Sire and Dam: Gold Tajiath and Bronze Polth
Hatching Date: Monday, August 2, 2004
Theme of Clutch: Hiding Places
Theme of Dragonets: Forces of Nature
Hatchling Name: Kahula & Vodka a La Creme Green Hatchling
Dragon Name: Glissiereth
Clutch Message
Tajiath turns to ensure the safe tucking-in of the new arrivals. Not quite satisfied with their placement, she nudges one from behind the others which brings it into better view of those seated in the galleries.

Tajiath drops Tangled In The Green Egg.
Tangled In The Green Egg Leaves of green tremble nervously without ceasing. Yet this action triumphantly goes unseen by the naked eye, leaving it vulnerable to only the wicked darkness that has begun to creep up from below. The branches would creek and quake if only given the chance to be heard in a cry for help! Still the darkness stalks its prey, threatening to overtake the beauty of the forestry above.
Hatch Message Tangled In The Green Egg is tangled no more! With a rock to the left, a crack from the right, the shell makes a pop, and then snap apart down the middle. This baby’s ready to go, ready to stretch a leg, shake a tail… Wait, where’s the best place to hide now??
Kahula & Vodka a La Creme Green Hatchling Brilliant botanical stems blend in whipping sweeps so seamlessly they give an essence to a solid flow of color. Color vibrant enough to give a near permanent gloss coat of green. Green, which appears brightest on her forepaws as well as the ridges of her tail that leads to an even brighter tail tip to be admired. Admired, maybe Glissiereth will be, for her gorgeous set of wings that balance her so well while still staying the same hue of the spring undergrowth of the forest. Forest shades of deeper greens spread along her slender belly and haunches as some even appears on headknobs above. Above her torso, stretching out with glory, supple resilience settles along where her splendidly slender neck shows still. Still on her muzzle lies the only part of her that is not some shade of a green beauty. Beauty on her muzzle is marked with a large splat of brown that interjects her cascade.
Impression Pose (what the audience sees) Kahula & Vodka a La Creme Green Hatchling finally comes to her senses, deciding it best to at least open her eyes to those gathered in front of her. What exactly are they all here for? Oooh.. That one looks nice.. The green begins to crawl along the sand, hoping to be invisible to all she hopes aren’t watching her, to a candidate. Her! The one with the blonde wavy hair and the green and brown eyes! Yes, yes!

Impression Message (what you see)
Creeping in like a leak, whispers of a young girl’s voice filter in with scents of tea, made especially for you. »Hmm.. A closer look first..« Then suddenly explosions of colors fill your mind, bouncing around like marbles as they settle into their new home. »Hello. I.. I’m Glissiereth, I’m also hungry.. and everyone is looking at me. Can you help me fix all that?«
Egg Theme Hiding Places — In the Grass
Name Theme I chose Glissiereth because I wanted to present her as feminine while still relating to the theme for the dragonets; Forces of Nature, yours being the mudslide. I chose the mudslide to portray her tomboyish side that is always making the messes. Where does Glissiereth come from? From the French word ‘glissiere’ meaning ‘slide,’ bringing out her active side in English.
Inspiration Theme Glissiereth is, literally, your Southern Belle.. Take away the social bee, the cleanliness, and the ladylike politeness (which she still shows when there’s anyone other than you with her), and you’ve got her! I gave her an artistic flare because I know there’s a lot of this in your life and felt it appropriate to incorporate that. As for the tea.. What else do proper ladies sit around sipping? ^.^
Mind Voice Glissiereth’s mind voice, when young, will be much like your average little girl; high pitched, squeaky but still cute enough for a lifemate to love. As she gets older, her voice will develop into some of the most beautiful tones you may ever come to hear.. Lucky you! Her body voice will rarely be used, as long as she remembers, since it’s much like that of a squeak toy you’d give to your canine friend. There’s the normal dragonic rumble but when lasting too long, there’s the toy being squished.

Welcome to a world of color! Ever heard of Roy G. Biv? It’s the way to remember the colors of the rainbow! And that’s exactly what Glissiereth’s got for mind colors. Warm colors such as red and orange will be used when she’s the happiest; cold colors such as indigo and violet, sometimes blue, used when she’s upset; this leaves yellow, green, and some blues to be her normal everyday carefree colors. Always a bit of character and variety in both of your minds, eh?

Tea. Get used to the smells of it, various herbs that can be used in tea to cause various smells, since it’s not going away, honey. But instead of the scent getting stronger with stronger feelings, it’s only dulled by them, letting her color shine through instead. »You do like tea, don’t you?«
Physical Not too small, not too big but juuuuust right! Glissiereth’s pretty much your average sized green dragon, except the fact that she’ll have a hard time putting on much extra weight at all, keeping her healthier longer and better looking to the males even when she isn’t glowing. As for color, the luscious greens that meld together will only be less than gorgeous when ill, which won’t be often if you keep her clean and oiled to perfection. And when it comes to muscle, this girl has got it going on. Since she isn’t a couch tuber and prefers movement, if only a walk around the barracks, she’s going to have more than her fair share of muscle built, and once she starts flying, there’ll be no stopping her! So don’t be surprised if you leave her in a courtyard at Southern Boll and come back out later to find her gone. Just tell her when you’re ready to join her and she’ll come get you!

Flight – Graceful as Earth’s butterfly, what else could she be? That is.. in normal flying times. At first, she’ll be a little rocky but once she’s gotten the proper strokes that work best for her down, Glissiereth will likely never skip a beat. Mating flights, however, can get a bit hectic as she won’t be particularly focused on the air that her wings catch. Of course this will only make the chase harder on those boys as she cannot help but dart around even when she isn’t trying! Focus, Glissiereth, focus!! » What?! «

Ground Movement – Well if she must, but she does prefer the sky. On a good day, she’ll prance around much like a happy horse does in show. Yeah.. a prancing dragon! But if she’s been sleeping, don’t except her to move around any better than a drunken slob, just give her time and she’ll come around. Either way she’s fast and usually ready to go, watch when she’s younger that she doesn’t run into things so much!

Swimming - » What? And wash off this coat? « It’s just mud. » Oh if you insist! « And with Glissiereth, you might often have to do just that.. And then have to insist she gets out of the water when you think the both of you have had your fair share of playtime in the water. That’s your lifemate for you: hard to drag into things, and hard to drag out of things. And given their memory only lasts three days, Glissiereth likely won’t remember how much fun she had last time. Welcome to the world of dragons, eh?

Personality Habits – One of Glissiereth’s biggest habits is being overdramatic. »Oh my, it is far, far too hot, dah-lin!« She definitely wasn’t made to withstand the Istan heat or the tropical humidity that’s carried with the heat. Any gust of wind will be your lifemate’s savior through the turns, and any wind you can provide will be all the better! When there isn’t enough of her valued wind though, you can easily find her sprawled out in the bowl with a paw across her head as she’s ‘withering away.’

Glissiereth also has a habit of getting far too excited for her own good. But she’s not the jumpy, squeaky, hyperactive that greens are known for being (well at least not squeaky after she’s out grown her weyrling size). No, no.. She is, however, a bit of an actress.. One that would likely never made the big shows unless the part called for the extra drama she has no problem letting out. But what, exactly, does she get excited over? Crafts! Color! Style! Glissiereth absolutely loves color! »That is the most gorgeous shade of purple. So rich, so lively.« But above even that, she’s a girl of arts and crafts. Get ready to keep a large stock of paints, fabrics, strings, you name it! There is no possible way this lady is staying in just any run of the mill weyr, nope. Hers has to have style; it has to have an artistic flare! She’ll make sure you provide it for her.

Grooming – You are going to have quite a hard time keeping this one clean and oiled. However, once you get her there, Glissiereth will enjoy it for a little while non-the-less. When clean, she’ll walk with that head a little higher, a little bounce in her steps. Any chance she gets, she will be out in the rain to find the absolute best mud hole around! Of course, it will always be your job to bring her back and get her cleaned up; else the dirt will start complaints of cracking hide. Bad stuff.

Quirks — »But they might see me!« Yes, you heard her right. From day one, Glissiereth is going to hate being seen by pretty much everyone except you. Even her clutchmates will have to win over her confidence or at least help her hide. Good luck ever getting her to socialize on her own free will! This one’s almost as shy as they come. When speaking with other dragons, her usual responses will almost always be one to two words, no more detail or wording than necessary or she’ll get all choked up and have to excuse herself. And never, never will your lifemate curse above anything more than the softest of whispers, a proper lady would never do such a thing so this will be frowned upon if you do otherwise. When she has to be seen, whether she’s covered in dirt or not, no one will –ever- hear her pass gas (she’ll save it for home), nor will she do anything but nibble when anyone else is around at feeding time. Dainty? Oh you bet, but it’s just a front she can’t help but put on. With you though, things might get a little disgusting: eating until she bulges, tooting whenever she pleases, belching in the midst of sweeps… Definitely not the belle she poses to be around others. Maybe why she’d much rather hide than be seen anyway!

Mating Instincts »What? Why on Pern would I go roll in the mud?! Do you know where it has even been!?!« When it’s glow time, your green becomes the full out Belle, including the cleanliness that’s otherwise left out, the flirtatious lady who never intends to bring any boy home (»A lady /never/ call upon a man. /He/ should call upon his lady.« Bottom line!), and holds herself to the highest of standards. »No honey, that herdbeast’s coloring is completely off. I couldn’t bear to have him for dinner.« Snotty? Just slightly, but don’t tell her that. »It’s /not/ snotty to take care of yourself, is it?« Glissiereth didn’t think so.

Once all is said and done, your lady will leave the scene as soon as is possible! In addition, any rumors of the flight ever happening will forever be denied! Glissiereth would –never- do such things with such another thing! It’s simply preposterous! But you and everyone else know better.
Glissiereth's Perception of You » Well.. With as much as I put up with from /you/ I suppose that I.. do love you. « Awww, how sweet. Glissiereth does love you and it will always be obvious to at least you, why else would she share so much of herself with you.. » I think I’ve got something stuck around a tooth. Get it?« Why would she share her insights? » Honey, that color looks awful on you. You look ill. « Of course, she does think you’re a little shy. » Don’t you think you could go eat in the caverns a little more often? A little longer? You might catch a man. « Like Glissiereth has room to talk! But she does talk anyway.
Credits Egg: Klari
Hatchling: Klari
Hatcher: Klari
Messages: Klari
Name: Klari
Inspiration: Klari
Clutchmates R’kan’s (Rylkan) Bronze Chaerath
W’on’s (Woden) Blue Suranzalth
E'lyce’s (Delacy) Green Vittorynth
Kabrielle’s Gold Niliath

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