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Something brews dark and deceptive - a low, sullen red like the colour of dried blood smeared through the cold, gunmetal darkness of the rest of the shell. Something treacherous, something wicked, something weaving thread-thin tendrils of sulky, brooding colour; sick murky green and dull red, a sudden polished glint across the curve of the shell like the light along the razor-sharp edge of a sword blade raised in battle.

Mutiny Rising Egg seems to glow a slightly darker red as a crack slithers downwards from the raised-blade on its shell, angling with swift precision towards the sands. The moment that single crack touches the sand, there's a pause, a moment of anticipation. Then with a determined grace, the egg collapses into five distinct parts, tumbling down into the sand and revealing the hatchling within.

Royal Renaissance Shadowed-Bronze Dragonet

Ever-patient shadows stalk the glistening energy of crimson-stained bronze across the lanky limbs and lithe frame of this sinuous dragon. The grainy charcoal gathers darkest in obscurity, stealing both folds in hide and the depth of underbelly away from the tumultuous activity of vibrant hues. Blithely unaware, metallic russet and champagne filaments tumble in an unpredictable race, hastening from streamlined muzzle, around blunt neckridges to his delicate tail. Diverted by the seductive curve of wingbones, copper abandons the pursuit in swirling embellishments flowing across fragile wing membrane in the smooth poetry of liquid metal.

Public Impression Message

Royal Renaissance Shadowed-Bronze Dragonet pauses, mid-prowl, apparently horrified. Then there's a shake of his head, and he darts with sudden energy and movement towards the candidate. Perhaps Zaynne was right to fear - his head lowers at just the right angle, and the hatchling head-butts his prey with just enough force to (perhaps) knock him over. Got him! The hunter has captured his prey! And in more ways than one, it seems; swirling gaze looks up at Zaynne's, demandingly. You're mine. And there's no need to fear.

Private Impression Message

Is that a far-off fanfare that you can hear amongst the calling of crowd and candidates? The bray of hounds? The rustling of overgrowth and the thundering of hooves - or is it just the sound of the wind on your robe and the beating of your own heart? Those questions become moot as a distant gleam begins to grow, enveloping your mind with lingering tendrils of crimson-stained gold, filling your nose with the sweet scent of raspberries. The pursuit is over; you, the prey, have been caught. And now with a cultured mindvoice clothed in gold-veined warmth, the hunter greets you with a good-natured triumph. « I've got you, Z'ynn! You don't need to hide anymore. I am Delinsteth! »

Name and Theme

Yo ho ho! Our eggs this time around were based on Pirates, as they were clutched just after International Talk Like A Pirate Day (

Delinsteth's name is based loosely on the French words fidele, meaning 'loyal' and honneur meaning 'honour' - both very important to your lifemate.

Francis I of France was both a successful king and a complete failure. He was a success in that during his reign, the artistry and innovation of the Renaissance flourished. He himself was the embodiment of the Renaissance man: He was vigorous, sensual, generous and cultivated. He learned Latin, much moral instruction, music, some history and geography. He was also a skilled hunter and wrestler. His court glittered with scholars, writers and artists. He brought Guillaume Bude a humanist, Raphael, Titian and Michelangelo to his court. He also brought Andre del Sarto to spend a year in France. Francis 1 brought Leonardo de Vinci to teach. He freed Florentine Benvenuto Cellini and brought him to his school. Francis 1 founded the University of France and put a school in Fontainebleau. He gave complete academic liberty and free courses to whomever would benefit at Fontainebleau. He started a royal library and was the first ruler outside of Italy to start a collection of paintings and sculptures by Italian masters. Francis 1 was generous with praise and money. He surrounded himself with humanists. He became a patron to anyone that could bring fame to France.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? There was one problem. Francis I did not have a military mind. He picked the very powerful Emperor of Spain as an enemy, and then proceeded to wage war against him. Not only was he beaten, he was captured and forced to sign a treaty giving away some vast provinces of France. One would hope that he would learn from his mistakes, but no: once free, he decided that a treaty made under duress wasn't applicable, and proceeded to gather his milatry might against Charles. He was beaten. No, more than that, he was thrashed. And had to sign a treaty that resembled - nay, was almost exactly the same - as the first treaty.


If you want to pull Zaynne out of his shell, Delinsteth is the right dragon for the job! Outgoing, energetic, charismatic - although lacking in subtlety and diplomacy - Zaynne had better be ready for anything! Delinsteth believes that anything is possible. If he hasn't thought of a way to do it, he just hasn't thought hard enough. Want to impress that uptight greenrider? It can be done! Want to do a loop-de-loop upside down? We can rearrange the laws of physics! Want to be a clutch father? Look no further! Delinsteth ignores all the obstacles that lie between him and his goal, instead - firm in the knowledge that he can do it - he'll throw himself into the task. There's almost arrogance in it, but the confidence doesn't come from Delinsteth believing that he's the greatest. No! He just doesn't see complications and it'll be up to Zaynne to try and help him with this blind spot. It'll take some arguments for this bronze to be convinced that a problem really does need planning. For planning is not what Delinsteth does best. He's an impulse-led creature. Lets put it this way - if he had a credit card, Zaynne'd be broke! This impulsiveness comes out in his speech and your lifemate isn't the most diplomatic character in the weyr. As thoughts occur to him, he'll share them. « You really do look fat when you're full of eggs, Llydyth. » Of course, when he realizes that he's upset someone she's very quick to apologize - and more often than not, this habit will cause more laughter than tears.

This is not to say that Delinsteth is not intelligent. In fact, he values thought and art of all kinds and could listen for hours to a lecture on philosophy, weyr duties, or smithing. He mightn't understand all (or even some) of it, but he'll think it's a treat to be able to hear such important thoughts. He really admires innovation and intellect and thinks that you should, too. In fact, Delinsteth is all set to try and convince his clutchmate Temujith to trust him — not for the sake of friendship, although that's important to your lifemate, too — but rather to share his analytical musings.

When it comes to flights, Delinsteth's impossible to hold back. He loves the hunt - for him, the prize sometimes comes second to the glory of the pursuit. Over time you may be able to persuade him to refrain a little more often, but have no doubt he'll always be more enthused than your average dragon. Should he win a queen's flight, he'll be a fascinated clutchfather. He'll want to know every why and wherefore, interrogating everyone he thinks might be able to inform him. Want to go somewhere else while those eggs are on the sands? Hope you've got a lift, because he's not budging. He's inherited his sire's protectiveness and his dam's broodiness!


Delinsteth's description is based on the idea of the hunt - he's long and lithe, built perfectly for pursuit. He'll never be Fort's largest bronze, but he's certainly in the competition to measure longest, tip to tail. Sometimes his length will slow him down, other times that tail will allow an extra measure of manouvreability. As a weyrling, he'll grow at an extremely rapid pace for his first six months, outpacing many of his clutchmates, and driving you up the wall with his constant begging for oiling. Water will soothe his skin a little, as will mud - you can guess what happens next in that sentence! After that, though, he'll increase his size at a more sedate pace - ultimately, he'll be most at home in the air, revelling in using his huge wingspan to simply glide and glide, especially over forest.


Chambourd, the home of Francis 1, produces a raspberry liqueur that's famous world-wide… it's not impossible that a little of it might have crept into Delinsteth's mindvoice! His presence is unmistakeable, crimson-laced gold, a hint of dark undergrowth, deep greens and browns sometimes creeping in. That scent? It's raspberries, it's the warm smell of a forest, and sometimes - during flights, at moments of extreme excitement, it's the hot smell of the hunt. He's got quite a set of mental lungs on him, and his voice moderation is quite remarkable. Sometimes he can be nearly deafening, especially when excited, or (unfortunately) when making one of his less tactful comments. Other times, especially when he's learning, he's almost inaudible, murmuring quietly, no hint there at all that he can sound like a hunt in full cry when he puts his mind to it.

Sire: Razgulth
Dam: Llydyth

Gold Llydyth & Bronze Razgulth's Clutch

B'lor (Bullemorte) & Intellectual Aged-Copper Bronze Istruith from Scurvy Gums Egg
Kalyani & Helen of Troy Olive-Green Fylipaeth from Sunken Ship Egg
Ki'er (Kiefer) & Thundering Sunrise-Bronze Khonsumaath from Walk the Plank Egg
Kiyh (Kiyhazel) & Gothic Regina Acid-Green Dysairyth from Jolly Roger Egg
Idia (Lidia) & Curvesome Jade-Green Vitaranth from Skeleton Crew Egg
Ttana (Cattana) & Theatrical Chestnut-Brown Sidamath from Wooden Leg Egg
V'arn (Talvarn) & Canny Mongolian Blue Temujith from I Don't Like Rum Egg
Yl'za (Dylzan) & Imposing Indigo-Blue Saelhedith from Rebellious Hostage Egg
Z'ynn (Zaynne) & Royal Renaissance Shadowed-Bronze Delinsteth from Mutiny Rising Egg


Egg: Shendti
Inspiration: Savarna, R'sin

Note: Zaynne, Z'ynn! We're so glad to have you riding at Fort - welcome to a whole new part of your character's life! We hope you love Delinsteth, but remember that only one person knows him inside out, and that's you. If you read something that's not quite right, don't hesitate to change it - dragons evolve and develop over time, like fine vintages.

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