Dusky Sunflower Egg
Close-pressed seeds core this shell in a circle rimmed with amber.
From that center sprawl petals, their edges dipped in sun: soaked with
garden's fading light, blurred to overwashed tie-dye. They wrap the
egg in their downy embrace, suctioned like barnacles to a hull.

Dusky Sunflower Egg quakes; its petals begin to wilt and crumble,
falling softly to the sands, first one by one, then in a shower. From
the core then bursts the sun, having been stored there for all these
long months; the flower, no longer in need of its warmth and light,
releases it unto the world. The bronzy-gold is left standing amongst
the fallen petals of her past.

Vivid Vine-Gold Dragonet

Flamboyance polishes this young queen, her bronzy-gold hide both
bright and light, her eyes agleam in curious delight; compact and
curvy of build, she possesses not so much height but size.
Spring-green vines twine about her angular neckridges and up into the
opaque sweep of wings, faithfully tracing veins and arteries alike;
they blossom into the orangey-gold of saffron winghooks, the same
vibrance of hue that marks talons' gentle curve.

A wintery night's cold, darkness-shrouded — but there is a flicker of
a candle to warm one's soul and heart. While without, blustery winds
of commotion pervade, within there is safety, comfort, true
well-being. As if wrapped in Mother's arms, you feel a oneness, a
love so complete as your worlds collide; love's eloquent touch sets
your soul aglow, while a French horn of a voice calls, softly

» My name is Brigith! «

Bear: Wisdom, insight, introspection, protection, healing

Magpie: Therapeutic, clever, a problem solver, good talker, good listener, offers guidance to humans, cunning, crafty, survivor, intelligent.


Brigith. Strong but still soft, mouth-involving with an undercurrent of definite strength.

Brigith is taken from the Irish triune goddess Brigid, who is associated with the aspects of Health and Healing, Household Affairs, Fire, Mother and Guardian, among others. Brigid is associated with one of the major Irish religious holidays — Imbolc, or Candlemas, on February 1. This holiday's also got a lot to do with rebirth and the rekindling of flames, the warming of the earth after winter's chill — much like she would warm Reine, with love and breaking through of constraints. It's a very bright holiday. As well, this is a day of pagan dedication, the day most pagans dedicate themselves to the Mother as Reine will be dedicating herself to Brigith.

Coloration-wise, Brigith is a pale bronzy-gold — more like she's been polished and gilt-edged so it has definite overtones of brown. Think of a rose bush's foliage, when the summer has darkened it, then add gold. That's rather like her hue, polished and brilliant, but not woody; she hearkens back to Magdaleth (Brigith's great-grand-dam), the vibrant gold.

That coloration merely provides her base, though. Her neckridges and oddly opaque wings are striated by the springy green-gold of new growth, twining about and around so that they trace every thin vein and artery, as if highlighting the ichor inside — much like Varianth's red rivulets, although they're opposite with her (and oh, how they'll itch as she grows!). However, that color darkens to rare saffron's orangy gold along her winghooks, making them almost seem to glow — it's sunbright and brilliant, and hearkens strikingly to Rosalth's dark hue. Her talons, too, have this coloration, and are sharply contrasted to the more reserved coloration that she is overall.

Physically, she's compact but curvy, with more size to her than height. That is, her proportions are symmetrical; she doesn't look 'long' or 'tall' — only if you put her up next to a reference point would her size really show. When older she'll be a largish queen, although more compact of build — like Rosalth — than broad and rangy like Varianth. Solidly muscled, she is strong, a distance runner as opposed to a sprinter. Her wings have an odd sort of opacity to them, although even young she's got broad ones — they'll stay that way, too.

Hers is the mellifluous tone of a French horn — an instrument that's tricky to play, and requires a great lip, but oh, it's gorgeous, and does well with strings. Her mental signature breathes of roses and flame, in some moods, and in others, spiced apple cider. She is also, however, very adept at mimicry, able to engage and emulate all senses as she passes along information. Want to know what so-and-so was saying while you were out for klah? She'll repeat it to you with wickedly accurate rendition of so-and-so's voice (and smell and appearance). In communicating with you, she often makes quick cuts between the senses: verbal to just plain sound to touch, punctuated by jolts of smell to emphasize just what she feels about something.

Brigith is, at her essence, a cheerful, well-meaning, sociable dragon. She's essentially bright-natured and inquisitive, talkative, and … a Healer in terms of trying to draw Reine out, helping her work with herself.

She's great with collections, collating, mixing and matching. She likes to collect information, ideas, embarrassing moments, flowers (roses!), anything that seems interesting, especially people, and non-riders because they're hers and nobody else's. (For that matter, Brigith's not the type to bespeak anyone but her rider or other dragons; she can and does get her way just as well by insisting Reine do her talking for her.)

But for all that, Brigith's not silly. (Well, okay, sometimes. ;) ) She has dignity (but never arrogance), and grace and beauty, and can be like a bear when she feels she or Reine is threatened, but is, for the most part, a very giving dragon.

Brigith has an innate desire to help people — although it often backfires until she learns subtlety; a bit of a busybody, she is quick to offer her (unsolicited) advice and solutions. The difficulty comes in her perception of what is a problem. It may differ from yours. She has a great deal of initiative and will not hesitate to jump in and 'fix' whatever has her concerned, often without consulting you first, but her 'solutions' may cause dismay at times. Given her sociability, if you're quiet, Brigith may start making introductions ( » Here, meet my Reine. She's a little quiet, but just ask her about the time when… « ). Or it may mean that she starts trying to manipulate events, or even you. She can be subtle when she puts her mind to it, and if you're not careful, she may influence you on a subconscious level. If you find yourself leading a singalong or dancing on tables, Brigith may well be the culprit. Though, you may have trouble explaining that to other people…

Brigith is proud of you, she wants to show you off, to get you out and live it up. She will prod, perhaps even nag at you to enter the social arena. You may be leery of relationships, but to Brigith, relationships of every sort are essential and she doesn't want you to miss out on anything. Always with the best intentions at heart, she may try to manage your life. She will quiet down if you ask her to, though not without a certain amount of reproach ( » But I'm just doing this to help you. Don't you trust me? « ) much in the manner of an old auntie.

And speaking of advice-giving old aunties, she shares another trait with them. She likes to talk. A lot. To you, to other dragons, even to herself if no one else wants to listen. She is gregarious by nature, interested in whatever anyone else is doing. She likes to hear and pass along gossip. Were she human, she might be the outgoing, cheerful, party-hopper. She wants to know everything, be in on everything, and she delights in sharing it with you. Want to know what color socks so-and-so's rider is wearing or what their favorite food is? Just ask Brigith. As she matures, she will learn that there is a time to be silent as well, find the balance between cheery chatter and overload. However, if she's ever silent for too long, you'd better start worrying about what she's up to. She's delighted by your morbid sense of humor and happily embellishes any tales you tell with multi-sensory input. With male dragons (of any color) she may be a bit flirty upon maturity, but more along the lines of a playful tease, not a sultry vamp.

In keeping with her bright coloring, she has a flamboyant streak. She loves pretty things, especially glinting metals or rich fabrics with a sheen to them. She definitely disapproves of drab weyrling garb (and doesn't hesitate to broadcast it). If given her choice, she'd see you in bright, festive clothes, a new outfit every day. She likes to collect 'treasures' and arrange things just so. This will be particularly true of her precious eggs when she's on the sands.

And, finally, despite her flamboyance, her gregarious loquacity, she can sit back, be still, and be a comfortable confidante for you. Brigith is a good listener when you (or others) need her. At the heart of things, she loves you and is there for you. She wants only the best for you. She's solid and accepting of you and your foibles. Not the type to comfort with platitudes or soothing words, she's more likely to let you vent, offer her understanding and complete support, then divert you from the upset with a topic or observation which brings a smile.

In short, she's certainly Brigid to some extent — especially Candlemas. She's out and about after the winter; she's spring cleaning, she's bright and brilliant and joyful — celebratory, in a way. And she's Fire and the warmth of healing, a mother to Reine — here, daughter, look! listen! enjoy! socialize! Let them see your pretty face — but not in a stifling way, and as both grow, you will become sister indeed. Truly pagan in all the positive aspects: a reverence for life and a great joy in it, with the desire to live her life to the fullest. She'd never deliberately be nasty. Proddy, she's more likely to be even more vibrant than nasty. Beltane, rather than Candlemas — a revelation, a fertility feast.

But then, life with her is always a feast, always joyful — and you can never overeat. Indulge! Enjoy! Together.

Egg credits: Toria
Inspiration credits: Arien, Kiris, K'lora, Lysalla, Odile, Toria

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