Gepard - what's most likely known.

It's easy to pick out what's been important in Gepard's life, love and her family, at least the Enlander part of her family.
Leaving home in a small holding near Telgar as a teen, it was the tender mercies of her cousin Creer that kept a roof over her head. So it was that she rather stumbled into her life's path.
It was during this beginning that Gepard spent much of her time around Southern Boll and fell hard for the teasing but loving humor of Robert, Boll's head cook.
Creer gave his permission to begin with but a fight between the two men led to a break in the plans and led a few months later to the birth of Rowan, Gepard's daughter who was soon fostered off at Boll. Rowan later joined back with her mother and the clan but the Harper Hall turned out to be her true draw and she's now a Master.

While traveling Gepard ran into the Harper Suval who also managed to win her heart and after ranting about another family of traders ended up getting her to propose. It was a sweet romance even through the difficulties with Suval's sight which eventually ended in permanent blindness. After twins Velura and Adeyn were born and grown the Harper Hall and Enlander Clan pulled the two apart though there is still a sense of comfort there.

As ever Robert has been there to catch Gep when she falls and he's there again to lead her through the most difficult time as she attempts to lead the Enlander's through thread and a loss of the esteem they had long had from many areas.

A younger Gepard is pictured below:

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