Kethlor aka E'th


Kethlor's story really starts after an end. His brother Victor was killed in a fight with Thaddeus who was apparently bored enough to go out looking for a fight, and found one in his older brother Victor. As a result Victor died, and his family was suddenly left in turmoil.

Kethlor was required to attend his brothers trial, broke down and in details he'd rather not go into his world as he and his family knew it fell apart. Kezia was left without a fiance, he without a brother, his mother without a son. Kethlor hates talking about it and has generally pushed this part of life far out of his mind. Fate is a cruel wench as he was Searched to Stand and ended up being clutchmate to Thaddeus. However Candidacy came first and a tenuous existence was struck with Thaddeus, leaving Kethlor emotionally and physically exhausted.

By the end Kethlor Impressed to Colchith, a huge block of Bronze, and began a new chapter in his life as E'th. A new, secluded, tucked away from society life. For around five Turns, as he and Colchith grew and well after their graduation from Weyrlinghood, Colchith and E'th simply disappeared. The weyr they shared went unused for the most part other than a place to store items, the pair living off the land and getting to know each other. E'th led the simple life he had yearned for since his brothers death, living and sleeping on beaches and in caves tucked away on distant shorelines, fishing alongside his lifemate while firelizard Aukai tagged along.

Eventually thread forced the pair to return to do their duty to their Weyr, retaking up their space and sprucing it up to make it more livable.

Along the way E'th rekindled a few past relationships and forced himself out and into the public in order to forge new friendships and get his face known again.

Eventually E'th was tapped to be Wingleader of the Stormriders and accepted, the position not requiring much in the way of writing skills as opposed to signals in the skies.

The biggest change to E'ths life after Colchith was the discovery of a woman named Imogen. A goldrider. Rider to Hestiath. Crazy insane Imogen. Love of his life.


E'th is not stupid. A bit slow, yes, but one can blame that on the insanely slow decision making abilities of his dragon Colchith. E'th tries to think everything he can out before making a decision or saying a word and rarely speaks anything he doesn't mean. He forgives and forgets easily, preferring to be happy over mulling over things that would otherwise ruin his day.

E'th loves avoiding conflict if he can, though this will often get him in trouble, a trait his lifemate has worked hard to dispel. Over the Turns living secluded his speech has deteriorated in such a way that sometimes if he rushes too fast to get his thoughts out his words come out a jumbled mess, barely perceptible as actual strings of words. He is working hard on trying to rectify this, wanting to please the people around him, most notably Kezia and Imogen.

When angry E'th is slow to rise to anger, his dragon the opposite, picking up the anger slack and much quicker to judge than his lifemate. When pushed however, as demonstrated by Imogen, he will lash out and quickly assert himself when it matters most. In the event his anger is directed at something that he doesn't consider that big of a deal he'll simply let the anger go and move on.

Significant relationships


There’re no smooth lines or svelte form here, just rough edges dulled by time and covered in a hide more matte than metallic. His burnished bronze ages to green on the edges of those magnificent ’sails and thick haunches, while barnacles of darker brown attach themselves to a thickly barreled chest and the awkward length of a greening tail.
There’s little grace in those untidy curves, and salty crystals encrust ’ridges and ’spars before returning to crown his headknobs with the sea’s own jewels.

Colchith is most definitely the most sure person in E'ths life. He's quirky and has odd moments of draconian logic that surprises the beans out of E'th, and other moments where E'th questions if his dragon isn't a nut. He supports his lifemate in everything, even decisions that he may not agree with, namely one Imogen. He adores all life and feels terrible for a microsecond having to eat said life, but is jubilant in knowing that life is a circle and it ends in death before running it's course again. He can spend countless hours watching a creature move across the bowl and has long bouts of mourning when a life is lost. He loves everything about E'th and would do anything to help his lifemate, include loving who he loves despite reservations to the contrary.

In short Colchith is E'ths best friend, brother, and confidant.


Kezia, Kezia, Kezia. E'th has been in love with this woman since before he can remember, an unrequited sort of love that he would never dare reveal to her nor any other. That there could be any more a perfect woman than she is unfathomable in his mind and he is devoted to her entirely. Showing her with fruits and the odd note he makes sure she knows he's thinking about her with the aid of his little bronzed firelizard Aukai, the pair working diligently most mornings to ensure her office is a fruit pit.

Kezia is the phantom-love of his dreams, a Goddess. And thus untouchable.


Imogen is sexy hawt. Where Kezia has perfection, Imogen has beautiful imperfections that drive him absolutely nuts and make him fall in love with her more and more each day. Even when she is being an absolute twit he has the inability to fall out of love with her. She has hurt him on several occasions, most notably by ignoring him in a bid to accomplish something he's still not sure of and continues to avoid him when she wants, for no seeming reason. He loves her deeply despite this and strives to make himself a better man so that she doesn't feel the need to avoid him or find cause to dislike him. He's working on enunciating clearer, and brushing up on his writing skills. It's a taxing endeavor however, but totally worth it if she'll eventually find surety in him.

Imogen is that which drives him insane and he loves it.


Iona is a little brat. And adorable. And he likes her. Somewhat like a little sister. E'th thinks she talks to much however she's funny and doesn't have bizarre expectations of him. As well she'll bring him to task when Imogen is unhappy with him. He generally only knows when Imogen is unhappy with him and why because of Iona.

Iona is a busy little bee. And tolerable.


Clutchmate. E'th used to have a stronger relationship with him prior to E'th buggering off to find himself and Colchith in the beachy wildernesses.

Now it's iffy. Respectful of L'ton, however isn't in a hurry to go out and have a drink with the man either.

L'ton is ..on the radar.


Killer of his brother. Weyrleader. E'th has forgiven Thaddeus for the most part. However should opportunity arise to have an excuse to kill the man E'th would entertain the idea, then brush it away. Th'deus seems to have more issues than he does, and a million and one babies floating about. E'th has started to feel sorry for him, oddly enough.

Thaddeus/Th'deus is there. And sad.


T'jano offered to help E'th brush up on his reading and writing when the man posted a notice in the MLC of FW. E'th has yet to take him up on the offer though has been tempted to as of late. The fact he's related to Thaddeus makes this an awkward offer.

T'jano knows how to read and write and E'th is happy with his gibberish for now.


Biiitttch. Bitches bask beautifully on birches with switches swatting sweetly through the air while pretending to help you.

Tahira is a menace but a smart one. Might ask her for writing lessons. Related to Thaddeus however. And she speaks rather well. Conundrum.

Madri, Thera, R'ish and Taini— Wise and Beautiful Women

The helpful Heralds when the man needs advice or someone to pry into his life to offer him advice. Appreciates them all equally though things are a bit more tense with Taini given who she's related to. Madri is his favorite as she reminds him of his mother. And she's wise. The Wise one as Colchith puts it. Thera seems to be the most sympathetic with his plight regarding flights and R'ish. R'ish is a splash of freezing cold water in the face when it comes to flights.

It's just sex, right?

Wise and Beautiful Women are only wise and Beautiful as long as you don't catch their mounts. Then we'll see if it's just about sex or not.

Sissi and Sia— Sanctuary for Sanity

The two women who kept E'th from trying to kill Thaddeus during Candidacy and beyond. These two became the balm to his soul and helped him when he had no one there for him but himself. Easily his most favorite women on Pern, he's willing to accord them any favor for all they've done for him.

Sissi and Sia, saviors.

Aukai- Mail delivery at the snap of a claw


Aukai is really bonded to both E'th and Colchith. Absolutely adores the both of them and would do anything for either, and quite frequently does. For E'th he's a messenger, for Colchith he is the means of transporting Itty Bitty to the dragon couch in the weyr when Colchith can't find him.

Aukai loves fish.

Itty Bitty Kitty

Itty Bitty Kitty is no longer a small little kitten, though in comparison to Colchith he is still quite small, and only a little more manageable. Colchith begged to have a pet and E'th allowed it when the Colchith fell in love with the Itty Bitty Orange Kitty. The name's source is obvious, and Colchith prides himself on catching only the freshest fish for his little charge.

Itty Bitty Kitty has it good.

Live journal for E'th:

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