Cisusse's Forge-Formed Dusk-Green Delioth
Mechanical Nightingale Egg
Smoothness is sacrificed for a jewel-encrusted shell, function set aside for glimmer. This egg seems carefully assembled to please only the eye. Intricate carvings on the surface hold no meaning but show, swirls inlaid with dark silvers and bronzes wind themselves tight with nonsense motion. The rough flash of wealthruby, emerald, and sapphireall appear in the expected, aligned places. For all its smoke and mirrors, there's still an artificial sense to this egg. True beauty takes soul, and perhaps a song.

Mechanical Nightingale Egg clicks — clacks — cracks and clatters in fragmented shards, jewel-colors' encrustation lost to the black, black sands. It's a sharp-edged muzzle that first pokes its way free, and for all that bits of shell cling anew to her birth-damp hide, outer lids soon open over rubied eyes that spark and spin with life never found in egg's artifice. Brilliant life. Urgent life.

Forge-Formed Dusk-Green Dragonet
Dusk-dark jade carves a dragonet of sinewed femininity, lightning-quick and forge-strong; brighter bronze and cerulean vein that unpolished green in a surge of light, like the last colors along a mountain range before night's stolen them all away. Down her long, narrow neck runs the purest orethen over powerful shoulders, across strong, wide back, snaking lightning along her spiky taildissipating only slowly into the careless rustle of silken, shale-sparred wings.

Impression Message: Whisper sweet, a voice invades your mind like a bird's song, then a boom overwhelms your senses, edging in with a demanding air. » You are right for me, Cisusse. « She finds you in the sweet caress of a loving song, pure and from the heart. And then,

My name is Delioth! «

Name and Theme
As for her name, Delioth:
You wanted the 'oth' sound to compliment Cisusse, and we thought that 'Delioth' was just so pretty, drawn from Delilah. Power and femininity were her themes, and her physicality is based on minesbeauty being drawn from the heart of the earth. The sun, the forge, mines, and the mechanical nightengale. Your Delioth is both the mechanical creature, with the sweet and even song, and the real one, with all the flaws and true beauty.
Powerful and feminine, industrious and delicate is she, not to mention high-maintenance. She's definitely a flighty thing
while she's not wholly irresponsible, it's rare that her episodes of what the world would call reliability and Cisusse's happen at the exact same time, and Cisusse's likely to need to learn some more responsibility just to keep her head above the water of dragon-impulse. Some days she'll chide 'Susse for not doing her duties and having the Weyrlingmaster get on their case, and the next she'll complain if she puts studying hides over pampering /her/. Faranth help Cisusse if she chooses anything else over her! Consistency, thy name is not Delioth.

She'll want to show up the boys, of course, prove that everything they can do, she can do just as well. But she's not a tomboy. She's quite feminine, but has a stubborn streak and a need to prove herself. She can have her lazy spells too, oh yes. And she enjoys them so much, right there in Cisusse's mind; her pleasure can be addictive. Sometimes she'll want to just sit in the bowl, doing nothing, and not really thinking anything, just enjoying the nothingness.

She's not the brightest glow, but she's also not dumb, and her memory can flick from very good to horrendous and at seemingly the wrong moments. She'll remember paticularly juicy or embarrssing bits of gossip, but forget how to properly chew firestone. Cisusse will have to remind her of important things such as that, or deal with the consequences! /Whoosh/, uh oh, there goes a bush! » I forgot how to aim. «

Oh, and did we mention nosy? She'll want to know what everyone's up to, then promptly forget. Cisusse might find herself hearing all the bits of gossip that she really didn't want or need to go. If Cisusse is trying to keep something from her, or keep it quiet, her memory is tenacious. Sometimes Delioth remembers the bad and forgets the good … but sometimes it's the other way around.

In many ways she's a lot like Cisusse, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're always compatible; she has her own drives, motivations and goals, and enough differences to add spice. She's outspoken and can be unthinkingly headstrong (unthinkingly, for she means well but just has these /ideas/, you see), but it's partly a defense, because she's very vulnerable underneath and wants horribly to be liked. She can be running clickety-clackety off with her ideas, and then suddenly realize—oh! she's in trouble, or someone's feelings are hurt. Then she stops short and tries to make up for it and maybe is so sad Cisusse needs to console /her/.

Because, you see, Delioth /wants/ to be Good. And Liked. She's beautiful, very attractive to the males, but she sort of turns her nose up at them, but that's because she's self-conscious of all the attention and would rather hang out with her gal pals. But maybe only one or two really close friends.

As a dragonet she likes friendships with everyone, relaxing and hanging out, but especially once she sexually matures, she'll be most comfortable with green or gold friends, since boys are so confusing and make her self-conscious.

Picture the prettiest girl in grade school who was also the shyest, and who still thinks boys have a little bit of cooties. But on the other side, she might find a male that she's totally comfortable around, to be her 'best bud', but who she doesn't really see as a boy. So say she forged a friendship with Amoneth, then matured, and then, waitaminute! You're a guy! All of a sudden she'll feel uncomfortable where she was comfortable before.

A sign that she's proddy might be that she gets particularly fastidious about her appearance, making sure every part of her is oiled and preened. Not for vanity's sake, but just because she wants to be liked, wants to be accepted, wants to fit in. Her self-consciousness dissolves once she hits the skies, and all her strengths override her weaknesses. Physicality
She's a powerful flier, darting up through the sky. Speed, rather than agility is her real strength. Oh, she can twist and turn with the best of them, but what she really is is a sprinter, shooting straight up. Only the fastest amongst the males will be able to snag the jade beauty from flight.

Oh, her tail! That glorious tail, the way it curls in dusky jade, veined with ore. That's her true vanity. But because she preens over it so much, it'll need extra attention. Extra oils and such. Oh, and she'll love the scented type, but nothing obviously perfumy. A natural, wispy, attractive scent, one that will make her even more appealing to the males. But then, up comes that self-consciousness, and that touch of shyness. She likes the attention, but she doesn't understand /why/ they like her. Mindvoice
Delioth's mindvoice is quite distinctive. Her voice is often whisper-sweet, soft when she's young, but gaining sharper edges as she matures, evening out into a crystal sing-song. But when she wants attention, or is particularly riled, her voice will boom, a thunder of a hammer striking an anvil, crystal clear and very demanding. Her voice carries with it the tang of a deep jungle, but also fresh earth, a pleasant scent, one filled with power, damp and full of life.

Sire: Ranjith
Dam: Vyath
Egg: Rhali
Inspiration: Adara, Arien, Keryn

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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