B'nal of Fort Weyr
Rider of Bronze Byzanth
Last updated 24-January-2004

Personality — Getting a general idea of your character
1. How would you describe your character's personality? (Introverted? Flighty? Paranoid? Infectious with a touch of sarcasm and a teaspoon of lemon zest?)

B'nal is solid, that's what. He's slow, and has a strong sense of morality. He's gentle and kind, but not above using his size to influence others to do the right thing. He loves simple pleasures. He likes kids. He isn't terribly smart, but he sticks to things. He isn't a brilliant weyrleader, but jobs get done. B'nal is everybody's uncle.

2. If your character were in a play, would your character be the Hero/Heroine, Comedic Relief, or Sidekick?

If B'nal were in a play, he would be a stock character, or maybe one of those ensemble actors. On his own he can be pretty boring. He does best when he's playing off of somebody else. He's Matthew Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables. He is funny Mr Engels from Little House on the Prairie. He's Uncle Buck, only without so much bluster. Mikey from Recess. Randy Quaid, maybe. And every once in awhile he gets to be Dennis Quaid.

Moods — What makes your character tick (can be really useful for players if characters are having trouble drawing each other out!)
B'nal is happiest when things don't change too fast. He's such a steady, go-along sort of fellow. He likes being in love; he likes having somebody to come home to. He likes to know his place in the wing. He can even handle the authority and responsibility of weyrleadership. He likes knowing he's done a good day's work.

He's a family guy. He visits his folks back in Crom when he can, and all his sisters and their families. He has two grown children, and a grandson. It makes him happy to talk about any and all of these folks. He considers Gr'ym and his family, at least the weyr part of Gr'ym's family, to be his own extended clan. And he has a strong feeling of kinship for all of Byzanth's offspring and their riders. He keeps that pretty much in check, though.

Being a bronzerider with holder principles makes B'nal confused, even now. He likes the attention. He likes it when an attractive woman gives him a little extra smile, when Wullan wears her red dress, when Katarra sizes him up and doesn't find him lacking. But he doesn't pursue those things much anymore, for a variety of reasons. One is personal, and he won't talk about it. Another is that he is the kind of guy who wants to have what his parents had, a long-term, monogamous relationship. It bothers him that he's never had the character to live up to this ethic. He lost his first love, Renna, because he let the somewhat valid excuse of mating flights lead him to actually seeking out other women-though his feelings for each of the women he was with were genuine. He regrets losing Renna every day. He's learned to love Dulcy in a new and different way, but he can't have her as a wife. B'nal considers himself a fraud, or at least a pretender.

Personal History — Where your character's been
1. Where has your character lived? How long has your character lived in each place? If your character has any meaningful feelings about a particular place, ie patriotism, loyalty, resentment, rivalry, etc., please explain them here as well.

Turns 1-14. A mining village in the Crom region. It is where his parents live, and some of his sisters, and his brother. Ben hates the mine.

Turn 15. Tramped from Crom to Ista (must have been a boatride somewhere), and back as far as Fort Hold. Lord Incarnadine took him in and gave him a job as assistant steward, and a pair of boots.

Turns 15/16. Searched by K'ran and Sorileth of Fort Weyr, along with Arien. Impressed bronze Byzanth. Became a weyrling.

Turns 16-present. Wingrider and finally weyrleader of Fort Weyr.

2. That significant events have influenced your character's life, if any? (List character's age when event occurred and what the event was; if you wish to describe something that happened to a friend/relative/loved one that influenced your character's life, that's great, too!)

Wow, sure, plenty. Let's see:

Bennal was born into a mining family, and took it for granted that he would dig Cromcoal like his father and grandfather before him. His brother did. He would. He began work when he had eleven turns, fetching and carrying. Bringing water and supplies to the real workers. It was fun for him. His best friends did the same. But when he was fifteen he was caught in a methane explosion, just the tail end of it, and trapped for a few hours until help came. Both his friends were farther in, and were killed. (I know it's angsty, but that's his story and I'm sticking to it.) After that, Bennal couldn't make himself go back into the mines. His father agreed to let him go off and seek his fortune, as it were. His mother made him promise to write often and take care of his feet.

So, he travels. Winds up at Ista Weyr the day of a hatching (and gets his first glimpse of Arien's legs). Is it that which draws him all the way back to the Fort area? Almost certainly not. Istans have legs too. Whatever the reason, Fort Hold is where he is when his boots wear out. Lord Incarnadine and Lady Yasmine took him in and gave him a job as assistant steward. Lord Inky gave him new boots. It doesn't last too long, though. K'ran and Arien come to visit one day and take young Bennal off to Fort Weyr for search. He impresses bronze Byzanth out of the Musty Furs Egg. Byzanth, for the record, had the personality of an Egyptian priest (among other wonderful characteristics). Byzanth wins the first mating flight of his clutch, catching Loreli's Kismeth on graduation day.

This is becoming a saga instead of a summary. Let's see. B'nal falls in love with Renna, who impresses green Deireth. They manage to respect weyrlinghood rules, just barely, then weyrmate immediately after graduation. Eventually they have a baby girl, Robin, who grows up and has a baby boy, Robner. Byzanth wins mating flights from time to time-Arien's Katrineth twice. They were really great legs. Renna is very understanding, but somehow, Deireth never gets caught by Byzanth. B'nal finds himself attracted to Akira. And Pelagia. And Kyla. Kyla shows him what a cad he's being. He doesn't stop, but he feels really bad. He and Renna agree to separate.

It was such a mistake.

At some point, Byzanth catches Nefra's Tefiath and baby Tezan results.

At some later point, B'nal realizes he's lusting after very young girls, notably one Vindanea, and actively avoids mating flights for awhile. Poor Byzanth suffers, however, and eventually B'nal relents, to a point. There are other complications. Byzanth is Mighty and Magnificent, though, and now Ben is a weyrleader, and serving a second consecutive term.

I guess that's about it.

Relationships — Your character's friends, foes, and close associates
1. Please list your character's family members, closest friends, mentors, or enemies — whoever are the people most meaningful to your character — and briefly describe each person and your character's current feelings about him or her. Please specify for each family member whether he or she is PC or NPC.

You asked for it.

Urben (NPC)-Bennal's father, journeyman cromcoal miner. Now in his eighties, he's been out of the mines for over a decade. Very sick with lung disease, of course. B'nal named his first firelizard after his dad.

Tisane (NPC)-Bennal's mother. Cf. June Cleaver.

Other family NPCs: Brother Urbane. Sisters Mundane, Inane (who impressed green Esotereth at Fort), Fleabane (who married one of the seven tow-headed boys in the Fort area who always waved when Ben and Byzanth flew over), Insane (the family doesn't talk about her much), and the youngest was Fratrane, a very stubborn and solid child with a one-track mind. There were a couple of others, I'm pretty sure.

Renna (PC)-B'nal's first and lasting love.

Robin (NPC)-Ben and Renna's daughter, a real weyrbrat.
Tezan (NPC)-B'nal and N'fra's son.

Robner (NPC)-Robin's little boy.

Gr'ym (PC)-B'nal's good friend and running partner. He's smarter than Ben, and runs faster. B'nal sees him as a standard to live up to, mostly. Gr'ym's weyrwife Adia and kids are part of Ben's social fabric, too.

Arien, J'dano, K'hrys, Akira (all PC)-leaders of Fort Weyr or its wings when B'nal was younger.

Loreli, A'var, Millae, N'tol, and Tr'vyn,—weyrling classmates

You don't get a list of all the women B'nal's slept with. But they were all lovely and gracious, except Kyrie

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