[+] : deceased [*] : NPC [?] : Unknown, disappeared, etc..

Benden Hold:
Kellin (unconfirmed Lord) [?]
Selki (unconfirmed Lady) [?]
Lord Theodoric [*]

Bitra Hold:
Lord Gnarduk and Lady Lehrenne [?]
heir, (1st daughter), Lehle [+]

Crom Hold:
Lord Jessop [*]
Linette (daughter) [*]

Fort Hold:
ret. Lord Keagon [+] and ret. Lady Jisella [?]
niece, Alexa [?]
nephew, healer master Bryant [+]
niece, harper master Megan [?]
ret. Lord Locar [+]
ret. Lord Tritor [*]
Lord Incarnadine [+] and Lady Yasmine [?]
Carmin, Innis, & NPCs (sons)
Deanna and Trinien (grandchildren)
Tamisan (cousin to Yasmine)
Lord Naslon [+] and Lady Terise

High Reaches Hold:
ret. Lord Brailer [+]
Lord Brakton
Jenni (heiress from rival bloodline)

Igen Hold:
ret. Lord Gandalf [+]
Lord Galhov (nephew to Gandalf) and Lady Slaine
Elamain (heir, daughter of Galhov and Slaine) [*]

Ista Hold:
Lord Sterling
ret. Lord Mykle [?]
ret. Lord Romo [*]
ret. Lord Zebadiah
ret. Lady Kamala and consort, Steward Zelanzy
ret. Acting Lady Zemala
Kalany (twin to Zemala)

Keroon Hold:
Lord Mikat [*]
Telenia (daughter)

Lemos Hold:
ret. Lady Holder Melissa [*]
Palina (daughter) [*]
S'ran (son) [*]
ret. Lady Holder Rhiannon (daughter to Melissa) [+]

Nabol Hold:
Lord Breth [*] and Lady Sera [*]
Ceven (son, disinherited) [*]
Neth (son, heir) [*]
Elisena (daughter) [*]
Kyrie (daughter of Breth only)

Nerat Hold:
ret. Lord Stefan [+]
heir, (1st son of Stefan), Kurgan [+]
T'rand (brother to Stefan) [+]
Lady Holder Rilla [*]
Dafydd (father to Rilla) [*]
Jagelio (cousin to Rilla) [*]

Ruatha Hold:
Lord Thern [+] and Lady Rebecca (second wife) [+]
Morgana and Vastefer [+]
Vanessa [*] (marries Morbet)
Lord Mortigan [+] and Lady Lizbet [+]
Lord Morbet [*] and Lady Vanessa [*]

Southern Hold:
Lord Temperon
Talion (son and heir)

Southern Boll Hold:
Lady Auryn
Marryn and Amarik (sons)
ret. Lady Damaris
ret. Lord Tethys
Jocelyn (younger sister) [*]
Cinnamon (great grand-daughter)

Telgar Hold:
ret. Lord Shirgall [+] and ret. Lady Ezmeralda [+]
Nyegall and Nyezmera (twins, son and daughter) [*]
ret. Lady Holder Jina and Lord Parik [?]

Tillek Hold:
Lady Constanze [*] and Lord Jerion

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