Kiyhazel's Gothic Regina Acid Green Dysairyth
Jolly Roger Egg
Darkest black covers this egg from stem to stern. All but for the center where there are splashes of white, which upon the rounded surface look eerily like a skull and crossbones. Occasional light plays across the surface, causing a rippling effect, giving the appearance of a reflection in the water or a flag rippling in the breeze.

Jolly Roger Egg pings with an ominous report. The bleached rictus in its shadowy grave broadens to a skeletal grin beneath the riotous onslaught of heave-ho, accompanied by the perfidious cackle — creak, crack, pop. With a lightning clap and a wooden snap, the egg splits and finally splinters, and as the dust dissipates, a new darkness arises.

Gothic Regina Acid Green Dragonet
Mint green shimmers over the head, neck and chest of this small and muscular green, with bright flecks of crimson adorning the short muzzle. Mint darkens to a near-black acid green, like pine trees in pale moonlight, enfolding the slender forelegs, powerful shoulders and voluminous wings; like a long cloak or a trench coat. The dark-as-night wings are large for her small size and when she's not moving they enfold her body protectively. Acid passes through harsh green shadows as it dissolves back to mint in the hindquarters and tail, only to return to acid boots on the lower hind legs. Both hind and forelegs are equipped with platinum talons, spears of light emerging from acidic darkness.

Private Impression Message
A chill creeps over you despite the warmth of the hatching sands, sending goosebumps along your arms and a shiver down your spine. The haunting wail of a wintry wind brushes across your mind with ghastly fingers as colors fade before your very eyes. A denizen of the dark calls your name in a husky whisper that speaks of dire promises in the night. «Kiyh» she breathes. «Kiyh» she calls with her siren’s song, and then laughs as she snatches up your mind in hers. «I am Dysairyth, and you are MINE.»

Name and Theme
Dysairyth. You stated in your application that you really liked the named Mosairyth, but felt that it was too masculine for a green. Well, we really liked the name as well, so we did our best to touch it up and make it a little more feminine while trying to catch the essence of your little gothic queen. So, Mo was replaced by Dy and she became Dysairyth.
Dysairyth. What is there to say about her? She’s intelligent and witty, keeps her emotions to herself, and is willing to sacrifice personal gain for the greater good. Have we forgotten anything?

«I’m dark and mysteeeerious.»

Oh, yeah. And she’s Goth. She has a disconcerting fascination for all things dark and dreary. The bloody, mangled carcasses gathering insects in the pens, a puckered and angry threadscore, or the withered form of disease locked away in a lonely bedroom, all hold a curious beauty for her. Despite her taste for the macabre, Dysairyth is generally a very well-rounded creature. Though her quiet reserve and tendency to keep things close lends her a melancholy mien, she’s hardly suicidal or plagued by depression. On the contrary, mingled with the toil of suppressed emotion is a vivacity and love for life that is merely enhanced by what others only see as an unhealthy obsession. Such suggestions, when voiced, are often ignored or countered with acerbic wit.

She’s a bit of a night owl, of course, and prefers the quiet simplicity of moonlight to the unrelenting and revealing light of day. She revels in the way deepening shadows mold the landscape into vague and sometimes creepy shapes—and the fact that it is this that keeps most people from venturing into the unexplored dark. She, she insists, is afraid of nothing. As such, she will likely wreak havoc on your sleep schedule.

She likes to spend a lot of time on her own. Though she will never vocally object to your presence, there are times when even you would not be wanted. To retain her balance, between the upheaval of emotions within and the absolute composure without, she needs time to meditate. It is something that, to her, requires space.

She is highly intelligent and learns quickly, though she’s not the sort to boast of her accomplishments. That will be Kiyh’s job. Kiyh, who can’t keep anything in. She can turn this intelligence to any task she likes: from management (rather than Saelhedith’s military leadership), to lashing someone from head to toe when they cross her. And lash, she will.

She has quite a temper, this green of yours, though she does a very good job of keeping it under wraps, along with the rest of her emotions. Like a ticking time bomb, once unleashed, her anger simply explodes into something uncontrollable. In such instances, she can turn on anyone, except her own lifemate.

For you, Kiyh, she has a special place in her heart. Though she keeps her own emotions in check, she loves you for your carefree manner and the freedom of simply letting things out. If anyone were allowed to witness the roiling emotions beneath her carefully cultivated façade, it would be you.

And for her fellows (her clutchmates and later, her wingmates), there is reserved another place in her heart. She loves them all with a fierce loyalty that, though not outwardly shown, she reveals with her devotion to whatever cause they choose. Everything she does is, ultimately, for the greater good, of her siblings, her wingmates, the Weyr, and even the world.

She is willing to sacrifice all, and likely would, if given the chance. She will be a stunning example in the Spring Games.

Romantic love is something that she will probably have to face some day: if not your own love, which she will encourage when she gets over the feelings of betrayal, then her own. Despite her great impression of the Ice Princess of Creepiness, there is a real possibility that she might fall, and fall hard, for one of the many males in her entourage. It will be a very difficult time for her and one that, contrary to her own opinion, you will have to help her through. Whether she gives in to the feelings or not, is up to her, though, as always, the greater good will come before her own.

Flights, for Dysairyth, will be an interesting phenomenon. Outwardly casual, for the most part, they will be one of her greatest trials, inwardly. The strength of her feelings, her utter inability to control them ­at least at first- will be very frightening to her. As such, flights will probably be fast and furious affairs, your lifemate eager to have them over and done with.

You asked for a dragon like Raven from Teen Titans and we thought with her cool and dark exterior and her love of all things dark and creepy that a Goth theme would work well. Therefore, her hide is of pale mint contrasted by a dark acid green, patterned like a trench coat and boots.

Dysairyth is all slim curves, though not of the voluptuous sort. No, they are those of the physically fit: the hills and valleys of muscle and sinew. Physically she'll be very powerful once she's grown out of the hatchling fat.

She'll grow to be a slightly smaller then average sized green, though her large wings may make her seem larger and more menacing. Being so big, they may also tend to put her off balance as she's growing, causing her to be a bit clumsy. Because of that she may remain aloof and not play too much with her clutch siblings, preferring to sit still with her wings wrapped protectively around her.

Being as large as they are, those wings are also powerful. Once she takes to the sky she'll become more comfortable and confident with her body. She'll want to challenge herself and explore those dark and creepy things that were previously out of reach; flying in pitch blackness or during thunderstorms and such will especially appeal to her.

She won't need to eat as often as her clutch siblings, as her lack of movement will cause her to metabolize slower. When she does eat though, she may be picky and reluctant to try new things, unless you taste them first to show her how good they are.

*chew chew* "Raw herdbeast. See how yummy it is Dysairyth?" *blech*

She'll prefer delivery to take out until she loses some of her clumsiness and gains more confidence. Growing, she'll be the itchiest dragon, but like her brother Saeldehith, will do her best to hide her discomfort. She has an image to maintain, after all. Her hide will need to be oiled often and she'll like nothing more than bathing in the moonlight. Bring some glows so you can actually see the itchy spots she's talking about though.

Her mindvoice is the oldie but goodie of the horror industry. A husky whisper that speaks of dire promises in the night, or the siren’s song, hauntingly compelling, it is a voice of darkness. It is the simplicity of a world swathed in shadows: colorless, shifting scenes of black and white, and shades of grey. It is the icy fingers of death come to claim your soul, and the wail of a ghost-laden wind. For all the drama that such a mindvoice conjures, it is rare that she raises it beyond the suggestive whisper. In fits of temper, naturally, things warm up and she becomes all heat and violence, and red, red, and more red. When proddy, her mindvoice may drop even deeper, taking on a new suggestion, though it’s quite likely that she will remain the cool touch of death upon the minds of her pursuers throughout.

Sire: Razgulth
Dam: Llydyth
Egg: Jules
Inspiration: Diocelen, Ik'la, Jules

Note: This inspiration is only a guide. One person knows Dysairyth best, and that's you. We didn't really know much about Raven of Teen Titans, but we did try to make her as close to what you asked for as possible. We had a lot of fun combining the elements of Goth with the personality of Elizabeth I and we hope you really enjoy Dysairyth, but, if something's not quite right, feel free to alter it, change it, play with it. We look forward to seeing you grow together! Welcome!

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