Jancent's Persistently Odd Brown Byrnith

Almost Real Egg
Foliage greens tease the eye; the mirage of lush tropics presents itself
in wistful smears of color over this egg's surface. Though mostly the
blue-white of swirling clouds' wispy trails, the egg's base presents an
image of vegetated hills, or heat-teasing green-blue oceanscapes. The
faint rippling of color only helps to confuse the senses: naught remains a
constant in this egg's world.

Almost Real Egg convulses and there! That mirage stays still for once, the
foliage-dispersing breeze alighted. Its time has come, the colors melting
down the shell even as it cracks — softly, so as to distract only those
that are watching. For a lump of brown is left in shell's wake, and out
he parades with shifting gaze.

Persistantly Odd Brown Dragonet

Boundaries — what boundaries? This dragonet's a creature of rebellion —
albeit jaunty rebellion — with even the hue of his hide taking sides:
that heated brown's tugged off-kilter between the rusty-musty muzzle that
houses such eagerly exploring eyes, the henna that stains barreled chest
and sturdy haunches, the yet more flagrant cinnabar that melts mercurially
warped dapplings about matte talons and tick-ticking tail.

Those whirling eyes meet yours, and the dreamscape unfolds. There the
sands are gone, and instead of heat you feel a blessed cool, a joyful cool
as mind meets yours. No clocks folding themselves in puddles on the
ground, no. Memory persists, and that joyful cry wavers through your mind,
his mind, all minds. » I am Byrnith! «

  • Why this name? Byrnith - (BY-rnith) The name was suggested by a member

of Search Co. who wasn't sure what its original inspiration was.
However, we who crafted this dragon for you can see the name of Lord Byron
in it. Lord Byron was an eccentric poet of the Romantic Age. Emphasis on
the word eccentric…just like your lifemate.

  • Why this egg? You wanted it; we gave it to you. The medley of

different images and 'mirages' also uniquely fit the character of the
dragon that we constructed for you. Mecurial from conception to birth, if
you will. :-)

  • Why this art? Salvador Dali's Persistance of Memory- melting clocks…

strange landscapes…eerie imagery…can you say ___? We had an idea
in mind, then set about finding a surrealistic painting that captured the
essesence that idea. And here it is. You can find it at:

Physical Description:

Byrnith is all brawn; he's a big brown, not some much in terms of length,
but in muscle, sheer bulk. He eats enough to keep up that bulk too and
you'll have to watch to make sure he doesn't gorge. And of course, messy
is the name of game when it comes to eating. Eventually, feeding time
will become synonomous with bath time. It's a good idea to remember to
remove his straps before he eats too; just one look at the mess you'll be
cleaning if you let him wear them, and it should change your mind.

Just like every dragon, Byrnith has a special itchy spot. But, just like
his every other quirk, his itchy spot is uniquely….unique. Specifically,
the bottom of his left foot is his problem area, and getting at it won't
be easy. Of course, most critically as a weyrling, everytime the itch
acts up, it's a /very/ big deal. Everything must stop until the itching
is relieved - rump hits the ground, head goes back in a low moan, left
foot is stuck out entreatingly. »Oh….. fix it!« Such a spectacle
might be funny as a dragonet; when full grown, however, the sudden
movement of his brawny rump to the ground might take a few nearby
spectators by surprise.

That brawn though gives him the staying power he'll need in the longer
gold flights, but he's always got his eyes on those greens. So agile, so
quick, so interesting. Often in a flight, he'll try to mimic their
acrobatics, often with unusual results. And sometimes, mid-flight, he'll
suddenly become interested in that dragon down below….»Wow, doesn't she
look good!« Whatever his sidebars may be during the flight, as the end
approaches, he'll become more and more determined, and more focused.
Passion rules him here, at this time, and should he catch, passion is what
he'll remember. Should he not catch, within mintues….»What flight?«

In the air, all that bulk that might slow him down on the ground only give
him an advantage as to stamina. Graceful in the winds were he cannot be
on the earth, he'll revel in flight from the first faltering jump to the
moment you graduate and are able to fly wherever whims might take you.
And he'll have a lot of whims; picnic lunches at the ends of Pern will be
a common occurance for you and Byrnith. He's just got to see these other
places, fly over them too. Fortunately, his wide wings are let him carry
his bulk into the sky, though when he's just learning to fly, you have to
watch to make doubly sure he doesn't strain himself.

As he matures, his motions will become less jerky, more fluid, but he'll
never gain the agility he'd love to have. All that muscle just gets in
the way. Too make up for that, his tail will always be active; it can
slink and slide were big brown bodies can't go. And if it gives you a
quick squeeze on its way to the designation destination, where's the harm?


Who is Byrnith? Above everything, he's yours, totally and completely.
Nothing will ever change that; nothing will ever come between you and
he….it's not even a possibility, certainly not in Byrnith's world.

On a deeper level, though, Byrnith's is slightly off-kilter. The
stereotype of a calm, steady brown seems to have totally missed its mark
in this beast; he's not calm and he's certainly not steady in anything but
his devotion to you. But otherwise, he'll focus on the oddest things,
become obsessed and then move on, without any reason that you can see.

get. Not just anything catches this attention, but the strangest thingst
make the select list: flowers, rocks, boots… This attention, however
limited the time may be, is very serious, and he'll get grumpy if he can't
pursue it immediately, especially in weyrlinghood.

He's friendly though, amiable, a talker even. What he might talk about
might not be interesting to others, though. The lines of a rock just
don't seem to fascinate some people, much to his occassional amazement.

He's not much more than the acquaintance of others, though; you'll always
be his one and only friend, confident, /lifemate/. The word is something
he'll say reverently….because it's just so true.

Byrnith's intelligent, but in his own way. He does not understand some
concepts at all, others he'll grab faster then you'd think. Possession,
save for that of lifemates, is something he'll have a very hard time
understanding for a long time. That someone can own something else will
be hard for him to /get/, and if he sees it, and wants to touch it, he'll
take it. Regardless of whose it might be… ;-)

Your steadiness is the counter point to his own mecurial temperment. He
adores you for it, but at the same time will try to make you see his side
of every issue. He knows he's strange, he revels in it, and he wants you
to revel in being odd too. After all, it makes him happy, and since he
wants you to be happy, you'd do well to be strange like him too. It just
makes sense…to him. He'll push, poke, and prod you to do odd things;
from wearing something mildly shocking to singing at the top of your lungs
in the middle of night. Some of his suggestions will be humorous, some
embarrassing, some downright rude…If you put your foot down though,
he'll submit. For awhile.

One of his most notable features will be his selective memory. When it
comes down to it, he has an excellent memory, disjointed though it may
On the average, however, good memories are retained, other memories are
'not'. Occasionally, he'll do some judicious editting of his memory and
reconstruct certain events to his liking. »I believe /I/ won the
argument.« Some memories are convienently forgotten until he deems it
time to 'recall' them again. For instance, he'll always recall his
hatching and the impression. But he might forget the answer to the
question he just asked you five minutes ago. »Do you think you swimming
is a good idea now?« "No, not really." *pause* »Say, I have an idea.
Let's go swimming.« "Now's not a good time." *pause* »Ooh! Swimming!
Could we go, please?« "Fine.."


Have you ever heard a mandolin? It's a guitar/banjo type instrument that
has the versatility of a violin. It can be eerie, or heartingly sweet, or
festive and exciting. This flexibility is mirrored in your lifemate…a
gentle strumming tone typifies his voice when he's thoughtful, an eerie
whine when he's plotting, a faster pace for when he's excited. Slow and
easy (in minor key of course) is name of the game when it comes to
reminescing. And though you're never quite sure, the colors of autumn
leaves come to mind when you think of his voice - deep reds, golden
yellows, and smooth browns. —


Egg - Vaine
Desc - Lynda, Arien
Inspiration - Adara, Arien, Lynda, Vaine

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