Exquisite Orchid-Green Belisanth in First-Blooming Crocus Egg
An exotic hothouse bloom as if from the Southern Boll rainforest, this fragile fledgling, but no smoldering jungle shade; instead, a pale pastel hue shimmers throughout her so-soft hide, interrupted only by the erratic, high-strung glitter of whirling eyes. Her fine-boned conformation is inbred, near to perfect in its delicacy; wings unfurl as do petals from a bud, seeking balance, and her sinuous tail swishes nervously in a reflection of her thoughts.

'Belisanth' comes from the Italian 'bellissima' — lovely, gorgeous. And she is.

Physically, she's exquisitely sculpted: fine-boned and very very delicate, and of medium size. She's very sensitive to what goes on about her. Indeed, Belisanth has inbred, near-perfect conformation, if not the finest of constitutions; she'll be more prone to malaise than some of the other dragonets, and need more frequent oilings, particularly where her legs and wings meet her body. Being high-strung in temperament, she also doesn't sleep as easily, and often will wake in the middle of the night or of a nap, demanding reassurance. Every movement (once she gets used to her limbs, which will take as long as with any hatchling), is graceful and dainty. Belisanth will be best at soaring and gliding when she matures, /very/ responsive to match any winds that come up and so particularly good in unfamiliar territory or odd weather, though her strength and endurance isn't that high. Similarly, since she's so sensitive, it'll be easier for her to notice changes from the way things usually are, so that's good
for sweep also. Her hide is a pale, pastel green throughout that shimmers in an exceedingly lovely fashion when it's in good health but quickly reflects any distemper; her talons are perhaps just a shade darker. Belisanth's mental voice is a high flutelike soprano that carries lots of vibrato.

As for her personality, Belisanth is likewise exquisite: sweet, hothouse, fussy, adoring, nervous, bright, demanding, dainty, a gossip. And she thinks you're perfect, naturally. :) She'll need a lot of attention and careshe /hates/ being dirty or mussedand is jealous if you spend too much time with others. She sometimes doesn't see the humor in things, requiring you to help her relax. You'll need to utilize your inner strength to help the two of you grow, and it definitely won't happen overnight!
She often sets her fancy on little whims, like a decorative set of riding straps when it comes time for that, that'll be interesting to live with; correspondingly, she also has those whims for *you*, for something she thinks you'll like. :) Belisanth is extremely kind and giving, even motherly, to those whom those she thinks need it. She makes sure that she finds out whatever's going on, which helps so that nobody feels like people don't care for them; indeed, when in a good mood she's great company, the life of the party. Being thought 'good' is very important to her; she seeks approval from the Weyrlingmasters and wants to fit in well with the wing, and works hard at succeeding at this. Oh, and when proddy, she'll definitely show it for days ahead of time; no secretiveness for her. :) In short: a temperamental delight.

Credits: M'ryn did the hatchling desc, and L'raile the egg desc.

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