Ry'hki's Peek-a-boo Pearlescent-Green Cabbith
Undyed Linen Egg
So pale is this egg that the pattern on the shell fades into a larger blinding gleam from far away. Only from an intimate distance does the shell reveal its translucent layers of gray and white speckles piled into a gentle weave. Long threads of protein chase like cheesecloth over the surface, a rigid net of brilliance to tempt and trap the eye.

Undyed Linen Egg unravels s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y across its middle; the egg rests now together but in two pieces. The hatchling within lifts its head, pushing the top half up before rocking out of the bottom egg piece. With a delicate step and elongated stretch — the top of the egg wobbling on its head — this dragonet has arrived.

Peek-a-boo Pearlescent-Green Dragonet
The deepest of greens, almost a pearly black, encompasses this dragon's slender form with an elegant light-dappled darkness. Soft brush strokes of mint meander along the sides of an inquisitive muzzle, the contrasting light watched over by the shadowed forest of her headknobs. Sprits of lush woodlands trace intertwining patterns along her well-proportioned wingspan, a lingering echo of the striking round kiss of palest new-growth on her belly.

Public Impression Message: Peek-a-boo Pearlescent-Green Dragonet hesitates no longer, hides under her shell-hat no longer. The green tosses it aside as she goes as fast as she can to her chosen-one. She has spotted her fellow with the eyes of blue ice, hair of pale blonde. He is the reason this green has emerged from her shell, from her safe haven. He and only he can keep her safe while fulfilling her need for adventure, fun, and endless search!

Private Impression Message Wonder seeps in through your toes and works its way up, creeping along your spine until your mind is overwhelmed with promises of secrets, answers, life, and imagination. Childhood noises of various sorts fill your ears as if from a distance, until there's a sudden snatching and all is gone. »Hi! Feed me? But mostly, Hi!« An excited little-girl voice thrills in your mind and the new senses are back. You are claimed!
«My name is Cabbith!»

Name and Theme
Cabbith was your request, and we were happy to oblige you. As you know, the name comes from the cabbits found in Anime films and shows; they're cute half-rabbit half-cat creatures. They are insanely curious to the point of being pests! but normally (and cat-contradictorily) they are also as shy as can be.
Undyed Linen Egg was created by Zephre. She was thinking of the fabric in her closet, already cut to make garments for a wedding. So you see this very plain-looking egg represents hope and a little romance. Linen here is also potential, for it can be dyed and sewn into the most elegant of raiments. From this egg comes your Cabbith, dark and lovely as a pearl, and just as rare a creation as the black pearl that inspires her description.

So why linen and pearls? To go with the anniversary gift theme of the clutch! We described the eggs based on lists of traditional year-gifts, while the dragons have been inspired by gifts given nowadays for the same year. So, Brandi's Lyaseth is 50-year gold, traditional and modern. And our offering to you is from the old-time twelfth anniversary gift of linen, with Cabbith incarnating as the newer version of gifted pearls.

Personality —
Cabbith is curious beyond belief; always sticking her quivering nose into things. «You'll never guess what Lyaseth's heard!» She's in good company, too; clutchmates Lyaseth and Kalth are just as curious as your Cabbith, and will make wonderful friends. Cabbi is always eager to try some new game, though whether or not it's a game to anyone else is another story. Not everybody thinks it's fun to play "Guess-where-that-pebble-that-just-flew-past-my-nose-came-from!" She wants to know all about everything, but there is a small problem (okay, a big problem). Painfully shy, she prefers to stay in the shadows. «But they'll see me!» With her dark color she can hide easily —at least, as easily as small green dragons can ever hide. But she doesn't avoid others; she just doesn't want to be seen by them. This only makes it easier for Cabbith to be in eveRy'khine else's business. «I heard Isabeth's going up again, soon. Think Byzanth'll catch her again?» She'll be fine around her clutchsiblins, though, and anyone she is familiar and comfortable with. It's just that it takes a while for her to learn to feel safe with new acquaintances. She does have a little problem with esteem issues, and then there's that whole pesky trust-resistance. You'll really have to work with her on that. Later, hopefully, her wingmates will be safe territory, and you, Rh'yki, will always be her haven.

«What's with Xipiath and water?» Cabbith doesn't quite have the dislike of water that Bowman's Tokeith does. «I'm going to find out *why* Tokeith hates water!» But save for being curious when something is in the water or when she wants to be cleaned, Cabbith doesn't usually care about swimming. Water is just too much in the open for her tastes. She does love her baths, though, especially when she can get you to take her into a nice isolated area like a forest lake or secluded beach. Of course, until she's learned to go between, Cabbith will have to settle for what she can get. You don't mind hauling buckets of water to the weyrling cavern so she can have a nice soak, do you?

In the air, Cabbith loves the clouds! When she can find some low enough, Cabbi will try to hide in them, and that will work until her wings manage to push the clouds away. Then off she hops to find another cloud to start the process all over again! If you get wet from a rain cloud, it won't matter to her. «Rain water never hurt anyone *I* know of. Kryssi's blue Xiphiath soaks it up, you know.»

Trees are absolutely Cabbith's favorite thing. «They're great for hiding in with their deep green colors.» She likes their smell, too. Then again, Cabbi likes to smell just about everything. Anything near her will get a good whiff to take in its aroma. From good smells to less satisfying ones, you'll hear her vivid opinion on each and every one over and over and over again…. «I like the way Pirogeth smells, very minty. Much better than Govanath.. Or Tokeith, he's too dry.»

«You work too much.» Cabbith likes to help you to get out more often. She wants you to get away from those hides, to take a look at the world from more then one perspective — even if it *is* the perspective of smell a fair bit of the time! Cabbi will let you lead most of the time, content to follow. «As long as we're getting out of here, I don't care. Jareriath's a good smell, want to visit her? Maybe she'd take us somewhere interesting.» Lily's green Jareriath does love to travel and get out, as well. Don't get Cabbi wrong! She adores you: your attention to detail, your intelligence, and especially your smarts in having been on the sands when she hatched. «Can't forget that one!» She just wants you to come out and play.

When proddy, Cabbith will be just that much more withdrawn. Oh, she may come out of the shadows and socialize a little. But when and if she does, it won't be pretty. Cabbi becomes terribly defensive during this period, practically a warrior. No male will be safe from her wrath; each will be looked upon with hate. Of course, she wouldn't dare hurt them, but only you know that. «Oh I could just toss a 'beast at them all! I hear they do that at Ista Weyr! Why can't I?» Of course, things like this could happen. But she would later claim it as accident and return to the shadows, leaving you to mend friendships.

Once it is inevitable, Cabbith takes to the sky! Airborne, she loses all elements of her normal self. No being shy for this proddy green! She will still hate the males, hiss at them and do her utmost to get them all away. Even upon defeat, she will never admit to having lost a battle! «Never!» Every capture will somehow become a strategic victory. «Did you see how I made Tokeith fall?» And afterwards, all will return to normal, as if nothing ever happened at all. And once again, you will have to deal with whatever problems she may have caused. «Me? How am *I* tied into you waking with him?» Be afraid, be very afraid.

Physicality —
Like the essence of pearls, Cabbith is graceful, elegant, and beautiful (even if she doesn't realize it). Being shy, Cabbi doesn't see any of this and tends to glide like a cat from one spot to the next amongst her shadows. She may be particularly self-conscious about the pale patch on her belly and tend to recline curled up to hide it. That spot, by the way, will be the itchiest of all places on her body. It's up to you to cure this itch before she rubs it raw herself —which she will do if you don't watch her closely and pay attention to her needs. Lots of extra oiling will usually do the trick, as long as you get to it before she does.

As she grows and gets older, this spot will only get bigger along with the rest of her. Just be glad she won't get a pot belly from gaining weight! Cabbith is far too curious to worry with eating. She'll take longer to make sure her meal smells right than she will to actually dine. And she may borrow a bit of Pirogeth's best mint to scent her oil.

Mindvoice —
A sea of wet greenery dappled with the scent of fresh rainfall seems to envelop you whenever she speaks to you in that childlike voice. Thoughts of happiness come in hues of nature's greens and blues. Restful thoughts project as a yellowy cream color, but angry ones come in ugly browns which replace her dewy green fragrance with damp earthy odors.

Soft and shy, Cabbith may prefer not to use her bodyvoice too often, speaking aloud only in front of those she is in fact comfortable with. Her voice will mature over time but for now it is as delicate and sweet as that of a young girl, even a bit high-pitched. Most of what she says will come out as squeals or quick whistles. When it is just the two of you, she will let loose and use both mind and body voice freely, without a care.

So, now you have Cabbith! She's yours to do with whatever you please. Being forever bonded with Cabbi will, no doubt, change Ry'khi in many ways (even if only on the inside). But we hope that she's everything you could have wanted in a dragon and then some!

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Isabeth
Egg: Zephre
Inspiration: Atre, B'nal, and Skyler

Note: This inspiration is simply a guide. No one can tell you how to play Cabbith or what she should be like. We hope you will mold each other into whatever combination pleases you best. She is *your* dragon and you've earned her. Congratulations and welcome to Fort Weyr!

Posted July 17, 2003 by Zephre

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