Vital Stats
General Description:
Basil is a brawny man, giving the appearance of a strong, if also rather well fed, worker. His head is shaved bald in the manner of one who was considerably bald anyway and disliked the sparse whiskery stage. Which somehow doesn't explain his eyebrows. Their riotous growth really demand someone try to tame them. And they are so mobile, jumping around or adding menace to a furrowed brow. At least his ears are small and lie flat against his skull. A neatly trimmed moustache and goatee is his tonsorial compensation for his lack of hair on top.
Basil wears Fort Weyr's knot of brown and black. Curiously entwined as a third color is something that looks like red silk threads.
Comfy blue and what-used-to-be-white flannel slouches about his large frame, hems sagging over his nubbly, wrinkled brown pants. One of the horn buttons hangs from a scant thread from the tunic's collar, but all's in order with each of the very many pouches and loops that fasten the simple bare necessities of life to his broad, brass- buckled belt. (Clothing desc by Mayvar .)

Basil is almost 60 turns or he was when I last updated this..

Family and Secret Fantasies:
Basil provides Galatea with evidence that his facial expressions include a distainful, pitying look. "I have a dear father who is almost 80 Turns still manages to keep working as a Hold's Steward. Neither he nor my mother are … stern. I have no wife. And any secret fantasies I might have will /never/ include meringue."

Basil is weyrmated to Blue Yolinth's rider, Akira.
Together they are raise her daughter Atira (fathered by A'tar) and his son Barik (by mother Kyrie).

His mother, Florasil, has made an occasional cameo. His father, Bandello, has not as yet accumulated any screen time.

Tiny Green Tattler
Stupid Brown Witless
Grumpy Blue Banya

Position: Steward at Fort Weyr.

Basil has been a professional steward at a series of smaller (as yet unnamed) holds for decades. He has been brought in to help at Fort as something of a promotion from the minor leagues.

"Once upon a time, there was a young man named Basil. And he was in love with this girl. Following along so far? He gathered his courage and proposed marriage to her. She agreed. A date was set and plans were made. He set up as a small holder and made changes to it to her liking… Then one day a dragon dropped from the sky. The word 'search' enters our story. Soon enough, the young lad was left with a hold too large for his uses unless it was to hide a broken heart. He didn't want to know anything about her new life, like whether she impressed. But when she died, his father decided he should be told."
Basil shrugs, "It has been almost forty turns, you know. And my work brought me here."

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