Adara's Impetuous Contrabass Clarinet-Brown Chyenth

Tell Me Why Egg
As ocean takes sky and redefines blueness, so do the rippling colors of
this shell swell and converge from bright to dark, noon's aqua to
midnight's ink — that last pinpointed by stars' querulous gleam, and
the whole entwined by a single strand of ivy curling inexplicably green
from rounded tip to narrow.

Tell Me Why Egg lets its stars fall, wishes dashing sandwards by the
fleckful, before one pinhaired crack splits the egg clean down the middle.
Those blue, blue, blue halves cling momentarily intact, but then ivy unfurls
from the ovoid's side as a power shimmy rocks it from base to tip — and then
bumps and chips give way to the answer, as the egg's fledgling occupant
squawks in surprise: first!

Impetuous Contrabass Clarinet-Brown Dragonet
A galaxy's own regalia dusts this dragonet in night-brown diamonds, a deep
and lasting sheen that catches the light with every toss of stubby head,
every swish of slender tail. Awkwardly hooked wings catch their ailerons
in the same, subtly paler hue that mutes his underbelly and, lighter yet,
casts his talons in sparkly tan — but for all his glitter, deep roots are
sunk in a solid core that defies more transient beauty.

The world literally fades — sight of cheering crowds, smell of sweat and
sand, your burning feet, /everything/ sliding away for a long moment.
Before you can even react, the shine of bright pale brass and sweet
silky magenta curls into your mind, laughter reverberating. » I /knew/
I'd be first. You're mine … all mine! We'll do everything first, won't
we? « — and suddenly, time hiccups back into motion, the sands around
coming into focus with astonishing clarity, as his voice touches again —

» My name is Chyenth! «


Chyenth — the meaning behind this name is simply and solely
that it sounds so very cool: just right for the dragon, and just right for
you. It has no other source but our own inspiration, and you and he are
the ones who'll give it truest meaning.

The Contrabass Bb Clarinet — Made of silvered nickel, this
instrument is two octaves below the well known Bb clarinet, yet still
pitched in Bb so its music can be music can be easily transposed into the
treble clef. Used to provide the bass line in clarinet ensembles as well as
wind ensembles, this instrument is more than able to reach its smaller
cousin's range. More information, and pictures can be found on the
following web page: Http://

Mentality and physicality:
Whether by some outside force or just the innate force of nature,
Chyenth is a very curved dragon. From his stubbed nose to that elusive
slip of tail, his body gives the deceptive appearance of being small and
tubby. This is far from the case, however, but his fluid form can only
be seen within the one medium that does him justice: the air. His wings,
dispite that hooked nature, are /wide/, leaving loads of room for air to
catch underneath, catapulting him to new heights or longer distances just
with their size. Even though he is a normal-sized brown, he'll by no
means be a chop-and-hack artist, leaning more toward what his roundedly
slender frame is good for: you and he will go long distances within the
air on a single breath of wind, gliding only tempered by a need for
Chyenth to move — he really can't stand still when he can fly!

Colorwise, Chyenth is a dark brown with the merest tang of
bronze, his tones deep and sultry with a lasting sheen that makes his skin
ripple as with a million shiny stars, all glowing at the same time.
Although it appears uniform at first, when he sits just so, you'll
notice that he has a lighter variation of this shade on his underbelly, a
muted cast compared to that dark and brooding tone upon the rest of his
length. His claws are even paler, leaning toward a sparkly tan, yet still
retaining that opacity. He has a very solid feel, and that is amplified
by his ever more solid appearance.

When it's time for oiling, Chyenth waits for you with undue
enthusiasm. In particular, your Healer's touch is most welcome right between
his eyes and his underarms of his front legs — don't call them armpits
unless you're willing to explain the similarities between his front
limbs and your arms… but he would listen! These areas are subject to
extra flaking, and your tender hands are the first thing he'll head for.
No one else can oil those places just -right- except you, and he'll
literally move away from anyone else that tries to touch him there.
Anywhere else is fine as he'll try to rumble, croon and cajole others
(including firelizards!) to help him bathe, oil and get clean.

Surprisingly, Chyenth's mind and physical voice is deep, but
it doesn't have that overwhelming reverberating quality that makes a
rider's teeth chatter when his dragon speaks. With the contrabass,
silvered nickel's form is melted to a woodwind's magenta's silkiness.
In Chyenth's voice, that unusual tone has been recreated, settling into an
ever-present yet not deafening klaxon of fullness. Speech is rolling and
rich, not a single word stilted or rushed. He's got time to speak,
and with a voice like his, why shouldn't he? It reaches a varied range,
woodwind made of metal being a guide almost — his pitches, tones, and
enunciations will always give away what he is thinking, and more
importantly, what he feels. For instance, a soft mellow pitch will
indicate that he's concentrating, that snub of tail moving about as he
'hrms', while a high-pitched squeak shows he's surprised. Nuances, like
any good instrument has (and his voice /is/ one) ranges from those squeaks
to low thrumming that threatens to shake apart bones, all within his

Chyenth, like the contrabass clarinet he was patterned after, is a
'take charge' sort of fellow, with the reckless abandon that usually comes
with such a forthright nature. He wants to be the first in his class to
do anything and everything. The first example comes along with your
Impression. No one can, mind you, prove that dragonets talk within the
egg, but if they did, well, Chyenth made the bet he'd get to his lifemate
first. He had to see you, know you, have you for himself first before
anyone else could even get close. This attitude sets the stage for the
rest of his natural life, and like the multifaced instrument, he doesn't
go in head first; instead, he studies, works hard, and reaches his goals.
Of course, taking this path will sometimes leave him in second on
getting to something he wanted to do first. When he's younger, you will be
the first person he finds after that 'setback' (he calls them setbacks,
never within his vocabulary is defeat), but later on he'll comment to you
how he can do better, find a better method to get to the top of his goal
mountain and keep you safe. You're his first concern, …followed by
being ahead of his comrades.

However, he does have an notably impetuous streak. If he really
wants to get at something first, and logic isn't working (including when
he's just too young or unbalanced for logic), oh, he'll cut corners and
then some. It's not a conscious decision; it's just that when Chyenth
/really/ wants something the impetuosity carries through. It may be little
things, when he's little, like an oiling /now/ or food /now/ or attention
/now/, but when he grows up some, his priorities in turn will change
(although he'll always love that oiling…). The focus includes you
instead of just himself, and if there is something he can do that /he/
thinks will allow the world for even just a moment to see how special you
are — even if it might cause /you/ to blush — logic is swiftly

During weyrling training is where you will see him form this
unique way of dissecting a situation. He'll learn this method from the
one he knows best: you. All that healing training, including the way you
studied, will be at his disposal, meshing easily with his innate
feelings of going about things the 'proper' way. Watch out for
dissections! And picking that up from you will be the best thing he'll
ever get; it will help him structure how to manage to get his wings just
strong enough for that first flight (though you won't have to worry about
him going off without permission; he'll just nudge you into asking the
Weyrlingmaster), or just how to stalk his favorite food, wherry, so
he can kill it just so without making a mess. A neat eater is Chyenth, not
wanting to muss up that glorious hide of his.

Intelligence reigns in Chyenth, with an uncanny intuition tossed
in for extra flavor. He does like to learn, even retaining some of the
knowledge he gets from you for an extended (for a dragon!) period of
time. His memory is not as kind with his setbacks… some are nearly
forgotten as soon as hours after they happen! That intuition can cause
many a scary moment, however, as it's more in tune to you than the world
around him. No matter what you do to hide something of importance, Chyenth
will /always/ know. It can be important to you, or something exciting
you've heard about, but it doesn't matter. He can pick it up with a
thought that something's up, and he can't even explain it to you. Usually,

you during these times. It can be irritating, but he isn't quite sure
himself how it comes up with the idea himself.

Now, when Chyenth's not trying to be the first at everything
in his clutch, he's doing an assortment of things. Playing with his
clutchmates — he likes to be the older, responsible one. Well, as
responsible as dragons go. Anything he does, good or bad, he takes the
blame or praise in the exact same manner. He only fixes his methods when
he does something bad. However, this does not mean that he doesn't like
to have fun. He'll nudge you in that direction too; he wants to have fun,
but it's no good unless you're doing it too. He'll want you to get to know
your clutchmates, your Weyr and all the inhabitants within it. He's not
exactly a social butterfly, but he'll try to get the both of you a bit
more toward that spotlight…. just enough for a touch of its shine. (And
who knows, it might prove to be addictive!)

Also, when he's younger, at least, he'll love to watch people.
Well, more importantly, their clothes. He doesn't understand why they wear
them. He's loose and free and unhindered, why shouldn't everyone else be?
This won't change until you finally put his first pair of straps on.
Then he'll understand with a fierce passion… he /loves/ these things.
Not so much as that he wants gazillons of them, but more in that he'll
take care of them, wanting them off before he feeds or swims, and letting
you know when he thinks something should be replaced. Now this may cause a
bit of a tiff when you need to ride sweeps in the rain… »Water? On my
straps? Never.« Still, straps are only so big, so even when he's older
he'll wonder why people wear /so/ much clothes. This can lead to an
embarrassing situation or three as he'll ask flat out why.

Lastly, Chyenth's well-polished diligence will crowd over into
mating flights. Greens and golds are interesting, but he studies them
from a clinical view at first, trying to see what makes them tick. When he
finally realizes he just can't do that, he gives in, settling within
their company as well as with the males. He rarely finds one he'll set
his heart to… that's for you, and you alone. But during flights, that
structured mind of his will take in every facet of the female, from what
she blooded to her wingspan, and try to calculate just how to catch her
using his form of logic. Of course, as logic goes, variables with toss
in a kink, and Chyenth won't catch all the time. If he doesn't, you are
the first person he finds, whisking you back to your first days together,
as he gains solace just by being wrapped about you. If he wins, he won't
crow about it; it will just reinforce in his mind that the path he's
taken is correct: if one thinks and works hard, one will be first. Still,
he is not a lingerer; he'll be home before the next day, back to his
normal self.

However, there is one thing Chyenth knows he doesn't have to
calculate to be first in and that's your heart. He's yours, forever and
always, and for him, more than /anything/ else, that's all that counts.
Enjoy him!


Egg Desc: B'nal
Dragon Desc: Arien, Kh'rys/N'fra tweak
Dragon Name: Search Co.
Inspiration: N'fra, Arien

We realize that you are the one who knows your character best, who
knows what might mesh and what you'd particularly like to play. We've
constructed this dragon with what we thought you'd especially like, and
what we were 'inspired' by through our interactions with you. Please,
though, don't feel limited by what we've given you, or that you have to
follow it — you'll no doubt find your own niche, and as you play
Chyenth, he will surely surprise you … and us! :D

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