Fort Weyr

Weyr, Oh, Weyr Has My Little Drag-Gone?

Fort Weyr has always been the vanilla Weyr of Pern… at least, if you go by what they'd like you to think. Whereas Ista has its beautiful beaches and secluded islands, the Fort region consists of forest, mountains, rivers, snow and seasons, arranged in such a way that the Hold, Weyr, and two Crafthalls lie within an easy day's travel, with other Holds and Halls further on as a change of pace. The Weyr includes standard facilities like a geothermal lake and hatching sands, a breathtaking view from the star stones, and spacious living quarters for weyrfolk with or without dragons. Come visit!

Entering through the tunnel, you find yourself standing in Fort Weyr's expansive Living Cavern. With a cup of klah in hand, it won't be long before one of the many weyrbrats latches onto your strange face.

"So," says the Weyrbrat, "you say you want to know the ins and the outs of the Weyr?" She holds out her palm and draws attention to its emptiness. "No one has a better grasp on the people, places, and politics than I do. At least, no one who'd be willing to tell you for such a very reasonable price."

F o r t W e y r N e w s

Weyrleader: L'ton
Weyrsecond: L'ryl
Weyrlingmaster: Madri
Steward: <Recruiting>

Sr. Weyrwoman: TBA (long live Eleni!)
Rt. Weyrwoman: Liette, Nomi
Jr. Weyrwomen: Imogen, Iona
Headwoman: Penyn (NPC - Want the job?)
Wingleaders: Jill (Sirocco), Merci (Stormrider)

On game, please see

  • 'fort' residents feature for lots of goodies.
  • 'news FW search' for information about Fort search!
  • 'news FW residency' for specific information about Fort's residency policy.

Fort is easily accessible via wagon, foot, or air and welcomes visitors. (Particularly if they have good tales to tell…) Weyrfolk can usually be found in the lower caverns (#551). If you'd like to stay on a more permanent basis, that can be worked out too — @send to *FWStaff with requests, queries!

FW STAFF: Madri, Q'zil, Fievel, C'abe, Iona. Wanna help? +mail *fwstaff

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