Cea's Enlightened Psychedelic Green Ayeleth

Spanikopita Pastry Egg

Despite the airy crust of fluff and gold that flakes this egg, it is the undercurrent of strongly dark green and amber creams that cling to the shell which define its flavor. Small and round, as if it were too rich to grow bigger, the egg promises a taste of something special in the filo and filling that make up its distinctive colors: butter gold and green layer across the ovoid, dominated by the strength of the spinachy leaves that darken the shell. Never mind the fattening ribbons of mozzarella, the white nubs of feta, and the mushy romanticism of romano all mixed in with the rest. Baked to perfection, this egg tempts even the most discerning of palates.

Spanikopita Egg seems to flake away and drift slowly towards the hot Sands. Soon the crumbling becomes a veritable shower of shards. The blink of a multi-faceted eye is first glimpsed, then a verdant neck, and finally, the entire hatchling herself is seen as she rests on the fragments of her shell.

Enlightened Psychedelic Green Dragonet

A winsome sylph draped in luscious lime, her slim frame masks underlying strength and carries the vibe of languid energy. Still nothing tempers the ripe cherry profusion that entwines itself with bright lemon atop her delicate wings before rolling over supple back to decorate each ridge and fade slowly down her sinuous tail. Verdant citrus life otherwise shines with renewed vigor about elegantly molded head to enlighten the hazy shadows of her brilliant gaze, a match for the twinkle of her moonstone talons.

At first, there's simply nothing, an unending stretch of black nothingness which neither thought nor emotion can pierce. Then—a light, swelling quickly from its initial pinprick size to reveal bright-yellowed warmth. It soon crescendos, washing over your mind with the joy of enlightenment and the wholesome scent of fresh pineapple. » I am Ayeleth; you are Ceanna, « comes the breeze of thought made firm by certainty. » And I am very hungry. I don't /like/ being hungry. «


Your dragon is inspired by the first band to popularize the so-called "psychedelic music" movement, Jefferson Airplane. Their front woman was Grace Slick, a woman of forceful passions and little temperance. Their music was unquestionably rock, but their songs were raw and powerful. The best known is by far "Somebody to Love" (see lyrics below), but their "White Rabbit", a ballad about drug use with a video full of tie-dyed images, perhaps encapsulates the popular image of the whole "psychedelic music" movement.

Your dragon isn't a pipe dream though. She represents what was behind the hippie movements and the drug experimentation - the quest for enlightenment. For more information on the band, check out <http://home.hiwaay.net/~brettr/jeffair.htm> which has a lot of information. VH1 also produced a Behind the Music on the band, which is highly recommended.

Ayeleth comes from the Hebrew name "Ayelet" which means "gazelle." Gazelles are thin, deer-like creatures who are sure-footed and graceful. At times their movements seem otherworldly. It's that image that we tried to capture with her description, and so it seems only appropriate to give her that name as well. Also, we just liked the breathy sound of it—"I-leth". It seemed the perfect compliment to your dragon.

Why was this egg chosen? Spanikopita Pastry Egg had that flaky feel that just seemed, oddly enough, to add substance to Ayeleth's ethereal existence. Ceanna's barest touch to this egg might only have been in passing, but a wealth of support was given freely. Light and flaky outside, stuffed with the dark and substantial inside was just the right message we wanted to give to you, the appropriate precursor to the dessert that is your Ayeleth.


Your Ayeleth is extraordinarily slim, wraithlike even. Nothing you do, nothing she eats will ever add bulk to her frame. She will grow, but it will only be an enlargement of what she has now. She isn't tiny by any means, though. Instead, she tests the limits of a green's size, coming closer to being the size of a small blue. Think of that really tall, thin guy you know. (We all know one.)

But beyond her appearance of frailty, there is a grace akin to that of a ballerina. She is a wraith with delicate, if not dreamy, motions. Light upon her feet, she is not prone to blundering or clumsiness, even in weyrlinghood. This inborn grace is natural and comes without thought. Point it out to her when she's young, and it might trip her up though. » I'm what? Oops. « It's rather like the deep blush of a pre-teen girl who receives a compliment.

She also has a tendency to go limp, like Dobryth, when her special sensitive area, the underline of her jaw, is scratched or rubbed. She will croon in absolute delight.

Ayeleth is not a particularly messy eater but she's not too clean either. It all depends on her mood, really. There will be days were she makes an absolute mess, one that requires a bath immediately following her meal, but other days she'll be so fastidious, it'll take her forever to finish. » I have to get the last bit of meat right there. «

Her coloring is undeniably vivid. If Ceanna ever gets drunk, Ayeleth might not be the first thing she wants to see upon waking up. ;) The riot of swirling colors on her back is meant to evoke the image of a tie-dyed t-shirt. The colors don't necessarily shift when she walks, though. In fact, they are probably the most stationary aspect to her.

She's quite athletic but more because athletics are fun than for a need to work out or be healthy. And she's not particularly vain about her appearance. She looks good and she knows it, but she's secure in her beauty and doesn't think she needs to take any particular care to keep it. She will just always be beautiful. Naturally.


What does Ayeleth seek? Well, after you, all she needs to find now is enlightenment. Meditative and thoughtful, Ayeleth is, by all accounts, a delicate creature who believes that true harmonious balance is required in order to be enlightened. As such, she tends to be finicky over food and creature comforts. » No, I had herdbeast /last/ time, and so now I need a wherry. « You could say that she believes in feng shui except it's not just about furniture for her. Everything must be perfect upon her pretty little couch, but not so much in that she has to have matching accessories. It's more the sense that things have to be in the right place for maximum clarity of thought and maximum happiness.

Despite her best efforts, however, Ayeleth can get mad fast. Very fast. All her well intentioned thoughts on balance and harmony will fly out the window with the proper provocation which includes harming you, harming the defenseless, and nettling her about her foibles until she loses control. She is not here to entertain anyone, so if she feels that she's being teased too much, or is the butt of a joke, she'll get hot under the collar. And then, all those things she's picked up from listening, from being one with her environment, will come spilling out of her. She's not a gossip, but she's holding a few zingers in her foreclaws that might makes folks uncomfortable.

Ayeleth, as you may have guessed, isn't precisely a social creature. She's not anti-social either. It would be unbalanced, after all, if she were. There is a sense of reservation about her, though, that even at her social best she'll never quite shake off. It's not shyness because this flower child ain't shy in the least. It's more a sense of elitism. She knows The Way of Enlightenment, or at least is striving for it, something she believes no one else but you cares to understand. Her sense of elitism will grow as she ages, as her notions of spreading enlightenment falter when they seem to fail to take root in others. You do not, however, have a proselytizing dragon on your hand. She prefers to teach by example instead, and when it doesn't work, she'll just give up.

Above all, though, Ayeleth loves you. She'll be there for you, and protect you and love you, and all she asks in return in the same. She's looking for symbiosis, and she's found it in you.


As a follower of flower power, Ayeleth follows one rule: Free Love. Her proddiness and rising are all completely natural events so you won't see hysterics or stress. Just let it flow. Proddiness itself will be marked by, in addition to her bright glow, a certain twitchiness. It won't affect her grace, but it'll be very hard for her to keep still. *fidget fidget fidget*

She would allow the carnal forces have their way with her if not for Ceanna's presence and willpower. Blue, brown, bronze… color does not matter. It's up to fate to decide what happens up in the air. And afterwards, see ya. Ayeleth does not grow attached to the males who fly her. Once it is over, it is over. But it sure was fun. In fact, she might end up seeking that fun a little earlier than her clutchmates. Look for her to rise early.

Mindvoice and Physical Voice:

Ayeleth's physcial voice is of a higher pitch, but light and a bit tremulous, except during times of extreme emotion. Flights, as an example, force the wavering from her voice which becomes as clear as the sky on a scorching desert afternoon: rich and sure down to the very core.

Ayeleth's touch is dreamy and ethereal, breathy most noticeably when she is thinking or speaking of a particularly delicious bit of information. She drops to a sultry gravel at other times, when her information is even more precious and sensual.

She is citrus, no denying that. Happy yellow lemon zest, the deep feelings of a tangy pineapple, luscious orange, a cool lime, the passions of kiwi and passion fruit, and ever more. Just below that all is the faint essence of patchouli, an earthy, flowery smell that leaves Ayeleth with an essence all her, and your, own.


Egg: K'lora

Hatchling Desc: Adara, K'rill

Name: Adara, K'rill

Personality: Adara, K'rill

Remember, this inspiration is only to serve as a guide. Only you would know what's best for you and for Ayeleth.

Somebody To Love

by Darby Slick

When the truth is found to be lies

And all the joy within you dies

Don't you want somebody to love?

Don't you need somebody to love?

Wouldn't you love somebody to love?

You better find somebody to love … love!

When the garden flowers, baby, are dead,

Yes, and your mind, your mind, is so full of red

Don't you want somebody to love?

Don't you need somebody to love?

Wouldn't you love somebody to love?

You better find somebody to love!

Your eyes, I say, your eyes may look like his.

But in your head, baby, I'm afraid you don't know where it is!

Don't you want somebody to love?

Don't you need somebody to love?

Wouldn't you love somebody to love?

You better find somebody to love!

Tears are running around and 'round and down your breast,

And your friends, baby, they treat you like a guest.

Don't you want somebody to love?

Don't you need somebody to love?

Wouldn't you love somebody to love?

You better find somebody to love!

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