Kalyani's Helen of Troy Olive-green Fylipaeth
Sunken Ship Egg
Amidst deepest ocean blue that covers this egg there is something else, something deep beneath the surface. There is a hint of the white of torn sailcloth, the swirling brown of waterlogged planks and rigging, and the blue-green of algae growing on a long-submerged surface. What treasure or danger waits within?

Sunken Ship Egg audibly creaks, yielding at last to the forces that have threatened to destroy it since its first day on the sands. Breaking apart in slow motion, large pieces fall away to reveal a truer entity, both danger and treasure.

Helen of Troy Olive-Green Dragonet
Deep mottled greens adorn the sleek body of this dragon, every curve from slightly-large muzzle to thin hind legs soothed by the muted sheen of aged gold. Darker olive brushes across her jaw and chest, colours warm and layered as they shadow legs and wingspars before caressing burnished wings. Beams of chartreuse sunlight smooth along her spine and pick out a touch or two of true gold beneath its ancient covering to add a natural glow to her well-kept hide.

Private Impression Message
Into your mind comes the irresistible call of a siren, a temptation offered to you and only you. With the willowy tinkle of windchimesmindchimesshe speaks to you, claiming you, offering you her fidelity and love for all time. « We are one! We are together! A thousand voices will name us: Kalyani and Fylipaeth! »

Name and Theme
Yo ho ho! Our eggs this time around were based on Pirates, as they were clutched just after International Talk Like A Pirate Day (www.talklikeapirate.com).

We liked the name Phillipath for your dragon, Phillipa being a Greek name meaning 'lover of horses.' On Pern that would translate roughly as 'Lover of Runners.' So, Kalyani, since you enjoy running so much we thought the name would work well, as she will love you above all others. It has personal meaning and yet it isn't obvious. The only problem was it was long and awkward and not exotic enough. So it was decided to go with a name that is phonetically the same but has a more exotic spelling: Fylipaeth. It retains the meaning, but it's much more exotic and elegant.

We tried to think of athletic or at least active members of royalty but nothing was coming until we remembered that Helen of Troy was a Princess, daughter of Queen Leda of Sparta and Zeus in the guise of a swan. The myth is Greek like Fylipaeth's name and we thought it fit well with the Sunken Ship Egg. The myths involving her birth are particularly well suited, as Helen is supposed to have hatched from an egg. Helen was beautiful, had a warrior's spirit, and yet was stubborn and had to do her own thing. She was a true independent woman. If Helen of Troy could, by her very presence, encourage a war that would last ten years and launch a thousand ships, then we think Fylipaeth can be a great encouragement to you.

The nameand the fact that the hatchling was being patterned after Helen of Troyallowed us to go with a Greek theme for Fylipaeth. The Greeks have such a rich and ancient culture and the theme proved to lend itself well to your lifemate. You'll see some hints at Greek culture in her.

Fylipaeth is fearless and confident, but not necessarily a prima donna; she'll want you to have the credit for her achievements. She leads by example and so she'll be right with you during those morning runs and training exercises, encouraging both you and her clutch siblings on. Sometimes, though, she'll need your encouragement as well, even when it's something you're not looking forward to. She'll watch the more agile greens like Miyoth, Araganth, and Sakurath and, being ever the athlete, will want to copy their high flying acrobatics, but she'll sense any reluctance on your part and hold off her own dreams to cheer on yours. That's when she'll need you to cheer her on most.

She can be stubborn when she feels what she's doing is right and will stick to her guns until you get the point or prove her wrong, but to her that's just part of what a good mate does, and she'll expect the same tenacity from you.

Fylipaeth is a bundle of energy and may not be able to hold still for long periods of time, since she really does prefer more kinetic activities, especially those that include her clutch siblings. Often she'll try to get even the more reclusive hatchlings, like Kiyhazel's Dysairyth, to join in whatever fun is going on. She's an all-inclusive kind of girl and enjoys group activities as much as she enjoys a morning run. And if there's nothing fun going on she'll be the first to get it started. Being such an active dragon Fylipaeth will need to eat a little more often than her clutch siblings as her metabolism will be fairly high.

After a long day of activity Fylipaeth will go right to sleep and sleep through the night until dawn, when she'll be ready to start all over again. She'll sleep deeply and will only really dream when she has something on her mind. She's not the introspective type but rather the type to live every moment to the fullest, so this won't be often. When she gets involved in something it has her full attention and only you have the ability to bring her back to her senses, so sometimes you may have to reign in her boundless enthusiasm. While most children settle down as they get older, Fylipaeth will only become more energetic and enthusiastic. You can both cheer each other on to great heights.

As she matures Fylipaeth will be too caught up in what fun you both are having to notice her own beauty or how other dragons react to it, thus she may rise later than her clutch sisters. But she will be beautiful and likely will get more than her fair share of chasers when she does rise. Like everything else she'll give the mating flight everything she has and lead her admirers on a merry chase. That's when she'll notice that mating flights are incredibly fun; she'll be eager for the next time. Faithful to you (always!)she'll not be the same in these flights. Like Helen of old, she'll find herself attracted to many. But also like Helen she'll give her all to the mate of the moment. It's fortunate that greens are infertile; humans are not. Try to keep this in mind when she's proddy.

In keeping with Helen's Greek heritage, your Fylipaeth's greens are most Mediterranean. Her hide is basically an olive green, but think if you will of the olive tree. You have the bright gray-green of the fresh fruit, but also the darker mottled greens of the leathery leaves with the interplay of light and shadow on a brilliant day. There is, too, the patina of antique gold about her legs and the bony bits of her wings—that sunlight again, kissing the leaves. Her talons continue the theme; purply-black, they glisten like a ripe Kalamata.

The most remembered thing about Helen of Troy, of course, was her inestimable beauty. Raised as a princess by Queen Leda of Sparta, she had an army of suitors. Fylipaeth is lovely, to be sure, and carries herself, once she comes of age, with the regality of royalty. But she is not merely outwardly attractive, that glow (no, not /that/ glow) is largely the product of a healthy vitality. For she, like you, is an athlete who exults in the sheer joy of motion. As a hatchling she will be quick on her feet, and less clumsy than some of her larger clutchmates. Long runs will define her slender legs. Swimming will be an epiphany, for the buoyancy that water brings will allow endless acrobatics. Woe to the dragons or humans who mind the splashing!

Flying, when she finds her wings, will be pure joy. She will be at her loveliest in the air, her outstretched wings translucent and shining, the lines of her elongated form pure and perfect from muzzle to tail. With you on her back she will know no greater pleasure, ever.

Fylipaeth's mental voice is all tinkly and chiming, but not at all tinny. Her voice in your mind is a soft clamor of bamboo windchimes, dissonant without being distracting, and with it comes a whiff of the sea—which can vary, depending on her mood. You may think of salt, or a spiderclaw, or the spice of a warm breeze, depending on whether she is petulant, hungry, or pleased. Her physical voice is a textured soprano, the golden tones of a wooden flute. She'll be a bit shrill, maybe, as a hatchling, but will learn to modulate her notes as she matures. You'll always be able to tell when she's unhappy, though, when she slides up an octave or so.

Sire: Razgulth
Dam: Llydyth
Egg: Ik'la
Inspiration: Ik'la, J'bal, B'nal

Disclaimer: We hope you love Fylipaeth the way she comes, but she's yours to do with just as you will. This inspiration is a guide, not a set of rules. Above all, have fun!

Posted 2004-Oct-30 by Zephre

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