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Long time no see, stranger!

It's not a horrible idea, though I rarely see people taking up these ready made characters and following through, so they'd have to be nonessential. That and there is no *family mailer. You mean *wanted?

Re: Adoptables by QiluinQiluin, 24 Mar 2011 06:47
t0mat0t0mat0 20 Mar 2011 19:46
in discussion General Discussion / General Talk » Adoptables

Searching around the web I've noticed that some games have NPC pages and/or Adoptable Character pages. Being the sort of person who loves to play characters with PC family/affiliates, this sort of thing really appeals to me.

What's your opinion, folks: do you like the idea of having a NPC Adoptable page on the wiki for people interested in playing a ready-made character? Or should we just stick to the on-game *family mailer?

Adoptables by t0mat0t0mat0, 20 Mar 2011 19:46

Thus far it'd be you, I, Grif, and Sam.

As for players to play once it's done, I've heard of two, besides myself.

I sort of am late on making the map, but I'll do it tomorrow. Been a tiring week thus far.

Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by QiluinQiluin, 15 Apr 2010 03:56

Do we have a list of people who would like to be involved in the helping of the Dolphincraft?

I know that as a Healer, I definitely would be able to help play a part in the developing, in terms of the dolphin healing aspect.


Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by tyrothtyroth, 11 Apr 2010 22:23

Okay, so like… Pern is Pern, and over the years the fandom has had to do a lot of interpretation with what we have had to work with. We've had to fill in the blanks, maybe alter some things to make it work better for us, and we've had to assume some things considering civilizations all through time. So, I'll take this piece by piece.

Earrings? I don't see why not? Cultures all over the world were doing earrings. It's easy to do. You have to keep it within Pern boundaries though, keeping some of the metal to a minimum, and considering the use of shell or bone or some other stone in their use.

Tattoos? I've been very careful about this. Very. If you know me? Then you know that I tend to think quite a bit on the ICness of something, and I apply it to culture and… well, Pern. Cultures all over the world have done tattooing, primitive. I researched this a great deal, looking all over the place for instances and how it was done. After doing my research, and discussing it with a range of people from different Pern games, I was comfortable in giving Rh'iad a background in being able to create tattoos. Simple tattoos with only dark ink. No color.

Now, hair color. I admit to being kinda ifsy on this. But hey? Who am I to judge? It depends on culture and background and availability. I remember, once upon a time (a gazillion years ago), candidates often dying their hair or a portion of it the same color of the dragon they wanted to impress. Man, I was a dork. If the dye is available and the interest is there, I don't see why not. Will you get looked at funny? Sure. Will you be judged ICly? Oh yeah. Expect that. Physical representation is a part of you, be prepared to deal with it. But, again, I don't see why not. As long as it is done well within Pern's boundaries.

Re: Ornamentation Canon by PerngamerPerngamer, 09 Apr 2010 19:18

This topic came up tonight because there is question as to the canon of changing your hair color. That bled into a lengthy conversation that I decided needed to be brought here so everyone can be a part of it.

I’ve been told over time that ‘earrings’ aren’t canon on Pern. That seemed bizarre to me. Especially since they constantly talk about how vain folks were about their clothes in the books. Well, Dragonsfire has a jewelry smith, so I suspect what I was told long ago isn’t backed by much if anything.

So then lets move on to make-up, apparently they wore make-up in the books. I don’t remember it, but it’s not something I would. Someone else in this conversation said they read it. Okay, so then make-up is canon?

I’ve had lots of complaints how our tattoos aren’t canon. I was really surprised by that. I’d honestly like to hear why it wouldn’t be. I’m not being surly, I swear, I’m curious. Skin art has been around as long as man, and hasn’t died out yet, so why wouldn’t Pern have it?

Okay, so now we get to hair color. I’m actually the person who helped the player who wanted colored hair work out how. I did so by using my own history. My family are a bunch of hippies and don’t believe in using artificial hair-dyes, so blonde was achieved using lemon and something else I can’t remember right now, but I looked it up and they suggest it on several natural health sites. It won’t give you white hair, but lighter. Then you could apply things like henna, fruit and vegetable dyes, as well as other plant dyes. You won’t get bright colors, and only colors that occur naturally in nature. (Redundant?!) It won’t be permanent either. You’ll have to reapply now and again.

Also remember, they brought Gypsies with them, and they love their ornamentation!

So yea, I thought it was time we actually used this canon part of the forum! We’ve been talking about it for years. I’m very seriously honestly wanting to hear other folk’s answers on all of this, because maybe I’m wrong! *Gasp!* It’s happened before. ;)

Ornamentation Canon by QiluinQiluin, 08 Apr 2010 05:09

Also I need to add in something about Ista Hold being the home to the best Seacraft ship building yard on Pern. Putting it here so it won't get lost. That was in Dolphins of Pern and I thought it was a great addition and yea, explains the giant Docking Cavern.

As promised:

As is common knowledge, Ista Island is tropical, with plenty of jungle and black sand beaches to entice and entertain. The Earth equivalent would be the islands of Hawaii, which also in some cases have black sand beaches. The forests are rich with a wide variety of moisture loving flora, as well as an intense amount of fauna. Tunnelsnakes and bugs come in an impressive variety, both poisonous and not. Firehead is an issue on the Island, much like it is in the tropical southern hemisphere.

The weather also follows much the same path as Hawaii, with a tropical climate that remains with little seasonal changes. There /are/ changes, but the cycle of the seasons aren’t noticed as much, and lend more to a three season wheel of the Turn, which would entail: Summer, Winter, and Spring. Autumn is barely noticed other than it being a rich harvest season.

Ista Hold is the home of the annual Harvest Gather, taking full advantage of the warmth that lingers well beyond the norm for the northern continents. Trader caverns often winter on the Island, and frequently more directly at Ista Hold, which is highly encouraged by the Lord Holder. So much so that the gather fields and various other areas are annually opened up to them after the Harvest Gather.

Ista Hold also embraces the Smiths and the Seacrafters, catering to each in different manners. The Broken Staircase Tavern, which was named after one such Smith brought down the first set of stairs, was created to get these two hard working groups together for some much needed R&R. It doesn’t hurt that a fair amount of coin can be made in this not-completely philanthropic endeavor. So it works for everyone, plus it opened up a whole new group of jobs.

This all makes winters at Ista Hold really quite eventful and interesting. The different sort of folk, from different areas, different occupations, different traditions, just all out different, all mingling together to create one beautifully colorful inspiring tapestry that is ever changing.

Lord Sterling vehement adoration for the hold and its quirky people is often lost behind a stoic demeanor and an unending devotion to decorum. Ista Hold comes first in all things, including his personal life, which is very quietly kept behind the scenes. Past history has told a much more interesting story of the virile man’s ‘pursuits’ that are now cleverly hidden and tended to by the ever present and always loyal Steward Jacob.

Jacob’s smiling face, and gentle character manages where Sterling’s brusqueness fails, so they make a stunning team. It’s Jacob’s job to quietly escort the women out and make sure they are well tended to, including a hefty glass of the famous “green stuff” that is used for contraception. Two such deviations in the past have resulted in children with other men’s mates. The first with Weyrwoman Shylora of Igen, who gave birth to the twins Quorra and Q’luin. The second with his brother’s wife, issuing lovely Lisyana.

The Lord Holder’s other passion would be wine, which has led to a winery being crafted below the Hold in caverns formerly used for storage. Always looking for an edge on the long established Vintner Halls, he’s been known to bribe Master Vintners for everything from sharing seeds, knowledge, and even relocating to Ista for a period to help oversee the vineyards. Passion has slowly grown into obsession and every fruit found on the Island has been utilized in some fashion or another.

Recent events have resulted in the need for Lord Sterling to appoint an heir, and this weight has been foisted upon the shoulders of his youngest daughter Lisyana. If nothing else, this will assure Ista Hold a future rich with color as she carpets every square inch in her beloved blooms.

Relations with Ista Weyr’s leaders are publicly professional, while privately their histories have been less than perfect. Lord Sterling adheres to protocol and tradition, therefore a respectful face is always shown with regards to the Weyr’s leadership. When his tongue is lubricated with wine, sometimes it will loosen and slip with pinning for the good ole days of N’lon’s reign.

Atmosphere and local knowledge by QiluinQiluin, 04 Apr 2010 22:20
NPC Benden
QiluinQiluin 04 Apr 2010 07:51
in discussion General Discussion / General Talk » NPC Benden

This is what I have thus far. I didn't write Bitra yet because I wanted permission. I know Thad wanted to, but I suspect he won't anymore. Still want permission, or otherwise! Won't step on toes.

The hope is that the below will meet the idea that was put forth:

Benden Weyr and Ruatha Hold were very important in Anne McCaffrey’s books, but on Dragonsfire they are little more than background story. Relegated to NPC. Benden and Bitra Holds are the same. On different games you will find different areas played with varying themes and feels, as well as lumped under different coverage areas. On this particular game Benden Hold and Bitra look to Benden Weyr, and these areas are often visually and spiritually likened to Italy. Ruatha falls under Fort Weyr’s coverage.

The topography for Benden Hold would follow on the lines of Umbria, which is rugged, yet beautiful. More humble than some, but also quite the “green heart” of Benden Weyr’s coverage area.

This Italian “flavor” carries on over to their vintner skills and are world renowned for giving birth to the best wines on Pern. Others have tried to attain such level of talent, as well as the closely guarded secrets and seeds that are utilized, but none have yet to succeed in accomplishing this task. Therefore Benden wine remains elusively far superior in this field.

Benden’s Lord Kellin and Lady Ashley are steady decent folk that run a good stable Hold, and are known to be fair and even handed with their holders. They are of good loyal relations with Benden Weyr.

Some pictures to give visual inspiration:

Benden Weyr’s topography could be likened to the Italian Alps, with jagged peaks that are surrounded by a vast range of mountains. Long on beautiful rugged landscape, the area attracts hardy souls looking to live in harmony with the formidable land and forgo the more popular (read warmer) destinations of Pern. This breeds an enduring tenacious sort that is loyal to their community and the land almost as much as they are the protection of Pern as a whole.

Valiant to a fault, Weyrleader V’ahn is held in the highest regard by hold, hall, and weyr folk of the region. His undying loyalty and unflagging determination has become a hallmark that parents will refer to when marking the heights of virtue with which their children should strive. But then quietly they could be heard to whisper, “Just remember, you are only human and there /is/ such thing as aspiring too high.” If Pern shared in Earth’s mythology he would be equated to Icarus, always trying to reach farther than he should, even with good intentions.

Outside of the region he is often considered bullish and overbearing, as well as substantially conniving. His arrogance is legendary, carrying him through several acts that he would call “altruism” while others would clearly diagnose it “megalomania”. On more than one occasion he has “placed” Benden goldriders and small groups of loyal bronze and brownriders in other weyrs in hopes to gain control of these weyrs he thinks are so poorly run, so that /he/ can fix what had been broken by “incompetence”.

Weyrwoman Mahlia and her Weyrleader are unfailingly true to one another, having found what so few dragonriders have - true limitless love in the arms of one another. Maybe it is magic with which Benden Weyr weaves that binds their Weyrleaders together to the end of life. Time and time again through history, ever since the era of F’lar and Lessa, a true sustaining mating is created that carries Benden’s leaders down the road side by supportive side.

NPC Benden by QiluinQiluin, 04 Apr 2010 07:51

I tried to create a new topic, but my permission levels wouldn't allow me to, so would someone who can, please add Dolphin Craft under the Craft header please? It'll be easier to keep information in individual threads to be referenced.

Like for example, I found a great link for folks wishing to play the Dolphin Craft:

Also, I was going to go back through the book when I'm done (almost) and write some notes. Since we're going to start out without the help of Avias, we'll ICly be struggling with their speech, etc, so I thought I'd sort of make a guide on how their speech is skewed. It'll at the very least be some fun struggling in the beginning before they start learning proper speech. Just rambling thoughts as I read!

Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by QiluinQiluin, 02 Apr 2010 09:23

I see Dolphins in the advert, does that mean Sam can finish them? If so, how soon do we expect to get things started? I don't mean to push, but it'd be great to know a general timeline so the character I have that is growing older by the second can be prepared in advance, but not too far in advance if it is going to be a long while still.

That and… well, maybe I'm just nosy. Curious! Excited as heck!

I'll do anything I can to help with any of it. I even bought the book, which I will start reading tonight.

Thanks for pushing for us, Griff!

Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by QiluinQiluin, 24 Mar 2010 00:56

Sounds good and clever to me.

Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by QiluinQiluin, 26 Nov 2009 04:21

TP wise, what about sources of firestone being found underwater? It'd go hand in hand with the shortage and would be a perfect reason for people and dolphins to work together since dolphins will be the only ones who know the locations and be able to help recover it.

Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by l_tonl_ton, 26 Nov 2009 03:01

I figure it'd be like an OOC conclave or something. Really there shouldn't be a lot of stuff needing to be done other than residenting. I dunno, crafts aren't my 'thing', so I really shouldn't be the one answering this.

As for coding, there are already dolphins coded, or partially coded. I really don't know how far along they are or what they were meant to do. You're talking about player-dolphins? *Shrug* I know very little about the dolphins at this point. I guess I should get a book and read. I'll check the library.

I'll be honest and say right now I'll help set whatever up that needs to be, and I have a character I would like to put at the dolphins, but I don't really want to have anything to do with admin, etc… I'll just be the one on the side RPing and putting all of everyone else's hard work to use.

Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by QiluinQiluin, 24 Nov 2009 07:09
Helpful Sites
t0mat0t0mat0 24 Nov 2009 04:33
in discussion Crafts / Healer » Helpful Sites

Triad Weyrs -
Harper's Tale Healer Wiki -

Any of you have any useful Healer sites of your own to share for folks to use during RP?

Helpful Sites by t0mat0t0mat0, 24 Nov 2009 04:33

I agree with Q'luin on a multi-craft ooc nexus… thingy so that no one in particular has to run it… I think. Would that mean that there wouldn't be a 'governing' group of people to make decisions, etc, and it would be run by the wizards like they currently are OR do you mean that there would be a group of people from various crafts kind of running the behind the scenes things for the leaderless/inactive crafts?

How do folks feel about doing what HT did with their Dolphin Craft? They had dolphin objects that people outside of the craft could 'puppeteer' as a way of folks outside of the Craft interacting with the Dolphin Craft and creating this unique twist on RP in the Craft - and another question would be 'is it possible for us to do it?' since that involves some amount of coding.

Re: Dolphin Craft, etc... by t0mat0t0mat0, 24 Nov 2009 02:49

Since we have a large base of people who want Dolphin Craft and I agree one thing at a time, I'm more than willing to pocket Igen for awhile and put all the effort into opening up the craft.

What we talked about is opening it up with a TP on Ista Island. Anyone have any ideas?

MHO is that we should throw together the Multi-Craft main OOC nexus idea so that no one in particular has to run it. The idea that was voiced at the meeting about having one main Craft body that runs all the leaderless or inactive leadership crafts?

We have two code gurus right now, so maybe we can work out what needs to be done that wise, work on the TP, and get people to toss in descriptions for what little rooms need to be built? Ista Hold will happily give room in the docking cavern — maybe a small cavern off that? Closer to the sea? Just thoughts.

Please everyone, join in. Lets party.

Dolphin Craft, etc... by QiluinQiluin, 22 Nov 2009 06:17

On that note too, Urei tends to not identify by names at all. So he solely brings up titles. With Weyr titles, there is also the Wingriders to consider, I've always used their mount color as part of their name 'Brownrider' or 'Brownrider N'tan', but this is also because Urei gives more respect to riders than anyone else.

As for Crafts, I think within crafts the titles are left out in the informal situation, like a class discussion it would be normal for a Journeyman to call an apprentice by their first name only, since they are all apprentices. For me it is like having a PhD, some people want to be referred to as 'Dr. Soandso' while others don't, I don't think that there is a consistent basis for that (plus whether or not you are a grad student or undergrad or coPhd really impacts this.)

As for Holds, Lord or Lady (without names attached) seems to me to be the 'best' way to refer to a Lord or Lady Holder. But as you noted Vyune, it is a little weird thinking of others outside of the Hold saying 'Lord Sterling' etc.

Urei is just super formal no matter what, I tend to avoid all name usage with him.

Re: Rank Etiquette by tyrothtyroth, 28 Oct 2009 18:51
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