Keryn's Exotic Equator-Blue Dvath

Hesitant Premonition Egg
Swirls of shadows adorn the smooth curves of this egg: shadows that
promise something new around every corner, each dip different, from
color to curve to the very thickness of the white-grey shell. An
ominous darkening may seem to line the edges upon looking at the
tough material, but new examination proves that any dangerous
thoughts are born of naught… for now.

Hesitant Premonition Egg swells, darkened edges stre-e-etching to
their distended peak. And then it begins: a flake of shell, then
another, and then, from the shadows, a mosaic of blue, blue, /blue/.
A final hurricane of grey shards blurs and flies from narrow,
fast-unfurling wings, and there he stands in all his tropical glory:

Exotic Equator-Blue Dragonet
Sea and sky converge — vivid, endless — in the delicate,
disconcerting strength of this slight dragonet and the lush blue of
his so-soft hide. No green touches him, not even a jungle's
whispered dream, though the sand-trickle that browns sharp-curved
talons promises eventual landfall. Short-legged but long- and
narrow-winged, he's shaped for adventure's own sweet sake, spinal
ridges singed bronze at their very tips as if he'd already withstood
the most adamant of noonday suns.

A tidal wave of sunkissed surf overtakes you as the tropical blue
dragonet looks up, surging warm and salty-sweet even to the deepest,
most intimate reaches of your consciousness. There is no danger, not
in this undertow, for it only draws you to /him/, the soft sandy
shores of that new mind which is his, and yours, and you. Dancing,
even surfing over that tsunami comes a vacation-light voice, breezy
yet oh, so demanding, so reassuringly possessive: » You are mine.
« And then,
» I am Dvath! «

What do we want to take with us into the new millennium?

Global warming is a great concern; it not only threatens the
ice caps (see Rhioth) but it threatens getting the equator too hot!
We want to preserve the reefs, the warm skies and hot beaches, the
brilliant fish.

This egg was chosen not only because you liked it, but
because — have you ever seen the movie _Enchanted April_? That
egg's all grey and dismal, leading to a true-blue reality that's
going on vacation. :) Not that you have to look twice to appreciate

As for his name, it's short, it's strong, it has /style/.
Like Dvath himself. Like you.

Oh, he's an exotic sort, your Dvath, with looks that rival
show off — your own: blue, blue, /blue/, the horizon's shade
where sea meets sky, with the tips of his neckridges singeing to
bronze and a trickle of sand browning his talons. Built very slight
and delicate, with a long body and short legs, narrow wings and a
sensitive muzzle, he hop-bounces as he walks in a way more pronounced
than with other dragons (think of all of ferrets' very best points).
Tiny as he is, he has an enormous appetite, the bottomless pit of
the weyrling class that will continue even when he's mature (»
Dvath, you're hungry again? You just ate two days ago! «). He's
hot-blooded, see, and uses up energy faster than a lot of his fellow
dragons, even the smaller ones; later on, he'll be a terrifically
fancy flyer, but for now, it's bounce-bounce-bounce-eat-/sleep/.
Along with the eating and energy, he's like a little furnace: he
adores Fort's snow, all right, and oddly enough, prefers that cooler
weather because he can get overheated in the desert, Ista, Boll,
places like that.
While he's seemingly eternally itchy when young, what with
all he's eating, he's especially so (and will always be) after he's
gotten out of the water and before that fresh oil's applied — and
there's something about how /you/ oil him, with bare hands, that
outdoes any helper. His innate dragon-musk smells a little of the
sea, too: a little salty, quite nearly a little sweet.

What was that you said about 'anyone who did get a ride with
her would probably get the ride of their life :)'? Well, that'll
surely be true! Dvath has a real wanderlust, something that will
complement your trader's restless, nomadic edge and push even your
boundaries. He's an explorer, all right; like his dam, once he's got
the weyrling barracks thoroughly figured out (» What does Rhioth
hide under his clothespress? I must see! «), he'll want to go to all
the wild places of Pern, the deep forests, the tiny islands far off
the Istan coast, and so on — and come home and tell all about it.
:) What fun is travelling if you can't come back home
(home-home-/home/) afterward? Sweeps could get boring, but he
puzzles out trying to find the nifty new thing with each one, whether
it's a wherry plume caught in a tree or whatever else. There'll be
lots of 'found objects' art in /his/ weyr. ;)
Speaking of 'found objects': once Dvath gets that Turn and
a half on him and starts getting interested in the greens, he'll
interested and then some — but primarily in those who can give him
the best chase. Is a green normally lethargic? That isn't as
exciting to him as the sky-divers, although naturally he'd enjoy any
catch, and even curl up with her for perhaps a sevenday before he
finds something better to do.
Dvath isn't so worried about how he comes across, see, not
like Llynth or some of the others. Sometimes Keryn will have to
fairly prod (and/or bribe) him a bit to do things he doesn't care
for, a la those surfer dudes. » What? Like, you want me to do
that?! « He's aware of rank even while he simultaneously upholds
and subverts it; in some subconscious way he likes being thought of
as a slacker in order to lower expectations, so he can do what he
wants to do — and then really surprise them, if it works out that
way, and if not, well, he shouldn't get any flak… and it was none
of their business anyway, so there! See, Dvath has some of that
underlying arrogance at times that stereotypically belongs with
bronzes. Oh, he can be immature, can get defensive, can test Keryn's
would-be mediation skills — the littlest thing can throw him — but
then in /crisis/ he can get very stable indeed. He'll take care of
them, all right (if maybe not in the way they might have intended!).
Keryn's potential for being organized and methodical is critical
with Dvath — but once it's honed on him, it carries over to so much
more of life.

Dvath's physical voice is airy, something of a whisper, that deepens
to mellow tenor at maturity; his mindvoice is likewise, from whisper
to a tidal wave when he's upset, but more generally one of those
vacation-type-minds: salty-sweet, light and breezy, and tropically
/warm/ even when it's cold, cold, cold outside.

Parentage: Arien's Katrineth + M'gael's bronze Theronth
Egg: J'cent
Dragonet: Vaine, Talisen, M'gael, Jules, J'fen, Arien

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