Sire and Dam: Gold Tajiath and Bronze Mnemaxath
Hatching Date: Sunday, June 10th, 2001
Theme of Clutch: Mystical/Magical items
Theme of Dragonets: Mystical/Magical Characters
Hatchling Name: Wandering Wizard Blue Dragonet
Dragon Name: Daemith
Couch: Hermit Card

Clutch Message

On the sands, Still lingering near the newest egg, Tajiath continues to carve out burrows that make the eggs difficult to distinguish. Her tenuous tail, which deepens to the color of glowing ember ashes, keeps in almost constant contact with one egg or the other, curling about the round shells protectively. Lowering herself to the ground, she pauses there a moment as ripples flow along her bronze-kissed withers. They seem to last too long for just one egg and such proves true as she moves about to cover them, revealing flashes of two new deliveries (Deadly Nightshade Egg and Stardust Egg).

Deadly Nightshade Egg

Dark luxuriant green sweeps out from the loam core of this egg, like leaves from the earth. It exudes a calm dampness, a forest cool, and a rightness of location. It exists. It belongs, simple and serene. Yet across it ruffle streaks of clashing cinnamon, a more ominous side to the flagrant fragrance. As if disturbed by the wind these streaks lash out, bitter as poison against all that would dare try to remove it, or worse yet use it. Forest hues smother cinnamon in the aura of forest mystery and forest protectiveness, a blatant secret, a delicate strength, a helpful herb or a noxious bane, depending on how it is used.

Hatch Message

Deadly Nightshade Egg rustles, then unfolds, the leaves parting as if plucked or brushed away by a less than careful hand as the shell shatters. The shards scatter as if blown by a strong wind as the potent distillation inside is revealed, for good or ill, into the chaos of the hatching grounds.

Wandering Wizard Blue Dragonet

Blazing blue the color of the autumn sky forms a stubborn base across his long lean frame, smoky hues drifting to blur his vibrancy like a concealing cloak. Stormy shades sweep up and over his neck and head, clashing to a halt above weathered eye ridges like a hood, craggy head softening to a subtler periwinkle. Broad wings lance out in steel dark shades and sword sharp spars - yet through the smoke and steel gleams out that vibrant aquamarine, blustering across translucent wingsails like a hint of mischief. Muscle coils around solid haunches, each sinew sharply defined under taut hide - The illusion is not quite complete, however, for at the very tip of his tail a bright spark of heavenly topaz gleams out as if a breath of wind had momentarily blown back his shroud.

Impression Pose (what the audience sees)

The Wander Wizard Blue Hatchling pauses in front of a group of candidates inspecting them critically – No, no, no. But then he turns, spotting one in particular the one. He moves to rap his nose sharply against her leg, demanding that the girl with the icy blue eyes and silky blonde hair that never curls properly pay attention to /him/ so they can get down to business. His tail thumps once, almost impatiently. Time is of the essence.

Impression Message (what you see)

Ringlets of multicolored smoke dart through your mind with mischievous agility as velvety gray enfolds you, its path through your thoughts slowly insidious. A gravelly baritone, crisp and precise, swirls through the enveloping haze like a precise wind clearing the air. A faint hint of elvish pipes tease at a smooth rich cello under the rough baritone. »I am Daemith, and Daemith means me. Now there /was/ supposed to be food at this affair, correct?«

Daemith's Themes


A common ingredient in many plots of deceit, nightshade has been used to assassinate and has been assigned significance in many stories in association with the dark arts - and yet, in real life and some old school medicine, a weak infusion of this plant can save as well as kill. It is a stimulant, it can be used to keep a weak heart beating, a beneficial use, as opposed to being used to over-strain the same heart, definitely more of a misuse. It depends on how it is used, and how much - like so many things, it is a curse and a blessing together.

For more information on nightshade, go to:



I know you requested one - however I fear it simply did not fit a blue. Since you were strongly green/gold at that point, I took the liberty of coming up with a new one for your blue. (Tuck the other away for an alt’s green or gold.)

Daemith (Day-Mith or Day-eh-Mith) roils like a storm head or whispers like a gentle breeze under the open sky, depending on how it’s said. Dae means shadow in Sindarin, and Mith means gray in the same tongue. I thought this fitting for two reasons: Gandalf has been an elf friend (A human who has rendered services to the elves and is considered as equal with them.) since before most anyone in the books was alive; therefore, the elvish is appropriate. He is often a cloaked or shadowed figure, concealed in some way, so Shadow fit admirably. Gandalf was called “Gandalf the Grey,” in wizard circles, hence the last part. (On a side note his Elvish name was Mithrandir, which means ‘Grey Piligrim’).


“Not the Wandering Wizard!”
-Bilbo Baggins when he first meets Gandalf

Gandalf the Grey, the Wandering Wizard, is second only to Merlin in literary wizards. He was the first to emerge from the realm of myth into mainstream fantasy, created by the man who turned fantasy into a genre rather than regulated to ‘myth’ or ‘literature,’ as in Morte de Arthur, the ‘official’ Arthurian legend. You are getting the original - not just the prototype - but the original wizard. He is the one, the only: Gandalf. Old as Middle earth was he, one of the Istari, the Wizards that didn’t simply /learn/ magic, but possessed it since their arrival on Middle Earth. He is an elf friend and an enigma. For a race that keeps to themselves, he is forever meddling. His dry sense of humor tends to be pointed more than cruel.

Your wizard is perhaps mellower, far more comfortable with the good life and more used to it. He doesn’t have quite the weight of years the original had - at least not yet, and how he grows is up to /you/. He can become a critical crotchety old coot, or a compassionate reserved advisor. It all depends on how you grow together. It is all up to you! He’s your dragon enjoy him. So, I humbly submit your own quintessential wizard for (hopefully) unlimited RPing pleasure.

Mind Voice

Gravely but pleasant describes the first impressions of this voice. It can soften to the gentle texture of gray velvet, thick and warm when he waxes kindly, or sharpen to a sword edge and steely brightness when angry. A faint hint of music always seems to drift in the background like star song from the beginning of time, a faint echo of timelessness. The teasing melody of Elven pipes mix with the deeper tones of a cello when he laughs. He can range from angry charcoal to a teasing fog to an intense sliver of harsh steel. His rich, rough baritone can smooth out to an almost seductive tenor or a coarse, dangerous bass.

Mind Scent

Pipe smoke forms a fragrant base tinged with the warm crackle of a campfire. Pine and oak mingle with jasmine and something wilder, as if he had recently walked through an elven forest. His mind is a pleasant mix of road, forest and fireside - nothing overly strong until his mood intensifies into anger with the pungent scent of lighting, or joy, which is marked by the scent of magic-wrought fireworks. Sorry tinges his mind scent with the musky fragrance of myrrh.

Physical voice

The deep baritone of a warning bell, brazen and penetrating, dominates. It can soften to the gentler tones of a hunting horn when he croons. As a hatchling it will tend more towards the hunting horn and lighter, more golden tenor tones. It can be as sharp as a war cry or as gentle as taps, played to honor a fallen hero.


He’s long for a blue, and big, but he’s lean and very close to being proportional so it isn’t obvious how large he is on first sight. His tail is perhaps a fraction to long, but that is not easily noticeable either. His wings are broad, for flight power rather than simply agility. His body seems almost painfully gaunt, resisting the urge to flesh out – it won’t do much good, for magic takes energy. His metabolism is high enough that the wanderer will always be worn and seem almost gaunt, even as he matures. He will never be a fat dragon, or even plump like his clutch sibling Suryareth, who would love to eat all day if Zureile would let her.

Eating Habits

Underfeeding is more likely for your dragon than overfeeding. He will be prone to forgetting to eat if left to his own devices, and it will be a major concern for you and something to be watched on a continuous basis. Left up to Daemith, he would most likely starve as more interesting things presented themselves and interfered with his interest in food. You will have to constantly be after him to finish his herdbeast or wherry completely, then encourage him to select another as well, concentrating to keep his mind on the task at hand rather than whirling off to the next item of business. This sort of indifference to sustenance will have its effects, of course - it will render the storm cloud colors across his hide more charcoal and ash in hue and his skin will seem to remain a bit looser than most dragons.


He can be agile, but it’s more short term agility than acrobatic ability. He’s built to out last his adversaries, with power wound under his tight skin. He will be efficient of motion, not prone to many nervous gestures, though he will always be fond of smoke, and anyone with a pipe, will be begged, through you, for smoke rings. He is as agile on land as he is in air, though he will tend to prefer the more steady paces to ones set in fits and starts, though it’s not for a lack of energy! Just a desire to conserve enough to keep his reserve going… for he /always/ has a reserve and very seldom squanders it. It is too precious and takes too long to re-build. In the air he will be deliberate, using the tools he possesses physically, with almost indifference.

Daemith's Personality

I am Gandalf, and Gandalf means me!

He knows who he is, and what he can do. Frequently coming across as arrogant or superior to others, you know the difference. He is simply confident in his own abilities and knows where they lie - this will be apparent, even from the beginning. He will be a quick study at anything he can do, although no matter how hard he tries there are some things that he will only be marginal at. Look for this trait to intensify as he grows older and starts actually /learning/ what he can do. Arrogant he will be thought, though whether others think he will be cocky depends on you and how you play him and this aspect of his personality. Your opinion is the only one that really matters to him other than his own, though if he thinks he’s right, even you might have trouble convincing him other wise. »I know what I’m doing, or I wouldn’t be doing it. I have neither the time nor the patience for fools.«

Patience – he has it in abundance for those he deems worthy his time, although this is not unlimited. Indeed, his criteria for who is ‘worthy’ are strict, strange and completely his own. He has no patience whatsoever for fools - fools being defined as those who can learn but won’t. His theory, “Ignorance is curable - stupidity and unwillingness to change or learn, are not.” Those who have the misfortune of being dubbed fools may be the recipients of scathing rebuttals, which you may be asked to pass along if the fool is human. »No, I will not leave N’it alone. He knows perfectly well what he’s supposed to be doing, it is time he does it. He and Witth both«

His response also comes down in the form of absolute silence. You will have to use careful diplomacy and logic to pull him out of these moods. He will be abrupt but not coarse. He will stick to the facts, as he knows them; swearing or any form of profanity is beneath him, the last resort of the base. You will find yourself prodded and poked mentally whenever a Pernese expletive leaves your lips. »Come now! You’re more intelligent than that!« He can be scathing, and his acidic remarks will cut in as few words as possible, though may soften when directed at you. However, if he does send a cutting remark your way, expect something perhaps not quite so harsh but definitely more long-winded.

"Of Course", said Gandalf. "And why should not they prove true? Surely you do not disbelieve the prophecies, because you had a hand in bringing them about yourself? You don't really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere Luck, just for your sole benefit? You are a very fine person, Mr. Baggins, and I am very fond of you; but you are only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all!
-Gandalf(J.R.R. Tolkien)

He frequently has a very practical view of the abstract, not in the habit of thinking about deep, philosophical topics such as “life after death.” He’s not thought about what happens when life is over. However, if asked, his response would be along the lines of »Of course there is! Otherwise why would there be life in the first place?« And that would be the end of it in his mind. This makes for an odd contrast to his mystical origins. He will also kindly impart such views to you whenever he believes you assign something more importance than it is worth. »Come, come now. It’s not all that bad. It’s only a little rip, easily fixed and you have other dresses.«

Advice is something he dispenses with judicious regularity. His light comments should be examined closely for they might contain small hints of wisdom that crops up from time to time, although this is more in the Book Gandalf than in Daemith. As he gets older, however, these random comments will start to carry more weight. You will find him responding to your remarks with dry humor that contains a nudge in what /he/ feels in the right direction – and he will be right an aggravating percentage of the time. When he is wrong you’ll have to be the one to point it out – and he will listen to you, although no one else should dare take this liberty, not even his clutch siblings.

"What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good on this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?"
-Gandalf(J.R.R. Tolkien)

In spite of all this practicality, the deep roots of philosophy have sunk into his soul and come out at the oddest moments in seemingly absurd comments that make perfect sense to him. There are times he will just sit silent, generally staring into flame or at the stars. At these times he may pester you to find a place to sneak off to, away from people, away from everyone but you, for his idea of solitude is the two of you together. »Let’s go to the forest, Klari. I need to think.« A dull ash and melancholy lament will ripple through his mind at times like these – you will have to pry what he’s wondering about out of him. However, sometimes it will be as simple as a desire to be away from people - and the responsibility he feels to them.

‘Unless the king should come again?’ said Gandalf. ‘Well, my lord Steward, it is your task to keep some kingdom still against that event, which few now look to see. In that task you shall have all the aid that you are pleased to ask for. But I will say this: the rule of no realm is mine, neither of Gondor nor any other, great or small. But all worthy things that are in peril as the world now stands, those are my care. And for my part, I shall not wholly fail of my task, though Gondor should perish, if anything passes through this night that can still grow fair or bear fruit and flower again in days to come. For I also am a steward. Did you not know?’
-“The Lord of the Rings”, Book V, Chapter 1.

Responsibility weighs heavy on him a consequence of his supposed ‘superiority.’ For with ability comes duty and Daemith, like Gandalf, will not be one to hide himself away in a tower, or weyr for that matter, and ignore the world outside. He will see things and feel compelled to act upon them, and you, until they are righted. He is the original meddler. »Come now, Klari, you do realize it is both an honor and a duty to be bagging firestone. If we do not learn how, how will we teach those yet to come?« He has a startling concept of time for a dragon, bound to this sense of duty. He knows there will be others after him and they will have to learn as well. He knows he probably will not be there to teach all of them, so he must teach the teachers and teach the heroes (he would do very well as a weyrlingmaster’s dragon, indeed) - he is not one to shirk that duty either, although glory is not his aim. It may be a by-product of doing what he must, but duty always comes first - duty to Pern, to Weyr, and to Wing. But most of all, duty to you, his rider and lifemate - for you are his soul. You are the reason for his questing, his “lucky number.” (Read the Hobbit for this reference.) He is a sentinel by nature, and he will forever be thinking about his mission - to protect and teach - although what he protects or what wisdom he gives may vary from day to day.

He’s strait forward. He doesn’t pull any punches, though he keeps his own council on many, many decisions and you will have to ask him why – he won’t volunteer the information. You will have to be the guiding force in bringing him out into the world he seeks to guard, keep him from standing aloof from it, alone in a crowd – perhaps using a faint hint of cynicism to taunt him into not getting too involved with anyone. He can become a fanatic if you like, all the elements are there, all the hints - or he can become something else entirely, a wise advisor, a general, whatever the situation calls for. This is what he can become, depending on the choices made by each of you. He is not immune to temptation, but it will be up to you to decide how you think he’d react and if his primary driving goals will supercede the temptation, or play into it. The following is a quote from TS Elliot rather than Gandalf, but it applies. “The last temptation was the greatest treason: To do the right deed for the wrong reason.”

You will be his balance - you will be the one who checks his motives when he doesn’t, and he will look to you for final say. As much as he will pry in your business - and he will constantly - day in and day out he will look to you first for advice in anything, for comfort in weary times, and to give comfort to you in your times of need. He will run to you with joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, for you are his partner until you both depart over the seas. (Elven equivalent of going between forever.) He will drag you into everything he does, one way or another, and expect you not to be surprised when he pokes his nose into whatever you’re doing, whether you asked for his advice or not. Flirting might get a frown or chores encouragement and a helping… um claw. It all depends on how you want to play it.


Here you see the darker side of Gandalf, the Gandalf that fought the Balrog off (take the worst Goblin you can think of and multiply by about 10, maybe 20), the Gandalf tempted by the ring. Here is where you will need to remind him of his limitations, or he will be so lost in the flight as to loose all stability. Do not hold him back - that would do irreparable harm - but giving him an anchor, for he will need it. Normally, he is indifferent to females as such - they are just other people and he tolerates them equally with other males. However, when the blooding begins and the lustful changes take effect, he goes slightly mad. He is canny even in his madness, however - he will try to outlast the lady and her other suitors. He will try to anticipate, outwit, and ensnare the object of his obsession - for it will become an obsession before the flight is over. He will never be the most triumphant of winners in flights, but neither will he be the poor male who must hold his frustrations in due to the inability to catch (NPC can balance out the RP’d ones, one way or the other.) Victory and defeat will draw different reactions, for the lady in question will temporarily become one of those under his special care. Loss will come as a shock - how he deals with it is largely dependant upon you.

There he is, yours to enjoy and develop as you see fit. These ideas are just a springboard from which to start. You can keep or discard any or all of it, although we would hope you’d consider keeping him. Have fun with your wizard - he’ll take good care of you.


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