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The Barlords, pedigree (if such an august word might be used to describe this collection of -mostly- rogues):


NOTE: Aadi is now Dia, rider to brown Torcoth. She is represented on the pedigree as 'adopted' by the siblings of the third generation. She considers herself Barlord and most of her generation and those that follow, also consider her Family.

Barlord Family History:

The Barlords did not become traders by choice, but rather by necessity. The clan’s patriarch, grandfather Tru had been trained as a tanner in the beastcraft, and he and his wife lived in a minor hold near Bitra.

The bloodline Barlord males, with few exceptions (Tejano and Toliver) are possessed of a wicked temper, backed, generally, by a considerable physique and are quite apt at martial skills and a problem with claustrophobia. When Tru killed one man and damaged three others in yet another drunken brawl, he was – at last – Shunned and made Holdless. However, the Barlords are also charismatic; Tru’s father-in-law gifted the two with his own cart and first pair of herdbeasts and wished them well away. The family left: Tru, wife Jacoba pregnant with their second child, and their first: Thaddeus. Despite the blue ‘S’ on Tru’s forehead, the family made enough solid friends among the disenfranchised, to achieve a level of protection that enabled to consider starting anew, as Traders.

Tru, unanimously voted lead Trader, proposed the name Barlord as a bad pun, indicating that those of Bloodline would not be welcome in their group. And while Tru was a good leader, mostly, his temper in the subsequent years created a boom and bust effect for the train – in both finances and the followers themselves. The legacy of the Barlord temper has left few male descendents who live for any length of time. (Natural selection does not favor temper, however, fitness is determined by number of offspring left in a particular environment, and Barlords tend to be prolific when they do have kids).

Theirs is a legacy of life and death. Jacoba died in childbirth to her last daughter, Thyra, who later also died in childbirth at the age of sixteen. The blessing is that neither Tru nor Jacoba did not live to bury their own children.

Tru and Thaddeus (the first) in fact did not die as a direct result of their wicked tempers; the retaliation that was planned against the patriarch assumed the man was alone; the son’s presence evened the battle somewhat, but in the end both men died.

The wagon’s management fell to young Tessas - already a mother of two and she lent a sense of honor and goodwill to her dealings with the Holds and Crafts on the Barlord route; it was under Tessas’ long management that the Barlord Trading Family did develop a semblance of general respectability. This was, however, partially besmirched by her younger brother’s hot-headedness; Tarik died young as well, in a pub-fight that eventually caused Tessas to change – again – the path of the annual route taken by the Barlords. Much earlier, Tessas met Harper Tanav, a Journeyman whose task was to travel the roadways of Pern, collecting information. The two fell quite in love and though Tanav continued reporting to Harper Hall for the rest of his days, he never exceeded JM status, and considered himself a Trader as well as Harper. He and his wife have had six children. Once retired, Tessas and Tanav have given over the wagon train to eldest Toncho. They and their daughters have retired to a small cothold near FarmCraft hold.

All of the Barlord children are trained in martial arts, beast-tending skills, writing and reading, wagon maintenance, woodcraft and such skills that would be necessary to indigent peoples. All are also encouraged to take a ‘walk-about’ – a solo trip out into the world to learn and make friends (and likely enemies) and develop a sense of self-proficiency. Perhaps this is another way of learning to contain, or weeding out the Barlord temper.

The Barlords:


Tru (NPC, deceased) – (Strength of the spear) – Tanner by trade, Trader by necessity: 6’5, /huge/, bulky and brawny and with a hot temper. Was tattooed with the blue ‘S’, after being shunned for the climax of the murder of some compatriots in a barfight. Led a successful trading family for turns, before being killed in a revenge-based ambush. Claustrophobic.

Jacoba (NPC, deceased) – Sweet-tempered, hard-working, tall woman who bore many children and much more tragedy in her life, before she died in childbirth with daughter Thyra. After her death, daughter Tessas stepped up as mother figure in the family.


Thaddeus (the first) (NPC, deceased) – Firstborn of Tru and Jacoba, Thaddeus was comparatively short for a Barlord male – at 5’9, he was still stoutly built. Thaddeus grew up as a trader and thrived in the lifestyle. Also possessed of a temper, his was somewhat abbreviated by first-hand’s watching how Tru’s had ruined his life. Thaddeus and Tessas, being only a few turns apart, were very close and he enjoyed being uncle to young Toncho and Trinculo. Thaddeus’ murder prompted Tessas and Tanav to name their third son (now Th’deus) – born turns later, after him. Claustrophobic.

Tessas: (PC) Tall, slender, possessed of a strong sense of right and wrong, honor and appreciation for beauty in song and word and landscape. She was the only Barlord for several generations with something of a good singing voice, and is an excellent manager of people and items. Generally admired by all. Somewhat claustrophobic.

HUSBAND OF TESSAS: Tanav (PC - Harper), Tall, slender, and owning a cheerful nature and remarkable diction, Tanav found his true love with the Traders and has become one of them, yet also remained JM Harper.

Tarik – (NPC, deceased) Built like a bulky but shorter version of his father, died at age 17 in a barfight. Probably his fault. He was a touch /mean/. Rumour is that he might have a child at Telgar hold. Claustrophobic.

Toliver (current NPC, alive) is a first mate on the FarSeer, based in Nerat. He loves the sea, may well have children in various sea-ports, and has a pathological fear of firelizards. He does keep contact with Tessas and they always talk about a reunion, which has never happened. Toliver seems devoid of the Barlord temper, is a brilliant but unambitious fellow, and is built long and lean, suitable for a ship’s berth and work. Not claustrophobic.

Thyra (NPC, deceased), who was a tiny, pale and somewhat sickly young woman, never named the man who got her pregnant, and she died during childbirth, as did the child. Much beloved, the baby sister of the second generation of Barlords was much mourned. Highly claustrophobic.

THIRD GENERATION - ALL PCs - link to their pages:

Toncho, Trinculo, Th'deus, T'jano, Taini, Tahira — AND Aadi, who adopted herself into the family.


T'jano x Waebra =>W'ren(M, PC) - Timing involved
Th'deus x Madri = > Thari (F, PC), Tamari, Tamidra and Thamir (F, F, M, triplets)
T'jano x Vyune => Anzan (M)
Toncho x Eimauslyne => Tolyn (M)
Toncho x Veronika (Saskia) => Tanika (F, PC) - Timing involved
Th'deus x Seana => Thayden (M)
Taini x Amarik => Tarik

Current Notes:

Since Thaddeus Barlord killed the SeaCrafter Victor in a sportfight, the Barlord Trading Clan has been effectively nulled. Toncho and Tejano were called away by Thaddeus to help with a rescue, and they remained in the Southern Boll area to deal with/be captured by pirates. Dragons have since stolen many of the Traders (Th'deus, T'jano and Taini) and Toncho, head Barlord trader, sustained a serious head wound and took several turns to return to full functioning; he now awaits Thread's falling into a pattern, to resume his Trader existence with his new family.

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