Xian's Feline Flamenco-Bronze Dobryth

Egg : Snickerdoodle Egg

All over butter-cinnamon goodness, this egg is simply sweet: a pale yellow-gold holds the shell intact, browned by the sands' baking and inlaid with ruddy speckles that could only have been rolled, never sprinkled. Shell softened, and yet hardened, by its cooking time, the sugary flecks seem to spread in an unending and addicting pattern.

Hatching Message: Snickerdoodle Egg cracks, and crumbles, sweet sugar shards falling away to the Sands, crunching beneath the weight of the dragonet thus revealed.

Hatchling Name: Feline Flamenco-Bronze Dragonet

Hatchling Description:

The sparkle of electric vermilion carresses sleek bronze hide, pulling smooth over wiry muscles to near overshadow the gleam of obsidiantalons. Prominent eyeridges bare the subtle flavor of smoke which marks each spinal ridge down to his supple tail, while his elongated wing sails are dusted with a sprinkling of violet whose deepest color begins at his ailerons and fades back to bronze on each wingtip.

Impression Message:

The room fades away, and a new voice takes the stage, echoing deeper and deeper into your psyche, «I know what's good. And you're it.» There's a certainty that cannot be denied, a breathless moment of rapture and symmetry, as you are drawn into a new dance, «My name is Dobryth!»

Name Info / Intro:

We wanted to give you flamboyant, we wanted to give you sexy. That led us to Flamenco, the Spanish form of dancing and music that makes Riverdance looks boring and tame. It's sensuous, it's sizzling. It seemed the perfect compliment to your character. Click on for more information.

Dobryth itself derives from the Polish "dobra" meaning "good," since that's what this dragon is: good. Or, at the very least, good for you.

Personality Info:

This is one sleek, feline, flamboyant bronze. That one Sentence probably says it all, but we'll explain at length. At his core, Dobryth is a cat, one who think he's king of it all. He knows exactly how beautiful he is, how wonderful. And since his wonderful self has picked you off the Sands, you must be pretty wonderful yourself. He won't stand for criticisim of you in anyway, even if it's just harmless. "Geez, you look tired today.." «He does not! He looks great!»

Of course, that does mean he possesses an arrogance. However, he is not your typical, arrogant bronze. He may look great, and be nearly perfect, but he has his moments of goofiness, just like Edysanth.

Have you even caught a cat doing something he just knows he's not supposed to be doing? That guilty yet sly look that says, "What? I'm not doing anything wrong. Well, maybe I am, but since I'm stopping, I'm still perfect." Dobryth will give you that look everytime you catch him fooling around, playing with his food, batting at a bowl of fruit you may have on your table, or chewing on your favorite shirt.

He's fascinated by clothing, not too look at so much, but its texture. He'll constantly want to touch cloth, and may even go so far as to have a "blankie", some scrap of cloth that just /has/ to be in his couch before he'll go to the sleep.

Just like a cat, though, Dobryth is going to have those moments of pure and utter laziness. Those times, particularly when you're working at the pottery wheel, he'll just flop over, regardless of his size, and stare at you with half-lidded eyes. Wrapping his tail around something handy, with his head hanging over the side of his couch, he'll marvel at the art you produce, and he'll insist that the best of them decorate his weyr.

While Dobryth has all the arrogance of a cat, he's got all the strange insecurities as well. Sometimes, he just has to be with and has to be reassured of his wonderfulness. Your attentions, whether it be in the form of bathing, or oiling or scritching, will be needed and needed until he feels satisfied with himself.

It almost goes without saying, however, that Dobryth is a social creature. Of course, he's much better at talking than listening. Only you'll really be able to pierce his cloud of self-absorption to have a true conversation with him, and even then his attention may wander. "So, then he said…Dobryth, are you listening to me?" «I like your boots, can I have them?»

Dobryth is intuitive, to say the least. He doesn't really Think things through. He either knows something or he doesn't. However, he doesn't particularly think he needs to know anything he doesn't and getting over that particular stumbling block may give you a hard time or two. Above though, Dobryth is most concerned about pleasing you.

Physicality Info:

He's of course, sleek. As a dancer, he's fit and firm, without the extraneous bulk of any kind. In fact, he has a tendency to look a little thin if he doesn't eat enough, like Ayeleth. And, like Ayeleth, he's very graceful, but unlike her, the grace isn't immediately apparent when he's first hatched. He needs more sustance, first, and especially, he needs to get more comfortable with movement. As he progresses through weyrlinghood, he'll grow more and more graceful, but it won't be until his first flight that he'll suddenly Get It. He truly is a creature of the air, and until he feels that space beneath him, he'll still be a little awkward.

Above all, Dobryth is a dancer, with all a dancer's needs. Proper diet, proper exercise, proper care and just the right look. He knows this, and will be particularly fastidious about it all. He'll insist on eating when he needs too, (and he'll eat very cleanly too) and grooming will be an elaborate process so by the end, he sparkles and gleams. He'll probably be fond of striking poses at this point, and don't you dare giggle. You'll deflate his ego faster than a quiche. ;)


When these come around, there's no question. Dobryth is Interested and Sure to Win. He especially likes the dazzle and style of gold flight, but he'll certainly rouse himself for the green ones as well. It's those acrobatics, actually. The flexibility and speed of the greens appeals to him almost as much.

He'll try to woo by showing-off. He doesn't need to flatter or court /her/…she should succumb to his charm because he's Dobryth. In fact, his opinion of himself can reach such heights that he might try to rise when he's still too young, and only your calm words will be able to restrain him.

Mindvoice and body voice:

As the flamboyant Flamenco dancer, Dobryth is all about razzle and dazzle, which is exemplified by the sunbursts of his thoughts. «Pleasure..» Sunburst of cerulean. «Anger..» Sunburst of scarlet. «Contentment..» Sunburst of jade. «Lust» Sunburst of bright lavender.

Of course, the voice itself is deep, a floor-vibrating basso. However, when he first hatches, it will still be high. Gradually, it will deepen over the course of weyrlinghood until his very tones can all but scream "I am the coolest thing around, baby!"

We're simply thrilled to have you with us at Fort Weyr, Xian and Dobryth! Remember, this is just a guideline, you're free to take or discard any of this inspiration as you choose! Clear Skies!

Credits: Adara, Seria, Zephre

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