Cori's Siren Sea-Coral Green Emmath
From: Where The Socks Go Egg
Brightness and murk alternate as they swirl inexplicably onwards, drawn towards a gaping darkness sprawling across the surface of one side of this egg. A streak of crimson, spotted with white, clings stubbornly to the crown of the shell, the smudged tail towards the shadow evidence of a losing battle. Off-white curls repulsively at the brink of the void, leaving a trail of the unsavoury looking combination of olive and khaki tracing its gaseous path across the shell. Fuchsia and lime are mismatched partners as they curve towards doom, tendrils of each trying to invade the other. An amethyst lace flutters behind a swirl of mould, distressed brightness prevented from escape by a dingy, holey russet. The variety of colours, patterns and shapes are all pulled towards the void, that grasping darkness and profound mystery.

Hatching Message:There's a sudden tap-tap-tapping: let me out, please let me out! And in the next instant, without any more warning, Where Socks Go egg cracks into several large shards, first there's the eyes, and then the shards fall away, and trying to rise out, but in reality almost tipped out on to the sands with a severe lack of ceremony, comes a tiny green.

Hatchling Name: Siren Sea-Coral Green Dragonet

Hatchling Description: Highly polished turquoise underlies a light wash of coral patterns that swirl up this dragonet's hide, from dark seaweed tangled round her feet and legs to periwinkle waves curling up around her body to crash in foamy spray around her muzzle and wingspars. Her wingsails are deeply streaked with scores of deeper green, those streaks also twisting and winding round her haunches and along down her long, ever curving tail, threaded between other patterned dabs of yellow and ivory. Her neck is free of embellishments, though that deeper green sets itself atop her head around headknobs intertwined with those mother-of-pearl flecks, which also serve to
highlight already large eyes.

Impression Message: It's there - just the tiniest whisper at first - can you hear her? »Coriana!« And then again, more exultant »Coriana! Look at me, look at me, I've found you, you're /mine/.« Can you hear her, for the clamour and crashing in your ears, of waves spilling up and pouring into your head? »I have so much to say to you, and so many things for us to do together. But I will start with this, Coriana!«

You told us Cori likes talking to people, but seems to steer clear of giving her own opinions. Well, here you have a dragon who also loves talking, but has no compunctions about giving her own two pence to anyone who'll listen and even those who don't. And that reminded me, in turn, of Jane Austen's Emma, so well-intentioned but so self-centred and misguided, and Emmath grew from there. (If you haven't read Emma, you'll almost certainly have seen Clueless, which is a modernised version of the book.) The other inspiration came from coral reefs - coral and Coriana, it seemed to fit - and all the things found amongst them: coral, sea-shells, seaweed, a myriad of life and energy.

She's full of good intentions, your Emmath, she's one hundred percent true. If there's one failing she could be said to have, it's that she loves to gossip. And matchmaking. Let's not forget that. It's her favourite pastime. You like listening to people talk - but do you like to pass it on just as much? She does. And beware if someone has a problem. Particularly if it's a relationship problem. She'll immediately throw all her creative energies (and yours if she can) into getting it solved - to /her/ satisfaction. See, she's prone to leaping to conclusions. Rather naïve, your Emmath, not to realise that the first thing she thinks of isn't necessarily the best thing (and in fact almost always isn't), and also naïve to think that her opinion is right, over and above the people who her opinion actually concerns. No matter how many times you might try to persuade her differently, it's her nature, and it'll be difficult to change her. You might, if you devote all your time to it over the coming turns, just about manage to overcome it, but in the meantime, you're more likely to find yourself in charge of damage control, because her plots and plans,
particularly in the matchmaking department, can be harebrained to say the
least. She'll start off with pairing off you and your clutchmates, but once her perception of the world widens, bit by bit, she'll start looking for others to devote her energies to. »Don't you think the Weyrlingmaster would be so much /happier/ during morning drills if we found her a nice man? Can you think of any good bronzeriders? I'll ask around and see which one's got the biggest Weyr.«

To be honest, she's so busy fussing over other people and their problems (or perceived problems), you might sometimes be forgiven for feeling a little taken for granted, and wondering if she's paying any attention to /you/. Don't worry though, she is. You'll know this by the fact that she's telling everybody else your business. What you /really/ think about so-and-so, what you wish you'd said to so-and-so. And even things you might have been barely aware of, she'll somehow know, and pass it on to someone else before she even deigns to tell you. »Cori doesn't like him, you know, I can just feel it when she looks at him.« Got even the slightest crush on that bluerider? - Too late, the minute she's got wind of it she's already told his dragon. And any other one who'll listen. From the colour of your underwear to the deepest musings of your inner soul, she can't keep quiet about it. Because she thinks you're so perfect, and she just wants to share that fact with everyone. She's so proud of you and she's not afraid to let everyone know it. »My Cori's the finest rider at the Weyr, and she isn't doing anything tonight - wouldn't your rider like to meet her? She has a lovely display of conch shells in our Weyr, come and see them!« All this free spilling of beans might offend your healer sensibilities, but you'll have a hard time dampening her ardour. In fact, you might just find your queries met with a puzzled response »I can see into your mind, you can see into mine.« You might even find yourself relieved that you're spared the 'improving' ideas she has for just about anyone else.

Now, part of this might be attributable to her flightiness - her memory is bad even by draconic standards, and often whatever she passes on is forgotten almost immediately after. Which can lead her, if confronted by you or anyone else about the consequences of her gossiping, to act perfectly innocent and injured. She doesn't get angry at all, however. Slightly sulky, perhaps, and sniffly, that you would think so little of her; you, the light of her life, its meaning. There's devotion for you. It allows her the luxury of denying things with a free conscience, and if you ever felt like taking advantage of /that/, it's there for the taking.

She needs taking care of, though, it's partly that naivete, partly her physical make-up. She's not the most petite of dragons - although she's a tiny dragonet, she'll mature into a comfortably average-sized green - but she's delicate, her wingsails particularly thin, so you must take care, or you'll be spending far too much time with the dragonhealers. In fact, have you ever thought of dragonhealing? With this one, you'll certainly be learning a thing or two about that specialisation, whether you like it or not. However, if taken care of, she'll prove an excellent flier, one of the fastest in the Weyr. That'll make for long flights, too, when she does come to rise, for she'll enjoy the thrills and spills of the chase, the headiness. Come proddiness she'll be a worse gossip than normal, and it's the only time she'll actually be tempted to make things up - for, although vain, she's not used to drawing attention to herself, usually much more inclined to poking her nose into other dragon's business. »Pssst, <browneth>, are you going to chase me, for I'll fly soon, and I know my Cori likes your rider. Don't I look pretty when I glow?« She'll be obvious too, no chance you won't know about it. She's likely to be popular with the males as well. She'll enjoy the attention, but she'll be unlikely to form any long-term attachments - let's say she's a bit of a party dragon - she loves drawing in the attention, but once she's got it she bores of it quickly. Unless, of course, she can try to farm that attention out to somebody else.

Her mind voice is somewhat of an echo that manifests yourself just behind your eyes, bright and clear and as unceasing as water falling over a drop, or rippling harp-strings. Have you ever put a seashell to your ear and listened for the sound of the sea in it? She sounds something like that, rippling, soft and whispery, but nowhere near as faint. It can be comforting and soothing, too, a real infirmary voice, it sounds so calm and flowing, so innocuous - but listen to the meaning behind the tone, always! Her bugle will never be lower than a rich contralto, and again there'll be something of the sea in it, and water; it'll ripple through the air like the call of a Siren.


Dragonet: Sissi
Dragonet-name: Zephre
Sire: Modrath
Dam: Edysanth

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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