Fort Weyr Dragon Inspirations

FW@DF: PC Dragons & Inspirations

October 30, 2004 (Hatching Log)
B'lor (Bullemorte) & Intellectual Aged-Copper Bronze Istruith from Scurvy Gums Egg
Kalyani & Helen of Troy Olive-Green Fylipaeth from Sunken Ship Egg
Ki'er (Kiefer) & Thundering Sunrise-BronzeKhonsumaath from Walk the Plank Egg
Kiyh (Kiyhazel) & Gothic Regina Acid-Green Dysairyth from Jolly Roger Egg
Idia (Lidia) & Curvesome Jade-Green Vitaranth from Skeleton Crew Egg
Ttana (Cattana) & Theatrical Chestnut-Brown Sidamath from Wooden Leg Egg
V'arn (Talvarn) & Canny Mongolian Blue Temujith from I Don't Like Rum Egg
Yl'za (Dylzan) & Genie-in-a-Bottle Blue Saelhedith from Rebellious Hostage Egg
Z'ynn (Zaynne) & Royal Renaissance Shadowed-Bronze Delinseth from Mutiny Rising Egg

March 5, 2004 (Hatching Log)
A'odh (Aodhan) & Majestic Sword-Bronze Iskandeth from Tangled Cables Egg
D'sen (Delsen) & Unconventional Foliage-Green Irusenth from Lonely Trundlings Egg
Iffi (Aoiffrin) & Fierce Woad-BlueDushlanth from Wistful Meanderings Egg
Ik'la (Ikaelya) & Dancing Serrano-Green Sakurath from Busted Piano Egg
Io (Iosha) & Classical Orchestra-of-Green Jadziath from Corroded Bumper Egg
Savarna & Sassy Honey-Gold Llydyth from Dirty Dolly Egg
Z'mra (Zamara) & Reckless Margarita-Green Araganth from Crocheted Blankets Egg

July 17, 2003
Bowman & Timeless Desert-Brown Tokeith from Homemade Paper Egg
Brandi & Boundless Refractions Gold Lyaseth from Antique Aurum Egg
Kryssi & Quixotic Swordfish-Blue Xiphiath from Blinding Armor Egg
Lilyithe & Smoking Outlet Green Jareriath from Child's Blooms Egg
L'o (Silor) & Tanned Leather-Bronze Govanath from Weeping Willow Egg
Neraela & Exultant Diamond-Blue Pirogeth from Beauteous Nacre Egg
Ry'hki (Ryo) & Peek-a-boo Pearlescent Green Cabbith from Undyed Linen Egg
T'ai (Taiver) & Moonlit Forest-Green Kalth from Conspicuous Kindlings Egg

November 10, 2002
A'ren (Aelren) & Flaming Glogg-Bronze Imanjeth from the Careless Cardamom Egg
Atre (Atreya) & Adventurous Ice-Cream Green Ghiath from Mellifluous Mint Egg
I'rao (Iriao) & Haunted Black-Bean Blue Ihyvath from Curiously Cumin Egg
P'wel (Powell) & Everhungry Diet Bread Blue Nith from Almost Aniseed Egg
Q'van (Quivan) & Anise-Pepper Liqueur Bronze Quzanth from Stand-Out Star Anise Egg
Shyona & Piquant Paella Aiwenth from Satiny Saffron Egg

December 7, 2001
Jill (Jillriel) & Adventurous Weathered-Brown Arcath from the Born-Again Phoenix Egg;
F'en (Fenfin) & Spellbound Starry Night-Blue Lumoth from the Dark Lake Mystery Egg;
Drusilla & Eternal Ice-Green Udiath from the Vengeance and Discord Egg;
M'rai (Mirai) & Knightly Powder-Blue Dubrilth from the World in a Closet Egg;
K'rin (Kerrin) & Animated Armoured Brown Astath from the Sunken Realm Egg;
Cori (Coriana) & Siren Sea-Coral Green Emmath from the Where the Socks Go Egg;
R'ish (Rishi) &Chauvinistic Slothful Brown Maialeth from the Clotho Egg;
Yli (Feylin) & Salt-edged Citrus Green Nyasuth from the Pixie Shoemaker Egg.
And NPCs Alma; H'ros (Halros); Pippa (Philippa); J'cob (Jacob); R'del (Reidel); T'ris (Toris).

February 10, 2001
S'naid (Seonaid) & Effervescent Vanilla-Soda Brown Modrath from the Octopus Sushi Egg;
Shendti & Majestic Woodland-Green Naevyth from the Rich Confection Egg;
Dessa (Denassa) & Optimistic Rose-Gold Edysanth from the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake egg;
Laih & Char-Edged Avalanche Green Zhyfath from Grasshopper Pie Egg;
J'bal (Jubal) & Spiced Hot Cocoa Brown Kwaith from the Apple Pie Egg;
Cea (Ceanna) & Enlightened Psychedelic Green Ayeleth from the Spanikopita Pastry egg;
X'in (Xian) & Feline Flamenco-Bronze Dobryth from the Snickerdoodle Egg;
Grace & green Scherzath!
Plus NPCs Bertin and Magrit!

July, 2000 (Hatching log 134k)
Cisusse & Forge-Formed Dusk-Green Delioth from the Mechanical Nightingale egg;
C'leb (Caleb) & Ominous Storm-Blue Jeresath from the Flying Trunk egg;
R'sin (Ralsin) & Sculpted Leviathan-Bronze Sparneth from the Bluebeard egg;
Akeli & Gentle Porphyrion-Blue Amoneth from the Chicken Little egg;
Quin & Changeable Sky-Green Ulanith from the Wicked Stepmother egg;
Seria & Gossamer Mist-Blue Etryth from the Worn Dancing Slippers egg;
S'ren (Selvren) & Timid Tumultuous Bronze Yzmoth from The World is Too Large egg;
Mardy (Maradydd) & Rose-Leaf Princess Green Ceolath from the Daughters of the Air egg!

October, 1999
Miafah, former Fort Hold nanny, & Lighter Side Green Aliath from the Just Another Day egg;
K'rali (Kalrania), former Harper apprentice, & Matchless Icecap-Blue Rhioth from the Poison Kool-Aid egg;
Nada (Nadara), former Fort Hold resident, & Moody Ivy-Green Siyaneth from the Roundness of Zeroes egg;
K'rill (Korrill), former Fort Hold resident, & Tourist-Trap Marble-Bronze Llynth from the Controversial Moment egg;
Vindanea, Fort Weyrfolk, & Anxious Butter-Gold Vyath from the Revival Tent egg;
A'ria (Audria), former Fort Hold nanny, & Fathomless Freshwater-Green Orsylth from the Champagne Hoarder egg;
Kourrem, Fort Weyrfolk, & Touchstone Jasper-Brown Jurayath from the Rainbow of Faces egg;
Keryn, formerly of the Enlander Clan, & Exotic Equator-Blue Dvath from the Hesitant Premonition egg.

March, 1999 (Hatching log 181k)
C'aen (Caenis), Fort Weyr resident, & Patrician Milo-Green Paxith from the Neo-Classical egg;
Gretchen, former Fort Hold resident, & Indulgent Inscribed-Gold Jespeth from the Illuminated Manuscript egg;
J'cent (Jancent), former Weaver apprentice, & Persistently Odd Dali-Brown Byrnith from the Almost Real egg;
Jules, former Harper apprentice, & Cavalier Chevalier-Brown Veluth from the Velvet Painting egg;
Laria (Ilaria), former Harper apprentice, & Midsummer Eve Forest-Green Seelinth from the Blown Glass egg;
M'gael (Magael), former Smith apprentice, & Roamin' Roman Harley-Bronze Theronth from the Gaudy Gaudi egg;
Rhali, former Harper apprentice, & Tangled Garden Gnome-Brown Kefteth from the Kitschy Lawn Ornament egg;
Sissi (Sissy), former Healer apprentice, & Spangled Emilie-Blue Klimth from the Overpaint egg!

April, 1998
Vaine (Evaine) & Seaweed Harpstring Green Alueth from the Whiter Shade of Pale egg;
Adara & Impetuous Contrabass Clarinet-Brown Chyenth from the Tell Me Why egg;
Maer (Maerian) & Raffish Bagpipes-Blue Rhavath from the Lugubrious Whing Whang Egg;
R'sta (Chrysta) & Resonant Imperial-Brown Saidith from The Flowers That Bloom Egg;
G'kar (G'kar) & Gunmetal Pennywhistle-Green Xenith from the Dark Star Egg;
Lynda & Washed-Out Funkadelic Blue Zavinth from the Barbara Allen Egg!

September, 1997 (Hatching log 180k — the inspirations were previously HTMLized in another directory, and not yet fixed, so some of the links are broken; also, I have to redo Kolyath's since it got overwritten.)
D'stin (Dustin), former Weaver apprentice, & Quizzical Wilderness-Brown Quilath from the Whimsical Pinwheel egg;
Fiona, former Weaver senior apprentice, & Dauntless Damask-Gold Gyrfath from the Snail's Curl egg;
Gr'ym (Greyim), former IH resident, & Roguish Saltillo-Bronze Kolyath from the Curried Eggplant egg;
M'gellan (Magellan), trader, & Mellow Sundance-Bronze Ranjith from the Half-Baked Potato egg;
Reine, former senior journeyman healer, & Vivid Vine-Gold Brigith from the Dusky Sunflower egg;
Zephre (Zephre), former IH resident, & Streamlined Sea-Green Miyoth from the Dandelion Weed egg!

February, 1997
Kiris & Stalwart Ligure-Brown Jacinth from the Hearthlit Mosaic egg;
K'rion (Ketrion) & Ingenious Agate-Bronze Taranth from the Fingerpainted egg;
L'nya (Elenya) & Pragmatic Riverstone-Blue Quienth from the Intaglio Signet egg;
Madri & Unassuming Geode-Green Elsveth from the Seasonal Decoupage egg;
Niera & Martial Obsidian-Brown Onath from the Scrimshaw egg;
Odile & Brilliant Bornite-Blue Fiorath from the Sponge-Painted Leaves egg!

August, 1996
K'it (Kethlai) & Champagne Grape-Blue Ilurath from the Willow Flute egg;
N'fra (Nefra) & Sweet-Tart Gooseberry-Green Tefiath from the Mountain Sunset egg;
Renna & Key Lime-Green Deireth from the Contained Recovery egg;
Tarin & Umeboshi Plum-Blue Ryuth from the Daytime's Passage egg;
Th'ea (Thaddea) & Pippin Apple-Green Selketh from the Janus' Annals egg;
Z'lo (Zelo) & Rum-Raisin Walnut-Brown Cyrenth from the Auroraed Lake egg!

March, 1996
A'var (Anvar) & Parched Desert-Bronze Caervath from the Wine Cellar egg;
B'nal (Bennal) & Steadfast Cartouche-Bronze Byzanth from the Musty Furs egg;
Loreli & Hieratic Nilotic-Green Kismeth from the Cinnamon and Spice egg;
Millae & Lucid Zephyr-Blue Phelth from the Piemur's Dream egg;
N'tol (Tulon) & Scarab Faience-Blue Tuath from the Fresh-Cut Hay egg;
Tr'vyn (Trevyn) & Sculpted Sarcophagus-Bronze Jeroth from the Burning Incense egg!

October, 1995 (Hatching Log)
Kessaly & Blue Moon Imbrith from the Wind-Whipped Waves Egg;
Lysalla & Penumbral Brown Khalith from the Twilight Moonbow egg;
Ranye & Undertow Blue Tisanth from the Flotsam & Jetsam egg;
R'jak (Rajak) & Sandstone Brown Shianth from the Shifting Moonshadows egg;
T'lon (Telon) & Riptide Green Gaelth from the Flood Tide egg;
Toria (Victoria) & Hunter's Moon (gold) Rosalth from the Harvest Moon egg!

April, 1995 (Hatching Log)
Amery & Vibrant Fern-Green Lyrioth from the Silvered Moonlight Egg;
J'dano (Jedano) & Perilous Eucalyptus-Bronze Zhanth from the Incised Bone egg;
K'ran (Kamaran) & Willful Sagebrush-Green Sorileth from the Streaked Marble egg;
Ryka (Rykara) & High-Spirited Marigold-Brown Riallath from the Melted Marshmallow egg;
Sh'lin (Shailin) & Exquisite Orchid-Green Belisanth from the First-Blooming Crocus egg;
Talisen & Shimmering Tulip-Blue Alsath from the Windblown Wishes egg!

December, 1994
Elsinora & Watercolor Wisteria-Blue Merianth from the Rippled Waters egg;
Kh'rys (Khemrys) & Vagabond Velvety-Green Ysaleth from the Milk Bubble Egg;
K'lora (Kilora) & Daring Dilly-Green Dorianth from the Broken Stones egg;
N'ran (Neran) & Fanciful Filigreed-Bronze Rilaeth from the Steeped Tea egg;
Tarinda & Tempered Tiger-Eye (brown) Iliath from the Streaked Oil-Sheened egg;
Troy & Jaunty Gentian-Blue Aikanth from the Mountain Cascades egg!

August, 1994
Ariana & Autumn Gold Ashtoreth from the Glittering egg;
F'ndar & Errant Bronze Tirath from the Wintry egg;
Galatea & Kiwi Green Zaireth from the Glassy egg;
Illadara & Sisal Green Ceilith from the Embellished egg;
L'raile & Gingery Brown Kairoth from the Flamboyant egg;
R'ban & Adroit Blue Rhaith from the Tempered egg!

April, 1994 (possibly our first inspirations)
Akira & Mercurial Blue Yolinth from the Stormy Autumn egg;
Ch'rra (Charra) & Fierce Green Rakshath from the Roiling Bluegreen egg;
Ch'rron (Charron) & Sunlit Bronze Varianth from the Seashell Gray egg;
Rh'su (Rheisu) & Sunwarmed Bronze Tyrdinth from the Inscrutable Violet egg;
Shiloah & Sea-Spume Blue Korynth from the Rain-Sheened Glass egg!

August, 1993
C'ss (Cassie) & Sharp Sorrel-Brown Kirth from the Bilious Violet egg;
K'lai (Kreelai) & True-Blue Lettuce-Green Twelfth from the Frenzied Opal egg;
M'rath (Mithra) and Intrepid Rusty-Bronze Ghanth from the Burnished Copper egg;
S'rani (Syrani) & Glimmering Glows-Green Zyreth from the Malachite Egg;
T'van (Tevan) & Ash Grey-Blue Lyrenth from the Yucky Moldy egg;
Zara & Meticulous Teardrop-Brown Riyanth from the Ringed Marble egg!

March, 1993
Bethanna & brown Zweifelth;
J'lee (Jerilee) & green Mephaath;
J'larin (Jolarin) & green Khayeth;
Palina & gold Meleketh!

November, 1992
Arien & Vividly/Deeply Golden Katrineth from the Burnished Gold egg;
Dancer & Mild Blue Havaneth from the Pale Purple egg;
H'tar (Holtar) & Deep Brown Larineth from the Light Azure egg;
J'nek (Jennek) & Bright Green Forsith from the Speckled Brown egg;
Kayanni & Two-Toned Green Dobeth from the Sea-Foam Green egg;
T'rron (Turron) & Shaky Blue Tregreth from the Mottled Blue-Green egg!

July, 1992 (first FW PC hatching; no log known to exist)
Brielle & blue Mizriath;
C'lyn & blue Zelmonth;
F'lkor & brown Azrath;
F'rall and bronze Cyrkarth;
K'rak & green Lealth;
K'shan & green Tamarinth;
Kyrian & green Vereth;
Lesli & green Iolath;
Lillita & green Kolruth;
On'x & blue Bolth;
T'fel & blue Balarenth;
Th'ron & brown Wulfrith!

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