Avarra in a Nutshell

  • Hair: Honeynut blond
  • Eyes: Moss green with brown flecks
  • Physique: Unusually petite, athletic
  • Age: 18
  • Current Status: Fort Weyr Candidate
  • Pre-Search Occupation: Runner
  • Original home: Ista Weyr
  • Firelizards: Blue Lim
  • Family: I'van (father), Katarra (mother), Kabrielle (older sister), N'ic (twin brother), Kivvan (younger brother).
  • Logs: http://runavarra.livejournal.com
  • Photo: Bottom of this page

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Ava describes herself as petite, refusing to acknowledge the smaller stature that she's endured all her life as anything other than an intentional positive perk of nature. In a nutshell, she's bold and she's brash - her temper and impatience renowned. Thick honeynut waves have grown in full and wavy, draping about her slender shoulders with the static unruliness of a storm cloud. Her eyes have settled into a deep, moss green, though lively shades of brown sometimes impose their hue depending on her mood. Her features are a fine mix of her mother's aristocratic beauty and the angular lines of her rugged father. Naturally pale skin has transformed into a soft coated tan from exposure to the Istan sun, marred only by a sprinkling of freckles over her nose. Age has carved a lithe, graceful figure, surprisingly unimposing for the strong personality it houses.

Note: Photo is at the bottom of this page. I don't have the ability to make it smaller at the moment so brace yourself. ha!

Typical Attire:

Barely-there clothes keep her just this side of proper, while allowing for ease of movement and the least amount of friction during long runs. Cropped shirt with thin shoulders and knee-length shorts are of matching neutral color, nothing indicating allegiance except a single thread of harper blue around her collar. The one thing that stands out is her shoes; well crafted and specifically cut for her with extra soft padding and thick soles they are meticulously cared for and cleaned after each run.


  • N'ic: Twin brother who is now two turns older due to the Fort BackWhen mission. Rider of brown Waroth, Fort Weyr.
  • Kivvan: Younger brother who is now only three turns younger due to the same BackWhen mission. He was only a toddler when he left though and came back after what was 10 turns for him so they are just now getting to know each other.
  • Kabrielle: Older sister, now deceased after an accident while flying *between*. Was rider to gold Niliath, Ista Weyr.
  • Katarra: Mother. Rider to gold Tajiath, Ista Weyr.
  • I'van: Father. Rider to bronze Casairth, Ista Weyr.
  • Lerylk: Cousin and son of Kabrielle. Kabrielle was so much older than the twins that Lerylk is only a few turns younger than Avarra. Also a candidate - yay!
  • Lim: Short for Limburger. Avarra's one and only firelizard. Named for his stinky facade and the fact that Avarra fed him cheese when he hatched. He's a riot of a grouchy little fellow, as unpleasant to deal with as he is to look at, but Avarra likes him so he's as loyal as a hound dog. If you can stomach it, read his description. Thank you Taini! =D DESCRIPTION: From tip to tail, slimey entrails of greasey blue tinged grey sludge entwined with dirt convolute themselves across an ootheca of decay and death. Pudginess aside, his belly is rounded with spores of milky green mold. Across the translucent planes of its wings, flecks of fetid and foul streaked indigo cavil dozens of speckles that mingle lighter shades of penicillin with the mire beneath and above.

Other Significant Personages:

  • Aodien: A smith whom she met at random but quickly connected with as the two had mutually scarred psyche's about love and their past. Due to her being a Runner and his penchant for getting into trouble the two rarely spent more than a few days together at a time but those emotionally charged visits have been strong enough to keep repeating over a long period of time and eventually led to the infamous 'L' word being used. Currently he's in the proverbial dog house because he can't make up his mind, and oh yes, he's a candidate too.
  • Rugen: A nefarious Bad Guy running around disguised as a legitimate trader in rare luxery items. Avarra ran across him and was immediately wary of his suspicious manner but after meeting a second time in the middle of a long run the two shared drinks and a long, wit-filled, flirtatious conversation at the Dragon Inn that ended with them sharing a room. This could seriously come back to bite Ava in the butt because the encounter remains a pleasant memory but she has yet to find out about his seriously dark side and connections with the most evil Lord Holder on Pern, let alone that he lied about his name which she thinks is Brue.
  • Several wonderful characters have been repeat influences on Avarra since she's been frequenting Fort Weyr, most notably: Ita, Madri, Taini, R'ish and Thera.


Born at Ista Weyr, Avarra was one of three but the third was stillborn. She and her twin brother, Nicarran, were very close growing up and enjoyed having a gold and bronze dragon as nannies as well as a score of various other weyrfolk who stepped in when their Weyrleading parents were otherwise busy. She enjoyed a typically happy childhood, capped off by typically stressful teenage years wherein one tries to figure out who they are and what they want to do while under the weighty assumptions of adults.

However, after her older sister, Kabrielle, died in an accident everything fell apart. Her mother, Katarra, went into a deep depression, her father, I'van, disappeared and the twins were left on their own. Then Katarra decided to join the Fort Weyr mission to go backwhen and took their young brother, Kivvan, with her because he was only a toddler at the time. Nicarran also decided to go to protect them both and he and Avarra had a horrible fight over it because she thought the whole venture was dangerous and foolish, not to mention abandoning her.

Thus started the darkest few months of Avarra's life. She left the weyr and became a Runner, drowning herself in work and a whole list of bad, self-destructive behaviors until she was so thin and blase about life that she nearly did herself in. Then she met Aodien and shortly after that Nicarran returned, now N'ic and brown Waroth. As she got closer to Aodien and mended fences with N'ic she started down the slow road of healing.

On N'ic's recommendation she decided to check out his new home and started frequenting Fort Weyr to visit him. Then came the day she was completing a run to the weyr and ran into a posse of weyrlings on snow-shoveling duty shepherded by three Fort riders, Thera, R'ish, and Madri. Madri's blue Elsveth decided Avarra looked good for cuddling and after gracefully falling into a snow bank /twice/ Avarra agreed to stand for the current clutch.

LIVEJOURNAL: http://runavarra.livejournal.com/

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