Canines have a growing popularity on the island. While he lived, Ista's Weyrleader N'lon kept several varieties for multi-use hunting and fighting purposes. Lord Sterling took over most of the animals after N'lon's death, keeping lines pure to preserve their various functions. They typically fetch a good price and are a status symbol for some of the bloodlines.

2.png Coursing types are rangy breeds with long legs and deep narrow chests. They're used to chase fleet-footed animals over rocky and hilly terrain. Most are bred for shorter fur which is more favorable to Ista's climate. Coursers are friendly and prone to chasing things they are and aren't expected to.
Catch canines accompany hunters in tracking and holding large prey like aggressive forest wherry and feral porcine. They're a large, muscular strain with short fur, thick jaws and usually hunt in groups of two or more. They also make able watch and guard dogs. 1.png
1270844555_86933547_1-my-dog-4-sale-karachi-1270844555.jpg Pit or fighting types, steel-willed and pugnacious, are kept for entertainment purposes. Similar in structure to catch canines, they lack the latter's cooperative ability important on hunts. Their prime purpose makes them difficult to house and maintain.
There are several other varieties on the island used to harry tunnelsnakes, work herds, and turn kitchen spits.
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