All that snow and hundreds of eccentric personalities—it could be the Cecil B. DeMille remake of the Shining. The only thing that keeps them from each other's throats is gossip, politics, intrigue, and romance, and that Weyr-wide preoccupation means current events and a sense of history are key to social survival. The following is taken from various web pages that went poof. We just thought it would be nice to keep some history around the joint and give some frame of reference to the legacy that is this quirky game called Dragonsfire. In no particular order and definately not inclusive of the many fabulous characters that have graced Fort Weyr's Living Caverns (psst, if you think your character should have been included, come log on as a guest and @send *FWStaff a +mail - though we might not let you go again) we present snippets of the Fort Weyr characters:

The following tidbits have been pilfered, plagerized and stolen from various defunct websites. They come from various character questionaires over the past 10-15 years.

R'sin Former Weyrleader, has been up his neck in trouble since the day his bronze Sparneth caught Vinnie's gold Vyath and made him one of the youngest Weyrleaders on record. A fluke flight, it seemed, setting up two such young and inexperienced leaders at Pern's oldest Weyr in the aftermath of so many scandals. Yet both are weyrbred, and have grown up at Fort, Vinnie the daughter of riders and R'sin the fosterson of one. They've stayed largely out of any limelight lately, and have been so reticent with outsiders that some doubt the Weyr's leadership are actually still in charge at all.

Tarin - People used to worry, in fact, that the old Weyrsecond Tarin, blue Ryuth's rider, may have run mad as she is wont to do, and stuffed the Weyrleaders into a storage room somewhere. Since Tarin's ascendancy the flow of paperwork around her office has virtually ceased, so there's no reliable way to ascertain anything much except by rumor. Tarin Rider of the Artistic Mobster Blue Dragon, Ryuth; Weyrsecond. So many pitchfork-shaking mobs have come together in order to devise eloquent, if unprintable, descriptions of Tarin. So many candidates have ignorantly agreed to be immortalized as art, only to find that dragon art involves things like vinegar, oil, and 47 pounds of shredded carrots. At last count, pretty much everyone agrees that Tarin and Ryuth are menaces who ought to be kept far, far away from civilization. Thus far, they have been: incarcerated as black marketeers, elevated to honorary goldrider status, attacked by infuriated candidates, adored by weird teenagers, protectors of children who turn out not to have been kidnapped at all, skulkers in the shadows, starters of a thousand rumors, and now (through what can only be described as one heck of a plot twist) weyr power-mongers. Why did R'sin decide to make Tarin weyrsecond when all of nature cries out against it? Could it have something to do with the fact that he was angry with Fort Hold, and Fort Hold cried out against it, too? Whatever the reason, seated in the Seat of Authority, Tarin and Ryuth live their lives for the sake of their own entertainment.

Weyrwoman - Fort's goldriders are a varied bunch, from retired and quiet Seniors Arien with Katrineth and Fiona with Gyrfath through to the juniors, a rather rowdier crew. Gretchen rides Jespeth at the discretion of the Leadership, having been grounded for Turns as a Weyr-imposed sentence for crimes committed against the Holds. Sharing the sense of the chaotic in the gold weyrs was Wullan with Isabeth, who Impressed at Ista Weyr and transferred for reasons unknown outside the leadership of those Weyrs. Edysanth with her lifemate Dessa, another Fortian-born rider, daughter of the current headwoman, Felassa.

Felassa - heads up the Lower Caverns staff with admirable skill, while a vacancy looms in the Steward's office. Having put the well-meaning but senile Basil into retirement at last, the Weyr has gone through a series of Acting Stewards, none of them terrible effective and none of them lasting too long. The search for a permanent replacement goes on. Akira Rider of Blue Yolinth, and weyrmate for tunrs to Basil, …

Kyrie of Ista managed to lose her green Moiraith in a game of dragon poker to T'lon, the Fortian rider of green Gaelth. Witnesses claim Kyrie threw the game. Despite the supposedly inviolable relationship between lifemates, T'lon claimed to actually feel the insidious and sinister influence of Moiraith until he managed to compel Kyrie by unknown means to reclaim her dragon. Note that this is the same Moiraith that N'ran's Rilaeth had the ill luck (for N'ran) to chase when N'ran's buckles got, er, stuck. When he was in them.

Bronze Varianth's rider, Ch'rron managed to acquire a full-sized wooden sculpture of Lady Constanze of Tillek, a woman famous for her outstanding, abundant, overflowing, palpable … er, beauties. It was the pride of his weyr for turns, but in a fit of pique, K'lora, lifemate to green Dorianth, dropped the sculpture in the lake where it remains to this day. K'lora's lack of appreciation for great … er, art … thwarted Ch'rron's plans to install spigots in the statue, so Lady Constanze could be as refreshing to the palate as she was to the eye.

A freak accident took much beloved J'dano when his bronze Zhanth collided with another dragon and vanished between. Determined not to suffer like his half-brother, who had impressed and then lost his lifemate while on the sands, he asked gold Katrineth's Arien to take him between within minutes of Zhanth's departure. He's survived by three children still at Fort: daughter Vindanea, son Janthro, and daughter Ardano.

Recently, the rumor of human flesh being dished up at Ista Hold motivated Tarin, lifemate to blue Ryuth, to begin supplying Ista with foodstuffs at black market prices. Some time after the rumors were debunkedthe supposed victim turned up alive and wellTarin and her partner in crime, Gretchen, were exposed. Gr'ym as her wingleader, disciplined her by confining her to her weyr, and it's speculated that he must have assumed some of the responsibility for her actions. At the time, Gr'ym's inefficiencies meant Sirocco lacked discipline, and Tarin took full advantage…

Reine's retired due to health problems linked to her mother's illness — and, one might guess, by riding herd on the lot of these Fortians, not to mention seeing Ch'rron, who's busy enough for anyone.

Gr'ym's left Sirocco wing in the mild hands of Am'yas (all right, wing talk got slipped in there somewhere) in favor of a move to Southern and a really, really good tan. His weyrmate, Adia, recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, and if his prolific parents are any indication, that first son won't be the last. Seconding Gr'ym were Kh'rys and green Ysaleth. Kh'rys led Starstrike for turns and turns before advancing to the Weyrsecond position, so wingseconding is perhaps a step back for her. Still, outsiders speculate that her experience kept Gr'ym in the saddle when his apathy let the wingriders run wild… but even that didn't last forever. Kh'rys modestly describes herself as mellow but occasionally zany. A former weyrsecond, non-maternal mother, and now simple dragonrider, Kh'rys is also famed for her zesty party mix recipes. Also, she does imitations. Ask her to show you what a rider looks like when somebody else improvises content on her character blurb!

Th'ea and B'nal are two others to look out for: Th'ea lives a hectic life between wingriding and raising Janthro, her son by the late J'dano. Despite all, she manages to carry it off with such panache. B'nal is a living oxymoron, a gentleman bronzerider, and while he's currently single, he's still on the rebound from a broken heart. Speculative females would do well to proceed with caution. Renna meanders in an out of the weyr still, doing her duty and caring for hers and B'nal's daughter, Robin.

Minnea Minnea, Minnea: she and green Maijath recently appeared with a crunch over Fort's territory — well, the crunch was acquired when they fell — with some good ol' fashioned Threadscore burns. Unusual for this time of Interval, no? /She/ thinks, at least, she's from back in time; the dragonhealers are still clucking over Maijath, and it's an even bet as to whether she'll ever fly, much less ::between::. We'll see…

Jill Rider of brown Arcath, Sirocco Wing. Some say that Jill is an International Woman of Mystery! Others say that actually, she's just the sort of girl who would volunteer to recatalogue the library on a Friday night. Some say, "International Women of Mystery don't catalogue libraries!" Others, however, are inclined to point out that the wise IWoM would not send a scanty blurb to the person updating the characters website, thus provoking the aforementioned person to fill in with whatever she felt like writing. (Now don't you wish you'd said more, Jill?)

Loreli Rider of Hieratic Nilotic-Green Kismeth, Sirocco Wing. Loreli is the original Bad Girl greenrider, prone to mischief and anarchy, rumored to be a tad bit insane. A former Harper before her impression of Kismeth, Loreli quickly established a reputation around Fort Weyr — a little wild, a little crazy, a lot flirtatious. She is the Queen of the Butter-Knives, and has been known to cast aspersions upon other people's character through the use of alliteration. In more recent turns, she's toned down considerably, rarely gracing the Weyr populace with unique brand of charm, fading into the background as Just Another Older Rider Who Used To Be Interesting.

Cisusse was rider of green Delioth, Sirocco wing. Born in the heat of Southern Boll and raised a trader-child with the Enlander Clan, Cisusse never really acclimatized to the harsh Fortian winters. Irrelevant, absent-minded, and irresponsible, she's apt to wander the weyr in bare feet, collecting trinkets and missing shifts while off gallivanting across Pern on a whim.

Sissi Rider of blue Klimth, Sirocco wing. Aided and abetted in all things by Klimth, Sissi subscribes to the Peter Pan school of thought when it comes to growing up. Her uncomplicated view of the world, almost black-and-white (though some would say naive or pigheaded), includes aversions to high altitudes, positions of authority and eating in public. From a ridiculously large, close-knit family in the Ruathan valleys, she's used to being one of the crowd; aspiring just to "muddle through."

Kourrem Rider of brown Jurayath, Stormriders Wing. An experience-happy rider with a passion for travel, Kourrem flies wherever she wants to go (and to a few places she'd rather avoid) on the back of her large and lofty dragon, Jurayath.

K'rali Rider of ice-cap blue Rhioth, Sirocco Wing. The original "bull in a china shop" with a dragon to match, this onetime Wingsecond bears a tactlessness and a sense for mischief that made the Harper Hall just a little bit gladdeep down in the most secret recesses of their hearts, of courseto turn her over to the Weyr for her first and only Search at the age of 21.

K'rill Rider of the rosy bronze Llynth, and dictator (Wingleader) of Sirocco. A fisher at heart, our hero K'rill holds his own with a hoe and sheers; the carefully-maintained redfruit tree on his ledge produces the best fruit for his Weyr-famous mulled cider. Stocky and boyish, he lives to look good, only to fall flat on his face most of the time. But, Ohhhh, how he flaunts those few victories!

Maurynna Fort Weyr Assistant Nanny. Since her evening run-in with a certain shy bronzerider upon the beach of Fort after her arrival, it's not uncommon to see the nanny with the Weyrleader! Yes, they're an item, and the relationship seems to work for both of them. She's been left on the sands once, but has gotten over the slight disappointment she might have felt, and moved on, living day to day, and sketching when time allows.

M'gael Rider of Bronze Theronth. M'gael and Theronth worked their way into adulthood, the bronzerider having just passed the decade mark for being a dragonrider. Does that count for something? Has M'gael finally become an old pro at dragonriding, sweeps, wing duties? Not quite. Ask him about the politics of Fort's region, and he'll have not a clue; he tries his best to keep his nose out of that sort of business. Ask him about life, love, and he might dodge the questions, but don't be fooled: he enjoys such topics of discussion.

Skyler Fort Weyr Hair Stylist. An Istan who came into the cold in order to become the king of cool, Skyler styles the hair of both weyr cognoscenti and visiting dignitaries. Want to look just like Lady Terise did during her triumphal tour? Just ask Skyler: tress-master extraordinaire!

S'naid Rider of brown Modrath. Fort born, now paired with the bounciest brown around, shoe fetishist Modrath. She's now weyrmated-ish to K'rin, that is to say they have adjacent weyrs with a hole knocked between them for ease of access. She's commonly referred to as Sentinel's Wingsecond, occassionally boss, if in one of those moods, but most commonly Seo.

X'in Rider of bronze Dobryth. "I have no idea what to say about X'in," reports the player who allegedly knows all about the character. Foolishly, he adds, "fill in with whatever." So: after years of patient tutelage, X'in has finally learned not to put the left shoe onto his right foot. His friends express hope that he may someday remember that the socks go on before the shoes. Although backwards in many ways, he is known throughout Pern for his ability to perform festive magic tricks and sing any song backwards after hearing it once. Very little in this blurb has been verified, and some sources suggest that only the first two sentences have any truth. There's only one way to find out: sing him a song and ask him to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Zephre Rider of green Miyoth. Zephre has been riding and leading in the Weyr for more than half her life, now, and as a senior rider has held many hats, everything up to and including Weyrsecond. She's also worn too many hats, been known as a workaholic, and left a swathe of broken hearts behind her determinedly single stance. (News and gossip on that changes by the hour, see your latest mailers to be sure!) Rumored to enjoy risk so much that her idea of a relaxing afternoon is climbing the sheer cliff face to the Star Stones barefoot, or rappelling in the mountains north of the Weyr. Miyoth, for her part, is a reckless and adventurous green, with wing scars to prove it, a flirty little gossip who loves nothing more than trading stories of a long evening, or flying high over the ocean. Two kids by two different bronzeriders and a dedicated fostermother round out the household.

Nefra Her talent came in burns, her choice of life, a healer. At Healer Hall she flourished, falling in love with Harper Hall's steward, Telon in the process. However, two beings came into her life to redirect that energy elsewhere: Brown Riallath(Ryka) and Green Belisanth(Sh'lin), two dragons from Fort Weyr. They decided, after a comfy sitting on the poor healer that she would do for Arien's Katrineth and J'dano's Zhanth's clutch. Telon was also Searched, and for a while, Nefra became a candidate at Fort Weyr. Unfortuately, Nefra did not Impress at the time, though Telon met and Impressed Green Gaelth that same night. Stunned with the alaricity of the Hatching, and the seeming pass/fail of the dragon's choices, she renewed her interest in healing, making it all the way to Senior Journeyman within no time at all. However, fate decided to take a turn and just when she was about to apply for Master's Exam, she was Searched yet again, this time by the man who had once been weyrmate, friend, and former candidate, T'lon. This time, from a Mountain Sunset Egg in Ashtoreth and Khyranth's last clutch shelled a quite large green who announced herself as Tefiath to the stunned candidate. Since then, N'fra, as she is now known, has become assistant weyrlingmaster and a future dragonhealer.

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