Age: 21
Position: Fort Weyrling
Previous Positions: Fort Weyr Candidate, Fort Weyr Stablehand, Fort Hold Stablehand, Brat
Origin: Fort Hold
Lifemate: Brown Vedoriath
Firelizards: None
Family: Parents Cialle and Tivadan. Sister Tivane. Brother Caledan. Uncle Latham. Some cousins.
Relationship Status: Single

Cili's Logs & Things


Long, lean lines are a staple in both the face and body of Citlali. The angles of her cheeks and chin are accentuated by the riot of platinum blonde hair that even in a side braid winds up springing tendrils free to whip around her face and then coil girlishly. Her eyes are a pale greyish-blue, settled on either side of an angular nose dusted with freckles. She's got a build that suggests plenty of time spent outdoors, perhaps even running given the taut strength that's apparent in her movements.

Slim fitting and tailored brown wherhide clings to her legs, with equally snug soft leather boots that bear buckles and reach up to her calves. A blouse of powdered pink sisal settles languidly just off her shoulders and down to the torso like a peasant blouse, standing in complete contrast to the utility of her lower half.


(Most of this is not public knowledge!)

Citlali was raised in a dubious lap-of-luxury, as her father, Tivadan, has always been somewhat wealthy. Her family are holders to the bone, and the money going way back has always been theirs from working the land. She was instantly a talented runnerback rider, and was trained early on to race and earn money and look good, essentially. Working as a stablehand from twelve, she did a lot more training and riding than she ever did proper messy mucking and grooming — though she insisted on her fair share of that as well.

Tivadan's older brother, Latham, is Fort Hold's Steward — and now there is no actual Lord standing in the way of whatever Latham wants to do with the place. Tivadan's children, though, realized something funny was going on and in the case of two of them, left. Citlali took her younger brother Caledan and relocated to Fort Weyr before they could get themselves any further involved in trouble that got quite a bit worse the more time passed.

This didn't work too effectively, because the Senior Weyrwoman was killed mere months after their arrival.

In the time between that, though, Citlali was asked to stand for Orlaith and Ikaroth's clutch by brownrider D'yce; a month after her 21st turnday she Impressed brown Vedoriath.


Cili is a girl. Which, yes, is obvious by looking at her, but really — she's a girl. A very girly sort of girl who likes fluffy things and the color pink. She puts a lot of effort into her appearance, and wears makeup every day. On the other hand, she isn't prissy — her riding clothes might be as near-to-perfect as she can get, she might always wear jewelry and she might do her best to keep everything as clean as possible, but she's a stablehand and she can take the dirt and muck with no issue. There's nothing that says a stablehand has to be a tomboy, and Cili embodies being feminine without seeming weak or silly. Because she's neither. She's very serious about her work; she just likes being a girl, looking good doing it, and living it up as much as possible without stepping out of bounds and being outrageous about it.

In general, she likes people, but not as much as she likes runners. She's quick to enter into a conversation with someone and slow to call them friend, just because she has no real reason to assume people are on her side.

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