Seria's Gossamer Mist-Blue Etryth
Worn Dancing Slippers Egg
Satiny smooth all along one side, glittering with diamond buckles and thin ribbon straps, the egg itself is a whirl of color in motion. Twelve pairs of delicate ankles should lace into these slippers, piled one atop the other in a lumpy little egg, their soles attempting to hide in shadow the holes worn by eager, secretly dancing feet. Laurel branches nod from the angular ends of the egg, sources of wisdom and the gifts to bring those worn-out shoes and their owners to light.

Worn Dancing Slippers Egg crumbles, laurel branches leading the way for the secrets to come to light. Shard after slipper-shard tumbles away, enchantments broken, until the hidden hero strides forth to claim his prize.

Gossamer Mist-Blue Dragonet
Robin's egg blue creeps up the dragonet's limber legs from ample paws and softens to a pale mist washing across his otherwise delicate wisp of a frame. Near-white wings shimmer as if kissed by early-morning mountain dew, the gossamer wingsails supported by thin fingerbones of vibrant, iris blue. No lofty arch graces his short neck, instead that triangular head sits in cock-eyed splendor, headknobs gleaming with that robin's egg shade returning in spinner-web stripes.

Impression Message: What was that? There, again, a gentle nudge at your mind. Cooling breath sweeps through your thoughts and clears away the heat of the sands and the noise of the galleries. It suspends you by a gossamer thread in a clear, ethereal void, at once fresh with newness and gently familiar. The perfection of one frozen moment imprints to become so much more. » My name is Etryth! «

Name and Theme
Why 'Etryth' (pronounced 'ee-trith')? It's light, airy, and sounds so beautiful with Seria. It's etherealweightless and playful, sweetlike him.
And how he does love to play, with a sense of humor and fun unmatched by any of his clutchmates. When he's young, he won't be sure of his boundaries, and will need Seria's constant reassurance. » You still love me, right? Even though I knocked the Weyrlingmaster over with my snout? « Don't be surprised if he accidentally insults Jeresath's size or makes Yzmoth grumpy; and when he does, he'll meekly ask Seria to fix it, of course.

In his eyes, Seria can do no wrong, and he won't hear anyone suggest that she could. He could listen to Seria's thoughts for hours because » You're just so /very/ clever, « and has so many interesting ideas. Oh, and those mischievous ideas of hers? You can bet he'll prod her to follow through with them. They are, after all, so very much keener than anything he could possibly think up himself. But Etryth will think up his own share of brilliant schemes, too, despite what he might insist.

He may be light-hearted most of the time, but see, he's also strong; strong enough to do whatever it takes to keep Seria on her feet and happy. That's what matters most to him, and he's serious about it. When his lifemateand later on, most anyoneis feeling down, he's likely to nudge them gently with his nose, and will unfailingly think of just the right thing to say to perk them up. It's the kitten phenomenon you talked about: don't be sad; play with me instead.

Not just playful, he's curious, too. Eager to see and try everything, doing anything twice is unthinkable. Etryth will be the first one to explore every nook and cranny of the barracks. He'll be trotting around the bowl, flapping his wings long before his clutchmates realize that this pretty third set of limbs is good for something. Once he's old enough to fly for real, boy, will he really fly. Etryth, with Seria on his back, isn't likely to ever want to stop dancing with the toss of wind currents. To make drills and sweeps tolerable, experimentation is a must. » If I tilt my wing like this, I think I pull a sharper turn. «

After he starts to recognize females as females, he'll try extra hard to be nice to them. He'll bashfully give out the awkward compliments, especially to proddy greens. In flights, he'll shine when competing for a fancy flier. Impossible loops, razorblade turns? No problem. When he doesn't catch, wait for him to come slinking back to the weyr to make sure that /Seria/ still loves him, right? And when he does, don't be surprised if he quietly follows his prize around until neither of them can quite remember why and one or the other loses interest.

As he ages towards adulthood, he'll develop the kind of sleek musculature necessary for spectacular aerobatics. He'll be a fast grower, too, but always staying on the small side for a blue. Except for his oversized feet. He takes after Ranjith in that department, and will likely never grow into those magnificently ample paws.

His other prominent feature is his nose, not because it protrudes particularly far, but because it /itches/. Even when the skin isn't flaking, from his muzzle to just between his eyeridges will need special attention. If it requires a scratching, an oiling, or just a comfortable pet, watch out for those forceful nudges, especially when he gets large enough to knock Seria over.

With his physical voice, Etryth prefers bugling sounds to those made deep in the throat. He reserves low, soft croons for Seria and the closest of his draconic comrades while he rarely rumbles at all. Etryth bespeaks with a thin, glassy tenor of a mindvoice. Steady and even when he's calm, it wavers up into the alto range when he's excited or agitated. The touch of his mind feels always like a cool wafting of breath, even when he's upset and the exhale takes on a scratchy, textured feel. In color, his thoughts are usually pale—blue-grays and sea greens with a touch of maroon here and there.

Dam: Vyath
Egg: Zephre
Inspiration: Miafah, Talisen, and Zephre

Note: Please pretend this inspiration was made with plasticine — you can always squish it into some other shape at will! You, and only you, know how to play your lifemate best.

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