M'rai's Knightly Powder-Blue Dubrilth
From: World in a Closet Egg
Small and innocuous, this egg, plain mahogany disclosing tidy teal-grey furring over half of the curve and swoosh! Brushing aside the grey and the brown, pine-tree green and dazzling snow white lure the eye to the sapphire star-spangled sky and the capering trail of some woodland denizen pitted across the shell in little dark splotches.

Hatching Message: World in a Closet Egg opens its hard shell, allowing greys to spit with verdant greens. Ever so slowly, the sundered sides drop onto the sands with nothing more than a whisper of glory to come:

Hatchling Name: Knightly Powder-Blue Dragonet

Hatchling Description: Blurring contours, the dust of ages past and a future yet to be prophesized powder along this dragonet s gaunt form to dull the wealth of blues that he possesses. Turquoise wanes along pinions wide sails as his ichor-rich veins span in the finest of gold filigree. A lost treasure of lapis lazuli plays peek-a-boo along the adroit curves of his svelte frame, leaving the jagged relics of his cresting ridges to lurk in a shadow s mystery. Beryl pebbles along his wide paws to be denied by ashy talons yet sprinkle up his wiry legs until lost once more along underbelly's pale curve.

Impression Message: « You ve had a busy day » Over such a long distance comes the voice, reaching deep as it lifts you up to immeasurable heights. « Come here, my little friend » Yet it continues deeper, deeper, ever deeper until the force grabs you here& and here& everywhere. « Don t be afraid » Taking ahold with a grip felt in places never imagined, it wraps you up in the liquid warmth of horizons undiscovered, but begging to be.
« I am Dubrilth »

M'rai and Dubrilth. Dubrilth and M'rai. We did not have theme for the dragonets. It was left up to us, the inspiration writers, to define. I didn t have any trouble at all figuring out the personality of your dragon, it was just a theme that really had me sweating. It wasn t until pretty far down the line where I finally came onto the possibility of linking him to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Not the younger one, the elder in the original movies. Wise, a bit mysterious, guiding, a responsible figure, trusted. He best fits your Dubrilth.

Dubrilth. This name didn t come to me until I was in the midst of writing his inspiration. I initially had a different one picked out, but when I peeked in a StarWars book, the root of this name jumped out at me. Dubrillion is the name of a planet in the StarWars universe. I don t remember what exactly caused it to be mentioned in the books; it was just the sound that hooked me. It didn t begin with a vowel, the consonants work well against one another, and it is rather pleasant to say. DOO-brilth. M'rai and Dubrilth

Dubrilth has this agelessness about him, be he a weyrling or an older dragon. He is very wise. Eager to learn new things, he will enjoy his lessons and pay very close attention to all that is around him. You could maybe call it being in tune with your environment. But, he is sure to ask questions and put to use things that are learned. Absolutely nothing is trivial to him; It all has its use, place, and purpose. In being so knowledgeable and paying attention, he will acquire a rather obvious sense of being so very wise. Don t be surprised if quite a few dragons come to him for advice. He just knows things.

Dubrilth is also a guide and a teacher. You two will more than likely be WeyrlingMasters. He will always be accepting to helping a person/dragon along, especially M'rai. And it is usually through those one-line-wonders that are brimming with all kinds of nuance and meaning.

« Who is more the fool? The fool or the fool who follows him? »

Gentle, but so very, very apt. He is accepting off all points of view and opinion, but does his best to guide others upon their own path.

Responsibility is very important to Dubrilth. One needs to be responsible for their own actions and one needs to hold responsibility very important. But, he will always try to take all of M'rai s responsibilities upon his own, broad shoulders. Or at least offer to do so. He is extremely honorable in his own way, which leads to trust. One can trust Dubrilth to the ends of Pern and back again. All secrets will be kept in the strictest of confidence, as any duties asked of him will be accomplished. He is reliable in that. Rely in Dubrilth. He will always be there and always persevere.

For all of his honor and knowledge and guiding personality, Dubrilth also seems to be a bit mysterious. He tends more to the quiet side, not much into gossip, but seems to know it all anyway. He ll sit on the fringes of a group, listening quietly, learning ever more, but not all that quick to offer up chatty commentary. And with such a quiet impression, he is almost seen as a bit of a mysterious figure. He isn t purposely so, but the dragon just knows the value of keeping one s most private experiences and thoughts to one s self. And those knowing glances that are offered instead of a voiced reply just seem to add to that impression.

But Dubrilth isn t all seriousness, there is a twinkle to his eye to give hint to a dragon that does find things amusing or have a little fun now and again. Just in moderation. He won t let loose totally, just take enjoyment from some low flying or discovering in how entertaining it can be to blow bubbles from one s nose while taking a bath.

Flights are approached just as calmly as he approaches anything else. Emotions are just a part of the whole deal, accept it and move on. He won t exactly let his baser instincts show forth, looking more at ease to the naked eye. But he will be working with you to keep himself in check. Feeding beforehand will be slow and deliberate, knowing that just blooding is best for flying conditions. And when the green rises, he will be a concise, yet an extremely smooth flyer. He won t be rushed, but quick in his own right. Smooth is the main theme. If he looses, it will be accepted. That is just the way it is. But if he catches? Ohhhhh, he will do his duty well. Afterwards, he will carry a fondness for the green, even paying particular attention to her from now on just to make sure she is doing well. He takes care of his own.

Dubrilth is born big boned and extraordinarily skinny. Lets put it this way; you can basically count all of his rib bones. With his long legs, long torso, long neck, long everything you will be hard pressed to fatten him up. With all of the meat set before him, Dubrilth tends to take his sweet time in feeding. No wolfing it down, he d rather enjoy each and every bite, relishing the taste and the feel.

In his gawkish frame, he will prove to be a bit lumbering, even somewhat klutzy as he stumbles here and there, ever trying to get used to his frame. Fairly soon, you ll wonder just when he will be finishing up with all of his growing, because he will continue to do so at such an alarming rate. Alas, it ll suddenly stop, and stop cold, early on in weyrlinghood. Now is the time you can finally work to bulk him up some, and put meat on his bones. He shall always look a bit gaunt though: very trim and extremely wiry.

He is very long and thin. If you look at Dubrilth from a profile, he stretches far from side to side with his elongated neck, tail, and torso. But, if you were to stand before him, he d look quite narrow. His wings are equally as long and narrow, and look so very, very frail.

Dubrilth s special itchy spots are most particularly along his joints. Those will require particular attention, seeing as they are quite angular with how thin and drawn he is. But, oddly enough, the dragon is ticklish along his tummy. Just the lightest brush will send him to snorting or warbling in amusement. It s but an odd little characteristic that tends to make him a bit more jolly. Poke him in the tummy and watch him go « Ho! Ho! Ho! »

His movements on the ground aren t all that pretty, but it is smooth in its own way. A sort of rolling gait as he walks with his tail held up off of the ground. His movements in the air are pure beauty. Like before, he is extremely smooth. One movement merges wonderfully with the next, almost like some kind of dance to worship the air currents. Slow or fast, it doesn t matter. Just as long as it all flows nicely.

Dubrilth is colored in lighter blues, or at least they are more muted. The colors of three semi-precious stones color his hide. The primary color is akin to that of lapis lazuli. It coats the majority of his torso, tail, neck, and head. Beryl colors brindle at his feet, looking pebbled and as if a wealth of those stones litter there. It is most pronounced at his paws, but fades up his leg as it joins with the richer lapis lazuli. His colors do shift from light to dark, palest on his underside and darker at his shallow ridges. Over all, there is a dull cast to his colors. Its as if he hasn t been dusted off in awhile. His wings are turquoise; both sails and spars are the same hue. It s those webbing veins of ichor that criss-cross over his sails that actually glimmer to almost look as gold, but just as muted as the rest of him. As for his talons? Stark white.

Dubrilth has a low tenor, be it of the mind or vocalized. But it isn t the tone, it is more how smooth it is: rich and liquid, intelligent and low. It is hardly ever rushed, moving smoothly from one sound or one thought to the next. His mindvoice is almost liquid with its molten metals, particularly mercury and copper. Ivory, sienna, sable and the infrequent blazes of neon blue when he does get a tad angered or emotions are running high often color it as well.


Egg: Shendti.
Dragonet: K'rill.
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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