Character profiles

Tell us about your character. Be as expansive or as succinct as you like. Please be respectful of others, and if you're mentioning something that's less than flattering about another character, be sure that you clear it with the player first. Thank you

Add a tab for yourself, and then update it as necessary. To add a page for yourself, edit this page with the 'edit' button on the bottom, and add a tab here, using this code.

[[tab <character's name>]]
[[[<character's name> |edit]]]
[[include <character's name>]]

And then, save this page, go to your tab, click the edit button, and edit that tab. Please only edit your own tabs. Unfortunately, it's not reading elided dragonrider's names correctly, so instead of an apostrophe, use a dash for everything but the tab name. example: G'dal g-dal edit and include g-dal.

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