stares enrapt at the little ones…
relatively little, at least, as her eyes move up to the massive forms of the
sire and dam. That, to that size? Seems impossible.

Mersala has connected.

On the sands, Arien murmurs to K'lora something about a harper, a quick
gesture denoting the sands—Joran, perhaps, or Thaddea?
On the sands, Zelo ohs at the green as she emeges from the egg, letting out
a chuckle at her appearance; a pert miss is she.

OOC: Lysalla says "Be patient.. they'll start impressing soon. "

Daeham grumps, and nods to Vae. She's hot, and she's sweaty, and she's
pregnant, but she smiles, too. "Hello, Vae. Come from Ista?"

Kethren grumps, and nods to Vae. She's hot, and she's sweaty, and she's
pregnant, but she smiles, too. "Hello, Vae. Come from Ista?"

On the sands, Joran says, "Shhhh"

Allegria edges into a seat, eyes riveted on her friends on the Sands…come
on, Joran! Come on, Tarin!

Kessaly freezes, looking like a wherry before a ravenous and proddy green
takes it down. She snatches the wineskin from her sister and stashes it
behind her back, giving her best innocent look at the copper-clad indignation

Charlton has connected.

On the sands, Nefra mamages to look over to Thaddea, guling, taking her hand
from Renna's to wipe her brow, giving a quick nod to the woman as she
glances back, first blue, then green.
On the sands, The unpleasantly scented lad looks up and gasps. He walks
across the sand a ways towards a teetering hatchling. His footsteps are
punctuated, however, by *vrrrip* *vrippp* *vrrrrrippp*'s.
On the sands, Tarin has connected.

OOC: Kethren grumbles. That's what happens when you share a keyboard with someone.

Mystic says, "think a dragonrider will make me a canidate?by any chance at
next one?"

On the sands, K'lora perks up, but doesn't move from her ThisIsCoolest
loose-limbed dishrag stance. — Harper? Joran and Thaddea are glanced at,
along with the stringly young lad who picked a mean gitar. Head tilts, smile
wider, "Aye, more weyrsingers would not be a bad thing."
On the sands, Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Dragonet raises a lithe neck
slowly, facted eyes blinking at the world. Spreading narrow, awkward wings,
she steps away from the crumbled remains of her shell with an enthusiastic
lilt to her not yet graceful stride.

Ehricha has connected.

On the sands, Renna moves back with Nefra, she can't really help it, her
hand is tucked into hers. She tries to duck her head between two slack-jawed
candidates and catches a glimpse of her first hatchling. Wonder and
surprise crests across her face and descends into a tender filled statement
"They are so so so… odd looking"
On the sands, Blue and green. Good combination. Zelo's eyes watch the
green, then the blue, lips twitching a slight smile, as the head of the sands
does it work upon his feet.

Link scoots cloer to Ehricha.

Vae. Ista. IstaVae. "Hmmmm?" The Healer twists so much as she is able,
meeting Daeham's smile with one of her own. "Indeed, yes.." She darts a quick
glance to the Sands as a dragonet squeal above the din, then back to the
woman, "Do I know you?"

Ehricha smiles at Link.

OOC: Daeham just wants to point out that he is a he and NOT a she and will
hope someone keeps her worlds straight from now on…..HE is definately NOT

On the sands, Frosted Blueberry Blue Dragonet shifts, attention caught.
/There/ she is, with red hair and round. A match for him? Yes. And as his
little squat feet carry him, he scurries closer. Closer and closer and —
yes! — he stops in front of her, staring up with bright-swirled eyes.
On the sands, "/Ow/." Sweat rolls from moistened forehead into Joran's eyes
and, of course, it stings; a hand lifts to rub, to repair, to obscure
visibiltiy. —tumble he goes, into a fellow candidate, who's bap reproves.
On the sands, Vilrayn nods in Renna's direction, calmed enough to observe,
"The proportions are all funny.."
On the sands, Daytime's Passage Egg rends and warps, darkened rue cracked
all in two; halved at last, integrity's past — winghooks first he emerges,
all egg-wet blue, and lid by lid unfurls his gaze for the very first time.
On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Gigantic, wide-set eyes stare audaciously about, their
eccentric brilliance set off by the deep blue hide that as-yet drowns this
tiny dragonet's resilient, compact frame. Plummy shadows drape into
obscurity the details of broad chest and expansive wingsails, though nothing
can hide the stubborn bluntness of muzzle or the so-sensitive coil of tail.
Likewise, fledgling demeanor blurs the potential of ability, intelligence
unhoned in favor of the willful determination that grounds itself in soft,
indigo-mottled talons.

Mave leans over and croons in Ehricha's ear.

On the sands, Aldor dodges quickly out of the way of a running brown, almost
laughing, part nerves, part excitement.

Allegria winces at Joran's stumble. She reaches up to scritch her little
brown firelizard, the closest thing she can get to a dragon.

Mystic says, "aww mave is cute!"

Ehricha pats Mave on the head.

On the sands, Arien palms her hips, watchingover in the thick of things, a
new-hatched green walks heavily over a Ruathan redhead before fixing her
marvelling gaze on a bandy-legged Keroon lad
and replies sidelong agreement
to K'lora meanwhile. "If they can stay on their feet."

Ehricha has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Mystic says, "laf"

Llyssa sighs as anothr dragonet emerges.

On the sands, Poppy looks at the dragon. Just like one of her tarts he looks…

Link has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

On the sands, Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Dragonet ambles with slinking
movements towards gathered robes, making much of a young man in the center
with soft crooning… a sound that turns sour as he turns out not to be THE
ONE. A poke with a tail as she passes him, flouncing off to harass another.

Talen croons, half in delight at the scritch, half at the Hatching eggs on
the sands.

On the sands, Frosted Blueberry Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Poppy.

Ehricha appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, Nefra looks past Renna to Vilrayn, smiling, "All babies look
funny…." she pasues, as these babies are much more bigger than the ones
she's used to. With claws. Gasping, she notes the arrival of another
dragonet…."Is the color right on that one," she whispers to Zelo.
On the sands, Thaddea has no problem keeping her feet; she's rooted there,
it seems, and only turns of harper training prevent knees from locking and
other unpleasant consequences.

Mystic says, "are we alloqed to look on on the sands>?"

Link appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, "Well watch who you go tumbling into next time, Joran!" That
peevish candidate rebukes, giving The Tumbler a light swap across his
shoulder. Joran, for the most part, just nods unknowingly.

Mystic has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Bryanne's eyes light up at allthe beuatiful colours reflected on dragon
hide. "N'tol..look!" still tugging at his arm…silly weaver.

On the sands, Ryka's eyes darken as she watches her wineskin disappear, then
her sight is obscured by a tiny green tumbling against the chest of her new
On the sands, Circus Splendor Egg shifts and swirls, a flurry of color.
Lion's tawny whips towards greasepaint white, to quiver bright and loud.

Link has disconnected.

On the sands, Kethlai wiggles one foot again, trying unsuccessfully to shake
the sand out of her sandal. Almost be better off without themm… except a

glance at Nefra's probably blistering feet changes her mind. She watches the
first blue stumble off, and sighs just slightly until her gaze catches the
graceful movements of the newest blue. "Oh…"
On the sands, Zelo twitches a grin at Sweet-tart, then shrugs at Nefra,
murmuring, "It's a baby. Sometimes they aren't exactly blue. He looks a
darling, though."

Allegria shoots a gaze toward the vanishing Mystic…"Where in blazes is he

On the sands, Vilrayn yeeeps!, dodging the brown in the opposite direction
from Aldor, nearly tripping into a red-headed girl. "Sorry.." Rather meek as
she shuffles back to rejoin Aldor, keeping wary eyes on the green, and other

N'tol smiles over at Bryanne before turning gaze down at the sands.

On the sands, B'nal's attention is snatched away from the chestnut-haired
candidate, as first impression takes place. He laughs, delighted. "Who would
have thought it? Our sunny little Poppy's the first."
On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet puases for a moment to inspect
this world of daylight and then /shakes/. Egg-shards, egg-goo, and any other
trapsings of Hatchling are shed like a canine sheds flees. Only when the
sand settles, it becomes obvious this compact little fellow's hide came it
two-sizes too large; wrinkles pool around his extremeties and he shakes
again, just making them resettle into new folds.
On the sands, Thaddea looks away as the green dragonet passes yet another
candidate, away and down.
On the sands, Vilrayn ducks a flying shard. Thought we only had to dodge the
On the sands, Nefra winces, not only at the heat, the dragonets, but at the
expression she sees on Thaddea's face. She'd comfort…but that moving green
stops her, and she watches, making sure to move if needed.

Rylian has disconnected.

Kessaly glances down and sees Ryka's attention elsewhere, and sneaks another
small sip, whispering, "Blue."

On the sands, Renna digs toes into the hot sands again, forming a small
wallow into which she sinks slowly, sand creeps up sweat soaked legs and
binds her the fabric of the robe to her legs. This is starting to get a bit
better she thinks, not so nervous now, not so much panic driven, but
everything is happening at once and her head darts right and left to try and
catch it all .
On the sands, Pooter sighs tremulously, his slim shoulders rising and
falling in desperation, *varrrip*! knowing that no dragon is going to come to
him, smelling as he does.
On the sands, Arien gets one of those shards spang on her knee, and reaches
down to peel the egg-sticky shell from her gown, all the while looking,
looking as Katrineth thrums.
On the sands, Kethlai scuffs the sand again, lip bitten in painful
nervousness, fists clenched at her sides. Gaze turns from blue to green and
back, lingering on each in turn. Such beauty even in the new-hatched ones,
awkward as they are.
On the sands, Circus Splendor Egg gleams, spots of red and green — and yes,
it throws a shard. Right towards that big knot of candidates. It begins to
craze with cracks, the clarity of colors hazed by mars.

Peya hears Kessaly's whisper and returns it fromt eh other side of a couple
of people. "Blue," she agrees, positively.

On the sands, Circus Splendor Egg whip-cracks! Calliope's dizzy colors go
faster and blur, a brilliant party of light — and then it's broken,
collapsed all about, leaving in its place lanky, tawny-orange bronze.
On the sands, Overripened Mango Bronze Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, The laconic length of bright-bronze hide gleams near to orange
in hue, lazy limbs stretched to comfortable solidity. From wedge of head to
whip of tail, his narrow-boned frame speaks of beachcombing and seabreeze,
warmed by sunlight's shadow to heavier tints of red; green, as well, tinges
the undersides of his wings, laces his wingspars to tangy hues. Softened,
intense glory is found, though, in the sharpened curve of talons: high and
brilliant, they gleam with untoward reddish intensity.

Ehricha has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Lysalla hears Peya and Kess. "Ahem.. brown."

On the sands, After recovering the strain of sweat-salt on his eyes, and the
meek swipe of a hand across his shoulder, Joran reaches over a needling
punch which, oddly enough, appears to be an encouraging pat. A row back, or
so, Joran pulls forward a scapegoat—who takes up the slack for that punch.
"Hehehe," snickering baritone elicits; Joran can now watch in peace. What's
the count, now? —"Blue, green, blue."

Kessaly grins at Peya and passes the wineskin. "Benden white for blue."
And she winks.

On the sands, Tarin adroitly steps aside as shards start flying about. This
is worse than dodge ball!

Mystic appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Allegria puts a hand to her mouth…ooh, a bronze. And a beauty of a bronze, too.

On the sands, Slow and decisive fragmentation, steady as the tides—and as
they change, Janus' Annals rocks more abruptly now, no stable ground to wait
and watch the ships pass by, unlocked from any mooring.

Danica walks in.

Kylandra grins…a bronze!

On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet spies motion and copies it,
digging his talons through the hot sands to create his own swath of wallows
— oo /keen/. Course then an egg stirs beside him and sand starts shifting
out from under him and with a startled yelp he bursts forwards.. trailing his
hide after him. In motion now he can't stop and stalks towards a group of
candidates with awkward, determined steps.
On the sands, Mirand ducks a bit of flying shell, overbalancing and
stretching his hands out to help him stay upright. As bronze emerges, he
gasps in admiration.
On the sands, Ryka spies the wineskin again and points at Kessaly with a
vehement shake.

Tayla grins and nods at Lysalla, "Brown indeed!"

On the sands, Thaddea's breath catches as the bronze emerges.

Mersala nods "wow..bronze are my favorites, :)"

Cylina laughs, "Oooo… what a beautiful bronze." Her eyes scan the
candidates wondering. She's always had a weakness for bronzeriders.

Peya casts a furtive glance down at the sands as she takes the skin. Good,
Ryka's not looking. She grins at Kessaly, and takes a sip from the wine,
toasting blue dragonets as she does so.

On the sands, Talisen keeps silent tally on still-sufficient fingers: two
blue, a green, the wobbly lad's brown — the new bronze. All four
represented now, and warming on the hot sands.
On the sands, A grin, a chuckle emerges as the litle bronze emerges from its
shell, and eyes flit from blue to green to bronze, fast and quick, as Zelo
winces, sands completely baking him.

Lysalla winks over at Tayla.

On the sands, Overripened Mango Bronze Dragonet shows no signs of stress —
there's time, after all. And so with a lazy reach he emerges from his shards,
laid back to beachcombing sloth.
On the sands, Poppy goes with her blue to the side, near the weyrling master.
On the sands, Nefra blinks, peering at the latest arrival. What a lovely
bronze….she watches, wondering with way he'll tred, before turning her gaze
back to lovely green and wrinkled blue.

Mystic says, "gimme details tommorow fucking dad fucking bed"

On the sands, Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Dragonet catches sight of a
shifting robe and turns her head back towards the group, two young women, and
a young man. Her stubbed nose extends with cautious grace, slow breaths
expand her sides as she searches for her beloved. She knows THE ONE is near.
On the sands, "and bronze," Joran intervenes himself, jabbing a slim
finger for an inquiring candidate toward the newly-hatched metallic. "Ain't
it neat? So
so—bronze. Heh."
On the sands, Kethlai wobbles back a couple of steps at the sudden leap of
the blue, then steels herself with her generally nonexistant backbone annd
returns to her place in line.

Mystic has disconnected.

Kessaly sticks her tongue out at her weyrmate. She'll catch all shells for
it later, but she is way up here and Ryka is way down there. Heh.

On the sands, Vilrayn tugs Aldor along with her as she backsteps some more,
with a faint squeak.
On the sands, Aldor shifts on his feet, eyes darting slightly. He grips
Vilrayn's hand back. He keeps silent for now. So many dragons..

Mersala frowns at Mystic.

On the sands, Thaddea flinches a littledragonets all around, breathing
or is that her breathing?

Rylian has connected.

On the sands, Or Zelo's?
On the sands, Yorsikhan stands nearby with a bored expression. Yawn. This
will end, some day. Right? And come to think of it, it's /hot/ in here.

Barent says, "Mystic, nobody here wants to hear that kind of language…."

On the sands, Aldor easily moves with Vilrayn. He wants to keep out of the
way.. Now.
On the sands, Zelo blinks, watching the green approach, eyes wide, and
flashes Nefra, Thaddea, Renna, a grin.

Allegria rivets her eyes on the Candidates, still scritching Talen.

Peya catches Ryka's glance, and reluctantly passes the wineskin back to
Kessaly. Sigh. Bye-bye, Benden white. Turning back to the sands, her eys
fix on the little green standing near Zelo and the others. Unconciously, she
holds her breath, waiting.

On the sands, Nefra nearly stops breathing, watching as she green is
coming…this way? Thar can't be right….ow! Shuffle, shuffle, feet dance as
she keeps her gaze locked on the moving dragonets.
On the sands, Poppy says, "Tarth! His name is Tarth!"

Tayla grins and winks back at Lysalla before tuning to away the hatchign of
the next /brown/.

On the sands, Poppy starts to cry, tears leaking in happiness.

Kylandra glances at the candies, wondering why some are fleeing..don't they
want to impress?

On the sands, Tobit stands near those girls who have been oohing and aahing
ove rhim so, getting himself in a good profile so if they glance over, well..
they'll see. He's the Man.
On the sands, Renna watches shards flash by, one whizzes by her nose,
causing her to go momentarily cross-eyed. When she refocuses she's staring
at a bronze "Probably that way" she motions towards the guys and side-steps
On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet drags pounds of extra plum-blue
skin after him… its attached you see. Heavy his steps, large paw-prints
too soon obscured by the twitching lash of his tail to draw his attention…
for now. A plain dragon really, without his breathren's stature or style,
but he moves with waddling charm and /knows/ where he is going. Right
/there/. Planing himself in front of a knot of girls, he just stares and
waits for them to notice *him*

Llyssa's faace breaks into a smile as she hears Poppy's joyous cries.

Danica rests and elbow on a knee and a chin in a palm, watching raptly,
sweating only a bit from the heat in the cavern.

Daeham smiles almost with satisfaction as he witnesses his first hatching
and it's first impression.

On the sands, Ryka tucks Poppy and her dragon near the wall, whispering soft
commands and waving for one of the assistant weyrlingmasters to bring over
the fresh wherry.

Cylina grins at Poppy's reaction. "Hey now, watch how you pronounce that.
Don't put an extra 'i' in there." Tarith wouldn't be happy.

On the sands, Quickened, necessary as breathing, Janus' Annals quakes; an
abrupt clash of shell against shell, half-drowned in the cacophony, dents its
On the sands, Overripened Mango Bronze Dragonet strides forth on those
confident legs, not worried in the slightest. Somewhere, he's there — right?
So his eyes drift along to the the row of whiterobes, all but strolling as
he searches.

Kylandra sighs as she hears the joy in Poppy's voice.

Rylian reaches over to give Talen a scitch as well, a smile on his face as
he watches the first impression.

On the sands, Kethlai is too fascinated with her feet to notice the blue.
Well, not really. She keeps sneaking peeks upward, and trying not to look
too hard. Those talons are awfully close.
On the sands, Joran turns distinctly surprised regard on Poppy and Tarth.
"She's crying," he notes with a fond chuckle, leaning into a candi-mate who
puffs manly musculature. "You'd cry to, you big fool." Joran's finger reach
for a poke, and he retreats back to dragonet-watching. Finding himself
nothing better to do than shuffle, a hand lifts in a wave, dragonet-wards.
On the sands, Aldor watches the bronze. Not him. Probably. He stands
close to Vilrayn, gripping her hand as tight as she is his. ow.
On the sands, Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Dragonet eyes the ground from her
low vantage point, regarding the shifting feet before her, the glances
exchanged amongst the group, and scrambles closer. Her narrow wings flail
behind her like leaves on the wind as she becomes more excited, plowing
through sand and shards!

Serafina croons and rub's Llyssa's cheek.

On the sands, Vilrayn eyes the green eyeing the group of familiar
candidates. Safely out of the way, she is.

Kessaly swings her feet as the excitement builds, accidently kicking yjr
seat before her - and K'mart's wide rump. He glares. She sniffs.
"Sooooo-rry." He grunts and turns back around.

On the sands, Nefra bites at her bottom lip, the aniticpation more painful
that the grip she has on that lip with her teeth, or the sand on her feet.
She does mince, waving from side to saide, trying to keep some sort of cool
about her, thought alrady drenched from the heat.

The = yjr.

Talen croons delightedly. I /like/ this Harperpet!!!

On the sands, Thaddea almost takes a step forward and catches herself. Eggs
colliding can't hurt themselves… can they? She takes a step back,
instead, out of the way of charging dragonet.
On the sands, Zelo steps back a bit as Sweet-tart makes the sand fly,
blinking with a grin, then squeezes Nefra'as hand, eyes wandering from
dragonet to dragonet.
On the sands, Yoriskhan inspects the wall nearby, scratching at his unkempt
hair. No matter what he does, well — it just won't behave. Ah well. A glance
over his shoulder reveals the dragonets. He yawns.
On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet just waits, all wrapped up in
wrinkles and crinkles. He'd move again, if he had too, but he likes it right
/here/. Head swings, blunt-muzzle shifting towards the silent red-haired
green-eyed candidate and snuffs before he swings away again — just checking.
Sidestepping, he finds himself in front of another; less pretty, in a
classical sort of sense, but more for him.

Allegria turns slightly, only now really noticing that she /did/ take a seat
next to Rylian. "Oh…hello again, Master Rylian. Isn't it" a gesture at
the scene on the Sands "wonderful?"

On the sands, Tarin flaps the skirt of her robe back and forth in an
unconscious attempt to generate a minor breeze. Dragons here, dragons there,
dragons, dragons, everywhere.

Charlton leans forward, struggling to see. "What's happening? Who is that
blue one aiming for?"

On the sands, Renna's feet snake softly in the sand, scrunching up and
letting the grains trickle back between again - hot hotter Hottest! but
they're beyond pain, there will be barbecued toes on the menu tonight for her
flit to nibble on - stoopid lizard. Oh wait? she glances down at a pebble
caught between the webbing and its wedged in there tight. A small itsy bitsy
spider dance ensues.
On the sands, Aldor shifts on his feet. He waggles a foot, the sandals not
foing much for the heat of teh sands. He makes little noise, less movement,
his nervousness evident.
On the sands, Leavened Autumn Egg shivers, a rustling of autumn leaves.
On the sands, Vilrayn tugs on lower lip with teeth, dizzy from turning this
way and that to watch out for charging fledglings.

Rylian smiles, in agreement with the Apprentice, without a verbal answer.
His gaze is fixed on the sands, where he's sure another impression is
imminent. Perhaps for one of the Harpers? He hopes so.

On the sands, Kethlai crumples her robe, fists clenched in the material as
she scarcely dares look up. She kicks off one sandal to rid herself of the
irritant sand, then *attempts* to get it back on. Without much success, as
instead it digs downward, filling with more sand than was there in the first
On the sands, B'nal watches Renna, tries not to watch her, but must. She
frowns at her feet; he almost lurches forward. But now is not the time for
interfering. Sigh.
On the sands, Thaddea ignores the heat; her feet are lead. Which isn't to
say they don't absorb it; she just ignores it.
On the sands, "Such /violence/," Joran replies to being sucker-punched by
that buff candidate, "—this is supposed to be a /fun/ time, right?"
Mirroring a defeatedly agreeable nod, Joran folds his arms across white-robed
chest, watching; regarding; judging.

Lysalla glances at Charlton, "I think he seems to be going for that group
with Tarin in it.. I think."

On the sands, Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Dragonet skids to a stop with a
showering of sand before the group, eyes casting to the left and right with
searching /need/. A flash of glowing eyes as she regards piece-mealed robe,
then looks up at chestnut curls and eyes.

Charlton nods, trying to figure out which one that would be. Not a harper,
sadly, he knows this much.

On the sands, Hatchling to egg, Zelo's gaze jumps, as the Leavened Autumn
Egg quivers, and he grins again, shifting from foot to foot, and winces
again. Sandals wouldhave been good.
On the sands, Nefra's eyes move over a commotion near Thaddea. Shards, why
now of all times? Shemakes one hand free, wiping the sweat from her brow,
moving back and forth on red, scortched feet.
On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet blinks, startles, and rocks back
on his ample bottom away from the flaring skirts. A squeak, indignant angry
sound and he buries his head under an uplifted wing to peer out at the hazel
eyed girl. Slowly the muzzle creeps out again, snaking under his sails and
across the sands to whisper towards Tarin; insquisition.
On the sands, Renna wrinkles her nose and lifts her feet, big toe flicks
over top of next toe - get out of there. Her glance focuses on the green
next to Nefra and she giggles for the candidate. Back to the problem at
hand, she tries forcing the toes apart with the other foot.
On the sands, Thaddea overhears the comment, manages a feeble smile at her
fellow-crafter, inching back a little more in his direction.
On the sands, A pair of greens — one dark, one light — break shell almost
simultaneously, each going in opposite directions and impressing a blonde and
a brunette respectively.
On the sands, Aldor moves closer to Vilrayn. Ready to duck out of the way
for any hatchlings watching to come his way. Shift. shift. shift. He's glad
Mush isn;t here. He spies a hatchlings, and steps to one side, out of its
view. He hasn't quite gotten over his fear.. yet.
On the sands, Tarin looks at the little blue, surprised.

Janah walks in.

On the sands, Sweet-tart Gooseberry Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes
upon Nefra.

Peya lets her breath out with a whoosh as she realizes the green has been
searching for Nefra, not Zelo. She glances around, furtively, unclenching
her hands and looking at the fingernail marks there.

Allegria leans forward abruptly, one hand unconsciously seeking out
Rylian's. Her whole attention is focused solely on her friend…"Come on,
Tarin…" she murmurs. "Come on…"

On the sands, Overripened Mango Bronze Dragonet shifts laconic, yet again,
looking for him — the one — who matches his mood. He's out there, oh yes,
and can be felt. And so he stalks along the whiterobes, each getting his
On the sands, Arien catches a glimpse of one of the Fort Hold girls,
apparently being stalked, and grins slyly to her neighbor K'lora. Look,
look. A peach pillow was found the other day, too.

Kylandra cheers as Nefra impresses!

Janah slips up the stairs, nodding to her friends and smiling as Nefra impresses.

Vae doesn't bother to suppress her cheer: "/NEFRA/!!!!!" she squeals, face
split by an ever-widening smile.

On the sands, Vilrayn flashes a nervous smile at Aldor, her oft-dragged
companion on the sands, and sidesteps in sync.

Lysalla lets out a big Whoop for Nefra!!

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On the sands, Tarin giggles. "I'm wearing sandals, you," she says, "that
tickles. Go find your mate."
On the sands, Nefra ulps, coming face to face…with a dragonet? She blinks,
murmring softly, "Tefiath?….Tefiath!" She shouts, nearly falling to her
knees as she puts her hands around the green's neck, caressing gently.

Cylina grins as the green is impressed to the former healer. "All right!"

On the sands, K'lora looks up at Tarin, not surprised at all. Nudging her
again with his muzzle, he hops his wrinkled wizened little self and lashes
his tail around her. /Mine/. Nose buried in the young girl's belly, he just
sighs and tumbles. — Thanks, I have.

Janah adds her voice to the other healers, grinning widely. "NEFFIE!"

On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Tarin.

Link goes home.

On the sands, Arien adds after a moment, "'nother Healer down—" but what's
that cracking, over there?

Kethren cheers, as best she can, from her seat. She's past the stand up and
scream stage. She'll sit and yell, thank you very much. "NEFRA!"

On the sands, Thaddea turns at the shout—and stares at Nefra. Second Time.
She sighs, relieved for her friend.

Llyssa swallows hard, watching the two impressions.

Lysalla stands, clapping and cheering. "Tarin!!!"

On the sands, So intent on the pebble problem that Renna barely catches a
glimpse of a dragon aiming towards Tarin. She holds her breath and tries to
concentrate, look at the eggs, look at the eggs, they're the gleaming
ones..okay so Basil waxes but still…. "Oh Tarin" and just as quickly "Yeah
On the sands, Mirand pauses, arms akimbo, as dragonets find their mates, and
shakes his head dramatically.
On the sands, Tarin blinks. "Ryuth?" She reaches out and runs a caressing
hand along the side of his head.
On the sands, Umeboshi Plum Blue Dragonet looks up at Tarin, not surprised
at all. Nudging her again with his muzzle, he hops his wrinkled wizened
little self and lashes his tail around her. /Mine/. Nose buried in the young
girl's belly, he just sighs and tumbles. — Thanks, I have.

Kylandra grins down at Tarin, chuckling to whomever hears..'She got her big kite.."

On the sands, Kethlai catches a glimps through the shifting line of
Candidates of Nefra dropping down with the tiny green. She grins toward the
pair, then winces and scuffles again. Good Faranth, but these sands are hot.
As if she hadn't knowin that. Another, and she whistles softly for Tarin
and the tiny blue.
On the sands, Janus' Annals Egg splits in twain, roughcut side falling away
from sea-polished gleam. Apple-green glints through the gape, one winghook
splitting the shell fully aside to emerge — freed.
On the sands, Pippin Apple Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Apple's clean, piquant green plays backdrop to the sun-ripened
bloom that but tinges the fine-boned extremities of muzzle, tail and paw.
That ruddy blush brightens jagged neckridges into burnished striations of
copper-scribed amber, all the better to sculpt the dragonet's light,
spring-muscled frame. Returning green tangs her lustrous hide clear to the
tapered tips of spiky, wide-based wings, while winghooks glint as
meaningfully dark as talons' glossy, seed-black crescents.

Peya cheers belatedly for Nefra, pulling herself back from concentrating on
Zelo. "Yea, Nefra!"

Allegria lets out a whoop as her friend Impresses a blue! "All right
Tarin!! And Nefra!"

On the sands, Zelo flashes a grin, and mutters loud enough to be heard
across the Sands, "Good going, Nefra!"

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On the sands, Thaddea's gaze passes over Nefra to Tarin. Another.

Doc_Guest walks in.

Rylian flinches as he feels something touch his hand. 'Lizard? Nope. Softer.
Uh-oh. Oh well, hatchings can certainly be exciting — perhaps the
Apprentice is merely scared. Wouldn't want to be rude.

On the sands, Joran dips down his head in abstract congratulations towards
the newly-Impressed before fixating his eyes upon the laconic bronze. Then a
chuckle rumbles from his throat, amused.

Talen croons in approval…but at what, he's not sure.

Mersala cheers, go Nefra, go Tarin!

Llyssa oooohs as the green hatches, waiting to see who she chooses.

On the sands, Talisen's hands rest lightly on her hips, her smile flashing
easy approval: Nefra — finally! and Tarin. "Perfect."

N'tol has disconnected.

Kessaly beams. And whispers to herself, "Imbri always knows."

Charlton cheers as impressions take place, in all too quick succession. "So
/that/ was Tarin. And Nefra got a green. Oh, yes."

Cylina laughs. "Oooooo… another green! Go green!"

On the sands, Aldor watches his fellow candidates as they impress. He
flashes a nervous smile to them, gaze turning back to the proceedings.
They're ignoreing him and Vilrayn. A good, or bad thing?
On the sands, Sh'lin's wringing hands are raised into the air with cheer.
"Yes, Nefra!"

Lysalla grins toward Charlton, nodding. "Nefra first stood when Kess and I
stood. I'm so thrilled!! Green!!"

On the sands, Ryka smiles and slides up next to a couple of the new pairs,
leading them off to ths side of the sands so they can feed their new
On the sands, Zelo blinks as another green comes from an egg, and then
chuckles softly as he finds Thaddea's gaze.
On the sands, Tarin wiggles out from the grasping tail and says to Ryuth,
"Come on. We need to go over there."
On the sands, Vilrayn pauses for a moment to watch the new green, then
/eeps/ as she spots a charging brown and stumbles slightly. The hatchling
wasn't even heading her way. Blink? She waves, unseen to be sure, in Nefra
and Tarin's direction with a nervous grin.
On the sands, A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker? No, just a holdgirl,
a healer, and a harper; Pippin Apple Green Dragonet pauses just out of her
shards, wings scraping egg innards from her sides, surveying which course to
take to them: the frequented route into the middle of the clutch, or the
path less travelled?

Daeham watches as impressions seemingly happened in quick succession. He
grins as the contageious good will being hurled to the lucky pairs on the

On the sands, Tarin follows Ryka, Ryuth walking alongside.

T'ren nods slowly as his eyes roam over the two impressees, measuring them
as well as their dragons. Once done with that, his attention moves onward
toward the other dragons and eggs, smiling as he spots the bronze.

On the sands, Aldor stumbles with Vilrayn, interlocked hands not breaking
free. Supporting each other.
On the sands, Thaddea meets Zelo's eyes and blinks herself before smiling.
Her attention turns back to the sands, seemingly covered with dragonets…
and she notices the sea-sided egg is Gone.
On the sands, Nefra is shivering she is so, stunned, amazed, and…happy.
"Yes, Tefiath…food… are /so/ beautiful!" she cries, leading the
green from the others.

Allegria's body tenses, willing the dragonets to find Joran, and right soon,
not even realizing she's squeezing Rylian's hand harder in the process.

On the sands, Willow Flute Egg rocks wildly on the sands, digging itself
deeper into a small hollow there.
On the sands, Talisen pads over to guide Nefra and her new lifemate, smile
tickling to widen at lips' corners. "She's lovely. Tefiath, you said?
Food's that way."
On the sands, Zelo blinks as another grin heads this way, and mutters to
Thaddea, "Well, another green." He tilts his head at her, watching the hide
On the sands, Overripened Mango Bronze Dragonet ambles down the row, and at
last he finds him. The mind seeks, touches, somewhere, he's there. And so he
strolls — not runs — towards the group, bright hide gleaming with
overripened hues.
On the sands, People look back and forth, but meanwhile, the Pippin Apple
Green Dragonet's moved on: onward, outward, skirting the sands' edge on
clumsy, careful paws, behind them but audible — no sneak, she.
On the sands, Willow Flute Egg rocks up on one end, ponderously finding its
way out of the hollow it just dug and then rolling down the small sand hill
it created, picking up speed.
On the sands, Kethlai ducks her head and kicks at the sand, spattering it
out in a narrow spread before her. Unable and unwilling to keep looking down
as the eggs shatter before her, sending shards flying in all directions, she
finally, yet nervously, manages to relax a little and simply observe. They
go so fast…. then that one — the one she's been watching since the first
she saw it… Eyes follow the fingerhole markings of the tan-pale egg. A
tiny whistle, hopeful.
On the sands, Renna shuffles closer to Thaddea glancing back at Nefra "All
that worry for nothing, see" she grins and then finds her gaze rooted on the
Pippiin Green "An apple a day…" or some such drivel, and Renna's again lost
in the images the words bring as she stares at the hatchling, maybe with a
wee bit of hope.

Llyssa sits impatietly, willing the Willow Flute Egg to hatch.

On the sands, Willow Flute Egg smacks into a wildly patterned egg and
shudders, shaking off bits of shell.
On the sands, Joran's arms remain still-draped across his chest,
unresponsive to the strolling dragonet; except a wide blink of stunned humor.
Though one hand liftsa concise waveit twines back around to clench the
front portion of his robe.
On the sands, Overripened Mango Bronze Dragonet stops before the
sandy-haired lag, eyeing the wall with boredom-filled eyes. He nudges him,
warbles, demands a response: Perfect.
On the sands, Nefra has disconnected.
On the sands, Vilrayn offers mumbled apologies to Aldor for the startled
stumble, her thoughts 'lengths away, or perhaps just as far as the dragonets
she watches — either way, not quite in her own shoes. Sandals.
On the sands, Thaddea catches Zelo's comment and sighs. Gone, yes, but in
its place a green dragonet. Rocking eggs and meandering dragonets vie for
her attention; she holds very still.

Rylian squeezes back, watching the determined bronze and wondering who he
has found…

On the sands, Aldor smiles to Vilrayn, nudging, and a 'thats ok murmer'.
They're in this together.

"Come on!" Kitana whispers intently, willing a dragonet to find Joran.
"Come /on/!"

On the sands, Willow Flute Egg quivers with treble delight, high-reaching,
soaring — and is cut off, as cracks split it in two, splintered by the
stretch of a decidedly dark claw.
On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Sun-ripened hues of damask purple gleam brilliantly against
dew-frosted blue all along this dragonet's curved and compact frame. No
straight lines define his diminutive form; the curve and curl of shortened
limbs bunch beneath him in buoyant, bubbly afterthought. Airy wingsails arc
high overhead, marked by tiny circlets of bitter grape; champagne limns them
as well, though, tracing the wingspars and tips with earthy, greenish-brown.
Wide, expressive eyes highlight the paler frosting of muzzle's tip, echoing
with delight the distilled wine that touches tail's tip and tilts him towards
heady benefaction.
On the sands, Yoriskhan — Y'skhan — gasps, startled out of his reveried.
"T-Teth?" And so it is. Teth. Y'skhan.

Rylian chuckles as his query is answered. A dragon oughta liven that boy up.
Now, for the Harpers…

On the sands, Zelo grins at Thaddea's sigh, "Just wait, we'll see."
On the sands, K'lora has disconnected.
On the sands, Nefra has connected.
On the sands, Renna winces as the pebble digs deeper between her webbing.
She glances down and has to get it out of there. A quick glance towards the
weyrleaders and riders and she decides she better squat and work it out with
her fingers, she knows its against the rules, so it'll probably be barbecued
bum one way or the other…

Llyssa grins as the egg hatches and the blue everges…now, who would he choose…

On the sands, Hope aplenty, no, /certainty/, threading ichor live-wire
intensity through the integrity of apple-green hide; the Pippin dragonet
startles briefly at a young man's wave, but heads inexorably for the cluster:
Zelo, Thaddea, and recently-joined Renna.
On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet creels, a distinctly liquid
sound, and shakes the last bits of egg and goo from his hide.

Allegria sits back just a hair, as she realizes the bronze didn't go to who
she wanted it to…but wait…a green's headed for where Thaddea is!

Janah chews on a redworted nail, glancing from Zelo to Thaddea, back and
forth. Two friends, two candidates, one heart hp..hoping for both.

Timbre comes from ::between::, shaking her wings to dispel the cold.

Charlton simply crows. "Plenty of blues, this time." Surely one will go to a
harper. Surely…..surely.

On the sands, Leavened Autumn Egg shimmers again, the oranges and greens and
browns of its season shifting and blurring. Sand tumbles from its mound, as
it shifts, the dragonet shifts. And cracks.
On the sands, Thaddea almost smiles, and spies the green she thought lost in
the rainbow on the sands; abruptly she backs into the healer, "Zelo. ZElo."
On the sands, A faint grin quirks upon the hatching of the blue, then eyes
full of hope greater than she'd admit turn down again. Kethlai fingers her
robe, sneaking glimpses of the little one, the one from that favorite shel.
She peers around him, to the shattered remains of the flute-marked oval. To
the shards, yes. Of course.

Daeham watches the high drama being unfurled upon the sands below, holding
his breath in anticipation of the next pair.

On the sands, Zelo grins at Renna, eyes darting, jumping from blue to
approaching green, and squeezes Thaddea's hand tightly, shifting on the
sands. Waiting. Waiting…

Janah winks at the master, then smiles up at Lauren's green…

Hmmm…no browns yet…

On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet blinks quite deliberately and
begins to stagger across the Sands.

Talen hops excitedly from Allegria's shoulder to Rylian's, and back again…

Timbre cheeples softly down at the otherpet. Her pet sent her to check on things.

On the sands, Thaddea returns the pressure gratefully, glancing at Renna as well.

Tayla had noticed that very lack. Curious.

On the sands, Ahhhh blissss as Renna's fingers work the pebble free she
glances up somewhat frozen at the onslot of a looming hatchling "Oh my …
great gracious trundlebugs". A hand snakes sideways and she tugs at Thad's
tunic, or maybe Zelo's "er…guys?…Guys!"
On the sands, Leavened Autumn Egg quivers again, to blur swifter — faster
— greater — as the burn of the sands begins to affect it as well. End over
end it falls — and with greater speed than the shedding of leaves.

Janah bites her lower lip as the green heads toward Thaddea and Zelo, hoping
and praying….

On the sands, Joran commences the dance, the ever-present pangs of hatching
sands' heat reaching the soles of his feet. Intent blues of his half-lidded
eyes skitter across the sands in search of new-Impressed; tacit
acknowledgement nods.

T'nar goes home.

Lysalla has been noticing as well. Khalith has voiced his concerns for
several minutes. More browns. "Lots of lovely blues and greens."

Tyra walks in.

On the sands, Zelo gets tucgged, and flashes Renna a green at her shocked look.

Allegria squeezes tightly, noticing the new blue…come on, let it go to Joran!

On the sands, Vilrayn shakes first one foot, then the other, balanced
unsteadily with a bit of help from the vise-grip she has on Aldor's hand.
On the sands, No blue for this one, Charlton, not for /hers/. The Pippin
Apple-Green Dragonet mantles slowly, shaking out her wings to half-overshadow
her chosen's neighbors, and noses her suede-soft muzzle towards a bared,
scarred shoulder even as her gaze seeks eyes bright as obsidian.
On the sands, Grin

Peya doesn't hear the complaints about browns. Another hatchling is near
Zelo…thus, her attention is on the sands.

On the sands, Aldor grins back to Vilrayn, and watches the Leavened Autumn
Egg. He is unbalanced a bit as she tugs on him, threating to send both
On the sands, Mirand dances in unconscious echo of Joran's movements, trying
to see everywhere at once, watching the eggs shiver and shatter and shard,
the dragonets wander and waver and /choose/. Eyes darken in alternate hope
and despair.

Allegria catches her breath…the green is going after Thaddea, isn't it?
"Look, Ryl," she whispers, in her excitement forgetting to use the 'Master',
"watch Thad, and the green!"

On the sands, Thaddea grabs at the hand on her shiftshe'd like to stay
"Renna. We see." Remebering K'lora's last Words of Wisdom, she
starts to Get Out of the Way—and stops as the dragonet halts before hitting
the trio.
On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet stumbles towards a knot of young
men, pausing to sniff experimentally at one's toes. He turns his head away
as if suddenly encountering a rancid scent. Obviously someone hasn't washed
his feet recently enough. The young blue turns away, in search of a more
suitable match.
On the sands, Kethlai's eyes move up to the galleries again, a smile
lighting suddenly and a near-hidden wave to the rows of people above as she
spots someone she must know in that mass of humanity watching. All those
eyes. Ulp. Look back at the feet. That's much saver.
On the sands, Pippin Apple Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Thaddea.
On the sands, Leavened Autumn Egg crackles and pops, wood-smoke's fire
burning it up. The flamboyance of its mergeing hues stops for a moment —
then is broken as a reach of creamy talon escapes, soon followed by a
crumpling of shards.
On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Matte and creamy bone white are washed by an irridescent
sheen, shimmering rainbows along his hide. Long and lean, the curve of spine
stretches an elongated arc, clearly displaying the faint fuzzy lines that
stripe him from muzzle's wedge, to wing's farthest spar, to tail's pointed
tip; sinuous measurement of movement is accentuated by the nigh-delicate curl
of flanks and toe, the swirl of sand in the rake of talon. Faint blotches of
nearly-gold gild his headknobs and ridges, trailing down his neck to form a
rakish hat of uncontained flamboyance.

A'var has disconnected.

Lysalla says, "Thaddea! Wooo!!!"

On the sands, Vilrayn plants both feet back on the ground soon enough,
watching the green waver in front of Renna, Zelo, and Thaddea.

Rylian smiles releivedly as the green finds Thaddea. He grins, proudly, and
sends a smile towards the Masterharper.

Janah jumps to her feat, hugging a random harper to her, and
cheering on top of her lum..lungs for her childhood friend, now green-rider

Allegria whoops loudly as the Harper Impresses. "All right Thaddea!!!!"

Cylina grins at Tayla, "There's your brown, sis."

Charlton smiles slowly, as Thaddea is chosen. "She's perfect. They're
perfect for each other."

Llyssa says, "Yeah Thaddea!"

Ah, finally a brown…

Barent says, "Go Thaddea!!!"

Bryanne's nails bite into her palms with nerves stretched. Renna to
Zelo..eyes move swiftly, then on to the dragonets.

Kessaly smiles and sends a silent toast to Thaddea.

On the sands, Zelo watches — another brown. Sharp eyes peer at it, and a
grin flashes across his lips. Another brown is good.

T'renglances at Cylina and Tayla, grinning at the two. "So /that's/ what
you've been waiting for, Tay…"

Tayla cheers! "Finally a Brown!"

On the sands, Aldor gets to his feet. Unstaggered. A new brown. A green and
three candidates.
On the sands, Contained Recovery Egg shivers, a flash of lightning's reach.
Containment — expansion — the shards stretch and warp: inner struggle
within, and stronger without.

T'ren glances… :/

Janah smiles softly, leaning back in her chair to await the name.

OOC: T'ren knows better. :(

Danica leans forward and counts the remaining eggs.

On the sands, Renna ducks her head and scoots over to get out of the way…
she *blinks* hey I can see my knees?… er why can I see my knees???…

dawning awareness crests across her face as she rapidly straightens legs
snapping shut. She manages a sheepish grin towards Thaddea and smiles then
tries to edge her way to stand behind an egg. "They should have told us we
should wear a slip" she grumbles.

Tayla grins at her sister and T'ren with a huge grin, "Oh yeah. The
backbone of the weyr. Can't have too many browns!"

On the sands, Ryka grins at the next pairing over her shoulder and pushes
the nearest assistant werylingmaster towards her and….Ryka frowns, what
/is/ that dragon's name?
On the sands, Thaddea's grip is iron on her companions hands, but her eyes
are fixed on whirling ones. "Selketh?" she whispers, unbelieving.
On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet searches diligently, finally
coming upon one set of feet that seems just right. He looks up from those
feet and whirling blue eyes peer deep into eyes of a pale jade green,
searching deeply.
On the sands, Vilrayn flashes the umpteenth nervous grin Aldorward. At least
she /has/ someone to stumble into without being reproached. Her eyes follow
the new brown, but her concern is still by far mostly on avoiding being
trampled by dragon feet. Aldor's are smaller, she can live with that.
On the sands, Mirand blinks as everything seems to explode at once, brown
hatchling fallings from it's shell almost in the same moment as the dappled
appled green picks musical Thaddea. "What now, what now?"

Krilin walks in.

Klin walks in.

On the sands, Renna starts to feel quite safe standing behind this egg, sure
its cracking a bit but she starts to mumble "don't hatch, D'ont Hatch, D'Ont
hAtch…not just yet anyways".
On the sands, Zelo flashes Thaddea agrin this time, not muttering but
calling, "Congrats!"
On the sands, Joran choreographs; no longer a mere step-step-hop, but a
hop-hop-bounce. "Shardling sands are /hot/, that's why I'm dancing," he
answers a worried candidate whose needling poke snapped the movement. "Just
watch the on-goings, would you, and quit looking at me like I'm some crazed
man." Rolling eyes veer back towards the dragonets and the flipping scenery.
On the sands, Arien rises to her tip-toes, looking over the
clutch/Thaddea/relief, however ambiguous, warms a growing smile.

Klin says, "am i too late?"

On the sands, Contained Recovery Egg quivers yet again, the paled shadows of
its coloration whippin to looped lavender. Crackled fire across it, violence
regained: to escape.

Klin winces,..

On the sands, Aldor promises not to step on Vilrayn's feet. Well.. Maybe..
If things get hectic. He'd rather not be mauled into tiny dice sized peices
as well. He gives the clutching hand a good squeeze. They'll both have
finger imprints later…
On the sands, Pooter moves hurritdly away from Joran, the dancing candidate,
leaving a greenish stench in his wake.
On the sands, Sh'lin looks delighted as well for an old friend. "Yes, Thaddea!!"
On the sands, Thaddea suddenly remembers her grip and drops both hands with
a mumbled apology, frees them to encircle the little one, patting damp from
jagged neckridges. "Selketh," she whispers again.
On the sands, Contained Recovery Egg quickens, hip-hop — then stops —
rolls, slow, cracks low — and altogether now, a talon cleaves shell into
shards, leafy green against lavendar.
On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Vivid lime-rind splashes this dragonet's hide, from the
pointed wedge of smooth-skinned head to notched triangle of limber tail.
Untempered incongruities merge long, lean limbs with her small, rounded
frame: angular, yes, but neatly designed. Darker zest curlicues along the
length of her throat and down her legs, ending in talons of deep, leafy
green; citron yellow and hoary umber limns the membranes of her narrow-sailed
wings with bright and brighter-yet shades. A certain tart whimsy infuses her
rollicking stride, accented throughout by a chaotic, coherent vibrancy.

Klin has disconnected.

Charlton has disconnected.

On the sands, Talisen's smile is a constant over her features by this point,
but flickering to continued growth at each new Impression. One hand catches
her silver-embroidered skirt from the sand, waiting silently to guide.

Krilin has disconnected.

On the sands, Renna winces visibly as the egg to hide her from embarassment
shatters. Gritting her teeth she mumbles to herself "I did ask nicely".. well
maybe not. Okay, problem! how to move from here to over there keeping the
legs shut so the light doesn't shine through? hmm, suggestions?. Renna
begins a mincing heel toe shuffle but glances in surprise at the new green
dragonet. Maybe she'll wait first "after you"..politeness at all costs.

Cylina laughs, applauding, "Very another green!"

On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet paces forth in pale-almond
hues, hyperactivity merged into flamboyant gain. Those gold-hued talons drag
in the Sand, to shimmy and shake to big-bright-brown.
On the sands, Another green, to go with the blue and the brown. A chuckle
escapes Zelo's lips at her, then he turns to the brown, his own dark eyes
watching its progress.
On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet bends down to sniff once again
at this young woman's feet and then whirl his blue-green gaze into jade eyes.
He twists his head to one side and begins to gnaw at the bottom of Kethlai's
On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet shudders all over, shaking off
bits of shell.

Daeham grins, ever so broadly. She watches, and says, "Beutiful brown."
She's not prejudiced, no. Little brother dear only rides a brown…

Llyssa grins for Kethlai

On the sands, Kethlai blinks downward suddenly, eyes snapping away from the
galleries to her feet. "Wh… what?"
On the sands, Aldor watches the brown, and tjhe greens. Either he and
Vilrayn are in a good spot.. Or a poor one. Depending on your choices.

Lysalla laughs, elbowing Tr'vyn. "Look familiar Trev!" She points to the
Sands and the dragonet gumming fabric.

Kethren grins, ever so broadly. She watches, and says, "Beutiful brown."
She's not prejudiced, no. Little brother dear only rides a brown…

Llyssa frowns, "What ecver happened to the bronze?"

On the sands, Joran tilts an odd-looking smirk at Pooter, sloped right back
to grin at the freshly-hatched green. "/Well/," he mutters under a sigh, "I
guess I just stand here and," a glance wayward concurs his observation,

Lysalla says, "He Impressed to Yoiskhan I think his name was."

On the sands, Thaddea raises her head, face damptears or
looking for the weyrlingmaster. "She's hungry," she says, barely
above a whisper.

Lysalla can never remember all those candie names.

Tr'vyn tosses his head back and laughs! "I think Jeroth is gonna like that blue."

On the sands, Ryka tiptoes across the hot sands, escaping the vile looks
directed his eau de blech way. Looking over his shoulder, he misses the brown
tail in front of him and goes headlong into the sand. He comes up blinking
and whispers, "Stankth?"

Ellya walks in.

On the sands, Vilrayn ducks a projectile piece of shell, flashing a faintly
indignant look at the brown. Now she's dodging dragonets nowhere near her.

Llyssa nods, "I must've missed it…"

On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet tugs most insistantly, tearing
off a small strip. He rocks back on his haunches, the scrap hanging out
either side of his mouth. The young blue gnaws at the strip and gazes deeply
into Kethlai's eyes.
On the sands, Pooter did that ,he did.
On the sands, Kethlai starts to back up a little, tugging at her robe.
"Y… y'don' want me."
On the sands, Talisen waves Thaddea over, still decked with that
ever-growing smile. "This way… Selketh, you said?"
On the sands, Zelo flashes Thaddea a warm smile, grinning, and again
murmurs, almost too quietly to hear, "Congrats."
On the sands, Nefra blinks, finally noticing…'Thaddea?" She peers…ayup,
it's her. Givign a quick smile, she turns back to Tefiath, feeding the green,
trying to abate her hunger.
On the sands, Aldor oofs as Vilrayn ducks when he's not looking, or ready.
On the sands, B'nal chuckles towards Kethlai. "I told her she was born to
scrub dragons, so I did." Of course, he'd said 'maybe'.
On the sands, Renna's gaze remains on the green dragonet but she angles a
shoulder at Kethlai and calls "It is a baby!" and then flashes the girl a
wide joy infused grin "I bet you he does"
On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet emerges, at last, rollicking whimsy in
every step; neat-placed talons place and step, moving towards the group in
abandon of place. A stumble, perhaps, but she catches it — and goes.

Ketrion walks in.

Janah chuckles over to Tr'vyn, muttering something softly about dill green

On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet drops the bit of cloth and licks
his nose. He takes a tentative, wobbling step forward after the retreating
white robe. So interesting. Smells good!
On the sands, Thaddea nods, movingslowlyto the side, and shares Nefra's smile.
On the sands, Kethlai trips. *thump*. She ends up flat in the sand,
staring at the oncoming shape. "Ummm… don' step on me. Please?"

Lysalla overhears Janah's comment and laughs.

On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet chases the retreating candidate
'till he drives his little blue nose right into Kethlai's belly and takes a
big sniff. *sfooof!* Good! His wide, insistant gaze catches hers….
On the sands, Champagne Grape Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Kethlai.

Kessaly sneaks an arm around her sister's waist and smiles. "'Member, Lyssie?"

Tr'vyn hears someone mention dill green boxers, and instinctively checks
himself for wayward drafts.

On the sands, Kethlai says, "C…'t. Il…Ilurath?"
On the sands, Ilurath bumps his nose insistantly into Kethlai's midrif.

Janah winks at Lysalla, and grins. "One of two Healer's down." And Janah
definately wouldn't know anything about Trev's boxers. :) Leave that to the

On the sands, Vilrayn mutters apologies again, sighing.

Sneezy_Guest walks in.

On the sands, Kethlai oofs. "Me? But… y'can't…"

Kitari whispers smugly to herself, "I told Kethlai she didn't have to worry!"

On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet knows there is one /she/ wants, indeed
she does. Pointed head held high she steps closer — and closer. Towards the
semi-circle she goes, direction and intently driven. Wings flare above —
and hold.
On the sands, Aldor nudges Vilrayn, "Hey.. 'ts ok… B'sides.. I think
we're safe here." he smils to Vilrayn, ahh well, he supposes that trip with
her to his family's home is out then
On the sands, Zelo grins again, chuckling at Kethlai as the blue grabs her,
and then blinks as another green approaches. They're attracting greens.
On the sands, Does Impression provoke mental illness, is the question
flipping through Joran's head. "Why all the stuttering?" he directs that
question out the corner of his mouth toward to a shrugging blond-haired lad.
"Ah, she's preening." The green does manage to steal his attention.
On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet fans his wings and wiggles
forward through the sands, passing up Candidate after Candidate. The right
one is here.. somewhere..
On the sands, Vilrayn grins faintly to Aldor, "So it seems."
On the sands, Renna glances at the green dragonet, alternating between
dumbfoundedness and hope. Interesting colour she thinks, how would you dye

Lysalla has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

On the sands, Lysalla walks in from the entrance.
On the sands, Aldor nods to Vil, amiling, "It'll b'ok.. 'm sure."
On the sands, Zelo flashes a grin at the brown as he wiggles around the
sands, then at REnna, shooting a glance at Nefra and Thaddea over with their
new lifemates, and blinks over at Lys for a moment, proffering a warm smile
before his eyes are upon hatching dragons again.
On the sands, Arien pauses in ledges-seeking to cast a grin towards the
incoming dragonhealer.
On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet looks quite cock-eyed at one
young man and then shoulders past, leaving disappointed looks in his wake. He
pays no attention. The One is here.. somewhere close now, he can sense it.
On the sands, Ryka grins up at Lysalla, knowing she could
On the sands, Sh'lin wanders to Nefra's side, looking over her shoulder at
the green before her. "Tefiath, do I remember correctly?" she asks softly,
happy smile on her face.
On the sands, Ryka grins up at Lysalla, knowing she couldn't stay away for long.
On the sands, Vilrayn smiles a bit more, gratefully, and watches green and
brown, ever-ready to dodge.
On the sands, Kethlai tentatively reaches out to rub the blue nose, then
strokes the eyeridges, still disbelieving. "Y'can't… but…. Y'do wan'
me!" The last is an incredulous whisper, and a smile breaks out over her
face. "Oh, Ilurath, y'do wan' me!"
On the sands, Auroraed Lake Egg trembles slightly, a gentle ripple of shell
at first. Sapphire and violet burbling quietly.
On the sands, Aldor watches the brown dagonette warily. He shifts on hot
feet again.
On the sands, Renna glances over at the brown dragonet too and then smiles
up at Zelo a little wistfully "Its happened so fast".. This from the girl who
wished it was over
On the sands, Driven by heat and equatorial nature, Mirand peers at the
brown, his feet never ceasing to move, nor, by now, his mouth. "Pick me, pick
me, /shells/, pick me-pick-me-pick-me." A chant, rapidly becoming a chatter.
On the sands, Zelo blinks over as the Auroraed Lake rocks, his other
favorite, eyes leaving the brown, then to the green, then the egg again.
On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet is brilliant, is she not? Definitely
an envious hue. Those leaf-grene talons dig to the ground, carry her forth —
and her movements are swift in hatchling motion.
On the sands, Nefra nods, beaming up at Sh'lin, an expression of abolute joy
on her face. Shadows are gone, as she replies, "Yes….isn't she beautiful?"
On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet zeros in on a droning sound.
Over and over. Ohh.. yeeeeees. He swings his head back and forth and then
begins to advance, following the rythm of /his/ voice.
On the sands, Sh'lin shares a bit of Nefra's joy, patting a shoulder. "Gorgeous."
On the sands, B'nal cannot take his eyes, by now, from Renna. His fists
clench in hope. "I just want her to be happy, is all." He reassures no one,
least of all himself.

Tyra has disconnected.

On the sands, In the waning Twilight of the Sands, of the Fortian evening,
Auroraed Lake Egg shivers again, as whisps of cracks appear at the surface,
pooling over the shell in radiant waves. Soon the stars shall sparkle.
On the sands, Arien pauses, then edges in B'nal's direction, the direction
of his gaze being all too apparent.
On the sands, Talisen has disconnected.
On the sands, Aldor watches the newly rocking, and hatching egg. He gets
prepared to duck out of teh way again.
On the sands, Zelo looks. Brown hide, green hide, or shell and that which
waits within? Zelo watches them all shifting slightly, ehat forgotten.
On the sands, Sh'lin glances over at B'nal, hiding a smile behind a hand.
On the sands, Lips form a straight-lined dash across Joran's face; intense
concentration drawing eyebrows together as he peers, green-wards. He fails to
see what she is accomplish, so he just shrugs, watching.
On the sands, Renna's head starts to feel like a ping pong ball and she
darts it back and forth between dragonettes and candidates. Attention rivets
on the green dragonette again "Could be that an entire wardrobe would have
to be made for your rider" she muses "to match sort of". This small tangent
goes off in abstracted as Renna reflects "What colour matches lime? really
its not a bad colour at all"
On the sands, Mirand's drone becomes faster and faster, almost but not quite
becoming a stutter, "Ppppppick me, pppppick me, mmmmme."
On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet finally find it.. yes! He looks
up into dark eyes, his own whirling a triumphant blue!
On the sands, Tropical Almond Brown Dragonet stumbles to Mirand, eyes locked
onto his.
On the sands, Kethlai can't take her eyes off Ilurath's; even the sand stuck
in her sandals seems to be forgotten for the moment. "I still c-c-can't
believe it," she murmurs to the blue, rubbing his eyeridges and picking off a
scrap of shell. "Y-you're s'beautiful…."
On the sands, Mirand trills his joy, as the Almond Brown approaches him, and
eyes lock in tango tightness. "His name is Carmenth!"
On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet spreads bright-lime wings wide, citron
and umber in speckled reflection. She stumbles forwards towards a musing
group, talons tangling to a chaotic mass — and lands, chin in sand, to
On the sands, Vilrayn's eyes leave the brown upon impression; that one isn't
dangerous anymore. Anything else is fair game, or she's fair game to
anything else, so her eyes are busy again, flitting hither and thither like

Akira looks from the ones on the sands to a certain blue on the ledges and smiles.

On the sands, Aldor shisfts on hjis feel, as nervous, and wary as Vilrayn.
He sighs. Avoided, so far. Away from the larger groups, it amazing how not a
one comes thier way. wheew. He'd probably embrass himself, and panic.

L'lia walks in.

On the sands, Renna's mind and body have become two distinct and separate
entities, one deserting the other to the sands as it stares dreamily
reflecting on the wonderous beauty that grows and then entrances and
captivates. She nods down at the dragonette and she blushes at her silly
comments but its keeping her focused from dying small deaths of embarassment.
On the sands, Joran simply bursts out laughing, previously half-lidded eyes
wide in humor. "She's silly," is all he musters.

Tayla waves to Lia from her seat, "Hey there!"

On the sands, Auroraed Lake Egg quivers with an earthquake's tremors as its
once-calm surface is rippled by its occupant's force. One moment this, and
the next an awesome burst of color rains through the air, sprinkling like
morning mist caught in the sun's rays about the surprised brown that finally
finds itself free.
On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Too thin for the whip-lean muscles that ripple across his
gangly frame, this dragonet's all spindleshanked limbs and fruit-mottled
angles beneath wingsails of dark, heady rum. Imperishable walnut brown imbues
a hide as rich as nutmeat's flavour; awkward lankiness prevails over pure
brawn, sweetened by a soft smattering of raisin's gold and brown across his
prominant, pointed muzzle. Creamy pistachio tinges the warm, roasted chestnut
of extra-long ridges, sliding down to the very tip of tail's intoxicated,
animated length.

Analinia has disconnected.

On the sands, Zelo grins as another happy pairing is made, frowning as the
little green falls and looks concerned, shooting a glance at REnna,
questioning, as he glances again at the otheregg, then the little green.
On the sands, Renna has disconnected.
On the sands, A deep blue stumbles into a young miner lad, petulant creels
turning exultant just as the lad's mate looks deep into a tawny brown's eyes
and becomes lost within their whirling blue-green depths.

N'tol has connected.

On the sands, Renna has connected.

Ketrion has disconnected.

On the sands, Aldor spies. Another brown. Which way will it travel. Feet
shift, gaining purchase in the sand. Ow.. Thats hot!
On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet struggles back up, wings fanning as
she regains her feet. Thus refooted, again, she resumes her pace: towards the
group of talkers, the glancers, the worried and dreams.

Danica has disconnected.

On the sands, M'rand leads brown Carmenth to the edge of the sand, out of
the way. Already, the two have a rhythm of their own.
On the sands, Zelo blinks as a brown comes out of the egg, and grins again:
another brown, another dragonet.
On the sands, Vilrayn shuffles with Aldor, certainly nimbler than the
hatchlings, if lacking a certain grace.
On the sands, K'lora has connected.
On the sands, M'ryn has disconnected.

Ostyn has connected.

On the sands, A blue, bright, electric, stumbles from the shards of a
golden, tea-hued egg. He wanders a moment and then finds him: a seacrafter
boy, brought up from Fort Seahold.

Kylandra nods to Mersala, her hands clinched tight, "I do too.."

L'lia wavies to Tayla, and slips over near her, murmuring, "Is there room
for me here?"

Llyssa smiles over at Ostyn, "Decided to come back, did you?"

On the sands, —and wisps of hair fling back with that fanning; Joran
flattens it thoroughly with a hand, broadened grin leaning down on the green
dragonet. "Hi."
On the sands, Aldor has no grace now. Just sure-footed. And nervous. And
wondering, and scared, well, just a little. Wide eyes watch the impressions,
and the gathering of Candidates.

Solinari suddenly disappears ::between::!

Tayla squeezes to the sime a bit, "Tehre's always room for one more!" As
has been proved all night, with squished rumps all around.

Cylina watches the sands as the number of dragonets and candidates dwindle.
Her eyes dart from Aldor to Zelo and back again. "Come on you two. Come

Allegria squeezes Rylian's hand tightly, still focused on Joran.

On the sands, Renna eeps at herself and shakes her head quickly, she glances
at Zelo then at the dragonnette and steps forward to help it.

Grumpy_Guest walks in.

Ostyn grins and nods.

On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet shakes himself free of the
alabaster shell, a fresh piece of nutmeat come forth to lend himself to
life's mixture. With a toss of a /very/ noticeable muzzle, he starts forth,
destined to find his /one/.

L'lia finds a seat next to Tayla and grins crookedly< "WHo all has impressed?"

Ostyn stares down at the drama unfolding on the sands.

On the sands, Lysalla has disconnected.
On the sands, Lysalla has connected.
On the sands, Vilrayn smiles ruefully at her neighbor. "Fewer to dodge, now,
but my feet are starting to bake."
On the sands, Kethlai sighs softly, furrowed and unbelieving browns relaxing
suddenly into a wide, incredulous grin. "I… I love y'too, Ilurath.
C'mon, come over 'ere, we'll fix that right off, y'see if we don'."
On the sands, Aldor chuckles to Vilrayn, "Aye.. I know. N'much left.. And
they're all going f'th'others."
On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet seeks — and finds. Umber eyes to
match umber in her sails, brightest green to clash with weaver's taste. No
sorrow for she, she stretches upwards, the gangly length of limbs lifting her
higher and up. To seek the eyes of /hers/.
On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet draws himself up to full,
well, not so full height. More a variety of lanky limbs and prominent beak.
Ahem, muzzle. A sign of a true noble man. A scholar, a poet. Off he goes,
in search of adequate parchment in the forth of a white clad human before
him. Hmm, his clutchsister seems rather interested in that group of two.
He'll follow.

Rylian watches the new brown emerge from his shell, and sends a smile to
Allegria. "Another brown!"

On the sands, Zelo watches Rum-Raisan start forth, a grin on his lips, then
to the little green, chuckling as it rests near Renna.
On the sands, Renna starts to nibble on her lower lip, there aren't too many
left. Glance sweeps across the sand and then wanders back to the green
"choose" she whispers urgently at barely audible levels. Lips splay quietly
into a line for the unsaid me.

Tayla glancesa round the sands to try and remember, "A Harper Journeyman,
Thaddea, got a green…Nefra and Tarin too. Kethlai got a blue…A good
looking class with a brown still to impress!"

On the sands, forth=form

Klin has connected.
Klin wonders

Bryanne grabs at N'tol's hands with her own. "That dragon's looking at
Renna…The green! I know she is, N'tol!"

Kessaly shifts and rubs her own aching rump, and looks at the scattered
remnants of her picnic basket. Still some wine left, but she'd best save it
for Ryka. She stretches, and then grins at Trev. "Not much left out there
but shards and shells, hmm?"

On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet warbles, soft. Me, indeed. And /you/.

Kylandra smiles as she sees the green looking at the weaver, "Oh come on Renna!"

On the sands, Key Lime Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Renna.
On the sands, Renna's breath catches in her throught, the meeeee becomes a
question and that laundry starts the spin cycle "Me?"

Ostyn says, "Oh, yes, Renna!"

N'tol grins to his mate and squeuzes her hands. "We will see
Bryanne…dragonets are picky creatures at time."

On the sands, B'nal watches, all intensity. *Ooooooooh.*

Kylandra lets out a small yell, "Whoohoo, Renna!"

Llyssa grins, only the brown left now…

Ostyn silently wills the dragonet toward Renna.

Mersala cheers for Renna, and grins.

On the sands, Vilrayn breathes faint relief as another is safely impressed.
Four fewer dragon feet to worry about, and four times whatever number fewer
On the sands, Zelo blinks at Renna, and lets out another loud, "Congrats!"
as he grins broadly, then turns his eyes on the little brown.
On the sands, Renna ** throught=throat

Janah grins softly, and cheers. "Go Renna!"

Bryanne clicks her tongue. "That dragon has good taste.. you'll see!Go to
Renna, little green.. Go to Renna."

On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet pauses courteously behind his
Lime Green sister. Polite and calm is he. That is, until he trips over one
gangly leg and falls flat, snot buried in the sand. Ooopmh. Oh dear, how
On the sands, K'it blinks down at the little blue as she helps him…. or
perhaps it's the other way around… stumble over to the side of the sands.
"I… I'm what? K'it?" She chuckles and nods at him. "I like't."

Klin looks if there are any left

Kylandra quickly turns her attention back to the brown and Zelo.."Come
on…little brown!"

On the sands, Aldor smiles to Vilrayn, and ponders something.. strongly
alcoholic to drink afterwards. Presious few left.
On the sands, snot=snout ;)
On the sands, Renna stands rooted to the spot, hands frozen at her sides

Daeham watches the lone brown in search on the sands, he seems to be
following in the green's wake. Who will he pick? Who will be the lucky one?

Peya cheers for Renna, then turns concentrates on willing one of the
remaining few toward Zelo.

Sneezy_Guest has disconnected.

Klin kneels down,..

N'tol smiles faintly and looks down at the hatching, hoping for Bryanne's
sake the green chooses Renna

On the sands, Zelo blinks at the little brown falls, and stands there,
looking down at him, a frown slipping across his features, hoping he's not

Solinari blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, Vilrayn spares a moment from watching those last few
hatchlings, "Are you staying?" But eyes are following dragons, still on

Ostyn Ostyn whistles and Solinari chirrups once. He takes off for his pet,
and lands with a /thud/ on his shoulder, almost knocking him off his feet.

Klin offers a supportive hand to the brown,..

On the sands, Old. The green already played that act—Joran grins down at
the haphazard brown, alighted eyes spinning with mirth. For a second, he
contemplates mirroring that action, but remains permanent; except for the
twining his of his legs at the ankles. Tired.
On the sands, Aldor sighs, "me? I dunno… Prob'ly not… " He watches the
last dragons find thier life-mates.

Ostyn winks at Llyssa.

On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet snorts, snout full of sand.
Or, mayhap that was a sneeze? The beginning of a cold, he just knows it. Egg
was comfy, cozy. Who'll take care of him now? A loud rumble reaches human
ears close by. Hear that? He's hungry too. He wiggles out of the sand and
putters forward again.

Ostyn has disconnected.

Kylandra grits her teeth, "Let Zelo impress..come on!"

On the sands, Renna's gaze becomes tender and she shakes her head in denial
even as she takes a step forward and crouches, again heedless of leaders
On the sands, Vilrayn bites her bottom lip, eyes meandering now more than
darting, with fewer targets.. no, she was the target. Silence.
On the sands, A soft blink at the cough? Sneeze? And Zelo frowns again.
The little one should take care of himself. Or someone should. But he
simply watches, standing quietly in his spot.

Llyssa waits, she met Zelo. Was a nice guy…let /him/ impress…

Mersala reaches over and squeazes Kylandra's hand…I hope you're right…

Klin says, "the brown has no person to care for it?"

On the sands, Joran side-steps slightly, bashing into an awe-stricken
candidate and sending him in that direction. "Clear the way," he informs,
baritone clearly apologetic, "—he wants through."

Daeham glances from the brown and back to Zelo, then to the brown again.
Back and forth his gaze goes.

Peya leans forward, eagerly. "C'mon, Zelo…choose Zelo…c'mon!"

Cylina watches the dragonets with Zelo and Renna, smiling slightly, but
frowning as her gaze rests on Aldor. Too bad. Much too bad.

Kessaly shades her eyes with her hand, eyes seeking out a flash of copper.
Ah. There. And /busy/ tonight. With a slight sigh, Kess gathers up her
things, watching the last few find their mates, eyes soft and shining with
memory of a small and dreamy blue.

Ellya answers Klin absently, "It doesn't now. But when It impresses it will.
It will impress to one of those people on the sands. Only those asked to
Search may stand down there for hopeful Impression."

Kauri has connected.

On the sands, Aldor watches the cold-ridden brown. His feet gain purchase
in the hots sands, digging shallow holes.

Klin walks to the brown,..

On the sands, K'it curls with Ilurath, murmuring to him softly, then
giggling at his rumbling repply.
On the sands, Sh'lin watches the last of the dragonets, head pointing out
the last of the drama to the preoccupied N'fra. "Oh… I wish." she lets the
last of her words go unspoken.
On the sands, Renna glances at the green dragon blinding joy mixed with
blinding tears "I'mmm so very pleased to meet you Deireth"

Mersala crosses her finger…common little brown..choose..

Klin sighs,..

On the sands, B'nal's shoulders straighten, as his weaver becomes /her/
lifemate, and he nods in quiet pride. It will occur to him later that his new
daydreams will take all of two turns to come to fruition.
On the sands, Arien studies Renna. B'nal. And Renna's lifemate.

Klin says, "well,.. thats ok was curious,.."
Klin has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.
Klin appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Kylandra smiles as she sees the proud look on B'nal's face.

Bryanne gives a yell. "Did you hear..her name's Deireth! Ntol, she
impressed…she really did it!"

On the sands, N'fra blinks, looking up to the greenrdier, breaking her
commune with Tefiath, wondering where…."Oh!" she blinks, watching the
brown, and the ones near him…

Klin has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

On the sands, B'nal has disconnected.

N'tol laughs and gives Bryanne a hug. "You were correct after all it seems."

On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet shifts his tail in the sand,
a animated length of rum propelling him onward to find perfection amongst
white robes. Suddenly he stops and trembles slightly, blowing sand grains
all over Zelo's face, rumbling a resonant apology afterwards. However, he
doesn't move either.

Kylandra turns her attention back to the brown..who was he going to choose?

Allegria wrinkles her brow, and leans in towards Rylian…"Joran hasn't
impressed…" A shadow of worry crosses her face.

Llyssa goes home.

On the sands, Aldor shuffles on his feet. That nice stretch of cliff at
Southern was quite nice.

Kessaly suddenly laughs and shoves curls back. "Poor old B'nal. Long two
turns for him." She grins down at the sands. "Well go on there, little
fellow, and find your mate…." She spies his sudden attatchment to Zelo.
"Ah. Yes."

Kylandra grins hopefully, seeing the brown pause.

On the sands, Joran has disconnected.

Daeham grins at the mess the young brown is making of Zelo and gets his hopes up.

Mersala grins along with Kylandra…I hope, I hope, I hope…

On the sands, Zelo wips his face, glancing down at the brown and shakes his
head. Sneezing now. Someone will have to look at him. But Zelo still just
watches, looking down at the Brown with blinking eyes.
On the sands, Vilrayn watches pensively. Partner in crime forgotten.

Bryanne looks around.. ahh that brown still left.. and focussing on Zelo, he is..

On the sands, Aldor eyes watch Zelo, and brown. He sighs quietly to himself.
He looks around, and ponders.. A home.

Kethren mutter to herseldf, under her breath. "One healer Impressed…. Go
to Zelo… he's right there. Come on." Like the brown can either her her,
or care. "Zelo…"

On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet pokes his large muzzle into
Zelo's hands. Or one hand, whichever he can find. Zelo can readily feel the
sand covering it and something a tad gooier. Where're the hankies when you
need one eh, Zelo?

Peya finds herself holding her breath again as the brown stops in front of
Zelo, her hands clenched tightly. Suddenly, she's on her feet, cheering.

On the sands, Sh'lin tenses, watching the small brown fixedly, hands
tightening subconsciously on N'fra's shoulder. She stops and apologizes,
murmuring to the weyrling and green Tefiath.
On the sands, Renna wipes her arm across her face smearing tears to nod at
the dragon "Okay..okay… food right, got it. No no I'm happy, see happy
tears", and she leads the dragon off, still blubbering and sniffling.

Mersala grins and cheers "yey Zelo!!!" :)

On the sands, Th'ea kneels by her lifemate, looking up briefly with a smile
as the last few dragonets find /their/ lifemates.

Kylandra smiles as the brown touches Zelo, letting out a whoop! "Yeah Zelo!"

Janah grins softly, and
Janah grins softly, then stands and cheers. "Go Zelo!" Another wink, and a
smiles.. "Go Healers!"

On the sands, Vilrayn hasn't, actually, forgotten for a moment, but she
watches that brown without a sideward glance anyway. Just in case he should

Kylandra grins at Janah, "Go healers!"

Allegria sucks in her breath, disappointment for Joran forgotten in the
elation that goes with an Impression. "All right Zelo!"

Cylina grins, cheering for Zelo, trying not to let Aldor's lack of
Impression get her down.

Mersala grins at Kylandra and Janah, and adds to the cheer :)

Peya bounces up and down, grabbing a random nearby rider in a tight hug.

On the sands, N'fra blinks, wincing sligtly, but still smiling up at Sh'lin,
another, then a cheer for Zelo!
On the sands, Zelo blinks at the brown as it presses its snout into his
palm, and surrepetiously wipes at it with his robe. Poor thing.
On the sands, Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Zelo.
On the sands, Tarin has disconnected.

Janah grins again, and voices the cheer once more. "Go Healers!"

Daeham raises his voice he uses to be heard above blows on the anvil."Way to
go Zelo! I knew you had it in you!"

Kylandra settles back in her seat with a sigh, wondering if maybe someday,
she, too can have a turn on the sands.

Kethren lurches to her feet, and wobbles. She pumps arms over her head,
grinning madly. "Zelo!" She turns to the other healers, and winks. "All
our Healers.. Impressed!"

On the sands, Tarin has connected.
On the sands, K'it murmurs, "Behind there, li'l guy?" She raises a hand to
itching eyeridges, then relaxes herself as the shared sensation turns into
relief. Ilurath rumblecroons and nuzzles her hand. Better, yes.

Kitari goes home.

Kylandra giggles at Kehtrens display, nodding happily in agreement.

Rylian takes his hand from Allgria's, sheilding his tired eyes as he watches
the last dragonet impress. He smiles, as he chooses Zelo, and sighs as he
reaiizes Joran is left on the sands. His hand leaves his eyes, and falls,
with a moment of hesitation, back onto Allegria's.

On the sands, Sh'lin resists the urge to snug N'fra and whirl her round and
round. Tefiath might object after all, but she lets loose with a rather
pleased cheer! "Zelo!!"

Mersala grins, looking at Kethren and nodding.

Ellya is quiet. She has a small, half-smile on her face, and a deep,
intensified gleam in her eyes. She looks down on Zelo on the sands, and looks
quite overjoyed for the young man.

On the sands, Lysalla hollers herself, immensely pleased with the brown's
final choice. "/Brown/"
On the sands, Poppy has disconnected.
On the sands, Zelo blinks down, wiping the nose of the hatching, and shakes
his head, "You just let me help with that, why don't you?" He rubs at his
snout, shaking his head.
On the sands, Th'ea looks surprised. "Fish?"

Kessaly makes her way to the railing, leaning over to wave and catch her
weyrmate attention, pointing upwards. With a smile, she smooths down her
skirts and climbs the stairs, Imbrith-chatter in her mind.

On the sands, Vilrayn offers Zelo a smile, and the wisest advice she can
think of, "Watch out for Merf."

Kylandra has disconnected.

Mersala yawns and stretches, realizing she has been sitting here for 4 hours.

Daeham bellows, " His name? Zelo, what's his name?"

Janah grins at Kethre, thumpimg her shoulder softly. "Healers rule." She
winks, then turns her eyes to the ones on the sands, sighing softly. Been
there. Done that.

On the sands, Ariana casts a glance about, giving the candidates a faintly
bittersweet smile. She steps away from the shade of Ashtoreth's wings, first
addressing the audience: "We do thank you for coming and celebrating with us.
Feasting will be in the Main Caverns." And softer, to the unsuccessful
candidates, "It doesn't help, I know, but yours just wasn't shelled yet. If
you have any questions, or would like to talk, we're available. " A moment,
and, "You'll be returned to your home as soon as you'e ready — or you can
talk to us if you'd like to make other arrangements."

Bryanne turns a smiling face to N'tol. "He impressed too.. a brown for Zelo!"

On the sands, Aldor has disconnected.
On the sands, Vilrayn frowns faintly, a shadow of disappointment just /now/
creeping into her expression. Who's to say why?

N'tol grins, nodding. "I saw. Time to leave the weyr, i think," he winks.

Nicki has disconnected.

On the sands, Aldor has connected.

Grumpy_Guest has disconnected.

Rylian smiles and rises, disengaging his hand from the Apprentice's.
Hatching's over, after all. His somach grumbles, and he rewinds Ariana's last
speech. Feasting. That sounds good…

Mersala has disconnected.

On the sands, N'fra has disconnected.
On the sands, N'fra has connected.
On the sands, Zelo has disconnected.

Kessaly has disconnected.

On the sands, Ryka has disconnected.
On the sands, Zelo has connected.

Adelaide has connected.

Kylandra has connected.

Allegria squeezes Rylian's hand, now letting her disappointment show. "Poor
Joran…I feel so bad for him. What'll he do now?"

On the sands, K'it raises her wrist, the curl of a wine-blue tail making a
sparling decoration about it. Other hand lifts to stroke the gleaming band
as she leans into Ilurath's side, helplessly.

Adelaide has disconnected.

On the sands, Joran has connected.

L'lia goes home.

On the sands, Th'ea's expression hardens a moment at those words, and
quickly softens at the touch of her lifemate on her thoughts. "Yes," she
murmurs, "it was true for us."

[Didn't get through in his netbouncing: Zelo kneels before the dragon, and
nods his head, flashing a grin at Lys, "Can't believe this, brownriders." He
shakes his head, "I know, Cyrenth, I'll take care of it." And he wipes his
nose again.]

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