G'dal was raised in Igen at Igen Weyr, born of riders. He had one sister Gundorra who died young shortly after giving birth to a daughter named Gunila. It was a freak accident, and 'Dora died in the baths. Gund was Searched fairly young, and Impressed Fanneth on his first trip out on to the Sands. Fanneth, who is a fairly large brown, but not too much over average, has a strange quirk. He is a very loud dragon. G'dal, who was born Gundal, and Fanneth often can be heard conversing audibly. G'dal is also well-known for his lack of hygiene. He hates to bathe, and will only really immerse himself when Fanneth needs to bathe. Fanneth is usually aware of this, and so does two things to keep the situation under control. He requires a bath a lot more often than strictly necessary, and doesn't allow anyone other than G'dal to bathe him. When the rumors of Thread started, G'dal got into an argument with his wingleader B'goor (NPC) about the fact that Thread could fall. So, because of this irreconcilable difference, he and Fanneth transferred to Fort, where they went back in time to train with the weyrlings and to prepare for Thread.
That mission was successful, and he served faithfully in a fighting wing. Recently, the new Weyrlingmaster at Fort asked him to become one of her assistants. So, now, the old man works with Madri.

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