Iffi's Fierce Woad-Blue Dushlanth
Wistful Meanderings Egg
A dull path of grey picks its way down the side of this egg, wandering in and out the rich brown that marks the rest of the ovoid. Patches of black are reminiscent of burning, but still the path winds, searching for something. At the very base of the egg, hidden from sight by its very location is a small patch of bright white. The path descends down to the 'diamond', its persistence paying off in the finding of one of this egg's many secrets.

Wistful Meanderings Egg trembles, wobbles and then shakes expectantly. A frantic tapping begins from within, the sound reaching out until noise and shaking stop and the shards begin to slip. No grand entrance, no blast of energy, just a steadily increasing rain of shards that litter the ground and finally release its occupant, who uncurls slowly, a mischevious glint in his deep-set eyes.

Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet
The underlying strength of darkened earth battles with lapis lazuli, the intense hues smeared across the bulky muscles that dominate this roughly hewn blue's form. The brightness is strongest over squarish head where streaks of fierce woad exaggerate craggy features, fading to mere smudges of lapis over blunted neckridges, powerful haunches and stubby tail, tethered with thick muscle to body's form. Earthy-blue wings are shorter and deeper than average, limestone veining runs along wing-membranes tipped with the slightest hint of cobalt, echoed in the blue-tinged ebony of talons sharp points.

Public Impression Message: Fierce Woad-Blue Dragonet pauses at Aoiffrin's feet, looking up into her eyes with glee. He's always wanted a raven-haired beauty.. of course, 'always' has only been about seven minutes.

Private Impression Message The sudden scent of freshly-dug earth pervades your senses, filling both your nose and mind with its sweet and refreshing aroma. Emerald mist floats just on the edges of such a fragrance, twisting in on itself as a gruff voice breaks through, encompassing you in its rumbling tones. « She is the sunshine o' my e'e.. » The words are chewed over and swallowed in tone. « Had I on earth but wishes three, the first should be my Iffi. I am Dushlanth! »

Name and Theme
Dushlanth is based off of the Irish Gaelic word dúshlán; which means 'challenge'. And oh, how that is applicable to your Dushlanth in so many ways! Unintentionally, he will be your challenge by his very nature; he knows it full well, and he embraces it. He lives for pushing you to your boundries. You must always remember, though, that he won't supply /all/ the challenges, and that you need to put some on the table as well to keep him happy. « What?! You don't think I can dive fifty dragonlengths, skim the surface of the lake and then climb another fifty? I'll show you! »
Personality —
Even from day one, Dushlanth will be the social sort. He'll chatter, he'll prattle, and though the other dragons may not always understand him, that won't even slow him down. Though he might not be called a social butterfly, he's just the sort of dragon that makes friends easily. He likes most everyone, and even people you don't care for, he'll see the good in. If someone doesn't like him, it won't bother him any- he still thinks they're great. He enjoys groups, but his closest friends are the best sorts to be around. Genial and generous to a fault, he'll pal up to even the surliest sort and blithely prate on about anything and everything.

He's a very masculine dragon, coming across as a big man in a small body. He'll have a sheer -presence- that carries beyond his compartively small body, very vibrant, lively, and personable. He won't hesitate to voice an opinion, no matter what it is, and he's not quiet about. Later in life, he may drift towards the role of AWLM or WLM, ushering the new weyrlings along as he puts them through their paces. He's by no means unkind, and he may spare a quiet, sensible word for the runt who's falling behind. He's always gentle torwards everything smaller than him- whether it be a child, an animal, or that cute green down the way.

Competition is what Dushlanth lives for. In any way, shape or form, he wants to be a part of it, he wants to smell it and taste it and revel in it. This is the metaphorical battle your warrior always has melting in his mouth; he wants this war, he /needs/ this war, and he'll compete over just about anything. Unlike Iskandeth, though, he's infinitely more gracious should he come out on the losing end.

When he can't compete, he'll be perfectly content to watch sports, be the contestants human, runner or dragon. He'll be absolutely mad about them, getting wrapped up in watching the spectacle to the point of distraction. We're talking bugling, tail twitching, and an annoying tendancy to flap his wings when /really/ excited. Gathers, especially ones with runner races, will be a great draw for him. It'll be interesting to see if a dragon can open an account with a Bitran bookie.

That thirst for competition will be well-quenched in his green clutchmates, that gang of mischief who egg one another on to higher heights. Dushlanth will find speed races aplenty with Araganth, storytelling contests with Jadziath, flying tricks with Sakurath, or investigations with Irusenth.

And pity the poor Weyrlingmasters when the whole clutch family decides to get in the act together! This is one motley crew!

As far as dragons go, Dushlanth has an excellent memory. He's not much for thinking about the future, but he's all about remembering the past- for what he can manage, anyway. What he lacks in memory, he makes up for in creativity. He can spin a yarn a mile long, with embellishments that surely never happened. « And /then/, after we fought that fall with only half a wing, we all came back and ate every herdbeast in the entire weyr! » But that's the way the story goes. He definately has the gab, but at least he's good at it.

Eating is one of his favorite past-times, and he'll often use it to bond with other dragons. « C'mon, let's go clobber a 'beast and I'll tell you about the time I.. » He'll take his own sweet time at the process, viewing it as a time of reflectiona nd socialness, not something to be rushed through. Very gentlemanly, he'll often hang back to let a green have her pick first.

He likes drinking, or rather.. he likes /you/ to drink, as there's not a cask of wine large enough on Pern for him. He enjoys the way it loosens you up, and the side effect of making thoughts flow. He loves how much more social it makes you and those you know. And he likes drinking songs.. a lot. He knows far too many, most of which are inappropriate, to say the least. He'll even try his hand at making a few- hopefully you have a strong liver.

When it comes to mating flights, Dushlanth is living courtesy. He's all about the wooing of a young, proddy green- but don't confuse 'wooing' with 'poetic'. If there's one thing he's a failure at, it's making rhythm and verse sound romantic. Now, if he thought spouting off bawdy lyrics would help, he'd do it in a heartbeat. When no girl he knows is rising, however, he's still carefully cultivating friendship.. you know. Just in case.

Physicality — From the first, Dushlanth will look somewhat stunted in appearance; his head is naturally squarish, his limbs and tail short, his torso round. This will change markedly several times over the course of weyrlinghood, but his hide will be your constant trialit'll always /itch/. When his legs get a growth spurt, he'll need the hide there oiled incessantly; when it's his neck, he'll need more there too, and a little scratching wouldn't hurt. He'll have a particular trial with his talons when he's youngthey'll have a tendency to become brittle and crack, though they'll toughen up with time. His headknobs will also be a source of irritation, and if you don't offer to attend to them yourself, he'll be pleading for a little rub-down. « It's just a little itch this time, I swear! »

He won't always be complaining, however. He'll likely be one of the first in his class to /really/ get the hang of flying- and make a sport of it, too. Careful that he and Iskandeth don't get into too many races! His growth will become remarkably even around halfway through weyrlinghood—while he won't have any more strange growth spurts, it just means more work for you. EVERYTHING will itch then.

Once he reaches his full size, his 'gentle giant' nature will really become noticeable—he'll be large for a blue, and though he knows full well that browns and bronzes can handle their size without difficulty, he'll have a little trouble maintaining grace. Give him plenty of moving room and he'll be fine, but confine the quarters and things will get nudged.. a lot. He practically needs "wide load" signage and blinkers for backing up.

However, things will smooth out some during flight. After a rocky start, Dushlanth will regain some of the gracefulness that he lacks on the ground, although landings might always be a little bumpy. At least in the air, it's less likely that he'll run into things!

Mindvoice —
The first thing that strikes you about this dragon's touch on your mind, is how refreshing it is. Not the voice - the voice isn't the true heart of the dragon, but the smells that are associated with it, and the colour. The tang of the sea, the smell of pine, these things mingle with the 'vocal' words. One could imagine the words made from rock, with mosses and peat sitting in nooks and crevices, each carving aged and wise, softened by misty greens and browns of the earth. These gentle emeralds and russets are his colours, and they only change when he becomes impassioned for a cause. They give way to the blue of woad and the red of blood then, but it is hard to pull these out of him - he is by nature, slow to anger.

Each word that Dushlanth produces is full of its own character, just like any piece of stone worn by the elements. But it's hard to hear, or see every nuance, as Dushlanth likes to keep up a gruff exterior. Gruff, but gentle. When he is telling a story, the veneer will come down and every word will draw you into the world he is creating, but the moment the story ends, it's like he's taking something away, something beautiful. From alive and full, to the quite normal way that he chews on his words. You can understand him, surely, but other dragons might have a hard time.

Sire: Byzanth
Dam: Lyaseth
Egg: T'ai
Inspiration: Nerae, I'rao, J'bal, J'fen, and T'ai with input from the lovely R'sin

Please note: This Inspiration is by no means set in stone. Feel free to take what you like, leave what you don't, or start from scratch, as you will. Dushlanth is *your* dragon and only you know how to play him best!

Posted 2004-March-6 by Zephre

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