Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Cyrenth in the Auroraed Lake Egg

Auroraed Lake Egg

Golden rays of fading light frolic across the rippled fringe, somber
veneer broken only by the sweetly radiant tinge. Sapphire laps twixt crimson
swells, the coursing surge all full grace, while violet flickers' dancing
glow heralds raven depths of place. Masquerading, searing hues sparkle
nigh to depths unknown, yet waning twilight moments offer tributes of its
own; fallen down in splendor, it reaches farther than the eye can take,
to end again, within it all, in the glory of a star-caught lake.

Hatch_msg: quivers with an earthquake's tremors as its once-calm surface is
rippled by its occupant's force. One moment this, and the next an awesome
burst of color rains through the air, sprinkling like morning mist caught in
the sun's rays about the surprised brown that finally finds itself free.

Rum-Raisin Walnut Brown Dragonet

Too thin for the whip-lean muscles that ripple across his gangly frame, this
dragonet's all spindleshanked limbs and fruit-mottled angles beneath
wingsails of dark, heady rum. Imperishable walnut brown imbues a hide as
rich as nutmeat's flavour; awkward lankiness prevails over pure brawn,
sweetened by a soft smattering of raisin's gold and brown across his
prominant, pointed muzzle. Creamy pistachio tinges the warm, roasted
chestnut of extra-long ridges, sliding down to the very tip of tail's
intoxicated, animated length.

Impress_msg: Intoxicating, overpowering, a rush of sweet softness and
wooing words invades for the brief span of time before all attention is
grabbed. /That/ is what love is, ever-present, all-knowing,
soul-encompassing brilliance, caught up in a web so tangled and complete
there is no desire to escape. And after he has you ensnared, finally, this
particular love reveals his identity:

Egg Description: Aimile
Name: Ariana
Description: Tr'vyn, Lysalla and K'lora (Aria-tweak)
Inspiration: Tr'vyn and Lysalla with input from Sh'lin


Cyrenth, derived from Cyrano de Bergerac (1619-1655), a French author,
playwright and satirist known most for his romantic words and large nose
(unique profile as Trev says). He was the reluctant suitor, using his
abilities to help another woo the woman he himself loved. Perhaps the best
summation of Cyrano is a quote from the author himself:

"A large nose is the mark of a witty, courteous, affable, generous, and
liberal man."

In the beginning, he finds his extreme lankiness to be an annoyance as he
simply cannot understand why he doesn't look like his burly bronze cousins or
his sleek, quick blue brothers. He will start out small, even a bit smaller
than his fellow blues, but by the time he reaches one turn old he'll be a
solid medium size which will please him endlessly.

A /gentle/man to the core with an affinity for the arts that matches your own
in intensity (if not in ability), he'll enjoy… (actually /insisting/ on
occasion) posing for your paintings, though for him, his forte really lies in
critiquing your work. Oh that's not to say that he won't 'dabble' in the
arts, quite the opposite actually. Watch him around mud puddles as he
'talonpaints' with child-like glee… and wet sand? Why that's just his
element. Cyrenth will find endless hours of amusement creating sand
sculptures that, to him, are absolute perfection, and should be guarded like
a National Treasure. He'll also want to discuss poetry or look over all your
drawings and paintings, discuss life, the universe and everything with you.
A true Renaissance man… I mean dragon.

You'll find you're never in a bad mood for long with this lifemate around, he
just won't stand for it. That's not to say he can't be serious. He is, very
much so, when the time calls for it. Need a dragon to serve as the example
during dragonhealing classes? Well he's the one. The more attention, the
better.. in fact, he might appear to be a hypochondriac in some ways, though
-you- know when he really is hurt and when he isn't. It tends to happen when
your lifemate feels left out and neglected — say when you're paying too much
attention to your human friends. That's when he'll want his oilings, his
baths, his talons clipped, and his wings massaged. (And not necessarily in
that order.) Spending time alone will be okay when it's night time and the
two of you are stretched out together in couch or weyr, but come morning, he
will /seek/ out others, be they draconic or not, for company. This, of
course, includes you. He will take you (Like it or not) wherever he goes,
insisting you participate or merely be there.

Together, you two are the Dynamic Duo, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin (he claims
he's Jerry Lewis), Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy. However, he's not
a true clown all the time. Practical jokes and pranks are beneath him, he'd
much prefer getting those around him to laugh and relax, -/especially/- you.
Cyrenth isn't the leader type. He's much more the 'joiner'.. the life of the
party, reserving his calm and solemn side for quieter moments alone with you.
He thinks that the older dragons in the Weyr could use some 'livening up',
and has made it his mission in life to cheer each one of them up.. (whether
they like it or not.) much to your chagrin.

As Cyrenth matures, he'll discover that he has a resonantly deep bass voice -
he doesn't bugle (though he does carry a distinct wry rumble-chuckle) nor is
he very verbal. His way of communicating lies in his expressive and animated
features: whirling eyes, rapid movements of tail, constant shifting of sturdy
wings and lithe body. As he begins to fill out, those shadowy areas deepen
and define, giving him a chiseled look, though still lean and aerodynamic in
proportions. Even with his elongated muzzle giving him a very 'unique'
profile, still his silent strength flaunts itself with every calculated
movement. He's smooth, this one.

He is /not/ outwardly flirtatious, but rather all business in flight. Unlike
his male counterparts, Cyrenth likes to woo the ladies. He tends to wax
poetic, whispering sweet lyrical words to the object of his (momentary)
devotion, even as he catches that current that the rest of the males missed,
but he's never sappy or overly lusty. He's got more class than that. Randy
is -/so/- gauche. He /is/ the reluctant suitor, the knight in shining armor,
the Romeo to her Juliet. If he should ever find himself sire to a clutch, he
will positively dote on his offspring as well as their Mother. He'll spend
hours on end finding 'just' the right herdbeast for his lady.. not to mention
building Hatching Sand sculptures for her entertainment and amusement.

Like his sand sculptures, Cyrenth is a treasure. A unique and singular
delight, this handsome hunk of brown, may he bring you great joy Zel.

Mental Signature

Cyrenth's mental caress is an oddly familiar mixture of tart and sweet as the
unique taste of fruit mingles with the aroma of roasted nutmeats; citrus
blending with warm, nutty flavoring while over all washes the heady
bite of deep, dark rum.

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