Sire and Dam: Gold Tajiath and Bronze Polth
Hatching Date: Monday, August 2, 2004
Theme of Clutch: Hiding Places
Theme of Dragonets: Forces of Nature
Hatchling Name: Ancient Redwood Amidst the Flames Bronze Hatchling
Dragon Name: Chaerath
Clutch Message
Tajiath isn't feeling very generous tonight. She's been on the sands all day preparing the grounds, feeling the push and pull, the muscle-twisting, gut-wrenching urge to Get. It. Over. With. After a brief inspection the recent pile is left to warm each other and she turns to another rift in the diamond-speckled sand to deliver yet another bright and eye-catching grouping.

Tajiath drops Buried Amidst Rubbish Egg.

Tajiath drops Timorous Sheltering Tree Egg. .
Timorous Sheltering Tree Egg Leaves of green tremble nervously without ceasing. Yet this action triumphantly goes unseen by the naked eye, leaving it vulnerable to only the wicked darkness that has begun to creep up from below. The branches would creek and quake if only given the chance to be heard in a cry for help! Still the darkness stalks its prey, threatening to overtake the beauty of the forestry above.
Hatch Message Timorous Sheltering Tree Egg’s trembling leaves part, as the shell splits into a thousand tiny fragments that scatter every which way. The abandoned inhabitant gives his old home a reproachful look, after he’s let to tumble out onto the ground… It could at least have left him his /dignity/!
Ancient Redwood Amidst the Flames Bronze Hatchling Highly polished, ruddy bronze is dulled, as if with great age or a dusty layer that spreads unevenly over his hide. Here and there an odd patch of brilliance shines through, one such mark is smack between his craggy eye ridges. He is long, too long for his lean, wiry frame. Yet even with his length his wings seem disproportionately long, and vexingly narrow, their thin, translucent sails glimmer and glitter as if formed directly from the fire. His long whip-like tail has no glimmer of shine to it, though the hue has grown ruddier like exposed tree flesh from underneath the bark.
Impression Pose (what the audience sees) Ancient Redwood Amidst the Flames Bronze Hatchling has finally had enough of sorting through all this throng and makes his way strait for the /only/ one here that seems to fit his agenda. That tall black-haired harper yes, yes, he’ll most certainly do! He nudges at Rylkan somewhat impatiently. If the bronze had figured it out his rider most certainly should have by now!

Impression Message (what you see)
Musty scents of ancient tomes crackle through the distinctive tang of electricity in the air. Darkness. Then a warm glow like a lantern or candle suddenly lit flares into being in your mind. «Yes, yes, I do see now. Not quite what I expected but potential.» The mental touch flared with contemplative incense and an amber tone. «I am Chaerath, we have a /lot/ of work ahead of us… now would you feed me so we can get down to business?»
Egg Theme Hiding Places — Up the Tree
Name Theme Loosely based on the Russian word for ‘Wizard’ it seemed to fit with the rest of him, and fit your criteria for both odd looking names, that are at the same time easy to pronounce.
Inspiration Theme Based on the Wizard Zek from The Sword of Truth series, he was intended to be that crotchety old man who cares more than he’s willing to admit. For the Force of Nature, a solid redwood weathering a forest fire seemed to fit quite well with Zek’s theme.
Mind Voice His mind voice will always be rough, with the scent of musty books too long covered in dust. Yet there is an electric crackle of energy behind it all that will only sharpen to an ozone tang when he gets impatient. A rich amber glow like a lantern or candle will be the dominant color, though alchemical flavors will forever tinge the scent sometimes tingeing color as well. Amber and incense are his best contemplative moods, the rest vary depending on what strikes his fancy this time.
Physical Chaerath isn’t exactly /big/… but he is long. He’s as long as many golds, though his lean, efficient muscle mass make him look more lanky than actually /large/. His wings will remain just shy of too long. Everything about him will always be /long/. Fortunately he’ll eventually learn how to cope with having too much in the way of length and, while he’ll never have the grace of some of his green siblings, he /will/ be able to maintain his dignity on land as well as in the air.

A side affect of being so long is direction changes. It’s so much easier to simply fold yourself in half if you’re long and slender. It won’t entirely counteract the bronze problem with agility, but will let him perform some respectable acrobatics if he ever decides its worth the trouble.

He will grow in fits and starts, which will vex him no end… especially since his wings will be the first thing to reach their full growth, though it’ll all even out eventually, he will have to work early on to keep from tripping over himself. Those broad sails will be his most problematic spot especially for cleaning as they’ll itch abominably with all that rapid growth.

Swimming will be another thing to which his long body is conducive his tail making a powerful rudder.

Personality Chaerath is a dragon who knows what's good for you. At least that's what he's going to think. He might even be right from time to time, but you might want to reconsider telling him so or he'll gloat. «See? I told you not to say that to the weyrlingmaster. Now we'll have to do extra drills.»

He's smart, it won't be hard to get him to learn new things and retain the information. It will be hard for him to be patient with any of his clutchmates that take longer and he'll natter you about it. «Tsk, that's the third time the lesson's been repeated. Why don't they understand?»

He might complain to you, but he'll be more kind to his clutchmates, even helpful. He's got a soft spot, does your mate, but he doesn't like anybody to know. «Biteth’s is looking a bit down in the dumps… might want to go talk to him. But don’t you dare tell him I sent you.» He's got to maintain a certain image of himself. Aloof at times, easy going other times, especially with those who are more close to you. He values close ties, relishes them even and would help you with any you considered to be in your inner circle. As much as a dragon can help, of course.

When it comes to you though, you are his main focus, the one he places on a gilded pedestal. He's that teacher who derives great pleasure from a student who's finally passed his teacher in skills. He'll only have shining pride in your achievements, words of calm support and advice when you need it. Father, brother, Wise grandfather and friend. That's what he'll be for you.

He will view flights as a challenge, preferring gold to green but chasing both. Gold to him is a test of stamina while green pushes him into new bounds of agility. For both he will endeavor above all else to outwit the lady in question.

Credits Egg: Klari
Hatchling: B’roughs
Hatcher: B’roughs
Messages: B’roughs and M’tego
Name: B’roughs and M’tego
Inspiration: B’roughs and M’tego
Clutchmates W'on's (Woden) Blue Suranzalth
E'lyce's (Delacy) Green Vittorynth
Velura's Green Glissiereth
Kabrielle’s Gold Niliath

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