Subject: DF Log: Katrineth's Eighth Hatching [2/16/97]


Fort Weyr Galleries, Dragonsfire MOO, 2/16/97
Zhanth and Katrineth's clutch; Katrineth's eighth hatching.

Log edited with Logedit 2.6.9pl and then re-edited to take care of any remitters' extra spam and the like; descs generally at the beginning (thanks, Charania!). Also, ArsOn's graphic propositioning of people in the galleries has been removed, despite a lovely, quelling pose by Zara; some dragon-pros were moved slightly to correspond with the calling-out-name poses.

Pre-hatching rp in the barracks is available in a separate log, as is the post-hatching rp where everyone talks and trails out and so on.

Thanks, everyone!

Hatching Sands
Breathless heat blurs the high gray contours of this gigantic cavern: intense, inexorable, it swallows the unaware in mirages of warped vision, sands-scorched feet, sounds that lose their origins in the echo and reecho of vaulting stone. Dim citrine light casts low shadows even when otherwise illuminated, the product of constellations of living, growing glows; they even limn the staircases winding high to the galleries that, like the dragons' ledges, center attention on this chosen home to generation after generation of Fort queens' clutches.
Twenty-one eggs, warded from trespassers by burnished gold and visitant bronze: Fort's newest clutch.
The single ground exit gapes to the southwest.
You see Katrineth, Egg Mound, Intaglio Signet Egg, Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg, Seasonal Decoupage Egg, Hearthlit Mosaic Egg, Blackwork Egg, Scrimshaw Egg, Fingerpainted Egg, and Cave Painting Egg here.
Obvious exits:

Eggs present (8 hatched as objects on-camera, 6 PC):
1. Intaglio Signet Egg 12. Cave Painting Egg
2. Hearthlit Mosaic Egg 13. Scrimshaw Egg
3. Blackwork Egg 14. Scurrilous Graffiti Egg
4. Chinese Papercut Egg 15. Trippin' Tie-Dye Egg
5. Technicolor Egg 16. Fingerpainted Egg
6. Woodcut Egg 17. Sponge-painted Leaves Egg
7. Batik Garuda Egg 18. Oil Pastels Egg
8. Seasonal Decoupage Egg 19. Water-Crayoned Egg
9. Hand-Stamped and Stickered Egg 20. Mixed Schoolwork Egg
10. Intricate Iron Egg 21. Gravestone Rubbings Egg
11. Bobbin Lace Egg

Intaglio Signet Egg
Maternal whimsy has infused this smallish egg with her own essence of amber, so that it gleams all dusky yellows within its begrained setting: lustrous, intense, ambiguous. As if carved into exquisite intaglio, umber runes of tooth and talon ring the cabochon form to stamp its own idiosyncratic seal upon malleable dreams.

Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg
Near-buried in hue, this smallish egg curves in a gentle mound; drifting from its crest, a patchy pile of leaves sponged on by a playful hand beckons the would-be jumper. Faded shades of leaves fallencrackly browns and rustling reds, soft golds and dry greens startlingly interspersed with bright tealoverlap in a multi-layered pattern; only a small gap in the erratic cascade reveals the earthy, granular canvas beneath.

Seasonal Decoupage Egg
A childhood pleasure revisited: layer by gossamer layer, tissue-torn hue transforms the egg's dull, newsprint gray into fragile festivity. Yellow and green streamers swoop and spiral, softening the blunt pinecone contours, fluttering about angular leaf-shapes lacquered all saffron and russet; fractal cutouts, crystalline as snowflakes, intermingle with the softer arcs of crocus and pansy petals. Throughout glitter minute sand-grains, smoothed to safety within the varnish of glossy, glassy shell.

Hearthlit Mosaic Egg
Softer than glass, harder than paint, thicker than water — glaze claims each random token of rock with a myriad of sumptuous colors: ocean waves, all blues and greens and squid-thrown purple fired on stone, gloss each ceramic wedge with its own, poignant hue. Inlaid into shell's marbled cream, they juxtapose intrinsic solid strength with watery tint, reflected again by the flickering umber of filtered, fractal hearthlight.

Blackwork Egg
Obsidian chains cross in orderly chaos, marring linen's creamy regularity in the name of heirloom's painstaking handiwork. Ranks of raven-hatched denizens march in endless columns over the ovoid's curve, merging into a single point of darkness at the distant horizon's apex. Unity grows out of aimlessness, patterns emerge complete in intricacies' depth. That bleak relief of sable over snow eases with the loving touch of gold: a flower's center here, a leaf's stem there, augmenting the bare cycle of life with the burnished radiance of purpose achieved.

Scrimshaw Egg
Yellow smooths a patina of age over the surface of this midsized egg, gentling the impression of painstaking etching, of torturous carving. A thick, worn, dusty yellow, it softens the impact suggested in the crevasses and cul-de-sacs writhing serpentine paths through pristine ivory. And color leers sudden through false time's veneer: wicked chatoyancy winking gold and green, pink and blue, working subtle in the senses to play upon morbid fascination with tortured, living bone.

Fingerpainted Egg
Messy fun claims egg's slick, pristine white canvas with erratic color: summery green plays backdrop, a forest of child-like handprints interlocked in an unending circle before autumn's heyday invades with indiscriminate dribbles of red, orange, and magenta: fisted leaves fallen for the collecting. And then there's the base's widest arc, whimsical departure from the theme—the whole conglomeration upset into yellow's gleeful verve, globules swimming together to capture crickets of protesting, sprinkled black.

Cave Painting Egg
Flickering firelight across a shadowed shell gives life to ancient beasts of ages past. Hoof and mane are blazoned for hunt-luck, etched into fire-blackened walls, motion whipped to frenzy by shadow and flame. The stone holds creatures forgotten for millennia, transfixed with painted spears. They ran shaman-summoned, feathers and chanting called to mind by the rawness of soot and ochre… Such deceptively simple offerings lie clutched now, alone, by darkness and time.

Inimitably luminous, this dragon queen: slim-boned, whipcord-strong, velveted all deeply burnished gold — fey, intent, intense. Vivid highlights coruscate all along her spine's supple curve, likewise damascening the leading edges of those demanding wings; their lucent tissue rustles a constant, subliminal susurrus even in these heated Sands, to drink in every dream of wind.
Katrineth is 19 Turns, 5 months, and 1 day old.
She incandesces darkly, broodily, scintillant gaze watchful warning.

He is style incarnate, this mature bronze dragon whose rawboned build has grown into thirty-seven meters of suave and showy elegance. Velvety umber traces the sinuous curves of throat and hindquarters; as dark as his clarion voice and crisply curved talons, that shadowy underpinning brightens through supple browny-bronze to a tinge of startling gold along starkly ridged spine and the leading edges of long, broad wings. Water rather than fire for all the mesmerizing heat in his deep-socketed eyes, he flows from flashy jocularity into inscrutable hauteur without pause or apology — outward evidence of finely tempered, coolly mastered control of his palpable mental and physical power.
Zhanth is 8 Turns, 10 months, and 23 days old.

Galleries (#881J)
Level upon tiered level of hard stone seats, best cushioned for comfort if one is to stay long, arc in spacious, showy display — all the better for viewing other spectators, as well as the heated sands so far below. Though centuries-old pillars suspend these galleries high in the air, the mammoth cavern's peak extends dragonlengths higher yet, the grey rock lending an illusion of clouded, nighttime skies that's only enhanced by the constellations of living, growing glows and the intense, perspective-warping heat.
Broad staircases spiral downward to the floor of the cavern, the middle of each step indented by generations of treading feet; a narrow walkway circles northeast towards the dragons' ledges.
You see Holly, Falstaff, Brage, Kyrian, Kemanorel, Watson, Quentin, Tabby Cat, Aurorica, and Logger here.
Faya, Kh'rys, R'and, Storr, Sleepy_Guest, and Millae are here.
Obvious exits:
STairs LEdges
* Welcome to Fort Weyr's galleries! You may 'look on sands' or 'look on ledge', or even 'look <object> on sands' or 'look <object> on ledge. If eggs are laid, 'peer list' to check them out, and then 'peer <eggname>'. *

Katrineth /thrums/. «

Kessaly approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Jylth takes up the opening note, adding bright clarion call to o'erlay the timeless song. » It begins. «

Zhanth, caught napping, snaps instantly awake. /Now/? «

Up on the ledges, From Tamlyth's neck, Alisia leaves with a light scratch to Tamlyth's muzzle.

(Fort Weyr) Phelth shifts his position on -the- ledge, maneuvering himself so that he nearly hangs over the side to watch the sands below. » Now. « «

Kessaly troops in a looks for a good seat. Oh goody. Ones near the front. A wave to the others gathered and she plunks herself down.

Loreli walks in.

Up on the ledges, Alisia unbuckles her riding straps, her expression giving away her silent conversation with her lifemate. As she slides down the golden neck, her hand gives a caress of the hide in passing, ending in white hot extremities.

Aurorica pauses in mid-flight, then suddenly pops ::between::!

Alisia approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Kessaly waves at Loreli, and points invitingly to the seat near her.

Loreli bounds up the steps, peering about. Who to sit with? Tough decisions, these. But wait! There's Kessaly, pointing invitingly. So much for deciding. Loreli slides into the seat next to the bluerider, grinning, "Hi."

R'ban walks in.

Storr leans forward to rest on the rail, hands forming a chin rest as he continues to wait quietly.

Kessaly grins at Loreli. "Nice tan."

Above the sands, Nyssath wings down to the ledge.

Charania appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Faya smiles at Katrineth with a reassuring smile.

Loreli smirks, glancing at Kessaly, "Thanks, same to you. Any tan lines?"

R'ban enters and approaces Kh'rys. "Good day for a Hatching, don't you think?"

Vae approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Kessaly grins. "NOt a one. Wonder how that happened?"

Anisette walks in.

Loreli shrugs her shoulders, "Gosh, I don't know. The funny thing is, I don't have any, either. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?"

Anisette comes up the stairs, looking around as she doess o.

Faya sits in the back. She doesn't even take a seat and writes in her journal as she humms a few old and unfamiliar tunes.

Vae hopes there's room near you, Alisia, because that's where she's headed— she doesn't see Anisette enter, and perhaps that's best.

Above the sands, Yolinth wings down to the ledge.

Millae ambles in at a gangly pace and takes a seat away from the lip of the Galleries, but close enough to see whatever happens.

Above the sands, Zhanth wings down to the ledge.

There is Vae, and Ali shuffles over to prove it.

Rylian walks in.

On the sands, J'dano walks in from the entrance.

Innate reserve wears to a thin second skin atop the perpetual tan limning this man's long-boned frame. Tall, sparsely fleshed, he moves with a thoughtless and unlearned coordination to complement, rough to mild, his light tenor's sculpted fluidity. Thick black hair crowns his easy-shouldered attitude, cresting awry over his forehead and layering in casual, closely trimmed waves to curling cover of his nape. Ebon defines as well his eyebrows' prominent shelf, which hoods strong, regular features and a regard holding the protean pallor of woodsmoke: now blue, now grey, now both, his eyes' irises bind within rings of charcoal the ashes of quiescent self-possession.
J'dano wears a Fortian wingsecond's knot whose black and brown strands clasp at their dark heart a cord of tenebrous bronze.
Well-worn wherhide, retailored and dyed klah-dark, covers him from neck to knees. The jacket owns no adornment but the knot at his left shoulder and a Stormriders Wing patch; tightly fastened and warmly padded, it molds to torso and arms within the bounds of the black stitchery around collar and cuffs. Black hems the creased trousers as well to match the meticulous shine of a broad, heavy belt and tall boots.
J'dano is 26 Turns, 6 months, and 19 days old.
He is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Jacket gapes open over a thin creamy shirt — as open as his startled, exultant expression.

Zipporah walks in.

Kessaly nods. "I do. Absolutely." A wink to Loreli and then a sigh. "Well, here's to more weyrlings, and no Ryka…" a wineskin is produced from one of her many pockets. She dangles it. "Care for some?"

Kh'rys stirs from her drowsing, brooding contemplation, shifting ove a bit for R'ban. , "Aren't all days?"

Storr waves to Master Rylian absently. He has a spare seat by him, too.

On the sands, Ariana walks in from the entrance.

Tall enough to look most men in the eye, the care, the conscious elegance with which this woman carries her slender frame can be nothing but deliberate. Confidence underpinned with uncertainty laces the intense green of her eyes, edged with the same inturned scythe of steel — stubborn, tempered — that sculpts the planar angles of her fair-skinned face. Inky backdrop finds its way in the coarse, coal-black hair that falls without curl to just the slope of shoulders; striking, then, but softened when lit by the warmth of her fully given smile, or the low inflection of rich contralto voice and gentle laughter.
Black and dark brown twines into a tight-woven, complex knot with a double strand of variegated gold. Greeny to copper, it twists about one shoulder, its central hues echoing the clear tones of topaz that glitters in throat's hollow: a finely wrought spindle with gilted spokes.
Her jacket is linen, a deep, wine color with a faint sheen to it. Boxy shoulders taper to narrow wrists and a fitted waist, fastened with a filigreed silver button. A sheer cream top peeks from beneath the jacket, melding in with an almost translucent skirt made of fine, silky-seeming sisel in the same cream. The skirt falls to her ankles, accordian pleated, and swirls lightly when she walks, revealing shoes of the same color beneath. Her hair has been twisted up into a fanciful knot on her head, and simple garnets shine at her throat.
Ariana is 29 Turns, 11 months, and 19 days old.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Excitement sparkles, bright and vibrant, in the depths of her eyes.

Akira approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

On the sands, J'dano hurries onto the sands, tugging at his fastened jacket as he shuffles around hillocks and eggs. "Zhanth's watching from the ledge," he breathes. "Better view, he says."

Rylian waves to all those gathered, and takes the seat beside Storr.

On the sands, N'fra walks in from the entrance.

Autumn's colors curl chestnut throughout her feathered, chin-length hair, lightly freckle the tawny-gold skin of face and arms, and light the depths of her wide, dark brown eyes with expressive humor. Petite, framed more sturdy than slender but gently curved for all that, with experience she's focused inherent bounciness into a slow, confident stride and measured gestures.
On her left shoulder, N'fra sports the knot of a Fort Weyr Weyrlingmaster assistant: one black and brown strand interwined, along with a frosty green strand to indicate her lifemate's color. On the left shoulder of her jacket is the newly bestowed emblem of the Starstrike wing: a blue-black diamond with a malevolent Red Star centermost, encircled by four dragon touching at the wingtips: green, bronze, brown, and blue.
Dusky midnight has been crafted into a set of riding leathers. Molded jacket is pure ebon, and the collar is flipped out a little to show the soft wherrydown that is it's lining. Underneath, a soft cream tunic sits, the neckline high, wrapping about her throat for extra warmth. The obsidian pants are form fitting, showing off a trim, yet still delicately curved figure. These fall into like colored boots, spit shined until they gleam, not a scuff to mar the shine. Bristle regards you, perched atop N'fra's shoulder. Humming on her left shoulder, Mystic regards you from half open lids.
N'fra is 21 Turns, 10 months, and 18 days old.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.

R'ban takes a seat, and nods indifferently. "But of course. And wagers?"

Good. Vae plunks herself on down, arranging her skirt and even /smiling/ a bit, breathless. "Hey there, Alisia—" She checks the galleries for familir faces, passing her glance /over/ Anisette, for the time being. Let's not go through /that/, now.

Ooooh. Wine. "Must you even ask, Kess?" Loreli's never one to turn down /wine/. She's a lush.

On the sands, Ariana scrambles onto the sands, fingers lifting her skirts as she goes. "Here we are again." Way of life.

Akira moves over in R'ban's direction.

He's asking to bet with Kh'rys? She mms noncomittally, "Maybe."

Katrineth senses that Zhanth oozes the image into mental interfaces: wobbling, glowering eggs; tiny humans bobbling about; and brilliant, broody, burnished queen guarding — dominating — all. /Much/ better view up here. «

On the sands, N'fra skipples out, scratching at bared arm, as she looks about. "Never thought I'd have to be out here again."

Storr watches the activity down on the sands, then quietly asks Rylian, since he's not sure, "Any harpers on the Sands today?"

On the sands, Arien meets him halfway, Katrineth staring, mantling, brooding behind her; she sends a wave further, to Ariana and the assistant weyrlingmaster"Is Ryka taking them, N'fra?"

Dark hair, thick and fine, curls from a distinct widow's peak: a riotous halo about the stark planes of profile, the sleek line of throat. Mutable as the exact hue of those wide-set hazel eyes, an idiosyncratic demeanor attunes her sinewy, mid-height frame to serenity, intensity, and a certain high gaiety; mellow resonance glides inherent in alto's wry lilt, and healers' dusty mallow permanently stains long, deft fingers.
At first glance this floor-length gown of slippery sisal seems black with a natural wet sheen, but a second look reveals its true color of deep, dark green one step removed from absolute jet. The bodice is simply cut, its neckline falling just shy of collarbones and shoulder points with a notch in the center; fabric gathers at either shoulder before smoothing gently to her wrists. A heavy, nubby mesh of gold spans her narrow waist from lower ribs to upper hips; below it, golden stitches attenuate to mere wisps shooting through the full, sylvan-dark skirts. Cut slightly higher in the front, the skirt trails glittering hems a full handspan behind the heels of dull black boots.
Arien is 40 Turns, 10 months, and 24 days old.

Kessaly knows Loreli's a lush, thus the wine. She hands it over, and takes off her jacket. "Mmmmm. Two marks on Ketrion. Imbri searched him, after all."

Anisette spots Vae and Alisia, and begins to head toward them, but seeing the way Vae's glance just cooly sweeps over her, she pulls up her frame haughtily and takes a seat somewhere in the middle of the crowd by herself.

R'ban waves to Akira and grins. "I'm wondering if there are any wagers about… Know of any and for how much?"

On the sands, N'fra nods, brows rising a bit in answer. "Aye, yelling for quiet and pushing robes over heads."

Vae's not precisely cold, just not ready to delve into that kettle of beans. "Bets, Alisia?" Vae's not the betting type.

And Akira descends, Kh'rys raising a smile in her direction, peeling nose notwithstanding.

Rylian gulps, and responds in an equally low tone. "Truth be told, I'm not sure myself." He smiles, guiltily.

Loreli takes a swig from the 'skin, raising her eyebrows, "Imbrith did? I'm not taking /that/ bet, then. We all know that Imbrith picks the best ones." Loreli, for example.

Jary appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Charania drops into a seat in the Official Weyrbrat Section, to root for all of the Fort Weyr residents who were searched. And random other candidates, who she's met, too.

Felassa appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Storr grins at Rylian. "'Tis what happens when we get posted so far from Fort." Not that he's complaining. "Not that I'd give up Ista, but /news/ would be appreciated on occasion."

Tetsab walks in.

On the sands, J'dano tugs the last fastener on his jacket free and slips unobtrusively around Arien, out of the council's way. A bright blue on Katrineth gauges: does she need a bow?

Caitlin appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.
Slaine appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.
Karima appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Rylian chuckles, in agreement. "That's for sure."

Akira catches the smile and returns it and a wave to Kh'rys.

Ilonka appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Kessaly grins. "Ha. Just ask him. He'll be sure and tell you all about his superior skills." A wave to Felassa and one to Charania (over in the weyrbrat section) and she peers over the rail. "Won't be seeing Ryka tonight. Want to go swimming after the party? Or do you have plans with Kelson?"

On the sands, Ariana just edges her way over, eyes on the clutch — rock rock rock.

Karima all but runs up the stairs, leading Ilonka hand-in-hand and looking every bit of rushed as she is.

On the sands, B'nal walks in from the entrance.

Blue eyes, red hair, and a constellation of freckles determine this wide, guileless face, and the body looks, well, like a brick. Sturdy and square, B'nal both moves and thinks in slow, careful cadence.
On his shoulder, B'nal wears the black and brown cords of a Fort Weyr StormRiders' wingsecond, a strand of black-edged bronze entwined throughout.
Sorrel hues throw warmth to the ice of *between*, sweet and rich tone these leathers. High of neck, the knit lining shows as beige grounding for midnight stars to flicker across the weave. Prominent on his chest is the Stormriders wing badge. Matching scarf, twice turned, encircles B'nal's neck, giving leave for the hide to flow over strong shoulders. Klah cinches waist as a thick belt, releasing the marbled hide to skim hips above trous of deepening hue. Fuller cut and dyed to tone the Igen desert, his trous tuck neatly into tall cuffed boots, raven toned and water traced.
B'nal is 20 Turns, 4 months, and 6 days old.
He is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Anticipation brightens the freckled face.

R'and glances up and sees Ilonka. He smiles and waves. Conveinently, there are a few empty seats to one side of him.

Jary walks in, looking for a place to view the hatching from. Seeing several people he already knows, he nods to them.

R'ban pushes over a blanket to make a spot for Akira. "Need a seat, Akira? Someoneleft this rag covering this seat…"

Zara appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.
Kevra appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Vae sees her, "Haven't missed it yet, Karima!" And waves, to mark her position.

Slaine rustles before the hand-holding pair, entirely regal if still flushed from the ride from Boll. A contingent of weavers sets up a cheer to lead her down towards the front. "—Coming, Ilka, Karima?"

Larak walks in.

Zara mutters to her daughter in tow "No you may not go onto the sands..come and sit.

Ina walks in.

Up on the ledges, Jylth lands with a light touch, arranging herself comfortably.

Alisia's eyes are glued to the eggs on the sands, formulating a count as to her vote. A wave, a smile, "Karima, come sit, both of you."

Larak heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.

Akira grins. "Maybe they were claiming it?" All the same she settles in beside him.

Ilonka reaches the top of the stairs and begins her version of the Gallery-shuffle.. " Oops, 'scuse me, pardon me"..

Up on the ledges, Selketh lands with a light touch, arranging herself comfortably.

"Dunno yet…Kelson'll probably pass out at the party." Loreli's got no faith in her weyrmate. "Definitely maybe, Kess."

Zara settles into a seat and makes sure Kevra is beside her, hand firmly in her mother's hand.

Rylian watches as the crowds flow in. The more the merrier, right?

Storr grunts to himself. "Well, I've a good friend on the Sands, that much I know… so, I'll just root for her." An amused gleam doesn't entirely leave his eyes as he surveys the gathering… crowd.

Up on the ledges, Th'ea swings down from her lifemate Selketh's neck.
Up on the ledges, Jylth settles to her chosen spot overhead, tell-tale riding straps still a-dangle to mar her gilt perfection

Caitlin finds a seat among the throng.

Ina heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.

R'ban grins. "Well, it's saved for good now, don't you think?" In as much as a whisper this crowd will permit, "What do you think of Elenya's chances?"

Up on the ledges, Zhanth chuffs at all the arrivals and mantles warningly: no one get in the way of /his/ view!
Up on the ledges, Th'ea shares a quiet moment with her lifemate before moving to the galleries.

Th'ea approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

On the sands, N'fra has disconnected.

Kevra leans excitedly forward to watch

Karima flashes a grin as she sees Vae and Alisia. "Hey!" She leads Ilka there-wards, to claim a pair of the fast-filling seats

On the sands, N'fra has connected.

Storr hears R'ban, and answers. "I hope she Impresses, I truely do." He grins.

Felassa settles down.

/Caitlin/. Vae'd wave, but she's starting to lose track of all ones she knows and doesn't; the Sands are easier to watch.

Kessaly takes a swig from the wineskin. "'Kay." She settles her feet a little more comfortably, and then shouts a loud Hello to K'mart, who lumbers over to chat.

Caitlin thinks she spies Vae and waves, not sure if she is seen among the crowd

Ilonka waves merrily R'and-ward, then toddles along behind and with Karima. And there's Vae, a wave is tossed her way as well. "Kess!"

Ina approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.
Larak approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

Treva walks in.

Rylian shifts, making himself as comfortable as possible, before it's too late. "Well, good luck to your friend, then," he says.

Up on the ledges, Tamlyth makes herself at home with the Istan contingant, just as determined for the best view.

R'ban yells down to Storr. "I'm wagering she does." However, the nervousness in his face and voice is hard to ignore.

Anisette keeps very much to herself although she watches the hubbub around her without meaning to.

Kessaly cranes her head alarmingly, and waves. "Hey there Ilka!"

Loreli nods to Kessaly, and glances about some more. A waggle of her fingers for Treva at the top of the steps.

Akira leans over to whisper to R'ban.

Storr leans back, and hollers a response to R'ban, "I'll add m'wager to yours, ifn you want!"

On the sands, Scrimshaw Egg wiggles at the tip, then the shudders extend outward, downward, until sand crawls to get out of the danger zone.

Katrineth bespoke Zhanth with: I sense that Katrineth flares wings and thought at once, at one— «

Katrineth senses that Zhanth, already linked to the waiting mind — all the minds! — sweeps burnished into bronze, umber into gold, and /croons./ Come! «

Faya has disconnected.

Millae pulls back on her bench, quietly by herself as she pulls her knees up to her chest and watches the crowd around her. Occasionally, she flicks a glance towards the sands and the eggs.

Karima hisses. "Look, one moved!"

Up on the ledges, Nyssath just gangles her snoot over the edge and /watches/, and who cares whose talon that is. It mars her view, but she's got only so big an attention span, you know.

Treva politely returns Loreli's wave beore scuttling off to a good seat, bag of hides and reporting materials clutched to her side.

Alisia's eyes are wide and all encompassing, dragons and people and eggs. "Hey, didn't that egg move?" a poke to Vae.

Up on the ledges, Deireth lands with a light touch, arranging herself comfortably.

One eye on the sands, Th'ea stands at the entrance to the galleries from the ledges, looking about for friends.

On the sands, Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg quivers, just a shimmering in the breeze. Breeze? No, rocking, and digging into the sand. Just a bit.

R'ban's face is worrisome and his hands shake as he talks quietly to Akira.

Storr hmms, then nods. 'Tis starting.

Vae ouches. "Thanks, Alisia!" It's good to see the CraftMaster of the Obvious is still practicing.

Ilonka drags heavy on Karima's fingers as she slows in front of Kess, going so far as to hip-bump-shove K'mart outta the way. "How's your little one doing?"

Kh'rys arches a wave to Th'ea — jopin?

Slaine leans forward over elbowed knees, eyes intent on the sands. Eggs!

Up on the ledges, Tamlyth shifts the offending talon — Mine —
Up on the ledges, Renna grasps the straps and lets herself drop, swinging down from her lifemate Deireth's neck

Kevra gasps "Mommy it moved!" she says, hushed voice.

Kessaly waves at Th'ea, standing up and tromping on K'mart's foot ("Sorry"), and yelling, "Down here, Thad!"

Renna approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

As people start excitedly pointing to the now rocking and shaking egss, Anisette's attention is refocused down on the sands.

Merf walks in.

Rylian's eye catches movement amongst the eggs, and he is silenced (for the moment, at least.)

R'and turns his glance back from some of the arrivals to the sands…

On the sands, Blackwork Egg shivers, rocking in place, quivering grains about its base, unlodging sand as it shimmies.

Millae grins a little as the eggs begin to quiver. Fingers absently tapping at her shin, she focuses on them and tries to guess which'll hatch first.

Th'ea returns the bluerider's wave and carefully picks her way down through the crowd.

Kessaly grins back at Ilonka. "We're all doing wonderfully. And you and yours?" A sly wink Karima-wards.

Loreli elbows some little Healer boy out of the way, "Move it, kid, make room for Renna." She crooks her finger to the other greenrider, "Hey Renna! Got a seat for you!"

Faya has connected.

On the sands, twin red-mottled eggs /thock/ lightly into each other out on the northern edge of the clutch. One swings away into quiet shivers; the other falls immobile again.
On the sands, A grouping of three, set just so, rocks and knocks together, ending with the stickered egg falling over onto its side.

Karima's smiling attention notes Kess. "Well, hel/lo/ there, you!"

Renna climbs over Alisia, steps on Loreli, pokes T'bit and finally rests her seat..on well.. a seat.
Renna grins at Loreli "Thanks" her estimation rising just a bit (a wee bit)

Poor K'mart. He gets tromped and bumped at the same time. — Ilka beams at Karima, then shares that grin with Kess, "I think we're doing wonderfully, yes."

Zara urges kevra back to sit beside her. So many people and a small child could get stomped on by accident.

Kessaly smiles back. "And a hello to you and to Jylth as well." She leans over and squeezes Renna's knee in greeting.

Janah walks in.

Felassa smiles. It begins!

Janah glances around quickly, then slips in a seat next to Vae. "Did I miss anything?"

Karima trades smiles and a nod here and there as she re-acquaints with old friends. Then with an excited grin for Ilka she turns back to the Sands

Caitlin shivers as the thrumming is felt more in her skin than its heard. She looks expectantly to the sands.

On the sands, Ryka steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Ryka is not a delicate woman by any means. She stands with an almost impudent grin most of the time. Her hands are callused along the palms and fingertips, but they are finely made hands, flexible and strong. She has very short, spiky auburn hair, which is nearly always touseled, looking slightly wild. Her eyes tend to flash silver when she's angry or excited, but maintain a smoky grey when she's calm. Freckles cover the bridge of her nose and give her a slightly mischievious look, making her look younger than she really is. Her skin is deeply tanned from hours spent outdoors exploring and swimming. The tan is darker on her face but there are small, lighter lines around her mouth and eyes from squinting. Her tan has lasted through the winter, at least where it shows, since she still spends most of her days outside.
A complicated knot of Fort's colors hangs from her shoulder, interlaced with an extra strand of honey brown, denoting her as the Fort Weyrlingmaster.
Sun-bleached white trousers mold to Ryka's legs, cut across the bias so as to stretch and conform as they follow the length of her thighs and calves to tuck into soft wherhide boots. A shirt of blaring red matches the dress of her weyrmate, its cut being loose and flowing, tapering in where it is tucked into the trousers. A short cape of white falls in pleated folds from one shoulder. The cape is held securely at her throat by a cloak pin in the shape of a dragon turning itself in flight, the tail slipping back through past the head to latch it.
Ryka is 25 Turns, 7 months, and 8 days old.
She is awake and looks alert.
An easy grin tilts her mouth up in charmingly crooked fashion.

On the sands, Elenya steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Deep lavender eyes dominate her fox-shaped face, pulled back from her face fire-scorched curls are pent in a thick braid dropping to mid-spine. Barely five feet in height, her slightly Rubenesque frame is all alabaster skin and measured, deliberate movements to match the cadence of her low, sweet voice; missing from her slim neck is a small caduceus, its wood darkened by Turns of gentle care.
Folds of canescent linen drop in lines of purity from alabaster shoulders leaving arms bare. Nipped in at waist by a braided cord of the same fabric it falls over hips to caress ankles. On her feet a thin pair of sandles dyed the same snowy white as the gown lace to mid calf.
Elenya is 18 Turns, 4 months, and 11 days old.
She is awake and looks alert.
Elenya has an air of quiet expectation.

On the sands, Niera steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Standing rather tall for someone her age, Niera moves about with unconcious grace and style. Long slender legs and thin arms move together in an orchestrated silent symphony of movement. Darkest cerulean eyes peek out from underneath shock blond hair to look out upon her surroundings. Blond plaits trail halfway down her back, bound tightly at the end by a simple leather thong.
Long angular jaw leads to slender neck, not quite reminiscent of a wherry, but close enough to perhaps give a person that thought. High cheekbones accent lightly tanned skin, complimenting her overall facial structure. Small, nearly invisible pock marks lightly mar her delicate skin but they are not that noticeable. Standing head and shoulders above companions her own age, Niera could be a hard person to overlook or ignore.
A simply made, non-decorative white robe graces Niera's body. It hangs well below her knees as she is a very modest type person and is secured firmly with a waist tie of the same color. On her feet are the traditional sandles that Candidates usually wear, but since her feet are a bit bigger than most her age, her toes hang over the front edge ever so slightly. Helping to hold the sandles on are thin straps wound firmly, but not overly-tight, around her ankles and lower calves.
Niera is 17 Turns, 8 months, and 10 days old.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
I've been Searched! What joy!

On the sands, Kiris steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

All long arms and legs, knobby elbows and knees, Kiris is a gangly girl whose coltish jumble of limbs occasionally gets away from her. Exuberant energy vibrates through her angular frame, also finding expression in dancing, bright blue-green eyes and the rosily flushed cheeks, a dimple flickering in the right one, against her pale skin. Puberty's approach is hinted at in the subtle lengthening of her face, the slight emphasis appearing at cheekbones and jawline. Unbound, her thick mane of strawberry-blonde hair tumbles in waves to her waist.
A white linen robe, perhaps a bit crudely sewn, but at least the seams are inside the garment, envelops Kiris. The sleeves are rolled to mid-forearm but have a propensity to unroll, and the length hits her about mid-calf with a slightly uneven hem. A pair of thin sandals pretend to give her feet a bit of protection against hot sands.
Kiris is 12 Turns, 6 months, and 8 days old.
She is awake and looks alert.

Storr hushes Staccato, the hissingly excited little blue slowly responds to absent caress as Legato and Storr watch the eggs.

On the sands, Vilrayn steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

A mere slip of femininity, the entire essence of Vilrayn could be considered to be more of a shadow than anything, not even reaching five feet in height. Ashen brown hair falls, thick and straight, a few fingerwidths below her shoulderblades. Large aquamarine eyes observe life, ranging in color from spirited green to cold ice. Rosy skin defines features of fine angularity, faint freckles sweeping across the bridge of her nose. The gawkiness of adolescence has come and gone, leaving the soft curves of maturity on her delicate form.
Drap-y white falls to knees, sleeveless garment perhaps a little worn out. But not much. Belted at the waist, the robe that candidates traditionally wear proves just that much more that white is not one of Vilrayn's colors. Her feet are bare, and her hair is down to fall in thick locks about her back.
Vilrayn is 17 Turns, 11 months, and 18 days old.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.

On the sands, Odile steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

An ebon mass of unruly curls tangles curtly to the fine lines of a slender jaw, frontal locks lingering disobeyingly about the eyes and nose. Quick, almost unseen movements to scritch at a tickled face result in the endless tumbling of stubborn spirals, each silky tress finding its way inevitably back into her eyes. Lashes flutter with the pace of an eloquent racerunner, black as their shadowed eyes; an intense, deep-seeping glance glazes over your own, the mysterious charcoal orbs hiding demurely behind the quick lashes, flecks of verdant a'flicker within the very depths. Olive skin, tanned to rich, earthy colors; flawless face of smooth curves and sharp lines. Average in height, she maintains a constant bodyweight: slim, with the curves of maturity protruding flowingly from hips and chest.
A traditional Candidate's robe embraces the contours of her body as it reveals the length of elbow to wrists, knees to feet, and a tanned face. Her waist is accented by the seedy rope tied atop her hips; flimsy but reliable sandals defend bony feet from the Sand's destined heat.
Odile is 19 Turns, 7 months, and 14 days old.
She is awake and looks alert.
Hatching! Hatching! Frantic; hot; /scared/. Is it almost over?

Th'ea waves at her old friend just as she had been waved at. "Janah!" she smiles in greeting.

On the sands, Krilin steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Perpetual saffron-blonde curls adhere about to this young woman's sunbronzed shoulders; she's all ardent sea-blue eyes and decisive dimples, angular features apt to blush at nearly any occasion spreading from prominent cheekbones to the crimson tints upon her full lips, elegance flows through her lithe, almost gaunt form. Healer's redwort stains the outer layers of her lithe, capable hands, occasionally tainting the very clothes that she sports. Shy, timid; she takes to gnawing at the tender skin of her lower lips, frustration often filling the youthful gleam within her eyes .
Delicate, fragile; unblemished ivory sifts about Krilin's lithe form, intricate creases and folds forming the typical candidate's robe. A slash cinches about her waist, emphasizing her thin waistline, and a tattered, yet well-used, pair of nutbrown sandles clasp about her toes.
Krilin is 19 Turns, 1 month, and 8 days old.
She is awake and looks alert.
Nervous. Frantic. Sweaty?

Akira nods and murmurs to R'ban once more.

On the sands, Madri steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

You look upon a young woman with long, dark brown and sunstreaked, curly hair that falls a third of the way down her back. She stands straight and tall and her hazel eyes are always alert and studying everything around her. Although her appearance is one of seriousness, in truth, there is more shyness and mischief about her. Physically, Madri is lean, but not too much and well toned from continuous hiking and riding runnerbeasts. She likes to dream, and can be quite often caught gazing out at a sunset or the ocean if she happens to be near one.
She is ready for Hatching Day, wearing her hand sewn, plain white robe with sleeves that fall just above her elbows. The soft fabric is neatly sewn, tho wrinkled in a place or two, perhaps a sign of last minute adjustments and a belt of matching colour and material is wrapped around her waste, a small knot forming at her right side. Thin sandals are all that protect her feet from the hot temperatures of the Hatching Sands.
Madri is 21 Turns, 11 months, and 9 days old.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.

On the sands, Donovan steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Despite hair as black as firestone particles in the stomach of a war-insensed dragon and eyes as blue as harper finery against an indigo hide instantly framed in a pre twilight evening sky, a smug grin is often plastered on Donovan's handsome countenance -
his well-tanned face accostumed to the slight tilt of one corner of his mouth and the pursing of lips, which reveal the presence of some unspoken insight. Swimming in Southern coves has formed the slender, well-proportioned physique of this towering youth.
Donovan's apparrel consists of a custom-tailored white robe which has been properly stitched at his sides and shoulders. This particular outfit provides its wearer with a sense of comfort in its snug fit and short length. Toned arms are fully uncovered as they sway or hang down just below a belt of knotted rope.
Donovan is 18 Turns and 27 days old.
He is awake and looks alert.

Alisia's wave starts again, "Janah, we're over here." As if she couldn't see the cheering section.

"Everything," says Vae, as the Candidates walk out. "You see?"

Kessaly nods. "Hey, there's Ryka." Never mind the candidates.

On the sands, Ketrion steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Tanned and tall is he, all angles and planes; this young man's dark hair, dark as his mother's, tousles wildly about his high forehead and down to his broadening shoulders. Deep golden-hazel eyes and a strongminded chin dominate his long face, his features growing more definitive as he reaches late adolescence; wiry muscles stand in relief against the long bones of his still-growing frame.
He is wearing a white candidate robe and a pair of sandals which have been hastily tied on. The robe itself looks a little on the old side, rather than new, more cream than white, but still it's lines are classic, and well-sewn.
Ketrion is 16 Turns, 6 months, and 21 days old.
He is awake and looks alert.

Th'ea whistles, woo-hoo! "There they are!"

Treva sends a quick wave Renna's way but quickly goes back to scrawling on her hides. Truly a challenge to transmit the excitement of theeggs. 'Eggs rock' just doesn't do it. Notthat Treva shares the excitement. Totally objective, ayup.

On the sands, Ariana grins and steps back; they come! Ledges above, Ashtoreth waits, her eyes intent and swirling.
On the sands, Ryka pads lithely in, trailing those in white robes. With quiet dignity, she bows to the queen, her golden self and steps back.

Akira turns then to look and smiles proudly as her niece steps out onto the sands.

On the sands, Ciarrai steps onto the Sands and finds a place.

Slender and willowy, barely restrained and eager energy — and some nervousness — crackles around her. She more flows than walks, unhurried in any motion. Her eyes are clear and grey tinged with blue, virbrant. Her pale hair is blond streaked both darker and lighter by the sun. It falls just barely to her shoulders, straight, smooth, her bangs feathering just above her darker blond eyebrows. She speaks quietly but with indomitable self-assurance, and her expressive features underscore any statement. She wears the simple outfit of a candidate: pristine snow-white robe belted around the waist and a pair of thin, well-fitted sandals.
Ciarrai is 18 Turns, 1 month, and 16 days old.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.

On the sands, Niera steps away so that the others can enter as well. She waits to see if she can find Madri again among the masses.
On the sands, Katrineth's wings flare, gaze glinting to the ledges; talons unsheathing, she begins to stalk about the eggs, their rocking, quaking clutch. Look who's coming.

Rylian has disconnected.

Millae stills as the candidates step onto the sands. Her eyes flick towards the ledge above and her precariously leaning blue. Phelth gives a vocal and delighted warble before she smiles slightly and looks back to the sands.

Ilonka spins her head about sands-ward as Felassa makes her announcement, "Here they come.. Quick, a seat." Ilka scrambles for the first available one and all but knocks over K'mart as she goes, "Move ya big.. Oh sorry K'mart."

Janah rolls her eyes at Vae, waves to Th'ea, then watches the sands with wide eyes. "Beautiful."

Caitlin watches, all else forgotten but the eggs

On the sands, Pitching and rocking, Blackrock Egg knocks against a neighbor, sound vebrating and mingling with the others, shuddering from apex to base, struggling within its confines.
On the sands, Scrimshaw Egg briefly writhes anew — stops — rests against the Woodcut Egg as if /tired./

Renna glances over and smiles at Kessaly "Hallo" is offered cheerily and then she waves happily quite like a lunatic to everyone else, before turning her eyes to the eggs.

R'ban's eyes widen tremendously, becoming the side of meatroll-plates. He gulps, and leans closer to Akira.

Loreli tries with Renna, for some unbeknownst reason. Probably making up for all the rotten things she did to her way back when. She props her feet up on the back of the guy sitting in the row befor her, K'ing. He doesn't mind, really. "Kismeth's still yelling at me for bringing Odile to the weyr in the first place…"

Kevra ohs and leans over the rail to see better, headless of her mother's called scolding

K'mart sighs mournfully, but perks up as he spies white robes. "I love impression." A big smile crosses his homely face.

On the sands, Kiris steps onto the sands, bouyant with excitement, hands squeezing Elenya's and Ket's. Briefly, she cranes her head to look up at a luminous blue hide with a look that says 'I hope you knew what you were doing.'
On the sands, Madri trots in, near the end of the group looking around for Niera, spotting her she darts over to stand beside her.
On the sands, Krilin blinks. "Oh - my - Shards!" she exhales, orbs fixing upon Katrineth as her body bends at her waist. "Katrineth, Arien." she murmurs, the blistering heat already pouring into her blood as she aimlessly tramples into the center of the sands to form within the semi-circle.

Storr leans forward again, people and friends forgotten as hi eyes watch the Candidates… and, of course, the eggs.

Karima stands, letting out her shrill WHOOP! and pumps a fist once in the air for the benefit of Arien and Jed, before reclaiming her seat.

Treva studies the candidates, trying to differntiate the sea of white into individual faces. Oh great. First all thos blobs of color, now the sea of white. Isn'tthere a happy medium?

On the sands, Vilrayn tugs Odile into place beside her, curtsying ever-so-politely at Katrineth. Elbow nudges Odile. "Don't forget to breathe."
On the sands, The Intricate Iron Egg twirls into a gout, teal and white twining as one; it pauses, tilts and crackles against its nearby lacy neighbor — which rolls end over end a ways down the mound.
On the sands, Odile nearly stumbles head over heels onto the Sands, pausing thoughtfully to bow respectfully to Katrineth and Zhanth; her regards to Arien, J'dano, and the rest of the riders. "Ready, Vil?" Ready or not, here we go.
On the sands, J'dano's own gaze swings up to the ledges where darkling bronze croons and broods and waits, then folds his arms over his open jacket and puts on his best forbidding expression in Zhanth's honor.

Vae pulls at one ear with her fingers. "Thanks much, Karima."

On the sands, Ketrion steps onto the sands, pausin to take a deep breath in the heat, lungs adjusting to moisture and heat. A few more careful steps in, he bows his head to Katrineth, formally, and feels strange doing so. It'd be like escorting your mother to a high school dance, wouldn't it? He joins in the semi-circle, both hands rubbing his unshaven face with anxiety.

Merf has disconnected.

On the sands, Niera sees Madri and then smiles at her. Approaching Katrineth's position, she bows all her respect and greetings to Katrineth, thanking her for the opportunity to be here. She also motions Madri to come with her.
On the sands, Elenya clings to Kiris's hand eyes briefly search for that small amber lure before she drops a respectful bow to Katrineth.

Kessaly pokes at K'ing. "Quit weaving, you dimglow, I can't see." She puts her feet up on the other side of him.

Zipporah just slinks around, paying no attention to anyoneexcept for Oddity when she appears on the sands. /Then/ she pokes a sharp elbow into her neighbors side and announces delightedly "Look! It's Odile the Oddity!"

Akira murmurs to R'ban and then turns her attention to the sands once more.

Slaine eyes Karima carefully, and positions an extra apprentice between her and the queen rider. Istans…

On the sands, Arien sends an ambiguous salute up to the galleriesreturning Karima'sand spotting Jerlana close by; taking up her skirts she paces, paces with her queen.
On the sands, Madri stops beside Niera, and bows adding her own respect to both Katrineth and Zhanth.
On the sands, Kiris echoes the actions of Elenya and Ket, head inclining respectfully. Eyes scan the eggs.
On the sands, Quiver. Rock. /Shake./ Blackrock Egg stretches Obsidian changes, ripping at painstakingly created work, rolling and heaving as the occupant within struggles.

On the sands, Ciarrai /stops/; then quickens to move, move. It's not just the heat that steals her breath, or the fire beneath her feet that make her move more quickly than she's moved before. /Excitement./ Trembling and taught, she snaps into a place toward the end of the crescent. Bright-watching.

R'ban swallows again, and puts yet more pressure out of his mind. He focuses, and breathes deeply.

Th'ea spots Kiris on the sands and hopes she didn't catch cold off their little jaunt.

Karima just grins, unrepentant. They're /hatching./

On the sands, Donovan steps cautiously out onto the sands in the mix of candidates. Finding his way to the front, he bows politely as ever to the mother, Katrineth, and her rider, Weyrwoman, Arien. He steps back slowing as the hot sand begins to burn his naked feet.

Alisia grabs for Vae's hand — seems she did this once before — 'member Vae? "Look, they're here."

On the sands, Ryka slides into place, near, by apart from the leaders of the weyr and bows again with a grin.

Ilonka shimmies over to give Karima more room, then patpats K'mart's knee, her expression /almost/ regretful. — She swivels yet another look over the galleries and pauses to smile at R'and, a hand extended in greeting, "Hey there. How've you been?"

Janah grins at Alisia and Vae, clutchmates and weyrmates. "Eggs. Can you believe it?" Chin rests in hands as she watches.

On the sands, Blackwork Egg fragments, stitchery lost beneath the new and living growth of vivid tourmaline green; still, its dragonet retains somewhat of that bleak intricacy, now carved to inconstant facets.
On the sands, Deceptive Tourmaline-Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Delicate, deceiving: fine-drawn facets sharpen her to exquisite symmetry, flawless by careful design. A tourmaline's pale hue sheens her egg-wet hide, planing across flat-slabbed flanks; the exotic wedge of her head cuts a sparkling marquis setting for round, jeweled eyes. Wings vane above her, spars filigreed and tips near-transparent, and her tail lashes hard, angled as sharp as her knowingly deceptive glance.

On the sands, Krilin flicks a flaxen corkscrew behind her ear, only to have it tumble before her eyes again. Her vision marred by the sweat that pours into her eyes, she rubs her palm into her face before returning her intent gaze towards the eggs.

On the sands, Ciarrai ducks a bow here, there, yes there too, the fever of Candidates and sands and /possibility/ making her motion reflexive more than thoughtful.
On the sands, Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg /slides/ down the mound, sending a spray of sand up as it goes, gold sparkling in the light. Coasting to a stop, it remains still again. Waiting.

Loreli smacks K'ing upside the head, "You heard her, K'ing, quit moving your big fat head!" K'ing likes it when they're rough with him. Uh-huh. He does. Gets a perverse pleasure out of it.

On the sands, Hearthlit Mosaic Egg quakes ever-so-slightly in the Blackwork Egg's wake.
On the sands, N'fra scoots over Ryka-wards, cooing at the newest arrival. "Green." Says it all.

Katrineth senses that Zhanth breathes velvet thunder: /first./ «

On the sands, Odile eyes egg after egg, searching her favorite with glistening green eyes. Clutching Vilrayn's hand, "Look, Vil… they're /moving/." Odile mimics the eggs' activity, shuffling through the white line of Candidates to find her own position—besides Vil. "Look! The green!" /Blink/.

Loreli woo's, "A green!"

Up on the ledges, Zhanth's hum edges down to painful subliminality: /first./

Vae squeezes, comfortingly. "It seems as much. Wonder how the Healers will make out, this time." She wriggles companionably 'tween Alisia and Janah, and just /watches/ the dragonet hatch: eyes say it all, why comment?

Kevra lets out a cry of delight, green!

On the sands, Vilrayn ignores the burning of her feet, digging her toes into the scalding sand nervously. Those /eggs/ are rocking. And rocking eggs means stumbling hatchilings. And — yup. /Green/. Eyes widen, a bright grin lighting her face. "Oh, she's lovely! Look, Odile!"

Kessaly stands and waves to Ryka, and then turns around to make a nasty comment to the unrepenatent green rider who has pinched her in a particularly tender spot. "Knock it off!"

On the sands, Gemma scoots over next to Fenric, hand clutching his compulsively. Now, they hatch. Now, one, there!
On the sands, Niera grips Madri's hand absentmindedly. She nudges with her elbow gently. "Look! One of them hatched!"

Felassa says, "A green…wonder what that means for G'blem's betting pool…"

On the sands, Ryka nods at the assistant weyrlingmaster, beaming. Silver gone nova with pure excitement.
On the sands, Madri jumps a bit, grasping at Niera's hand. "Look!" She whispers excitedly..hand and body shaking.

Zara smiles, watching her daughter is more fun than the hatching.

Karima grabs Ilka's knee with white-knuckled glee. "A green first. You know that that /emans?/"

On the sands, Arien hisses an indrawn breath—swings around as firstling's wings break free.

Anisette squints to make out individual candidates.

Millae starts at the emergence of the green, then giggles as she hears Phelth's welcoming =Trumpet=. He likes greens.

On the sands, Krilin has disconnected.

Th'ea echoes Loreli with a shout of her own. "Green!"


On the sands, Krilin has connected.

Loreli smiles innocently up at Kessaly. "Sorry, couldn't resist."

Egg-shatter! And the crowd goes wild! One green starts the harper's tally. Treva jsut loves being on the weyr beat, really.

On the sands, Ciarrai shifts from foot to foot, scarcely breathing. Who needs to /breathe/…? Eyes locked on the new lives emerging.

On the sands, Elenya's eyes wide at the beauty now revealed in the sands. Feet are rooted to sands of fire as she simply stares in awe.

Ilonka blinks, admittedly color-clueless. "No, what's that mean?"

"Ga-reen! Maybe it'll squish Odile. Then she'll go—squelch?" Zipporah ponders dragging 'something' after her; the something that's supposed to be the infamous Jud. "Jud, what do you think? Will she go squelch, or oww? Both? Which first then?"

R'and offers an earnest smile back. "Oh, fair enough, I suppose. A little nervous for Ket, of course." He shrugs, "And you?" Eyes glance to the neihboring goldrider before returning, "Well as always, I hope?"

Felassa says, "But who does she go to…?"

On the sands, Oh,oh,oh. Everything's so close! Kiris stares, a shiver of excitement running through her as the eggs move…and hatch! Eyes briefly flicker up to the galleries for a beacon of red hair, a steadying presence before she bursts of excitement.
On the sands, Ketrion gives Kiris's shoulder a squeeze, someone familiar, and look — "It's started." His eyes squint up to the seats, but back to the newborn green. Maybe this is the first time in Ket's life he's had an appreciation for new life, so close up, too!

Kevra frowns "she wont' squelch…

Renna pumps her arm into the sky, all caught up in excitement "Yes, Green!". Looks around abashed.

On the sands, Donovan grins wide and effortlessly. He can hardly contain his enthusiasm as he walks near to Elenya and starts oggling the first of the hatchlings, "Oh, look… a green…"
On the sands, Deceptive Tourmaline-Green Dragonet slumps from her former prison, wings flaring out for balance. A high pitch trill breaks though the other noises about her, as she lets the heat suffocate wings, drying them.
On the sands, "A green. Lovely!" Krilin says, sweaty palms rubbing against the ivory cloth that swirls against her side. Her voice covered by the astnoonished exclaimations surrounding her, she simply snakes her head about the young Telgar lad before her.
On the sands, Ariana murmurs her own approval: Green. Good. Eyes bright as its sheen search it out, follow, — and nod with approval as a brown breaks free — close by! — from the Woodcut Egg.

Kessaly snorts at Loreli. Sits back down, and pokes K'ing. "If your head wasn't so big, K'ing…" Green. Blue is better of course. But green is lovely.

Faya has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

On the sands, Faya walks in from the entrance.
On the sands, Scrimshaw Egg's shell groans and bulges along one upper curve: ticking within, and tocking.
On the sands, Madri looks on in amazement, leaning close to Niera "Oh look at her…"
On the sands, Elenya breathes slowly her heart almost stopping. "She's beautiful Donovan." Now eyes catch sight of the small brown body,, "Ahhh."

Millae watches too and fro, watching the eggs and the hatchlings and the candidates and her own Phelth and the people around her. Before too long she looks like her head is spinning.

Kevra sighs as she watches, child eyes bright with wonder.

On the sands, Odile pales. She's really here. —And the eggs are really hatching. Molded into a poised form, the Candidate watches the dragonet's every movement, absorbing the newfound sight with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.
On the sands, Vilrayn winces at the noise, whole upper portion of her body seeming to clench. "Ow." Vil's /ears/. Now the green has full attention. Anything that can make a noise like /that/ is worth a second look.
On the sands, So loud. Almost a piercing throb that echos throughout the sands. "Ooo -" are Krilin's words to the green's audible entrance, a quick smile parting her pursed lips.

Llyssa walks in.

On the sands, Niera leans her head in to Madri. "She's beautiful." she says quietly. "They seem to be able to move quickly, though, eh?
On the sands, Gemma's hands clench tighter, caught by the cry. Her own eyes — sapphire blue — seek the brown, the green — a blue? — over there. And stray back.
On the sands, J'dano's eyes follow a reeling, creeling blue colored as true as the gaze, and mutters sidelong to Arien, "Where are the bronzes?"

"Well /I/ say squelch!" Zipporah cries, turning her back on the elusive Jud. "Odile! Ode! Odd! Oddity!" The girl cries out to her elder sibling in vain. /Who/ would want to talk to their little sister while they were on the sands!—The Sands! of all places.

Felassa smiles.

On the sands, Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg rocka-rocka-rockas in earnest now, shuddered by internal storms. Waiting. Apart. Freedom. /Soon/.

Loreli points, and points, and points, "The green's going to her..no, wait, him. No, definitely her. Yeah, her. Or maybe her… no, him, I'm sure of it. That guy over there. Unless it goes to the little mousy girl on the left."

On the sands, Ciarrai is lost in the watching — the heat-blur of motion, noise — too awed to speak. To even /want/ to speak. She keeps light on her feet, fingers convulsively closing, fists tight, open… open.

Felassa says, "Hm…"

On the sands, Faya is saddeneded

R'ban leans closer to Akira. "That Woodcut Egg shattered pretty fiercely. A strong minded dragonet that will be."

On the sands, Deceptive Tourmaline-Green Dragonet slips tail about her feet, contemplating, as jewewled eyes search. The one is here, somewhere. Coyly, she primply steps from her former home and heads out towards the beings in white.
On the sands, Elenya's heart slows as her eyes caress the hatchlings, first green then brown with wonder. "No one said they were so beautiful when they were born…. " She trails off heart in her mouth.
On the sands, Madri nods in response to Niera, eyes transfixed on the dragonet and the other rocking eggs in front of her.
On the sands, Faya gingerly heads across the burning sands towards the exit.

Akira nods to R'ban…, destracted with watching.

On the sands, Ketrion's eyes glance up into the stands, finding two important people there. R'and, and Charania. His eyecontact is brief but so there they are. Pleased and yet mortified. His large hands are wiped along the length of the robe, ill-shode feet slipping a little in the sandals. Turning to his side, abruptly, as he feels and hears an egg move, and the voice of draconic youth.

Renna frowns at Loreli, is she blind? Any dimlet can see its going to that one over there, with the braid.

Ilonka is gonna have whiplash before this hatching is over. Her head snaps from viewing the sands, to Karima, to R'and and back again. Ouch. "Oh I'm doing wonderfully, R'and," and her smile drifts towards Karima… "Karima? This is R'and. R'and, Karima."

On the sands, Kiris watches the hatchlings. So many. She tries to remember her instructions. Don't move, stay still. Feet shift restlessly on the sands. Heat? Excitement? Likely both.

Karima realizes Ilka's responded to her question, then pauses. I have no /sharding/ idea. A shrug, grinning, "It means a green came out first," she finishes lamely

On the sands, Madri continues on "I can't believe how delicate they look….and so, confident."

Kessaly snorts again. "Have another swing, Loreli."

On the sands, Krilin sucks in another breath, cheeks puffing as she falls completely still. She's on the move. Her eyes blink in complete awe, her meridian gaze flicking upon the green hide flowing about her. Despite her stillness, her feet rock from side to side, a bead of sweat lingering above her nose.

R'and smiles to the somewhat distracted Karima, "I've heard a lot about you…" he glances back down at Ket.

Karima does a double-take. Another of Ilka's Fortie friends? She nods, smiling. "R'and. Well met."

On the sands, Elenya clings tighter to Kiris as eyes slip from rocking eggs to tiny dragonets. "O Kiris, look, look at them so tiny and so perfect."
On the sands, Niera nods to Madri. "They do at that. Watch her looking to see which one of us is for her." And then her attention is turned watching other eggs move.
On the sands, Vilrayn leans over and speaks in hushed tones to Odile, "She looks like she knows what she wants. Isn't it neat?" Feet finally shift faintly, but sink into the sand again.
On the sands, Gemma is there — in white, and waiting, at the circles periphery. Vibrant red straggles in her face, ignored save for the curl and curves just so.

Llyssa heads along the narrow walkway to the dragons' ledges.

Zara waits, waits for the decision to be made and a bond forged.

Faya appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

Th'ea shushes Loreli and Renna both. They're both wrong, see; the green's going that way… no, wait… "Oh, just watch!"

Millae tap-tap-tap-taps her shins as she hugs her legs closer and watches with wide eyes.

Loreli ain't about to argue with that. She tips the wineskin back again, taking a Big Gulp, before handing it over to Kessaly, "S'good."

Llyssa approaches along the narrow walkway from the dragons' ledges.

G'blem waits for the first impression on his sand-timer, checking his betting pool tally from time to time…

On the sands, Technicolor Egg spasms, casting garish shouts of color off a nearby, near-blank egg. That ovoid promptly cracks open around a bronze that heads /away/ from the loud egg.
On the sands, "Coming," Arien murmurs reply, orienting back to her partner, "…Coming." No hurry, she, nor worry—but those eyes flash, examining the angles, the eggs' latest and last constellation.
On the sands, Kiris squeezes Elenya's hand tightly too. She just nods, finding no words at the moment. Smile flashes briefly to her adopted aunt's face, then her wondering gaze goes back, back to sands.

Alisia begins tugging on Vae, "Look, look the green's going /that/ way." Vae can't use her own eyes, 'Lisia's just /got/ to tell her.

On the sands, Madri winces a bit, the heat of the sand finally burning through her thin sandals. But no time for that now…Her head nods as her eyes wander around the sands, watching the little brown and green.
On the sands, Elenya holds back tears eyes all for the little lives set free in the sands. Pansy eyes gleam with unshed tears.

Felassa says, "Ah, the first Bronze…"

On the sands, Odile scratches an itch that bothers beneath the hem of her robe. "Shardling—hmm, Vil?" A glance steals its way towards the green dragonet, "I think they all know what they want," she mutters quietly, loosening her grip about Vil's hand as she gradually relaxes. /Gradually/.

Karima thumps Ilka's shoulder, too hard. "Look, a bronze!"

Kessaly knows it's good. It's one of Ryka's Benden Whites. She'll never miss it, what with new weyrlings and all. "Oh, come on there, little girl, find a partner…"

Zara Ohs, bronze..

Zipporah giggles wickledly— "Indeed. I must agree, Jud. Must agree." The she pushes her way amoungst people. This a'way, and that a'way does she goe for she mustsimply /must/get the best of views.

On the sands, Scrimshaw Egg stretches and strains from torturous inner pressure until its shell begins to crack along carved, snaky lines. Dark talons chisel urgently at the remaining skin of bone and then arrow through into air, swiftly followed by the tumbling bulk of smoky brown dragonet.
On the sands, Martial Obsidian-Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Smoke over sienna polishes the hard, clean lines and smoldering volcanic hue of this midsized dragonet. Raw umber juts from heat-forged glass, exposed by edges painstakingly chipped to the quick: arrowhead muzzle and daggered talons, notched-bow ridges and spear of tail. Light flashes lively reflections off the swoop and curve of withers and stretch of slender neck, while shadow bands the sun-darkened bravery of broad sails and tucked belly. Glossy, carven brown shines translucently through, however, as piercing as his streamlined silhouette or the spin of eager eyes.

On the sands, The brown that emerged from the Woodcut egg has no qualms, no concerns: /there/ he is. And he virtually barrels over, leaving a boy from Lemos shaking and in tears of delight.

Kevra squeals, heard above the racket "Bronze!

Ilonka tries to explain, "See R'and and I used to.. ummm.. and Karima and I are… hoh boy. *cough* A bronze? Where?" Saved by the dragon.

On the sands, Vilrayn laughs, just a drop of nervousness showing there. "I know, but she looks so sure of it."

Faya has disconnected.

Zach walks in.

G'blem grins and makes a note on his tally.

R'and glances at the bronze, and Ketrion. He's not much of a cheer-er, but it draws his attention.

Janah wrinkles her nose. "Greens. Browns. We need some more /blues/."

On the sands, Deceptive Tourmaline-Green Dragonet pauses, one forefoot held high. There. Towards the edge. It is there where where she steps, gait quick as she trundles over to one of those beings, so near the edge of the circle.

Renna turns her nose briefly to Ilonka, morbid curiosity fair dancing across her face "Really?" oops gaze goes back..eggs..crack.

Caitlin chuckles at Janah's overheard comment

Karima is near-oblivious to Ilonka's discomfiture. She points, "There."

On the sands, Elenya's eyes gof rom brown to green looking to see who they want, she reaches up with her free hand to wipe away the tears blurring her vision. Egg rocking pulls her eyes momentarily away from the searching dragonets.
On the sands, Ciarrai shivers visibly and her eyes light; she has to drag her eyes from the new pair, brown and boy, boy and brown — that being the only thing that distracted her from /watching/…

Kevra watches intently, "who will it choose?" she whispers

Zach has disconnected.

On the sands, Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg waits, deceptively still save for quivering lines. Soon, it is. Soon it goes — and sooner still will autumn's hues splinter.

Vae is ever abused. Tug, tug, /tug/— "Really, Alisia? You suppose she'll Impress, next?" Her gaze shifts darkened up, up to where Nyssath's perched; something passes there before she returns to dragonets, and the wait.

On the sands, Niera is more excited now that she's seen the brown hatch, if that's to be belived or even possible. She tugs on Madri's hand incessently. "Look at that one, Madri!" she cries softly. Then she realises that Madri's attention is on the green and stops the tugging but continues gazing on the ruddy umber brown.

Loreli turns to grin over her shoulder at Janah, "Funny, that's what Kismeth keeps saying."

Th'ea pokes at Janah with an elbow. "Soon enough, I'm sure," she smiles.

On the sands, Martial Obsidian-Brown Dragonet flops onto shaky legs, weak talons, but quickly sturdies and, even more quickly, orients — an arrow shot into brilliant, sandy heat. Target? White robes, and faces.

Zach has connected.

On the sands, Krilin digs her heel into the blistering sands, wincing at the slight wave of pain that flows through her legs. "A brown." she says, eyes lighting up with an inate curiosity. A brown. A green. Hard choice.

Kessaly rolls her eyes. "/Kismeth/." K'mart snickers.

Zach says, "help!"

On the sands, Ketrion has taken a few steps back, despite himself. The half-circle seems so stiflingly close. Tall, he can see most of the movements on the sands, his eyes shift from moving eggs, to the hatchlings, moving across the sands to others. Stand forward. Stand forward. He glances at Arien, and the fear of shame prompts him to move forward, watching first the green, then the brown. A lump is in his throat, surely. But out of the corner of his eyes, they meet Arien's. Impress or not, there is a bond -there-.
On the sands, Kiris watches the hatchlings. Stay put, the instructions remind her. But it's all she can do not to wave her arms and jump to let them know she's RIGHT HERE. Just in case. Gaze flickers back up to the stands. Seeking that calming presence watching her from the usual spot in the galleries.
On the sands, Gamma freezes, curls forgotten, eyes on green that's headed so close. To Hadra at her side she says, so swift, "Look!" Fear? Perhaps. Hope? Oh yes.
On the sands, Odile twists her neck to gaze at the newest brown, slurping in a thick gulp of air as she lets the flow of air stream completely from the back of her throat, wriggling her fingers with impatience.
On the sands, Vilrayn follows the green's progress with an ever-so-quiet gaze. Other color catches her eye, of course, but that remains secondary to seeing who the green chooses. Odile's hand gets a squeeze.

Abusing Vae is the latest game, you see, just as confusing Alisia has become a craze. "Yes, yes, Tamlyth agrees."

Zach says, "after I detail somethingsay I need help!"

On the sands, Madri grins at Niera, nervousness filling her express.."oooohh he's amazing….I had no idea they'd look so beautiful…..Who do you thinkg Niera?" Her eyes flicker from dragonet to Candidates

Akira smiles encourangingly at her neice.

Zach says, "after I deail something, how do i use the detail"

On the sands, Odile winces. "Vil, not so tight, eh?" The raven-haired Candidate shakes her hand within Vilrayn's, pinching it back ever so slightly as she attempts to slide it away from the tight grasp. And she thought /Odile/ was nervous.

She /checked/ with /Tamlyth/. "Good." Vae watches, and Nyssath—

On the sands, Always. Arien finds a smile, from somewhereperhaps thanks to Katrineth, prowling wide-winged above the candidatesand digs boots' heels into the sand.
On the sands, Donovan shifts his place but stands erect still watching, awed at the new arrivals and pairings. His look lingers on the dragonets closer to his position. "Think they'll come this way…" he whispers to someone.

Zach says, "after I detail something, use the verb?"

On the sands, Ooof. Sprawling a few steps forward, limps flay out in a desperate attempt for balance, Krilin finding the Telgar lad before her to be a perfect arm-rest. She shakes her head slightly, her head twisting backwards towrards the 'one' who pushed her, but immediately turns back to the sands.
On the sands, Elenya begins to tremble heart in her mouth. She looks around at her fellow candidates then back, back to eggs and the tiny seeking children. Hearing Donovan's whisper she smiles.
On the sands, Nothing is sly about the way Deceptive Tourmaline-Green Dragonet heads over to semi-circle's edge, checking one by one, before stopping and curling crimson and and deepest blue staring at her. Stopping at Gemma, she snorts, glancing up, and eyes lock.
On the sands, Niera has no idea, really, what the dragonets have in mind when they choose their mates and she conveys this to Madri. "I'm not real sure. But in the end, it's entirely up to the dragonets to choose. And they choose what's best for them." Left foot is lifted now with sands heat and then switched for right.
On the sands, Martial Obsidian-Brown Dragonet wobbles a few steps toward a group of boys, all of whom freeze until he passes them — disappointed. Smoky wingsails drying, whirling eyes dizzying, he spears towards another group comprised of male and female both, short and tall.
On the sands, Hearthlit Mosaic Egg's surface light reflects, refracts, and changes as it's tiny shivers send it rocking.
On the sands, Vilrayn looks down, hair falling into her eyes. "Oh. Sorry." Blink. She looks back up through ashen bangs. Oh. "Look, Odile."

Janah sticks her tongue out at Loreli. "Your dragon has good taste. In a few ways." She cheers happily. "She picked!"

On the sands, Madri's eyes follow the little green for a moment…thne turn back to the little brown.

Caitlin watches, attention blocking out everything but what is happening on the sands

On the sands, Gemma's frozen, caught by /that/ gaze. "Faceth?" she squeaks.. and falls to her knees. Done.
On the sands, Intaglio Signet Egg wavers—/blurs/, motion sudden, unmistakeable.

Caitlin cheers

On the sands, Ciarrai's eyes widen slightly, awed still; fire and water, dreams; all dreams. Hatching. Birth.

G'blem makes another note…."Faceth…"

On the sands, Elenya sighs as the little green finds her own true mate. Eyes warm the pair before going back to the other eggs.
On the sands, Kiris' grip on Elenya's hand tightens 'til it's a wonder that hand has any feeling at all. Her favorite and her aunt's…they both moved!
On the sands, Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg begins the countdown, and the winds pick up…

Zach walks out.

Felassa sighs. It's all so lovely…

Loreli leans forward, snickering into K'ing's ear, "Remember when we were on the sands, and you had to go? That was funny." Poor K'ing. He'll never live that down. Loreli lets out a whoop, right in the brownrider's ear. "Green!" Oh. Sorry K'ing.

Zipporah chuckles to herself, squirming past another body and up closer to the rail, all the while chattering and chuckling to Jud. "Indeed good sir, indeed. But admit it, if you get squashed you go squelch not matter what the pain, eh boy?"

Storr gasps as the egg Elenya picked as her favorite wavers. Will it hatch?

On the sands, Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg quivers violently, as if tussled by autumn's harshest winds. Colors mesh and warp — crackle away — as a vibrant changeable wingspar breaks through. A moment longer it waits — no more — before erraticism gives way to fall about the feet of the multihued blue within.
On the sands, Brilliant Bornite-Blue Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Light shines a reflective — reflexive — spark off this dragonet's hide, a study of hues too innumerable to count. First aqua, then cobalt, then teal, then blue, the shade shimmers across broad chest and slender throat, finishing off with a smooth-curved head; withers taper to delicate edges and pointy toes, ridges set irregular against brilliant's line. Wide wings vault chancy bravado above him: darkening to almost black at their shadowed edge, they're dappled by the same scintillant changes of verdure and violet that dance within his intent eyes.

Karima WHOOPs again. Impression!

"There you go, Janah." Kismeth. Blue. Vae can state the obvious with the best of them.

On the sands, Krilin clasps her palm together, lifting her feet from the warm grains below her; eyes lock towards eGemma ="Congrats!" she whispers, her tone wavering and frantic. All attention then casts toqwwards the brown. She's medium. Not too tall, not too short. Medium.
On the sands, N'fra watches, before sidling up to Gemma, whispering softly to the newest weyrling, head bobbing, words unheard. She motions to lead the girl and her lifemate away.
On the sands, Ciarrai brushes pale hair back from her face automatically, forcing herself not to just gawk at the next new pair…
On the sands, Vilrayn grins. "Did you /see/ that? Oh, wow." Vil bounces slightly and turns back to look out at the sands. A brown. A blue.

On the sands, Elenya's eyes are drawn back, back to that one beautiful egg the one that called to her heart all this time. She can't wait to see what that lovely surface held dreaming in it's oval prison. "Oh Kiris…"
On the sands, Madri grips Niera's hand tighter.."Oh look Niera…more of the eggs are hatching!" Her eyes widen in disbelief.."and there's a blue!"
On the sands, Odile's eyes obey Vilrayn's demands, searching the Sands for whatever it is Vil wants her to look /at/. "She Impressed!" if that wasn't obvious; but Odile's new at this — she's allowed to be amazed. Then the shimmer of blue hide emerging from his former prision— "Look at the blue, Vil."

K'mart shifts his considerable girth and looks at Kessaly hopefully. "Got anything to eat?" A redfruit is produced absently.

Janah follows Karima's whoop with one of her own. "Blue! And sparkly, to boot." Kadarth, from the ledges, just smirks.

Valryn appears at the top of one of the staircases, looking for a seat.

On the sands, Martial Obsidian-Brown Dragonet staggers the rest of the way — the long, long way! — to his chosen group and pauses to take stock, weaving on his feet. That lad, the red-haired and chip-toothed gawker … the girl of sun-streaked dark hair and alert hazel eyes…
On the sands, Niera's eyes are just too busy to take in more than one sight for more than a second. She squeezes Madri's hand in return. "… and what a beautiful blue he is! So many shades… " is overheard.
On the sands, The gleam off a certain egg destracts Donovan momentarily from the approaching brown and the now-emerging blue. A blank look at Madri and Elenya and then back to those dragonets searching.
On the sands, Something emotional wells up in Ketrion's often tersely expressed features. Gemma's impression fuels his own blood desire. Hands clenching, he could near call out. Yet he doesn't — a well of reserve, a damn about to burst. A brown and a blue nearby, but still too far away for even him to presume interest.

Kevra leans /way/ out over the rail but is caught by her tunic and hauled back with a stern scolding. She pouts as she is now made to sit "I can't see" she complains and then climbs into the bench, straining to see

Llyssa trundles about in the crowd — she's gawked enough, time to find someone she /knows/. Oooh, Janah! Her /hero/. "Hey Janah…it's a blue, like yours." Llys beams up at the rider even as she nudges through a few tightly-packed bodies to get a glimpse of the sands.

On the sands, Brilliant Bornite-Blue Dragonet shakes off those wings — those wings — flareing even yet to reveal their myriads. A step — and two — he starts to stagger forth, rpide o'ercoming all disaster.

"No! You didn't know it was going to be a blue," Zipporah accuses of Jud, looking, watching. "Hey Odile! That blue—that blue's the one that's going to squish you!" She giggles, and pokes a person along-side herself. "That blue is going to squish my sister, Odile."

On the sands, Ryka smiles at N'fra and the newest addition to the weyr, drawn towards the dazed look. N'fra has her, in good hands she is. Ryka waits for the next…
On the sands, Cave Painting Egg tips, tilts, and rolls a full quarter-turn in sudden definite life.
On the sands, Dreams. Arien's gaze seeks, finds the willowy blonde; another sudden smile, for Ciarrai this time, and to pacing she returns.
On the sands, Elenya sighs again with wonder. "A blue, a beautiful blue."

Kessaly nods and winks at Loreli. "Blue. Don't let Kismeth drool too much."

Katja walks in.

On the sands, Vilrayn nods, eyes a'twinkle as she watches. "He's incredible!" A finger points toward a brown. "Look, there, too."

Treva scribble-scribble-scribbles, recording the audience for a moment. All those Istan Golds . Or do there jsutseem to be more of them becasue they're so loud?

On the sands, Blue…that's a lucky color for her family. Kiris takes a steadying breath. Stay still, stay still. Head shakes as she chants the instructions to herself, an unruly runner reined in.
On the sands, Krilin watches the brown, the eggs, the impressins. '"Beautiful - all of them!" she murmurs, digging a toe into the ground, almost ignoring the heat - for once.

Up on the ledges, Jylth abides. Contented and quiet, gazing at the unfolding tableau. This is As It Should Be.

On the sands, Ciarrai smiles, a tremulous thing, a thoughtless thing; anything possible. Anything. She squares her shoulders, raises slightly her chin, more avid than before. /Happy./

Loreli rolls her eyes at Kessaly, "She doesn't start drooling until they're at least a turn old." Kismeth has /some/ control, you know. Not much, but some.

On the sands, Madri turns back to watch the progress of the brown dragonet. Watching him intently she does. "Hey Niera," she whispers "Look at /him/…"

Lanolt walks in.

On the sands, Elenya shakes her head braid bobbing. "Too many… too much." Heart beat races as she tries to see everything at one

Millae's fingers move like errant spiders along her shins as she fidgits and watches. She doesn't know these candidates, but she -knows- the emotions.

On the sands, Two more eggs hatch — pop! pop! — and they're gone, their green contents tangling together before gaining their feet.
On the sands, Slea watches Gemma go, sighing as he moves about Hadra. On tipetoe, he still can't see, short, stocky frame, giving no aid as the dragonets move and Impress about him.

A group of people wearing Minercraft knots make some bets with G'blem regarding the blue.

On the sands, Brown? Green? Purple? Odile only sees blue. Various shades of the soothing azure hue — but it's all blue; all there. "Look at all those shades, Vil…" eyes trail to glance at the wandering brown, then shift to hatching greens. "There's so /many/."
On the sands, Elenya eye's follow that sound and widen to impossible lavender orbs. Green spills across white heat as she caresses them with her eyes.
On the sands, Niera pushes back a stray lock that has fallen in her face and then steps aside as a dragonet makes its way through beside her toward another group of candidates.
On the sands, Martial Obsidian-Brown Dragonet chooses /blue,/ deepest cerulean framed in tall blonde gawkiness, to drag her gaze from any others in the cavern, and drown in his own. Oh, love, love…

Kh'rys has disconnected.

On the sands, Martial Obsidian-Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Niera.

R'and smiles slightly, as the blue's colors remind him slightly of another blue, currently napping on a ledge.

Zara woops "impression!"

Storr smiles as anoher Impresses.

Th'ea cheers Niera and the brown!

On the sands, Ciarrai gasps — this one so /near/! — and trembles. Heedless tears spring to her eyes. Such joy!

Zara nudges the rider beside her "pay up" she says with a smile.

On the sands, Love, love that's what Elenya feels oozing from each gleaming hide each rocking egg. Eyes draw to Neria and her face lights up with joy for her friend.

G'blem makes more notes on his tally. Marks change hamds.

On the sands, Vilrayn takes a step so she's slightly in front of Odile and waves her hand in front of the other girl's eyes. "Yeah.." Head tilts, twinkling eyes suddenly more interested in Odile than any dragonet.
On the sands, Silence is in Ketrion's stiff demeanor, stoicness, a hopefulness despite pending mortification. Weight shifts from one foot to the next, his hair falling across his eyes to obscure his vision. Just him, so he envisions. Niera, though, is nearby. His heart starts to beat rapidly at impression so close. Faranth knows he'll remember /her/ face all of his life.
On the sands, Niera is drawn back by Madri's tug and then looks directly into the brown's eyes. Wow! What a feeling! It rushes over her like nothing that she's ever known before.
On the sands, "Niera!" squealing, Krilin hops forward. NieraNieraNiera! "Congrats! What's his name?" she instantly queries, dropping her jaw in awe.

Katrineth bespoke Onath with: I sense that Katrineth lights your mind with exultant glory—/found/! «

Zhanth bespoke Onath with: I sense that Zhanth's subliminal croon scorches your mind with welcoming, bronze-velvet fire. «

Kessaly grins at Loreli, and then hunts down her wineskin. "Give that back, K'ing, you heap of wherry dung!" She snatches it back and takes a pull. "Don't anybody waste my good wine on k"ing," she warns. She starts suddenly, and whoops. "Hey! Good for Niera!" Niera was kind to her daughter, and thus high on Kess' good person list.

On the sands, Droop. Which is what Slea does as Martial travels by, apparently finding what he is looking for elsewhere. But, with the empty space, short frame moves, finally getting a view, and to be seen.
On the sands, Ryka grins as impression is made, again, again. And…Niera. She waits for the name, patient now, now that it isn't her.
On the sands, Odile nearly wails: "Niera!!!!!!!" back to Vil; a shocked glance, surprised. "She Impressed him?" but it isn't a question.

Karima rises slightly from her seat, stature near-overcome by milling, pointing, excited /taller/ people. Her view assured, then, she gives the back before her an oblivious thump af approval as yet another lifebond is formed.

On the sands, Madri gasps excitedly, and gently lays a congratulatory hand on Niera's back. Decidedly taking a few staps away to give her some room. "Niera! Congratulations!!"

Renna leans around Kessaly and pokes at Alisia "Does it bring back memories?" really a stupid question…suddenly catching impression "Oh Wow!"

Alisia abuses Vae's hand again while her favorite chooses, "He picked..Impression." the shout stating the obvious, yet again. Oh yes Treva, we're loud.

Ilonka doesn't know which dragon to watch first.. so she tries to catch snippets of all of them at once and nearly sends herself cross-eyed. Head shakes, eyes blink away saline, before she discretly plugs her ears in preperation for Karima's next impression-whoop.

Millae has disconnected.

On the sands, Cave Painting Egg rocks, rolls, rolls some more, and cracks firmly against a lacy counterpart.
On the sands, After feeling Madri's touch on her back, she falls to her knees and embraces her newly found lifemate. "He says his name is Onath!"

Loreli scoffs, "I knew she was gonna impress a brown all along. Ask anyone. i've been saying it since she first got Searched." Liar.

On the sands, Kiris' gaze snaps to Niera and the brown. A near shout of joyful congratulations erupts.
On the sands, Ciarrai's grin, all giddy, shifts, melts back… back to the watching, the waiting; fists forcibly relaxed again.

Janah isn't gold. But she's Istan. And she can be loud /too/. "Another one! Now if that blue would just get in gear…."

On the sands, Vilrayn shrugs. "Looks like it, doesn't it?" A faint grin. "She /was/ a candiate, Odile. These things happen."

Treva marks one down for the brown column. And to that nice blonde girl too.
On the sands, Brilliant Bornite-Blue Dragonet finds his course, tail trailing behind; angular talons dig in so deep, and drive him forth. Insistent? Yes. He charts his course along the circle, to seek and find. Head lifts high: step-right-step

Alisia reaches back to swat at Renna, "Ouch." squeal, squeak, "Yes."

On the sands, N'fra rocks back on her heels, nudging Ryka. "I've done one," she teases, looking and scooting away as Telgarian Starsmith Impresses to a gawky blue, shooing them both over with the others.

Vae doesn't shout — winces — and squeezes again, nodding. Out there, up there, Nyssath's speechless with the excitement of it all: that doesn't happen often.

On the sands, Cave Painting Egg shreds to soot and ochre beneath its coral dragonet's blade-sharp onslaught.
On the sands, Kelp-Strewn Coral-Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, From the deep, dark depths of barnacle-braced haunches, to the iridescent seafoam wavelets that ripple through windless sails, this dragonet's all saltwater determination. Kelp and brine shroud her skeleton-thin form, deepening coral's browny mottling; she develops assurance from clawed paws up, a gradual extension to attenuated neckridges and spiky wingspars that filter the light into murky shadows. Brighter are her eyes, luminous reflection of mind's clearer, constant compass.

On the sands, Donovan twists his head around to Niera to offer, "Congrats!", and a smile.

Llyssa rises on tip-toes…she'll see over those people if it's the last thing she does. "Did she just impress? I can't see a thing…did she? I think so…" Struggling and bobbing over the sea of humanity, she's buoyed closer and closer to the edge. Crowd-surfing…or something.

G'blem grins at Loreli. "That why I could never get you to put down a bet?"

On the sands, J'dano drags his gaze from following a green's bumbling progress (will she knock over /every/ girl in that section of the group), and duly notes Niera for his smugly thrumming mate on the ledges. Ha.
On the sands, Ryka laughs and pads out to give a hand. She leans near Niera and whispers in her ear.

Karima disappoints, this time, perhaps waiting for prior echoes to fade. She tilts to whisper excited asides to Ilonka, expression animated as she points like a child at Gather

On the sands, Ariana grins, heartfelt, at Niera's choosing: there, and then, and now.
On the sands, Elenya sighs with happiness. A soft smile of happiness on her face. Biting her lip to hold back tears of joy for her friend she nods then allows her eyes to go back to watch the eggs and the small bodies looking for their chosen one.

On the sands, J'dano mutters to Arien, "He won't let me forget /that/ one. One Search, and he's Lord of the world." Bronze, smug, smug, /smug/; but he's smiling himself.

Loreli thpts at G'blem, "I don't gamble, you know that." Not with G'blem, at least. He cheats. She places her bets with A'var.

A holder walks in, careful of his new wife; Hali turns grey eyes on the gathering, face suddenly pale, and stays close to her husband's side.

Th'ea leans forward. Another green!

T'bit hears G'blem's question of Loreli and leans in, commenting slyly to Renna "Its why he could never get get to put out rather then put down". Renna just looks prim.

Loreli whoops again, accidentally kneeing K'ing square between the shoulders, "Green!"

On the sands, Slea's eyes pop open as Kelp green makes her appearance. Blonde runnertail is pushed back from his shoulder, nudging a taller boy out of the way as he gawks, tugging at robe with free hand.
On the sands, Vilrayn makes a high squeaking noise, pointing in the direction of the newest green. "Odile! Odile! Look! Odile!" Her voice goes higher at each calling of the name. Toes dig deeper into the sand.
On the sands, Intaglio Signet Egg crackles, antiqued with darker lines. Over, over, all over.
On the sands, Niera looks up at Ryka as she speaks. She silently nods to her as she helps her lifemate off to one side.
On the sands, Odile shrugs at Vilrayn. "I was there when she was Searched," she announces proudly, turning to smile at the newfound lifemates. A soothing sigh escapes the very depths of crimson lips as an alert glance moves to eye trailing blue. Then— "I see it, Vil. Yeah, the green." But it's a lie; all Odile sees is blue.
On the sands, Ryka smiles and leads the pair to stand near the others at the side, out of the way to begin learning one another.
On the sands, Krilin blinks as a ratherly tall girl - from High Reaches if Kril remembers correctly - impresses a green besides her. "Green!" she exhales, placing her hand upon the lad before her, a quite bold move for Krilin as she fixes her stare upon the egg and dragonets.

Kessaly bounces a little in her seat - this is getting exiting. And the wine is creating a lovely buzz. She throws one arm over Loreli's shoulders and one over K'mart's. "Look at that. How nice." She beams happily.

On the sands, Madri steps back closer to the rest of her group, attention returning to the dragonets and the hatching eggs. Hey eyes are wide with attentiveness as she shifts her weight slightly from one foot to the other.

Charania notices the holderand his wife'sarrival, and her eyes darken a little before turning back to the sands: better to concentrate on the future, rather than the past.

On the sands, Elenya turns back to be stopped dead by the beauty of the little green asearch in front of her. Then hearing another sound her eyes turn to search the sea of eggs fast diminishing. Where?
On the sands, N'fra scoots back, sliding back over to Ryka as she turns her head back to the sand. Greengreengreen. She always comes back to see green. Not that she's complaining.
On the sands, Kelp-Strewn Coral-Green Dragonet shakes her head as though to dislodge drops of seawater, and quavers a salty bray before swimming over the sands to inspect the white-caps. Surely there's a wave to catch around here.

T'lon walks in.

On the sands, Bright blue-green gaze returns to the eggs, the hatchlings. Kiris eases her grip on Elenya's hand, steps back a little, head craning to see all.
On the sands, Donovan shivers as cold chills somehow manifest in his bones despite the ever-present heat of the sands. "Another green! How wonderful!"

Felassa says, "There's always lots of greens…never a shortage…""

On the sands, Brilliant Bornite-Blue Dragonet finds — seeks — /finds/ his calling, his truth. No waiting for he, but instead the advance: towards a pair of angular faces, and hair dark as his wings' edges; towards /curls/ and even more. He stops, wings flaring: look!
On the sands, As Niera follows Ryka to the side area for weyrlings, she turns her gaze to Madri for a moment to smile at her in encouragement before Onath stumbles a bit and she has to look back.

Loreli gently pats Kessaly on the knee. She's so cute when she drinks. "Yeah, it's sweet."

On the sands, Elenya nods her words a sigh of delight. "Beautiful isn't she, like the ocean on an overcast day."

Zipporah's finger wavers about, picking out Odile. "That's the one! She's my sister!— /And/ she's going to get trampled," says Zipoorah for the how manyth time?

On the sands, Krilin sweats ans d swats; a bead of sweat tumble over her nose, falling to the saltwater pond forming around her foot. Stinging the newly opened blisters upon her toes, Krilin winces slightly, though smiles fondly as she watches the green swarm about.
On the sands, Slea waves, well, wavers, bobbing from side to side, brown eyes widened as he finally slips to the left, getting a good view at Kelp and Bornite's progress. Green and blue, green and blue….
On the sands, Jinae blinks in from ::between::!
On the sands, Vilrayn watches the kelp green, "Looks like a dragon one might see at Boll." Or one might mistake for the kelp on the beach at Boll. "She's goregous."
On the sands, Ketrion watches every dragon that walks by, blue, a green, a handsome brown. Slow burn into his feet provokes him to stand, stork-like, upon one leg, the other bent to relieve burning. Even his face is a little red from that heat. Is there a lifemate for him? Curiosity finally displaces fear. A glance into the stands, a double take, but nothing can keep his attention from the sights and sounds around him. Unadulterated joy mingled with heat and pain.

Karima looks wistfully after Kess's source of cuteness. This one travelled in haste, didn't come prepared. "Care to share a bit of that?" She grins.

On the sands, a cheerfully greened egg pops open, and out tumbles another blue who orients first on the green who preceded him. Green, green, green — all is green, and he's ready to Impress /her/ until a stout young weaver catches his eye with his own … green, of course.
On the sands, Ryka settles the pair off at the side. She turns to move with N'fra back to the sidelines….and new pairs.

K'mart pats Kess' other knee. He wonders if he can get away patting the luscious Loreli's knee? He makes an attempt.

On the sands, Jinae suddenly disappears ::between::!

Jinae blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, Arien shakes her head to murmured comment; "Of course not. Just another duty to remember for them" One of the many, and her expression relaxes slightly, so slightly, taking them in. Taking them all in. No blood yet

Loreli glares icily at K'mart, "Don't even /think/ about it, nimbork, if you wanna keep that hand."

Kessaly will share with Karmina, of course, just not /K'ing/. She passes the wineskin. "Give this to Karima, huh?"

On the sands, Madri turns to give a quick glance beside her to see who is there…..shifting on her feet again. Her eyes trace a line from one progressive dragonet to the next…green…blue…green…
On the sands, Odile observes the blue's path, nudging Vilrayn. "Hmm? Yeah," but Odile hasn't a clue what Vilrayn's telling her — face angles sternly, neck cranes; she watches a moving dragonet with random glances elsewhere: green, brown, weyrlings.
On the sands, Elenya watches the green kelp as it searches for the shore. Still eyes search for that little amber gem needing to see who was inside it's umber laced surface.

K'mart snatches his hand back, and looks over at the sands. Nice hatching. Yep. You betcha.

On the sands, Donovan slinks nearer to Madri to avoid the heat yet warm himself up. The two temperatures warring with each other among the festivities; one external, one internal. After a glance back at Niera, he moves up to view the rest of the action.
On the sands, Ciarrai watches the blue, watches the green; watches the ebb and flow of the white candidates. Colors and motion blur in the waves of heat and desire and hope.

Loreli hmpfs after K'mart. You wish, bub. Not even if you were the last rider in the weyr. K'mart smells. Loreli would lower her standards to /K'ing/ before she even considered K'mart.

Zipporah shakes her head frantically. "Oh, no. I won't miss Odile. Why would I? It'll give me freedom from her tight grip—" She cuts that line off quickly. "You know, I've never visited much. I think after she's trampled, i'll visit the world."

On the sands, Trippin' Tie-Dye Egg rock-and-rolls: sand flees before its sudden insistence on a tour of its immediate vicinity, complete with a few eager-eyed Candidates following it along.

Llyssa bounces — she's given up the tippy-toe thing. It just didn't work…hopping, on the other hand, works fairly well. Except for the sands going out of sight every time gravity takes affect. Sharding forces of nature, always interfering. "I can't see /anything/!" comes the loud lament, voice meant to carry over the blurred buzz of many conversations carried on at once.

On the sands, Hop. Hop Hop. "Move it, will ya, Hadra!" Anyone is tall compared to Slea, who is desprately trying to see a dragonet, any dragonet, finally stopping to instead slip under an elbow, brawny shoulders pushing another candidate to the side.
On the sands, Kelp-Strewn Coral-Green Dragonet paddles from face to face, inspecting auburn hair and squid-ink black, her head wobbling vaguely as desperate eyes try to find the One.
On the sands, Brilliant Bornite-Blue Dragonet pauses in front of mystery that's no mystery to /him/. His. Ours. Tehe curls, that crane, all for me. Wings fly up to obstruct her view: all for me, for me, for me, ever /mine/…
On the sands, Kiris pulls heavy strawberry-blonde hair off her neck. Should've braided it. Actually, probably should've brushed it too. Fingers twist in it, outlet for pent up energy.

Karima snags the wineskin before overly-helpful hands can send it /too/ far, then she indulges in a long, deep pull—heedless of the delicacy of the vintage. /Hot./ She nudges Ilonka and extends the 'skin. "Want some? It's Kess's"

On the sands, Brilliant Bornite-Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Odile.
On the sands, Elenya smiles weakly at what's left of her mates the heat burning through thin soles hardly noticed, eyes are drawn to that green curl and she smiles.

Hali settles in, careful of her skirts and even more so of the half-Turn child shielded in her cloak; she trades that glance with Charania, and long fingers seek her man's.

On the sands, Fingerpainted Egg hunches — gargoyles — as if to conserve energy. A few chips have flaked from its upper surface, but the remaining shell shines smoothly still. Waiting.
On the sands, Ryka chuckles and grins teasingly at N'fra, "Your turn."
On the sands, Madri turns and offers a nervous smile to Donovan. "It's all happening so fast…..Oh! Look it's Odile!!!" She nudges him excitedly.
On the sands, Ciarrai presses a quick hand to her mouth and releases a half-startled thrill for Odile. /Yes!/

Janah sees out Loreli's eyes. "Hey! I don't know her. Is she good enough for a blue?"

Odile. "I met her, before," says Vae. A smile.

Kessaly waggles her finger towards the sands. "Hey, that blue just impressed!" A beam towards the world. "That is /so/ nice."

Loreli blinks, rubbing at her eyes, "Did Odile just impress?" No, it couldn't be. "/Odile/?" Gack. Loreli Searched her, but only as a joke. Oy vey. "Kismeth is gonna /kill/ me…."

On the sands, Odile slumps heavy knees into the sand's warmth, forgetting momentarily of the heated pain stinging her bare skin. Nearly falling into the blue that blocks her eye-path, she pauses, stares, /gapes/: "Fiorath!"
On the sands, Another exuberant shout of joy emerges from Kiris as she watches Odile and the blue.

Th'ea chuckles at Janah, "she's good enough."

On the sands, Vilrayn blinks and takes a wide step away from Odile. Blink. A /bright/ grin illuminates her face, as she watches fellow candidate again. Whose hand will she break now? Ah, Elenya! Vil looks both ways as she crosses the sands, then makes her way to Elenya. "Hi."
On the sands, Krilin manages a wry smile, teeth bared as she watches the green; flaxen corkscrew tumble before her face, though she gives them not even a glance. Too much haassle as they stick to her face. "Odile!" she suddenly cries, a tear forming within her already tear-striken orbs. "Congrats!"

"No! You don't say! It didn't" Zipporah revs up her voice preparing for a wait "It didn't squish her! Shards! I still have to live with her—" Oh the pitiful life she doth live.

On the sands, Blue is gone, but green awaits! Standing to his full height of five foot nothing, Slea pulls at his robe, tucking wisps of hair behind his ears, feet burrowed in the ground.

Zhanth bespoke Fiorath with: I sense that Zhanth swoops welcoming thought, blazing velvet fire, through your mind. «

Katrineth bespoke Fiorath with: I sense that Katrineth feathers welcome throughout your mind, amber and inimitable myrrh—lifemate found, for ever. «

Caitlin cheers, another impression

Karima chuckles richly and gives Kessaly the high-sign. And a wink. "Good match, ne?"

Felassa says, "Odile Impressed!"

Janah glares at Loreli. "Yes. A blue." Another pause. "Fiorath. Okay, she's good enough." With a slight huff, the bluerider turns back to the sands. "Blue. Nice."

On the sands, Intaglio Signet Egg splinters into a myriad of sand-fallen daydreams, seal stamped this once and never again; from the amber bed rises that last impression, a large blue dragonet whose muzzle lifts questingly for the skies.
On the sands, Pragmatic Riverstone Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, The river flows ever about this fledgling blue, lending fluidity to his shape if not luster to his fine, dark hue; where joints can curve, his do. The slant of water-carved jaw, the decisive spread of wingspars, the splay of sharp-taloned paws: these bespeak a strength borne of self-awareness and channeled by spartan simplicity. Nature's whim, however, brightens the flow into vivid streaks along his belly and softer smudges within his wingsails, barest allusion to a dash of dry, delightfully diverting humor.

Felassa says, "Don't worry, Zipporah, she'll have more to worry about now than keeping aneye on you…"

On the sands, N'fra oofs, before nodding, wandering over to Odile, smiling brightly as she wanders over to new weyrlings side, whispering quietly to her.
On the sands, A flash of -something- in Ketrion, his expressive eyes follow a sound caught by ears. But where did it come from? Attention is drawn to Odile, and he smiles /for/ her and to her.
On the sands, Elenya has disconnected.
On the sands, Donovan cheers Odile's fortune. A lifemate for a friend… how exciting! "Well done, Odile!" he yells as if she could possibly comprehend him with the blue dragonet taking her every thought.
On the sands, Ciarrai nearly buckles with the heat and weight of the moment, happiness and wonder mingled, but /wrenches/ her attention back hatching-ward. She must.
On the sands, Elenya has connected.

Janah has disconnected.

Zipporah glances at Felassa— "You really think so? She won't stalk me?" Creeping away from the rail, she positions herself next to the woman. "And she won't keep me from doing what I want to do?"

Ilonka reaches for the skin blindly as all her attention is focused on the scene below. She tips the thing to her lips, one eye still peering around the skin. She's not missin' none of this. — 'Skin get's passed back to Karima before she can 'whoop' again.

Kessaly jumps suddenly, and looks at Ryka guiltily. She mutters to herself.

On the sands, Kiris lets loose of Elenya's hand and steps to the side, freeing her aunt as that particular egg hatches. Eyes go from new-hatched blue to Elenya.
On the sands, Odile's confusion is lost within the depths of Fiorath's heavenly facets, stumbling alongside blue's bulk towards the side, where she detracts attention from lifemate a brief moment to curl a weary smile at Niera.

Janah has connected.

On the sands, Elenya looks around a happy smile lighting her face, Odile! Wonderful. Eyes shimmer with tears of joy before going back to look at the little ones one the sand. Blue, beutiful blue.

Karima graps another long pull at the wine before reluctantly passing it back to Kess & Krew (tm). No telling how long dry 'til the next round. Another shell spills its treasure, and Karima greets the new life with a freshly-lubricated WHOOP!

On the sands, two greens straggle free at once, bounce off each other's trail, and head for opposite mates: a round, dour harper lad and a squarish block of a Weyrlass.

Kessaly passes the skin over to K'mart, who takes a pull and passes it on.

On the sands, Niera smiles at Odile and lays a gentle arm around Onath. "What a beautiful one he is, Odile. Isn't it a wonderful feeling?"
On the sands, Krilin side-steps a stumbling candidate; eyes fix upon the green, though quickly lift towards the blue. "Lovely!" she gasps, curling her fingers into a fist as she begins to sift from side to side, back and forth.
On the sands, Pragmatic Riverstone Dragonet's nostrils flarehe scrubs muzzle 'gainst wingspar, scraping off gossamer egg-membraneand carefully, uncertainly, almost shyly, he trails away from his amber shards.
On the sands, Ciarrai shifts, shifts again; poor feet, whom she has forgotten; wipes a hand across her brow. Shifts to fill the void left by still another brilliant pairing.
On the sands, N'fra bounds back, slipping up next to Weyrlingmaster as she muses, "Yer next." See two more greens. Just her luck.
On the sands, Batik Garuda's colors meld to shake with joyous glee. No more waiting, it's in earnest: a blue batters his way out, almost instantly impressing the shy quiet girl everyone kept almost forgetting about.
On the sands, Madri claps and adds her own cheers for fellow Candidate and friend. Her nervousness, slowly ebbing to be replaced by excitement…./that/ egg hatched. Her glances over to Elenya beaming at the young woman before turning back to glance curiously at her own favourit..when?
On the sands, Donovan jumps after the Pragmatic Riverstone's appearance as much as for excitement as to temporarily relieve his feet from the blistering heat. "Look, Elenya… wasn't that your egg?" He points at the dragonet, forgeting his politeness for once.
On the sands, Elenya's eyes are drawn to that little blue. "Ah laddie I should have known." What else could come from such an egg but a sweet blue.

Zara gathers Kevra close to her and lets her stand on her lap to see.

Anisette's eyes nearly fill with tears as she watches the little blue out there, but she sets her jaw and is careful not to blink, that would set the tears spill down.

Janah blinks. "Another /blue/. We needed more blues in our clutch." Kadarth mimes silent agreement.

On the sands, Kelp-Strewn Coral-Green Dragonet weaves from candidate to candidate, pausing at last before one whose wispy blonde tendrils seem somehow like…home. She circles him, tail all accident and candidate-banging, and finds, oooh, a bundle of seaweed straw!

Charania and the Weyrbrat Contingent cheer for the weyrkids' impression! Grey eyes flick toward Hali, lingering briefly, then back to the sands; how much longer?

Loreli natters away to Kismeth, "It's not that bad, really. Look, she impressed a blue. Another blue for you, get it? Maybe the dragonet won't be dull, and that'll make up for it." A loud sigh, "Look, I'm /sorry/, but if one of the dragonet's chose her, was it really that bad?" And a frown, "No, /you/ shuddup, slug!"

On the sands, Ryka shuffle-steps around one dragon and pulls a smallish Igen lad up onto his toes to pull him from the path of a bullish brown. She murmurs a quick, "Pay attention." Before striding back to N'fra.
On the sands, Ciarrai slip-trips back past that sweeping tail with a noise half giggle, half surprise, half nerves.
On the sands, Kiris edges closer to Ketrion, her other stalwart on the sands, attention riveted for the time being on Elenya and that blue, eyes shining with hopes for her aunt to find her heart's desire.

Th'ea suppreses a laugh at Loreli… sounds like it's going to be a long night with Kismeth.

Alisia's eyes widen at the near trample. Good save, Ryka.

On the sands, Ketrion has never actually been polite. But yet, he is careful sometimes. Standing near to Kiris, he gives her a wink of encouragement. Bumped by a hatchling, though, he quickly steps aside before the little fellow barrels over him. The tenseness in Ketrion's muscles is fading. One large hand passes across Kiris's tousled locks, affectionate.
On the sands, Elenya tries to watch first one then the other on the sands eyes lighting first on one, then drawn to another. Small blue is blest with soft smile of delight.
On the sands, another bronze flip-flops towards a boy standing in the back, all unawares — bumping knees seems to work, though, and the dragonet claims him with a croon while his friends draw back in mingled congratulations and dismay.
On the sands, "Oooh - Watch out!" Krilin snickers; she presses her fingers against her lips, corkscrews still plastered about her angular jaw-line.

Loreli nudges Kessaly, "Can you ask Imbrith to tell Kismeth to shut her trap?"

Selandria walks in.

On the sands, Seaweed straw?? Where? Slea glances to and fro, bumped with tail, before his eyes finally meet up with Kelp's…."Horth? Horth!" Not having to drop far, S'ea drops to his knees, wrapping his arms about emancipated neck.

Legato disappears ::between:: smoothly and gracefully.

Th'ea would only be too happy to ask Selketh to do Loreli the favor… but figures she's more likely to listen to the blue!

On the sands, Kiris flashes a grin up at Ket, for once not grimacing and smoothing down her hair after a tousling, happy for the familiar gesture.
On the sands, Vilrayn gives Elenya one look. Eh, nevermind. Vil chooses a place where she's near a clump of boys, but really sort of — alone. Feet sink into sand once more as she stills. /Sigh/. She reaches up an arm to wipe sweat beats from her forehead and her nose.

Kessaly nods, and then her eyes glaze. Two seconds later, her mouth opens in a silent "O". "Kismeth has a dirty mouth, Loreli."

On the sands, Fingerpainted Egg jolts into life: colors dabble and dribble into each other as cracks maze the shell to separate them again. Rocking. Rocking!

Lanolt motions to Selandria to join him.

Selandria grins and walks up to Lanolt and sits.

Loreli sighs, "Tell me about it, Kess. Y'see what I have to live with?" And she won't even start on the subject of Kelson. Woe is Loreli.

On the sands, Elenya giggles as she watches the by play as wobbly legs find wobblier mates. Feet shift restlessly as she tries to see /everything/ all at once. More eggs to hatch?
On the sands, It shook. That egg - the Fingerpainted one. Squeals of delight catch Kril's attention to say: "Congrats S'ea!" she murmurs, then inches towards the back end of the semi-circle to watch. Just watch, until.
On the sands, Pragmatic Riverstone Dragonet finds somewhat of a stride, questing, questing, simple instinct/faith/taking him towards a cluster of young women and girls, two with ruddy hair: one gangly and closer to blonde, one rounder, older.

Kessaly pats Loreli's knee encouragingly. "Well, you could always live with Ryka and Imbri, you know. /And/ Riallath." Who snores.

You overhear Lanolt comment quietly, " … … … … green and Madri is … waiting … …" to Selandria

On the sands, Madri shifts her weight again, trying to ease the heat of the burning sands. Her eyes wander down the line of Candidates wondering how they are all doing.

Llyssa hopskipjumps a little further, inching ever sands-wards. Well, towards the railings, anyway. Neck craning and chin thrust in the air, she doesn't much care what she looks like — just wantsta see those eggs. And dragonets. And candidates. Yeah. "Is that…hey!" Ele and Kril! So that's where they are…

Loreli shudders, "No thank you." More because that'd mean she would have to live with the rugrats.

On the sands, Elenya catches sight of that little body eyes following him with joy. Who will he find?

But Kelson is another K word. Like Kismeth. All must be well with such a team! Karima, actually, isn't thinking any such thing, her eyes rapt on the latest impression. Sans whoop.

On the sands, Seasonal Decoupage Egg shifts. Glitters.

On the sands, Fingerpainted Egg flexes, shifts, /rips/ as might child's precious paper turned to some new task; black cricket-flecks fall freely as if fleeing into the sands, abandoned yellow collapsing with magenta and orange. On cue, a slippery dragonet clambers free
all but for a daub of summer-green shard, clinging fancifully to his still-damp flank.
On the sands, Ingenious Agate-Bronze Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Agate shifts him, steadies him, shimmers about the long bones and sets off the intrigued intensity of wide-set eyes. The wayward hue gleams bold browny-bronze about stark dorsal ridges and wide wings' hooks, and gentles with forged and reforged burnish through sinewy, springy hindquarters into the tender glimmer lining throat and belly. A small dragonet, despite hatchling clumsiness he moves without inhibition, centered as he is in the subtle surety of surroundings and self.

On the sands, Rivulettes of perspiration stroke Ketrion's unshaven cheeks, the kind of heat that can stiffle and force gasps from even the most water-sated human. Ketrion feels this despite his eagerness, despite so much happening /in seconds/ it seems around him. There it is, the fingerpainted egg, but there's a blue coming his way. The living draws his attention, misty-eyed blue, and then he passes. Ketrion hops a few steps closer to Kiris. And that robe? It's sticking to his broad chest and back.
On the sands, N'fra wanders out, herding up weyrlings, helping them and their lifemates over to the others, leaving instructions, and making her way back with Ryka.
On the sands, Elenya's eyes are drawn back to what's left of the clutch and she ooohhs as the little bronze emerges. "Beautiful."
On the sands, Ciarrai truly gasps now. Lovely scintillating colors awhirl! Amazing. She dodges a wayward hatchling and a thoughtless tail-sweep, back to the front.

Alisia oo's and aww's with the latest one, the bronze holding her gaze.

Caitlin has disconnected.

Ilonka sits back, letting loose a (much softer) whoop as a bronze escapes his shell. "Look Rima."

On the sands, Ryka gleams a smile at N'fra at her return.
On the sands, Intricate Iron Egg at last — at last! — hatches, spilling its carnelian bronze upon the Sands in unsubtle disorientation. A moment, no more, and he stands… wnadeirng aimlessly before Impressing to a tall lad from Nerat.
On the sands, Madri blinks…that glittering. Could it be? She watches Seasonal for a moment or two….then gasps at the sight of the little bronze. "Oh how beautiful.." she murmers.

Caitlin has connected.

Loreli grumbles, "There, you see? Another bronze. Maybe he'll play with you when he gets big enough. Yes, like Byzanth. No, not like Zhanth. I told you that you couldn't play with Zhanth anymore. It gets me into trouble."

On the sands, Donovan's height affords him a better view than most and beyond the blue he spots another brown. A dragonet who unbelievably has taken a liking to that eastern Holder's boy. Don merely shakes his head. I can't believe he Impressed! Back to blue, he's coming ever closer to someone he recognizes… will it happen?
On the sands, Krilin blinks. A bronze. "Lovely -" she murmurs, using her choice phrase over and over. Neck twists slightly, producing a quick crack before meridian orbs look to the blue, to the other eggs - to tehe impressions.
On the sands, Kiris' eyes are riveted upon that blue and Elenya, scarcely breathing. Sensing Ket's movement, she too steps his direction, hand going out blindly. Encouragement? Shared excitement or nerves?
On the sands, Vilrayn carefully bolts aside as a green nearly barrels into her, then gets back into place, /finally/ not sinking. Feet stay on top of the sand.

Karima's expression is enigmatic as she nods to Ilka's prompting. Then as though recalling this is a /Fort/ bronze, she opens up with a grin and applauds. "Lovely fellow." Jylth croons agreement from her perch.

On the sands, Ingenious Agate-Bronze Dragonet steadies himself first: even now, just out of the egg, he /must/ be set out right. Exacting instincts lift tail and wings and head last, lofting certain eyes across the nearest faces.
On the sands, Elenya nods unable to decide /where/ to look, who to look at neck aches from swivvling back and forth.
On the sands, Hearthlit Mosaic Egg shudders again, and again, and still again.
On the sands, Onath croons softly and nudges Niera for more attention.

Behind Loreli, Th'ea chokes on nothing, then gets a hold of herself.

On the sands, Closer, closer now—Pragmatic Riverstone Dragonet nears the open hand, the turned-away glance. Closer, closer; close enough to touch.
On the sands, The Nerat lad embraces his /brown/, and leads him off to the side.

Kessaly snorts. "Imbrith won't play with /anybody/ 'less I beg him too, and then he grumbles about it for ages. He's no fun." Her dragon is quick to tartly remind her what fun is and is not.

Treva makes careful notes for the record. Zhanth gets Loreli in trouble. All the important news has be gotten out, ya know?

On the sands, Ketrion tilts his chin downward, breaking his silence to Kiris, "Look there." And where he is looking is at the fingerpainted shell, contents now empty, life wanderin the sands. He'd hold his breath. No, he -does- hold his breath.
On the sands, Donovan awws at the bronze, "Isn't that the first?" he wonders… "Brilliant color…"
On the sands, Seasonal Decoupage Egg shifts again in the sand, a long crack extending along one yellow ribbon of hue, threading between the layers and layers of hue.

Renna head jerks back and she swings to look at Loreli, ever so cautiously curious "And just where are you when Byzanth plays with Kismeth Loreli?"

On the sands, Swaying, shivering, shaking; A picture of nervousness, Krilin's fingers flex against her side, head lifting slightly with a slow surge of cinfi(confidence) - though a very 'slow' surge it is.
On the sands, Ciarrai watches the hearthlit egg rock. Never imagined what it would be like in motion…

On the sands, Kiris' gaze follows Ketrion's. "He's grand, Ket."

Th'ea looks at her two fellow greenriders. Uh-oh.

On the sands, Katrineth rumbles into the dragons' thrum, low and resonant and /carrying/.

Selandria grins as she watches the Hatching.

Llyssa wriggles in between a few burly crafters, beaming a smile up at the two with impish delight. She's just a kid, be nice, hey? "Look look look! That's Ele!" One arm frees itself and sweeps towards the little figurines on the sands. Not that it helps, but still. "See?"

On the sands, Elenya's eyes search once again for a glance of the blue, the one who left it's umber shell to find it's own. Hearing Donovan she turns to look at the bronze. "He is beautiful but then, they all are."

Loreli blinks at Renna, "Huh?" Uh-oh. What'd she do now? Was she talking with her mouth open again? Dammit.

On the sands, Niera gazes with wondering look at her new friend, her lifemate forever. She scritches an itchy spot near the base of a wing on Onath's back.

Faya has connected.

Kessaly snickers, and pokes Loreli. "You were mumbling about Zhanth."

Karima waves the newcomer to take a seat and watch the Hatching, her attention returning to the spectacle on the sands

On the sands, Hearthlit Mosaic Egg distends, chipped colors seeming to flow together in the sands' heat like molten glass; a crackle
no, a /crack/ spirals from its base, slowly at first, speeding breathlessly up along the lines of hue until the very apex. There, a wingspar pokes freethen a dark muzzleand the egg yields altogether, mosaic fragmenting beyond recall.
On the sands, Stalwart Ligure-Brown Dragonet emerges from his shell.
On the sands, Oversized paws balance this big, zircon-eyed dragonet, his broad chest and muscular tail only increasing the sense of sportive sturdiness. His glossy red-brown hue darkens as it rises to spine and spars into a rougher, unpolished ruddiness, highlighted by sunset's gold at neckridges' very peak; the gilding hints as well at inquisitive headknobs and determined brow before fading into the darker brown of tapered muzzle. Rooted in mountains, still his head's in the clouds, stability seeking the next grand adventure.

On the sands, Madri's are drawn back to Seasonal watching intently as the crack grows and grows. Who's inside? Her fists cletched so tightly at her sides…knuckles as white as the robe she wears.

Loreli glances back at Kessaly, "Oh, I was? Yeah, Zhanth's a problem." Stoopid bronze.

On the sands, Ingenious Agate-Bronze Dragonet paces out careful, measured steps, wings swept behind him now for a shade-shifting, opaqued cloak. Towards the males he heads, innately true, and around the new-hatched sunset-brown to the other side of the sands' cauldron.
On the sands, Pragmatic Riverstone Dragonet is right in front of Kiris. Right in front of Elenya. As /she/ looks away he makes his way closer yet, wingspars threatening to catch on foxfire hair.
On the sands, Elenya''s widen at the sight of the brown, while searching ever searchng through the mass of bodies.
On the sands, Vilrayn looks around the sands, finding a bronze to watch the progress of. Eyes slightly darken to almost-green.

Corora walks in.

On the sands, Ciarrai cocks half a grin for the newly-emerged, then gaze catches on the one before Elenya /and/ Kiris; suspended moment of wonder-doubt. Almost a fret. Who — who??

Zara cuddles Kevra close, the child tires as time drags on.

On the sands, Sunrise melts into the gloaming of dusky blue, Water-Crayoned Egg releasing dragonet to find paired joy.
On the sands, Krilin merely gasps -" A brown! Look at him!" she gapes, jaw hanging 'wide' open as sh [De simply stands still. Fingers cease to shake, toes stop digging into the sands beneath her. A brown. A 'lovely' brown.

Kessaly giggles. "Maybe it's /you/ that is the problem, huh, Loreli?" K'mart starts to laugh, trying to hide it behind a hammy fist.

On the sands, Elenya eye's roam first here then there,
On the sands, Kiris' gaze returns forward…and oh! A start of surprise to find him so /close/ and a short step back. She frankly stares.

Treva makes more notes. Byzanth and Kismeth is trouble too? All this great Fort news!

Zipporah has disconnected.

Corora glances around, eyes shining. Looking for a famliar face, she makes her way into the stands.

On the sands, Elenya looks down to find the little blue almost atop her.
On the sands, Stalwart Ligure-Brown Dragonet lifts one big foot, shaking it, investigating the sand that clings, then puts it down and lifts another—and discovers mobility.

Faya says, "I can feel your boddy"

On the sands, Ketrion must breath. Breath. Forgotten are Arien and R'and. Forgotten is Smithcraft hall, Forgotten is his sense of dignity, his extemporaneous frowning. So much /still/. He stands as still as a statue, head tilted up to see over another candidate's head who wwandered in front of him.

Faya says, "When I am loving your breath"

"Oh!" A rush of air makes itself audible by twisting through Llyssa's vocal cords as she watches. Blue and Ele…it works. Fingers cross and: "Please oh please…"

Faya than takes the word whe says and writes in her tune book

Janah bites her lip, hard, watching the blue near Elenya, near Kiris. "Oh, please choose, little blue. Please."

Loreli rolls her eyes at Kessaly, "Am not. Zhanth is." And she /glares/ at K'mart. Watch it, bub. You're cruising for a bruising.

Corora pauses, not seeing anyone, and sits down where she is, excusing herself to those she bumps on the way. Eyes are then rooted to the Hatching.

On the sands, Pragmatic Riverstone Dragonet leans in/Kiris/ steps back, but hislarger than he seems, he mantles deep wings about them both, bringing nightfall to midmorning. And meets those lavender eyes.
On the sands, Krilin releases a quick breath, chest heaving with a surge of relief. His first step - and a good one. Quickly, she folds her golden tresses underneath the back of her robe, 'hoping' that for now, they'll stay still. Her sandals proving almost useless, she takes a carefully, almost thoughout step forward.
On the sands, Pragmatic Riverstone Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Elenya.

K'mart tries very hard to stifle the laugh, he really does.

On the sands, Elenya's eyes caress the little opalescent hide then lock.

Caitlin cheers for Elenya

On the sands, Donovan raises his brow in anticipation and alertness. His gaze shifting in unison with his feet at the different colors. Bronze there, but what about that brown… and then there's that blue…

Karima thumps—her own thigh this time, mercifully, celebrating the latest of the pairings with gleaming eyes.

Akira grins gladly for Elenya. Alright!

On the sands, Stalwart Ligure-Brown Dragonet practices this new skill, walking, for a bit, his head down so he can see what his feet are doing. That's how he learns that he has a tail. Feet, tail, what else is there to discover in this wonderful new world?

Janah leaps to her feet, voice raised in joy. "Elenya! A /BLUE/!" Add another bluerider to the family.

On the sands, Ciarrai squeezes her eyes tight shut for half a heart-beat. Elenya… Beautiful. She beams, swallowing back emotion, looking foward once more.

R'ban yells and waves his arms, his encouragement ferocious, and he makes a particular fool of himself. Towards the sands and Elenya, "I knew it! I knew!!" Turning to Akira at his left, "I knew it! I knew she'd Impress!" Back down at the Sands, "I knew it, love!" His jumping up and down causes some to back away from him, even in these close quarters, which is strange. For such a reserved rider, he makes a good fool.

Jary's face lights up for his friend, Elenya.

On the sands, Kiris swallows gaze flicking from Elenya to the blue, then a deep, heartfelt sigh and a radiant smile. No words. Her throat is too tight.

Corora jumps to her feet almost before she is seated, and cheers loudly for Elenya.

Storr cheers, leaping up to point Elenya's Impression, but is laughingly pushed back down by the crowd of Harpers around him.

Vae approves. "Elenya!" Healers rule, you know.

Akira elbows R'ban next to her. "See…such worry for nothing."

Alisia's delighted look says it all, "She did it!" a cheer.

Kessaly cheers and grins. "Hey, good for Elenya."

On the sands, Body nudged up against Fiorath's, Odile takes a swift moment away from attending her lifemate to beam at Elenya. "Elenya!!!"
On the sands, Vilrayn looks over toward the growing crowd of new weyrlings. Then toward the dragonets. Hm. Okay, Vil settles on watching Katrineth. Biggest dragon on the sands, after all.

Faya plays an blue-sy tune in the back of the Galleries on her hand-crafted Gitar.

On the sands, Niera sqeezes her hands together in happiness as yet another of her friends impress. Onath gives a small bugle in echo of Niera's thoughts.

Zhanth bespoke Quienth with: I sense that Zhanth velvets nascent mind with bronze abyssal thought: » Welcome! « «

Katrineth bespoke Quienth with: I sense that Katrineth echoes and reechoes, down and down into the deepest reaches of your mind: /welcome/, youngling, and have joy in your chosen. «

R'and smiles quietly…

Renna jumps up, bubbling joy, and promptly squishes Loreli in a neck lock "Oh look Elenya got one" before release and muttered apologies.

"ELE!!" Llyssa shrieks like a banshee, the burly crafters framing her form wincing as eardrums threaten to shatter. The girl's got lungs, and she's determined that Elenya hears her from up there.

On the sands, Ingenious Agate-Bronze Dragonet stops again to skim his surroundings. Seeing. Gauging. Past a glance of pale blonde and pale blue-grey — Ciarrai? Female! So … dark hair and hazel eyes — there, and there. And there and there, black hair and blue. Caught at the fourfold fulcrum, he hesitates.
On the sands, Welp. Kaboom, Impression! N'fra bounds, skittering over to Elenya, murmuring something in her ear, and motioning towards the others, weyrlings and dragonets.

R'ban grins joyously at Akira. "I knew it all along. I knew it."

Ysan darts in from between.

On the sands, Krilin conceals a youthful burst of laughter, eyes dropping to the ground to conceal her outburst. Cute - very cute. "Look at him, his tail is /so/ big!" she exhal;es, watching as the brown practices his new sport. Tail-whipping.

Akira laughs "Sure you did, R'ban."

On the sands, Released from her stillness, Kiris' head swivels around the sands. What has she missed with her attention locked on her aunt and the blue?

Karima tosses a grin to the vocal R'ban. "Friend of yours?" she calls out, twinkling at the obviosuly unnecessary question.

On the sands, Madri beams happily at Elenya. "Oh! Elenya congratulations!"

Loreli swats at Renna's arms, wheezing, "Can't…breathe…Renna…let…go…please…"

On the sands, Ciarrai gives Kiris a glance as Elenya is shuffled away; a little stab, regret for her; hope hope hope, hunger resumes.
On the sands, Donovan lets out an encouraging and congratulatory, "Elenya!" His steps back to give her and her lifemate more room.

R'ban grins from ear to ear. "I did. I wasn't worried in the least. Not at all."

On the sands, Oh, and /people/. Stalwart Ligure-brown Dragonet looks up and discovers People—fat ones, skinny ones, short ones. Angles and planes get a second glance, and a third, but then again, look. Nice curves, there. And what's that little one?
On the sands, Seasonal Decoupage Egg shudders, watched.

On the sands, Seasonal Decoupage Egg fragments layer by gossamer layer, flecks of shell falling fragile and fractal as snowflakes; petal-like shards cling momentarily to their dragonet's egg-slick hide, drifting in a glittering shower as she spreads her wings for the very first time.
On the sands, Unassuming Geode-Green Dragonet emerges from her shell.
On the sands, Elemental wonder composes this dragonet's rugged, grey-green contours, curving capability into the eager arch of neck, the flare of ribs. Smoothly defined muscles convey haunches' resilient strength, shifting easily beneath their veil of basalt-greyed beryl; that uneven camouflage extends even to the precisely angled tips of her translucent wingsails. Only in winghooks and talons does the pure sea-green shine through, echo of the complex geometries of her crystalline gaze.

Kessaly pokes Loreli. "What about Ket, though, huh? Imbri says not to worry, but I wonder…" She shades her eyes with her hand and peers below.

Caitlin smiles at R'ban's relief

Renna lets go, really she does. Looks horrified too. She ruffles Loreli's head then pats at it, trying to put things back in place "I'm so sorry"

Akira shakes her head at the hyper rider next to her.

Karima offers delicate snort to R'ban's disclaimer. Sure. An elbow to poor Ilka's ribs and then peer to see who gets it next. hee.

On the sands, Elenya isn't quite sure what to do. Lavender eyes cannot leave the little blue resident of the shell. She slides down and wraps arms around him and weeps.
On the sands, Slipping past the candidate in front of him, it's only a half-step, Ketrion's mind is all will, all desire. The edge of his robe sways in the convective heat from the sands, his own motion still -still-. His eyes are on all the hatchlings, now, all that are nearby, brown and bronze, and two flower-born greens.
On the sands, "Elenya! Congrats!" beams Krilin, swirling the ivory cloth about her sweaty leg; a smile parts her lips, dimples poking into the apex of her already redenned cheeks. He looked at her. Oh- nervousness sets back in.

Corora sits back down, only to be jolted to her feet again by another hathing. Oh, and a green. She peers around the sands, wondering who will be lucky this time.

Lanolt has disconnected.

Faya holds back her tears as the candidates impress. She i drippin tears on her journal she is writing in.

Loreli gasps, getting let go. Staring at Renna in disbelief for a minute, she shakes her head. Weirdo. Turning to Kessaly, she raises her eyebrows, "Ketrion's still out there? Ahh, don't worry. There's still plenty of dragonets out there, Kess."

Felassa says, "How many more?"

On the sands, Gaze breaks from gold. Look at that /green/. "Ooooooh, look!" Vilrayn spouts to nobody-in-particular, flexing one of her hands.
On the sands, Kiris looks up at Ket, feeling suddenly bereft. Her aunt's gone and his attention is locked elsewhere. She sidles over a little bit, trying to see better.
On the sands, Madri lets out an exclamation as Seasonal bursts to reveal who's inside. A green! She glances around the sands quickly checking on the progress of the other dragonets before returning, her heart beating fast..
On the sands, Elenya looks up wiping tears from her eyes as she comes to some semblance of sense. "Quienth, his name is Quienth."
On the sands, Donovan's sight returns to the field of Impressions. Ecstacy and bonding mixed with dispair and loneliness in differing degrees. He next regards the bronze and can't help but want to reach out to it, but, knowing better, he doesn't.

Ilonka watches, watches, gets battered by Karima, then resumes watching. That bronze is still out there and he's got most of her attention.. well, and that green is really spiff too. "Interesting colors on that one," she mumbles. A new hue for the dyeing vats maybe?

Th'ea smiles to herself as another strong green breaks shell.

Corora finally sits again, this time remaining there. Much to the delight of those behind her…

K'mart grabs Kessaly up in a huge bear hug as a weyrlass he's had his eye on for some time now impresses a delicate green. "Kess! Look!"

Faya gasp as she sees the girl connected and writes in her journal th observation

On the sands, N'fra has disconnected.
On the sands, N'fra has connected.
On the sands, Kiris's eyes flicker to where that blue-green sea egg rested only to find it's shattered. But where is it's occupant? Which one?

Karima darts a grin to Ilka's musings. I know that look, O yes. And whom to model the experiment? Suffice a nod, agreement and, "He looks like a handful." Safe observation; he's /bronze./

Ehricha walks in.

On the sands, Unassuming Geode-Green Dragonet's own breath comes quickly as well; a step sends shards skittering, and she startles.
On the sands, Ingenious Agate-Bronze Dragonet lurches suddenly forward, meeting him halfway, half-step to half-step. And still — /still/ — he maintains a hunter's dignity as wings flare translucent to the light and jeweled eyes catch hazel ones … but the son's, not the dam's.
On the sands, Ingenious Agate-Bronze Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Ketrion.

Kessaly's eyes bug a bit and she hug K'mart back. "That's great, K'mart." Shards, what was that girl's name anyhow? K'mart's been blathering about her forever. Ah yes, Scotta. And the green is Pipeth, Imbri says. "Look her up in another turn or two, 'Mart."

Zara has disconnected.

Aele walks in.

Ehricha has disconnected.

On the sands, Donovan idly gazes at the other dragonets, some looking so lost and helpless. However, their strength soon reassures him. As the bronze finally reaches his destination, Donovan yells, "Congrats, Ketrion!"

Loreli pokes Kessaly in the side, "Leave K'mart alone for two seconds, will you? Your boy just impressed bronze."

Corora cranes her neck as she peers onto the sands, "Did he Impress??" She wonders aloud to anyone around.

On the sands, A sheer whoop of exultation. "KET!" Kiris shouts, forgetting that his name will be different now.
On the sands, "Ket - Ketrion!" Applauding the well-deserved impression, Krilin watches Ketrion for a moment, but her intent gaze soon flicks back towards the brown. Watching. Waiting. Waiting.

Aele creeps in and peers over the railing, a childish smile of joy on her face.

Puddla walks in.

Kessaly leaps up, and lets out with an ear shattering shriek of excitement as she sees Ketrion impress. From the heights, Imbrith bugles smug gratification.

R'and stands, clapping. "Ket!" His eyes seek out Arien's across the sands.

On the sands, Elenya rises and leads the little blue over to the other candidates. Stooping she finds a small shard of that tiny amber shell and tucks it inside her robe.

Charania's mouth drops open. Ket. On a dragon. She manages a grin, and cheers along with the rest of the weyrbrats!

On the sands, Arien steps to J'dano's shoulder, "—/Look/." Wide, wide eyes.
On the sands, Ciarrai smiles with a swell of pride, smiles toward Ket and his.
On the sands, Madri chuckles very softly at seeing the little green startly herself, then turns and grins at Ket. "Wonderful Ket! " she half yells.
On the sands, Vilrayn eyes Ketrion and bronze warily, taking a step back and away.
Faline blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, Stalwart Ligure-Brown Dragonet wanders, investigating, exploring. He follows a shadow for short steps, then realizes that he needs…something. Someone. Someone like…that one? Nooooo…oh, /noisy/. He looks.

Jinae suddenly disappears ::between::!

Alisia blinks her green eyes as the bronze tracks down his choice, "Ketrion? Oh, what a pair they'll make."

Talisen has connected.

On the sands, Kiris shifts from foot to foot. It's hot. She waves first one then the other in the air. A hand absently flaps at her robe's hem, trying to cool down at least a little.

On the sands, Half step to half step, Ketrion's hardened features /soften/ and despite the heat, his tall and lanky frame sinks into the hot sands where his knees bu rn like the stars he feels in his mind. Emotion-roughed voice speaks /to/ the bronze, "Taranth. /Taranth/." Part of /me/. What can he do or say, that isn't encompased in that name? Dark eyes look up toward Arien. Pride there. And up to the stands. R'and.

Zhanth bespoke Taranth with: I sense that Zhanth smokes woodwind and bronze thunder through your newborn thoughts, a fiery, unequivocal /welcome./ «

Katrineth bespoke Taranth with: I sense that Katrineth sweeps lucent joy within your mind—welcome, oh welcome! «

Felassa says, "So Arien's son Impressed Bronze?"

On the sands, J'dano's fingers slip through his partner's, slack. "It'll be all right," he murmurs, and grins.

Caitlin nods, approving

Ilonka blinks and sits bolt upright, "Hey, wasn't that Arien's boy that just impressed that bronze?!" Now Ilka does the WHOOP-thing and actually turns around to beam a grin at R'and. Gaze shifts to Arien then, as she lets loose a congratulatory cheer.

On the sands, Donovan adjusts his place again with a hesitant slide across the burning floor of sand. He once again turns his attention back to the remaining dragonets, gratified that his friends have done so well, but is there more celebration to be had?
On the sands, "Where - what - oh!" voice lowering into a faint mumble, Krilin steps aside another impression, tears swelling within meridian orbs as she watches the sheer delight. "Lovely." she says, head swiveling towards the brown, watching.

Th'ea cheers for Ketrion and Taranth!

R'and stands, stoically. He's not the whooping type, but he's almost glowing. He claps, smiling after the boy.

Renna ohs softly and her face is joyous "It's Arien's son, its a bronze!"

Akira smiles as Ketrion announces the name.

Karima would wince at Alisia's outburst, but her ears are numbed from self-inflicted decibels. Settle for standing and applause for the lad!

On the sands, Ryka grins. And—Impression. Shards if it isn't the lad o' Arien's. She pads over and murmurs to him, waving a hand to indicate the rapidly growing group of new-made pairs.

Felassa cheers!

On the sands, Vilrayn sidesteps just a /bit/ more. Let's keep ourselves away from Ketrion, shall we? Again, she wipes the beads of sweat that are accumulating on her nose.

Talisen stumbles up the steps in time to hear "Arien's son — bronze —" bright eyes fix on the sands even as she searches for a still-empty seat.

Puddla smiles and WOOHOOs for for the newly impressed. Now wasn't that just an srticulate Harper WooHoo?

Kessaly sits back down, and grins at Loreli. "I spy trouble ahead for Ket and Ryka." She winks, and smacks her hands together, loudly.

On the sands, Madri turns and watches Ket wander past, an exuberant smile on her face. Turning back to the remaining dragonets, her brow crinkles just a bit. Brown and green.

Treva has disconnected.

On the sands, Unassuming Geode-Green Dragonet threads her way through, basalt-greyed wings mantling, testing, /exploring/. Seeks and finds: a lean girl, dark-haired, suncaught.

Llyssa cracks a smile for the boy…and just wonders at the other. Yeah, so he impressed a bronze, yeah, so he's the weyrwoman's son. Stuff like that runs in the family, right? "Where's Kril, now…oh…"

Millae has connected.

On the sands, Stalwart Ligure-Brown Dragonet doesn't falter anymore. He stands where his bronze brother stood seconds ago, but bigger than Taranth, and studies the red-gold hair and the flapping fingers. His head tilts.

Charania toys with the necklace at her throat, still watching. Closely. Smiling.
Vree blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, Madri watches the little green intently. Studying her every detail, hope in her face as she watches her wander through the hatching sands..
On the sands, Ketrion struggles to his feet, one hand light on Taranth's still-damp form. Over there, out of the way, he speaks in a low toned voice. Can you say, single-minded? But not, no /so/ singled minded. He /grins/ rakishly at Arien, as they walk by.
On the sands, Kiris' eyes roam the sands and then…stop. Finger quit flapping hem, twisting the fabric instead as she stares directly at the brown. He's /right here/. Breath catches.
On the sands, Glance falters, lips purse; Krilin form slinks into the circle, eyes haphazardly glancing about. She watches the brown for a moment, slinking farther and farther away, the green on the other side slipping across the sands.
On the sands, J'dano ducks his head and his own grin. Didn't see that, Ketrion. Did /not./
On the sands, Stalwart Ligure-Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Kiris.

Caitlin has disconnected.

Puddla claps her hands to her breasts, hoping for a Harper impressin.

Karima catches the new bronzerider's grin and just shakes her head, chuckling. That one'll be pushing it, or she's a wherry hen.

Huey blinks in from ::between::!

On the sands, Niera stands and moves herself and Onath aside to make room for the newer impressed pairs. She speaks soothingly and quietly to Onath.

Vae has disconnected.

Alisia shoots her gaze towards Akira, "Hey, its Kiris!" Yes, Karima, another shout.

On the sands, Ciarrai nearly swoons. Heat and too much noise, close, tight. Sways only slightly, stops herself, a thoughtless grin for Kiris too now.

Hiya Karima Wherry Hen. Janah just beams again. "Kiris /too/. How wonderful. Who's the green gonna pick, huh? She'd better pick Vilrayn, so Kadarth can catch her." Forward thinking bluerider, eh?

On the sands, Vilrayn sends a bright grin at Kiris, eyes searching the galleries for the first time. A shrug to them, innocently, and then eyes go back down to watch the weyrlings.

Renna is on her feet, screeching her lungs out. She casts ever so smug looks at Grizelda "YES!, Alright Kiris!"

On the sands, Elenya's are drawn up to cast a sparking glance at Kiris. "Oh sweetie." Heart is in her eyes.

Akira jumps up and cheers wildly for Kiris, echoed by a loud and proud trumpet from her luminous lifemate on the ledge.

On the sands, Kiris stares directly into zircon eyes and her that caught breath releases. "Jacinth!" She starts forward, but coltish limbs tangle, sending her to the sands, then leaping upward to reach out, to touch her lifemate for the first time.

Zhanth bespoke Jacinth with: Zhanth's velvet thunder bronzes your mind, wraps woodwind welcome about your thoughts. Found— «

Katrineth bespoke Jacinth with: Katrineth rushes rampant joy throughout your mind. Welcome, welcome! «

Th'ea says, "Yeah, Kiris!"

Karima looks to Ali's shout and nods, grinning. "Good match!" Janah gets a mild cluck.

On the sands, Unassuming Geode-Green Dragonet, studied, studies in turn, crystalline gaze taking in that hope, drinking it in—and her gaze whirls green now, and then truest blue.
On the sands, B'nal stands here beaming at Kiris, as he has been, the whole time. Really.
On the sands, Well, well, well. As boots skipple, N'fra makes her way over to Kiris, whispering something in the girl's ear, before making a motion to the others standing near the wall. A new life awaits.

Loreli walks out.

On the sands, Donovan smiles kindly at Kiris, "Congratulations." Another friend Impresses and more joyous shouts. He glances round to view the green and its beautiful form.

Kessaly smiles at Akira. "Congratulations, Akira. A good match."

On the sands, Madri watches the little green intently, not daring to breath or even move..
On the sands, B'nal has disconnected.
On the sands, Unassuming Geode-Green Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Madri.

Millae has disconnected.

Renna releases Nut, who launches into the air.

Th'ea spies Madri on the sands and holds her breath…

Faya has disconnected.

On the sands, "Kiris." Krilin sighs, toes digging back into the blistering grains; her eyes flick to the greeen, a slow smile forming across her lips to scream - "Madri!"

Akira just /grins/ down at her niece and her new friend.

On the sands, Kiris takes a deep breath, body trembling, an arm clasped 'round Jacinth's neck as she moves with him to sands' edge. She smiles radiantly up at a wildly bugling blue.
On the sands, Niera stands and applauds quietly as she sees Madri becoming one with a dragonet. "Oh, Madri! I'm so happy for you" She says softly.

Renna walks out.

On the sands, Kiris—/Ketrion/; Arien narrows her gaze right back at him, grin white and wide before sands and queen take her once again.

Jary perks up as he sees another of his friends impress. "Mardi, a green!"

On the sands, Ciarrai uses most of what's left of her strength for a congradulatory grin for Madri and hers. Sweet.

On the sands, Donovan cheers Madri and her new lifemate. "Congrats! What a gorgeous dragon!"

Akira finally sits back down, still grinning proudly.

On the sands, Madri kneels down, wrapping her arms aroung the little greens neck, a tear or two trailing down her cheek. Then look up she beams. "Her name's Elsveth!"

Katrineth bespoke Elsveth with: I sense that Katrineth investigates your mind, alit with amber joy: she seeks, finds—/welcome/. «

Zhanth bespoke Elsveth with: I sense that Zhanth whispers muted thunder, revelling bronze woodwind, through and through your thoughts: » Welcome! « «

Selandria cheers for Madri. "Congradulations, Madri!" She calls!

On the sands, Arien catches the name. 'Elsveth'. The last—and then she waves to R'and, up and away.

Karima laughs, the shared joy thronging the cavern infectuous. Eyes shining as a comment from below reaches her ears, "They're all gorgeous."

Up on the ledges, Selketh rises up on her haunches, bugling at first the brown, then the green's impressions!

Anisette goes home.
Llyssa goes home.
Puddla goes home.

On the sands, Taranth walks, slowly, wobblingly, near Ketrion. There is a pause, while the tall boy leans down, and the now-small brownze leans up. A consultation.
On the sands, Odile attends to Fiorath's ever-present needs; feeding, loving, caring — but takes a long moment to eye the weyrlings and non; a smile for her fellow 'lings, a toothy grin for those left Standing—encouraging, friendly.

Slaine sighs and sits back. "Gorgeous," she echoes, glancing over at that couple. "Now what?"

Corora grins, releasing a breath she hadn't even known she'd been holding. "Wow." That's all there is to say.

R'and has disconnected.

On the sands, Vilrayn jumps up and cheers. "Alright! South Boll, here I come!"
Jary goes home.

On the sands, Ciarrai whirls on a burnt heel. Where? Where now? Shells. Marred sands. Fire. Where /now/?

Janah has disconnected.

Larak goes home.
Ina goes home.

Aele grins, showing a missing tooth, at the dragons.

On the sands, Kiris watches as Jacinth wanders closer to her.

T'lon goes home.

On the sands, Niera watches as Onath wanders closer to her.
On the sands, Elenya watches as Quienth wanders closer to her.

Karima looks to Slaine, still smiling in the afterglow. *heh* "What always happens, after?" Eyes twinkle, party!

Th'ea sits back and sighs; but only for a moment. Obsidian eyes separate the new weyrlings, scattered shards, and remaining candidates. She rises and makes her way out of the galleries.

On the sands, Madri watches as Elsveth wanders closer to her.

Corora goes home.

Kessaly grins, and pops up. "Now, for the party." She hooks an arm into K'mart's, and grins, walking out.

On the sands, Odile watches as Fiorath wanders closer to her.

Kessaly has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.
Alisia has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

Slaine groans at that /look./ She adjusts her fancy clothes. "Great," she mutters. "Just great."

Selandria has gone down the stairs towards the hatching grounds.

On the sands, Ketrion watches as Taranth wanders closer to him.

Karima stands and tugs Ilka's hand. "Let's go congratulate Arien." Glance takes Slaine into that offering, implicit.

On the sands, Arien shares a glance with J'danosoonthen steps forward in a rustle of sylvan-dark skirts; she approaches Vilrayn, Krilin, Donovan, Ciarrai, queen drawing nigh to her shoulder. "I'm sorry—your dragons have not yet hatched." Ritually, and meant.

Date: Mon Feb 17 11:25:34 1997 PST
From: Arien (#404)
To: *Announcements (#6560)
Subject: Hatching at Fort Weyr!

Summary of Fort Weyr's latest hatching:
of Katrineth and Zhanth's twenty-one eggs, six hatched PC.

Two residents of Fort Hold impressed first, Niera to Martial Obsidian-Brown
Onath from the Scrimshaw Egg, then Odile to Brilliant Bornite-Blue Fiorath
from the Sponge-Painted Leaves Egg. Next hatched Pragmatic Riverstone-Blue
Quienth, from the Intaglio Signet Egg; he chose healer junior journeyman
Elenya. When the Fingerpainted Egg hatched, its Ingenious Agate-Bronze
Taranth found Ketrion (now K'rion) of Fort Weyr; another weyrbrat, Kiris, thenimpressed Stalwart Ligure-Brown (aka jacinth-brown) Jacinth from the HearthlitMosaic Egg. Last of all hatched the Seasonal Decoupage Egg, from which High
Reaches resident Madri impressed Unassuming Geode-Green Elsveth.

Many, many thanks to all who participated, whether as candidates, spectators
or search crew!

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